Travelling to Clinic Beaucare in Belgium!

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So I've finally done it! I've paid the full amount...

So I've finally done it! I've paid the full amount for my boob job to be performed on 26 February with Dr Ullens and Clinic Beaucare in Belgium! After an absolutely horrific consultation with MYA, (for which I'm still getting DAILY sales calls AFTER I told them I don't want to proceed!!!!) I went for my consultation last week with Mr Vrambout from Beaucare. I believe he is the surgeon who travels to the UK to meet with patients before they book. He was wonderful (although my op won't be with him), really friendly, put me at ease and was completely open to answering all my questions. He even prompted me to ask more when he thought there might be more on my mind that I was holding back on asking! I was so pleased that the next day I contacted wonderful Helga at reception and got a date booked in. Today I made my payment so ITS HAPPENING!!

So I'm 5'6-5'7, size 8, and a very small A cup. I'm looking to go to about a C although this can mean almost anything so I'm going to bring pictures to Dr Ullens as apparently that's the best way for her to gauge what size I need. Mr Vrambout suggested 300cc but this will all be decided when I meet with Dr Ullens on the day and she can analyse my frame and what she feels will work. I've seen so many great reviews and pictures that I completely trust her with choosing that! Though I'd love to hear if there are any girls out there with similar frame and what you went for?

Similarly, has anyone booked in for BA with Beaucare at all? Past or future?! I used this site heavily for research so I'd love to give back!!

Abi x

Before pics

Here are some before pics. Been putting off uploading these because I hate to even look at them but at least from here it can only get better! Wish pics coming soon x

Not long!

Life has been getting in the way recently with too many things for me to worry about. I am SO excited for week off work - even if I will be in pain!! But I now have just over a week til my operation....eeeeeek

It's all beginning to dawn on me and where before I was so excited, I'm now actually quite nervous! No regrets at all (I'm still majorly excited, it feels like the build up to boobie christmas), just beginning to realise that this is actually happening!! I keep having dreams that something goes wrong, or it ends up nothing like I expected...maybe that's not helping my nerves?!

I've attached some wish pics to show the kind of thing I'm aiming for. I have a really tiny frame and everyone is used to seeing me with literally zero boob, so I've picked pictures that are on the smaller side because I'm not looking to go very big anyway. I will speak with Dr Ullens on the day and see if she thinks my frame could suit bigger, but if not, I'd be happy with these!

I've heard Dr Ullens is brilliant with making sure it's all natural, and not letting you go bigger than would suit your frame. I hope that's right!

It's done!

Finally back in the hotel with two new additions haha! All went well, the clinic was amazing!!! I'm just in a fair bit of pain right now so gonna try rest and will update this when I'm feeling a bit better. I went with 335cc high profile under the muscle! Thanks everyone for your lovely comments and support!! Xxxxxxx

1 day later..

Feeling a bit more "with it" today so I thought I'd give a bit more of an update on yesterday :)

So I arrived at clinic beaucare (about 10 mins late oops) and was taken to the waiting room for Dr Ulens to finish the operation she was performing. I then got taken to a room to take off my clothes and put on a dressing gown and slippers and then went to the consultation room to speak with Dr Ulens. As I met with Dr Vrambout in London, this was my first time meeting the surgeon which worried me a bit in case we didn't have much time to discuss my wishes but that was no problem, we went through absolutely everything, she measured me in 147207392 different ways! Then took some pictures and together we decided on 335cc, high profile. I was hoping to go with moderate profile for a more natural look, but because they're flatter this makes them wider, and my small frame could only take the moderate profile width of about 260cc which I didn't think would be enough! High profile however is narrower so I could do 335cc which she felt would be best for my figure and still wide enough to make sure I didn't end up with a bigger gap than I already had!

I met the anaesthetist, asked a couple questions and next thing I know I was laying on the surgery bed. Woke up in a strange room surrounded by monitoring machines so I went back to sleep haha! Then I was wheeled to the lovely recovery room overlooking the garden where my mum was able to come sit with me.

