FUT Hair Transplant by Dr. Bijan Feriduni. Best Choice I Ever Made. - Belgium, BE

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For the Dutch people among us, I already wrote a...

For the Dutch people among us, I already wrote a review in Dutch on haarweb.

Part 1: http://www.haarweb.nl/forum/showthread.php?t=25929
Part 2: http://www.haarweb.nl/forum/showthread.php?t=32041

Feriduni his website: http://hairtransplantation.feriduni.com/en/index.html

For people who can't understand Dutch, I've decided to write an english review. Beware, my english is not at best, lol.

WHY I WANTED A HAIRTRANSPLANT (if you're not interested why I wanted one, scroll to 'the actual procedure below)

For a long time I was struggling with myself. I didn't like how i looked. I was very insecure and depressed all the time. It was because of my forehead. It was very high and big like a ball (actually still is) and I was getting bullied a lot.

This affected my life too much. I still remember how I felt those days and I'm struggling to hold my tears right now. I didn't went out, I went to school with a bandana on (every day) and went home right after school. I literally had no life because I was ashamed of myself and I was tired to get bullied all the time. Even family members bullied me, they didn't know how much it affected me. I was even thinking about suicide at some point.

Luckily I did not do that. I prayed to God to Help me and he did. He opened my eyes and let me see that there were opportunities for me. Such as a hairtransplant. When I found out about hairtransplants I couldn't wait to get one. If I had one done, then my life would change completely!

I started researching on the internet. I came across a site called Haarweb and I began sharing my story there. There were a lot of nice people who commented on my first blog where I told that I was really ashamed of myself. They told me that I should not worry about what other people think and I should live my life. Other people told me that my forehead wasn't that big and they compared me to Rihanna and said that she also has a big forehead but still is beautiful. But they apparently didn't see me in real life. Because if they had, they would definitely laugh or look at me like I am some alien or something (which I've been called several times).

I came across this doctor named Feriduni and I saw his marvellous results. He was kind off expensive but the results of hairlines he made, WOW!! I really loved it and I made my mind to go with him!

On my first appointment with him he was very nice and he understood me. He had read my blog and said that there is no need for me to explain why I want a hairtransplant. I thought that was very kind of him, because I already was kind of crying and If I had to tell my whole story it would be such a drama.

He draw a line on my forehead and we agreed to what my new hairline would look like. We didn't make it too low because once you had a hairtransplant, you can never go back. But if you go for a higher hairline, you can always come back if you want your hairline a bit lower.

So we scheduled my date for August 2012!


Before you're having a FUT hairtransplant, you need to massage your had every day 1-2 months prior to the operation, so that your skin is flexible.

I arrived in the clinic I was directed to Dr. Feriduni his office. He again draw the line on my head and we came to an agreement. Shortly after that they directed me to the operation chamber. A couple of nice nurses helped me and the docter came aswell. I had an infusion and two pricks with a needle at my forehead, what I think was anesthesia. Then we had to wait till the anesthesia worked.

I had to lay on my stomach, so they could shave the part of my head where they take the hairs. Dr. Feriduni started to cut the skin on the back of my head and when he was done he stitched my head. I didn't felt a thing.

I had to lay on my back again. First the assistents of the Dr. were collecting all hairs of the part of my skin they took. Meanwhile the dr. Feriduni made little holes in the area the hair were supposed be put. The process of putting the hairs in the holes was not committed by dr. Feriduni but by his assistents. He came regularly to check in and see how the progress went.

Before I knew they were ready (It took 3/4 hours I think) and they gave me permission to go home. I received a bunch of stuff: ibuprofen, a list of do's and dont's, a compress for the swelling, argan oil and a spraycan with water. And some other things I cannot remember now.

A tip I would give everyone here is to stay in a hotel as close to the hairclinic as you can. I had a familymember drive me all the way home (like an hour) and I had a strong headache (because the anesthesia was not working anymore!!) I wish I had stayed in hotel nearby.

At home I had a lot of pain. Painkillers didn't help that moment. I had to spray water on the area where the hairs were put to prevent suffocation of the grafts. The only problem was, how was i suppose to get rid of the pain? I tried to get some sleep but that is really difficult. You may not sleep on the back of your head but also not on the front of your head if that is the area where your hairs have been put.

I needed to find a way to not damage the grafts and not lay on the back of my head. And it was a hell of a job! I used a special pillow they gave me and after finally falling asleep I woke up te next day, without any pain YAY! I was very relieved. It's a wonder what a night of sleep can fix. My head was very swollen though, now I really looked like an alien lol. But this is a part of the procedure.

The same day I had to prepare to go to Hasselt, Belgium again for a check up. There they removed the crust (when blood dries, i don't know if that's the correct word) of my head and the doctor checked out the grafts. Everything looked perfect and I went home again. I had to came back two weeks later to remove the stitches from the back of my head.


The following days I didn't have much pain. My head was very swollen, but after a week that disappeared. The back of my head felt super tight and numb. They told me that this would disappear after a few months and it did. Now I had to wait till my hairs grew.


Don't be scared of the shock loss that can appear. This happens to almost everyone who had a transplant but the hairs will grow back! I was a little bit scared because 80% of the whole area was gone. But like you all will see in my pictures, it grew back nicely.


In October 2014 I will have my second hairtransplant. I want like 0,8 inch of a lower hairline and than I am really happy. I will keep you updated.

I hoped I helped you all with my review. I hope I reached out to females who are in the position of where I was 2 years ago. If you're ashamed of yourself and you have the same insecurities like I did, it CAN be fixed. And you CAN be happy again. I am now :)

For more questions feel free to comment or send me a message.

Dr. Feriduni

So great!! So nice and very professional =)

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