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Hello there, I'm 23 years old and A cup-size....

Hello there,

I'm 23 years old and A cup-size. Growing up i always considered breast to be very significant part of woman body. I hoped to the last point that i will get more volume with age but that didnt happen. So I ended up with being ashamed of my flatness so much that I really found myself ugly. With time i understood that being hard on myself doesnt changes my appearnce and it only makes things worse.

Nowadays I wear push-up bra's or ultra push - up bra and with my clothers on I have no problems. I feel rather confident. But of course true confidence cannot come from hiding things up. I wish to feel "complete" when i'm nude or in swimming suit. and I don't want to hide my bra's from my bfs anymore so that they wouldnt be shocked with the amount of padding in them.

So the idea of having done my breasts sat in my head from being in my mid-teens. I knew I wanted to do it but i always was in fear and of course for many years i could even think about affording such procedure.

Now I'm 23 and finally Im ready to give myself a big treat by having breast augmentation. One day i suddenly felt that my wish of having decent breasts became a determination. Therefore i began researching this topic. After days and days of surfing through the Internet i found answers to tons of my questions and mostly to your reviews ladies! :) Im sooo grateful to you that you share your experience, worries and so much more with those you seek the advice.

Retuning to the point, ,my surgery is scheduled for 2nd of Janury. Im having textured highly cohesive round gel implants under the muscles. 410cc on the right side, 365 (or smth like that) on the left side. I'm still having doubts on the size of implants. I like big breasts but of course i'm afraid to have regrets that i went too crazy) . Also it is hard to imagine the final results because so many ladies with simular implant sizes end with different results. When i tried on different cc size offered first at my PS office i thought that 375 is the top volume i need because it was really awkward to see my reflection in the mirror with big boobs and to think that i will look lik? that without my enourmous bra's) Then i remembered that i took some pics of breast augmentation i liked to show to the PS. After having a look at them he said that if that was the look i was going for that i would need i size bigger implants. So now I was looking differently to the implants of 400 size and more. But unfortunately that day i wasn't prepered enough for trying on implants, i had my bra with padding on. And i couldn't make up my mind, i had so many doubts. My PS let me have a samle of 335 cc and 400cc for a weekend. After spending hours with extra volume on the feeling that i look funny with the volume dissappered and i started to doubt if even 400cc is enough) But at least i understood what changes of size all the ?? will approximately give me.

So to sum up, now i thinking of having 410cc and 365cc, but still having thoughts that maybe i should go bigger. Though my PS told my that 450cc usually looks fake and that with 410 the changes will be already really noticable. After sizing i think about Cc all the time, and what is more disturbing i dream about BA every single night. I understand that i have i a big decission to make but it really tiresome to get up every morning with thoughts and worries about the upcoming surgery... Also what gets me nervious is that after spending the night after the surgery at hospital and the following morning appointment with my PS I will have to look after myself all by myself because nobody from my close friends will be available to do so and i dont want to share it with anyone else. I read that some girls didn't need much help on the second day but some wrote that they were helped even to go to the bathroom... Nevertheless, Im still looking
forward to my OP-day and my changes))

The BA is getting closer

So in three days I'm having my BA. It is so unbelievable. Sometimes I get nervous thinking if the possible negative outcome is a risk worth the results. But then I recall that I want to be really comfortable with my shapes and we only live once so we should try getting best of what we can) and of course I trust my PS.

My list of medication is really short...
He prescribed me only some homeopathic pills (Arnica Montana gran.) and cream from the bruises (Auriderm XO), and painkillers (Dafalgan Forte). I expected to get special painkillers for the pain after the surgery but on the other hand even though it is said on the box that the painkiller is strong, I had already the same medicine at home from the time I had a strong flue... Kinda strange. I hope I won't need to get out and get sth stronger than that in my first days of recovery.
Also today I talked to my anestiologist. Everything went really quick. Main thing was that as I'm operated at 1 pm, I can have a glass of water, tea or coffee (no sugar or milk) in the very morning but not after 9 am. And of course no food at all after midnight before the OP.
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