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Hi Everyone, I have a BA planned for the 2nd of...

Hi Everyone,

I have a BA planned for the 2nd of January... I'm so excited.
After having a babygirl and breastfeeding her for 8 months, I went from a B cup to an A :(( ... I'm 25 years old , and I decided that i want to go from an A to a small D ...

The doctor said i probably need 450cc since I don't have a lot of breast tissue left..

Looking forward to finally have some nice boobies again :))

I've tot new boobies :))

Hi everyone,

So today was my day of surgury, at 10am to be exact. First I had I talken to Dr.van Zele About the size, expectations etc. He drawed lines and me and after that I met the anesthesic. Etc etc.

I feel pretty ok, moving does hurt ofcourse and breathing is harder but it's bearable. Let's hope it doesn't get worse or anything. It' been About 12hours ago.

I went for 435cc high profile. I'm 5'8 and 132 pounds.

I'll post Some pictures once I can remove the bra to shower. :)


2 Days post op

Hi girls,

Still feel the same kind of pain today. Slept ok last night but I took tramadol which is a heavier painkiller. I took the bra of to wash myself and took Some quick pics. Don't mind the yellow stuff, it's isobetadine.

Overall I'm happy with how they look, eventhough one breast is a little bit more swollen.

18 Days Post Op

Yayyy, my boobies are dropping :)) I'm very happy with the results ... I finally have boobs again :)

A few Days ago I went to the doctors to have my incisions checked and the little knots of the stiches cut. She asked where I had them done because everything looks so good and nicely healed. So I guess thats a good sign!

Can't wait for them to get soft and fluffy...
Dr. Van Zele

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