Curvy, Nearly 40,having an Anchor Lift and 1050 Implants with Dr Plovier in Belgium. Belgium, BE

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Hello Ladies, a little bit about me...I'm nearly...

Hello Ladies, a little bit about me...I'm nearly 40 with 3 children (19,16 and 11) and a supportive fiancé. 6 years ago I was a UK size 20/22 but now I'm a UK size 16 but now I have very saggy deflated breasts. I am currently a small 40C but would love to be an E/F. I have thought about getting a BL and BA for the last few years and over the past year I have been reading about all of your journeys, ups and downs and picking up tips and advice and now thanks to all of you lovelies and lots of research, I feel ready to go ahead. So I had my consultation with Dr Frank Plovier last month at his Harley Street clinic and booked my surgery with him for the 14th July. I found him to be straight and to the point but I felt very comfortable with him, He answered most of my questions before I had even asked and talked me through my options. We agreed on an anchor lift with implants. He asked me if I had any pictures with me of the look that I wanted so I showed him a few and he said it was achievable but I would need larger implants to get the look I was after. He did mention 1050cc silicone implants. I have had a mixture of excitement and nerves ever since and keep thinking of lots of silly little questions and things that I need to remember to ask or buy before I head off to Belgium. If any of you have been to Beclinic or have any advice, it would be gratefully received. I can't wait to be proud of my breasts again. Bring on the boobies.
Dr Frank Plovier

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