I handled the anaesthetic really well so I woke up feeling absolutely fine apart from a bit drunk! Dr Ulens came to visit me and explain that everything went to plan and I got the implants that we decided on. The nurse took my IV out gave me my painkillers, then called me a taxi (€50 back to central Brussels in rush hour traffic, less than I was expecting!)

My pain wasn't too bad yesterday, obviously was very slow moving and couldn't move my arms a lot but was definitely bearable. I even got ready and went to a restaurant to have dinner (it was fully booked so we just bought some bits from the supermarket in the end lol). But my main issue was being out in the cold made my muscles tense up uncontrollably which was REALLY painful. As soon as I was warm again the pain went away! So stay warm girls!

Waking up this morning was veeeerrrryyy painful and I didn't have a very good night sleep either. Kept sliding down the bed and having to get mum to lift me back up again! But I'm only on ibuprofen at the moment and it's still bearable, just less bearable than yesterday lol. Slowly learning what my body can and can't do! I'm going home tomorrow so I'm really hoping the pain eases off a bit. If this is the worst of it then I'll be pleased! But maybe it's just the calm before the storm!?

In addition, I've had these weird "air pockets" pop up around above where the implant is sitting. I googled it and saw one surgeon refer to it as "Rice Krispies" which is totally accurate!! It sounds exactly like when they're crackling! But I've been assured it's completely normal and will fade soon (thank god because I panicked!). As for the pain, the only way I can explain it is as if you've done a really heavy chest workout and torn every single muscle, and then you've got an elephant sitting on your chest as well to stop you taking deep breaths! We'll see if it eases off tomorrow :)

Sorry for the essay!! Xxx

How I got there

Someone also asked me about how I got to the clinic etc so I'll explain that too. Getting there was one of my concerns especially in a foreign country so I understand!

I got to Brussels the day before my surgery, and I'm also staying in a B&B in central Brussels as opposed to the ones they recommend. So I arrived by Eurostar at Midi station, then got a taxi from Midi to my B&B. This was late at night so maybe if I arrived earlier I could have used the metro but I really couldn't be bothered!!

The morning of surgery, I got a taxi back to Midi station (again, couldn't be bothered) then from Midi I jumped on a train in the direction of Antwerp/Essen which stopped at Vilvoorde. I would 100% recommend the Citymapper app, it's my lifesaver in London but it works in Brussels too! Tells you which train and platform you need. Just remember the trains to Vilvoorde aren't very frequent, I got there and had to wait 35 mins for a train hence why I ended up running late! Silly me..

From Vilvoorde station I was planning to jump in a taxi which apparently would be roughly €20 but we were running late and I couldn't see any taxis so we literally just walked to the clinic because it wasn't very far (about 15-20 mins).

After the surgery I tried to use Uber to get a taxi cause it would be cheaper (I've been using Uber for all the other taxi journeys I mentioned) but they were all busy so I gave up and the clinic called one for me. As I mentioned in my last post this was €50.30 and this got me to my B&B in central Brussels in rush hour traffic! I was expecting it to be about that, if not more, especially with the amount of traffic we sat in.

One more thing I would mention is Vilvoorde station/general area is a little bit rough so I wouldn't like to arrive there late at night. The area where the clinic is is really nice, it's just the area around the station is a bit run down.

I hope I've covered everything but if anyone needs any more info then let me know!

2 days journey home

So my op was Friday and it's now Sunday and time for me to return back to England. Jesus I've overdone it today :( too much walking around, sitting in bad chairs, and carrying 1 bag I could have done without! I've also been in such a faff that I forgot to take my painkillers, bad mistake!! I'm now in a lot of pain. Probably the worst yet. Though I've been to boots in the station and got some paracetamol with codeine in because that should be a bit more powerful than the plain paracetamol the clinic gave me. Just waiting for it to kick in!!

Strange thing was that I actually felt way better this morning. I had more mobility in my arms and could do a lot more myself. I just think I've massively overdone it today and am looking forward to bed.

Tip for Brussels girls - plan your journey home VERY well. Don't do what I did and spend about 4.5 hours in midi station because I picked the late train lol :(

Generally speaking, my left boob is hurting soooo much more than my right! It's also riding higher than my right. Which is weird because I'm right handed and I always see that the dominant side rides higher! We'll see how the next week goes, maybe it'll even out. I also had a bit of boob ache on the left side the day of surgery so maybe that's why the left it worse?

I'm also itching like mad..apparently that's the skin stretching, let's hope I'm not getting any stretch marks underneath! I haven't taken the bra off yet so not actually seen them. Though I'll attach a pic that shows how close they are to my collarbone! I'll of course post more when they're safe to be let out haha!

Thanks as ever for everyone's wonderful support xxxxxx

Left boob!!

When will my left boob chill out?! It's so painful!! The muscle keeps spasming and contracting and it's horrible! I can't go out in the cold because then it's unbearable. Right boob is fine..and I'm right handed lol?!

Also feeling like I'm living in slow motion at the moment ahahaha. I think cause I overdone it yesterday I might have set my recovery back a bit. Lots of rest for me today! although it's finally Monday which means I can shower!!! We'll see if I'm up for it later...

I had a shower!

So yesterday I had a shower/washed my hair and felt soooo much better I can't even explain!!

I also got to see them out of the bra for the first time!! I've attached photos :) right boob is quite bruised around the incision, assuming this is normal considering what's been done?!

They're obviously riding very high but very pleased with the size! The skin under my nipples down to the incision is completely numb though haha. Feels very weird. Hopefully only temporary!

Pain is slowly subsiding apart from the horrific morning boob! Soooo stiff! But in the day times I'm pretty much fine as long as I'm careful with my movement :)

Photos didn't upload?

Try again!

Photo issues...

Third times the charm?!!

1 week down

So this time 1 week ago I just waking up with some strange lumps on my chest! Time flies!

Appearance wise there's no update, still high with the bruising. The bruising in the middle is annoying me, it's really dark and yellow which makes them look really far apart! I have to work on my patience...

Pain wise I'm quite pleased. Left boob is still being a pain and morning stiffness is still there, but as from about Tuesday (now Friday) I was able to get myself out of bed, so everything is noticeably getting better by the day. I washed my hair by myself yesterday and have a lot more strength/movement back which has really surprised me! My incisions are actually causing the most pain for me at the moment. Occasionally they'll start stinging which is really not pleasant especially with this extreme tight bra!

As for me and the bra.... at first I hated it. Now I'm growing to love it. It's really nice to unstrap it for a few minutes every so often but at the same time I do appreciate that my boobs feel safe when it's on! It's just when it's close to the incisions that causes me a bit of a nightmare but after a bit of shuffling I can usually fix that.

I'm not sure if there's anything more to update on.. If I think of anything then I'll post on here!

Sports bra - 1 week post

I didn't have signal to update yesterday but I washed my surgery bra and put on a sports bra while it dried. Pictures attached! This was 1 week post op :) I love the size! I know they will drop but even now I think they're great!


Apologies if I'm going overboard with the updates but today I'm a really happy girl :)

I took some more pictures today because it's been 1 week since I took off my surgery bra for the first time and took my first set of pictures. So I made a collage whatever to compare today's results with how they looked 1 week ago :) I'm so amazed at how much they've healed in just a week. Hadn't really realised until looking at these side by side!

Excuse my onesie in the second picture lol (not even ashamed)

Bandages removed

I'm now exactly 2 weeks post op so today I went to my GP to have the knots at the end of my stitches snipped off. The rest is dissolvable but just needed the end bits taken off apparently. I've attached some pictures! This is the first time I've seen my incisions. Quite happy with them!! Also seeing as I'm 2 weeks I've attached another progress picture :)

3 weeks post op

Not a whole lot to update! My pain is 100% gone, my stitches are almost 100% dissolved, and I'm doing good! Only thing that's annoying at the moment is waiting on right boob to catch up with how speedy left boob has been dropping! But that will all come with time. I'm going on my first night out tonight since surgery, a night without my surgery bra! :O

The only thing that did hurt was pushing my shopping trolley around last Saturday (2 weeks post) but I did my shopping again today and had absolutely no issues! Progress!!

I've also just got some kelo-cote scar gel as they've completely closed now. I think it's one of the few ones that is clinically proven or something, so we'll see how I get on with that!

Also I went back to work on Monday, meaning I had 2 weeks off in total. I had absolutely no problems going back, apart from extremely low energy (probably from being so lazy for 2 weeks) and also finding out that one of my "trusted" colleagues had decided to tell every man and his dog about my surgery while I was away :)))) great!! Not!!

I'll update again soon :)

4 weeks!

Can't believe it's already been 4 weeks! I can officially stop wearing my surgery bra! Except I'm going to keep wearing it at night cause I feel soooo supported I actually appreciate the surgery bra now! Who'd have thought?!

Still a little uneven while I wait for right boob to catch up, but I feel like I'm seeing improvements :)

I am just so so so SO happy with my results. They are literally the perfect size. I've went a bit selfie crazy today but I've attached just two of them to show how I'm looking today hahaha. I've also attached some incision photos, apologies they're not the clearest (front facing camera problems) but I'm so happy with how neat they are as well!

Tempted to go and start bra shopping now, I'm SO impatient and Ann Summers have an amazing sale it kills me to just walk past every time :( I don't think they're gonna change much now apart from dropping as most of the swelling is gone. Whereas before the surgery bra was way too tight and I had no idea how I'd bear it for a month, I now understand because right now it's just the right size and I have to do the strap waaaay tighter than before. Some people say their boobs grow as they drop and fluff but mine definitely shrunk, probably because my swelling was so huge! I'm pleased though, because the size they were just after surgery was WAY too big for me and I was almost a bit scared in case they did get bigger lol!

Occasionally I have a bit of booby greed, but I remember that they're actually really in proportion to my shape and ALSO this was the biggest she was prepared to let me go before it would look fake or be a risk to my body. So I'm a happy lady :)

Will provide more updates as time goes on! Maybe not wearing the surgery bra will help them to drop more. We'll see!



Also I'm just so sad to hear about the events in Brussels recently. Such a lovely city that didn't deserve this! I know some of you girls on here were looking to have your surgeries soon at Beaucare, I hope you're not too impacted by all of this!! Such a shame :(

Gutted :(

Just went Ann Summers because they're having a huge sale with some of the most beautiful bras I've ever seen!

But they refused to measure me because I'm too soon post op :( she says I'd have to wait 12 weeks at least :(

Guess I'm resigned to the life of a sports bra for the next month and a half!! So gutted :(

6 week update

Gosh time flies! Hope everyone's doing good :) Not much to update so I'll just post some pictures (albeit terrible lighting)

My incisions are awesome, so neat and completely flat. Only annoyance is they were starting to fade in colour...but in the last few days they've started to look really red and noticeable like I've gone back a month! I'd rather that though than have them be bumpy and not flat because at least I know the redness will fade in time but scars that aren't smooth are a lot harder to fix!

10 weeks

Quick update :) they're still changing sooooo much all the time. they've dropped loads, sometimes I'm scared they're bottoming out as the incision has moved up quite a way from the crease but at the moment I'm still happy with how they look. Look at my incisions! So neat! The redness is definitely going down although it's a bit red today which I notice when I have a drink as I have today! They're nice and squishy now too :) going on hols in 8 weeks, got a bikini, oh my god I can't explain how good it feels to look good in a bikini!!!!!!!!


Forgot to add, I've been doing some pretty hardcore gym classes and training sessions since about week 8 and have had no problems with most of it. Just been avoiding arm/chest exercises, the instructor actually laughed at my attempt at a press up lol.. Baby steps!

Update on squishy-ness

This is my attempt at showing how squishy my boobs are now for user "AFlat" lol not sure if this helps at all but its the thought that counts!

I bought proper bras! (Plus stats)

Omg omg I went shopping on my break today and thought now I'm 3 months gone it's finally time to pick up some underwire bras. I've been in sports bras and lace bralets since the op.

I'm currently at 34D!!!!!!!

So I guess for final stats (presuming they won't change much in size from now) I'm 5'7, 130lbs, size 8-10 in UK clothing. I started off at 32AA and finished at 34D!

I'm so happy! It's so good to have a bra that fits me as before they were all too huge!

Queue the picture overload.... I'm not even sorry!!!! They're not the prettiest bras but they're so comfy and fit amazing!

6 months.. worried

So I'm just over 6 months post op and was hoping to do a great post about it but in all honesty I don't know what's happened. I've been so happy with the results so far but in the past couple of months they've started to look awful and I'm really not happy :( really panicked because if this is how they're going to look then God help me!! I've emailed the clinic with regards to them looking extremely dispositioned and also bottoming out (look how far the scar is away from the crease now!)

I feel like this will be a test of Beaucare's quality of aftercare..which I won't lie, has been quite shocking so far. I went for my free checkup in London about 3/4 months post op (wasn't even told this was available, only found out through someone commenting on my review!) And I was top less for all of about 60 seconds whilst the doctor visiting the UK had a bit of a feel, asked me to tense my muscles, gave me a nod and asked me to get dressed again.

Watch this space girls! :(

Last photo

Pressed upload before I'd uploaded all the pictures! One more...

So sad compared to how perfect they were before :(

Update (9 ish months) & aftercare

I should have updated earlier after my panicked few moments that something had gone horribly wrong!

I booked in to see Dr Vrambout again in London after posting the pictures above because I was convinced they were bottoming out and had slipped out of the pocket (a bit of research on here and looking at photos of other people with the same complaints led me to believe that was the case) but I was quite disappointed when I came out and he just told me it was natural and to be expected because of the way my natural boobs were shaped ie. quite far apart. I also told him I'd been having some pain and he didn't really seem to address that either. Basically he told me there was nothing that could be done to make them look how I wanted because of my body (which I guess is probably true but not nice to hear) and that if I wanted Dr Ulens opinion I'd need to go back to Brussels although she would probably say exactly the same. Again, true, but a bit hard to swallow after all the pain and money!!

BUT it wasn't long after the appointment that my boobs seemed to start looking a bit more natural and how I want them. Don't get me wrong they're still quite far apart but they certainly look better than they did in my last post?! They are also much more squishy and move more like a normal boob would. I have attached a few photos. I guess I don't really know how I feel about their aftercare still. Like I'm pleased that my boobs look nicer now than my last post and I don't have pain anymore but what if they hadn't got better, or there was actually a problem that needed revision, or the pain didn't go away? I know this is probably not helpful for people considering Beaucare, I just don't want to trash them because I suppose for me everything has worked out ok in the end. But I'd certainly be cautious picking them if aftercare is one of your top priorities which I guess for most people it should be!!

I'm pleased with them for now anyway. And the scars are getting sooooo faint (woohoo!)

The only other thing I would comment on is that I still can't manage a press up! Even a girls one! Its not that it hurts, it doesn't hurt at all. It just feels 'weird' when I use my chest muscles and I worry I might be damaging them or something idk lol! Other than that all is well. It doesn't hurt to squeeze them at all or anything like that, I feel they're pretty much 100% recovered now :-)
Dr Ullens

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