31yrs, No Child, 5.8', 147lbs, BL & BA, Motiva 525cc moderate, Full anchor lift

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Im hoping to have beeasts that are full in width,...

Im hoping to have beeasts that are full in width, but not too much upper pole volume. Im naturally curvy with an athletic figure as i love mu training (my therapy ????) so do not want too large breasts or too much upper pole volume. Hoping forvan outcome sinilar to emily ratajkowski

Thank you for reading! :)

15 days away and soooo nervous

I am 15 days away from surgery and so so nervous. Had dreams about it last night that left me feeling a little unsettled this morning.

Im most nervous about a) getting the wrong size and looking like 2 round basketballs on my chest and b) im worroed about the nerve pain associated as im currently experiencing nerve pain from some disc damage in my neck and lower back which im thinking may be worsened by surgery.

However, im trying to overwrite these negatine amd unhelpful thoughts with healpful thoughts, the nody believes what the mind tells it right!

So lots of positive affirmation tracks being played each day!

Attached are some wish pics!


Have i made the right decision?

Feeling a little bit of everything today, im currently experiencing nerve pain from my back and neck which im sure contributes to me feeling a little apprehensive around my surgery date, 2 weeks exactly today,

Just took some photos of my asymmetrical and saggy breasts to remind me why I'm doing this.

I had a breast reduction/uplift 8 years ago as i had a 1.75 cup difference between my breasts and at the age of 22 my breasts looked like they were 50 years old. The surgeon also put a 175cc low profile implant in right side and a 225c low profile implant in left.

However my breasts sagged again over time and the difference got worse, perhaps due to minor weight fluctuations over years.

I recall experiencing quite a bit of pain last time 8 years ago and hope that this time around isnt worse due to neck amd back nerve pain.

But i truly believe the body believes what the mind tells it so its imperative i stay positive and strong and not allow the negative thoughts to dictate me.

Easier said than done but we are human, and we are not meant to be perfect!:)

Ive attached photos of my breasts at the moment.

Im interested in your opinions regarding that considering my current size whether a 400cc hp implant is going to look too large. I really don't want a lot of upper pole volume, just a natutal slope but nice wide breasts with close cleavage and lots of bottom pole fullness!

As youll see, i have little lower pole fullness which i desire,

Thanks for taking the time to read,

Biggest hugs light and love to you all!

Preparing for surgery and current pics!

Only 13 days away now from surgery,

I have started taking a multi-vitamin and bromelain supplement. Trying to get lots of sleep to help me feel restored and energised. I'm also dealing with some nerve pain from postural issues which caused disc damage in neck and back so I'm trying to do lots of stretching and heaps of positive affirmations!! I truly believe that mental tension translates into body tension! I know that I am feeling a little nervous about the surgery, which is understandable, but trying to keep my nervous system nice and calm in the lead up.

Healthy mind - healthy body! =)

I've purchased bio oil, heat pack for back and also Avene Cicalfate cream which is meant to be great for scars. I will purchase silicone scar strips from the surgery.

I am thinking that perhaps I should be purchasing a post surgery bra as I knwo I'll get one from the surgery - but I'll be wearing it so often - I'm thinking I should also get a spare! please let me know if you have any recommendations.

I'm also thinking that maybe I should consider purchasing a wedge pillow to keep my neck and back happy and avoid pain whilst I'm sleeping on my back for the next few days! particularly with the nerve pain at the moment.

Other than that, I'm trying to focus on what I can control and not stress too much over what I cant.

I'm doing my research as to sizes, it's not something that we covered in great lengths when i met my PS 1 year ago (we live in different countries) but form what I recall at our consultation in Feb last year - he did mention 400cc HP.

I have attached my current breasts in a sports bra and photos of my current physique to get your opinions on sizes that may work and also some more wish pics.

I hope that the 400cc HP and lift will help me achieve the look I like. Time will tell and lots of positive thoughts!

Happy healing to all of you brave fabulous ladies who have recently had surgery xxx

My current breast shape and wish pics - is a similar result even possible??

It's a cold Sunday day here and I've spent the afternoon wrapped up in a blanket drinking hot tea and researching things for my surgery - now it is only 11 days away - eekk - can't believe how quickly they days are going by.

I'm trying not to over think or over stress things, as much as I want to be prepared, I also know there is no value in over stressing about things that I cannot simply control and stressing about them is only going to create one outcome - a very uptight and stressed me - and that's not good for myself or anyone! =)

I've been looking thorugh some summer holiday pictures of my breasts in bikini so I can take a long photos to my doctor to show him some of my concerns and dislikes with my current breasts.

One of the things I dislike about my breasts is that they tend to sit high up my chest and I think the correct terminology (correct me if I'm wrong) is that I have a breast crease that is quite high??,ironically, even before my surgery 8 or 9 years ago - my breasts always tended to sit high up my chest wall but they sagged greatly - I know that sounds completely contradictory, but I think structurally that whilst my breasts sag a lot - they tend to sit quite high up my breast wall - which isn't the look like. It means that when I try to wear bras with push up pads to give me more of that lower pole fullness I like (the extra pads at bottom of the bra) my breasts end up nearly hitting my chin and have this round augmented cleavage outline... which isn't the look i like - you can see it quite clearly in the photos I have attached.

Each to their own, we all have different preferences, but I personally don't like a lot of breast tissue in the upper pole and instead desire the cleavage to be more in the inside centre of breasts and more volume in the lower pole, a look that is completely opposite to my breasts at the moment.

Looking at my breast photos in bikini, I have a round cleavage kind of outline when in bikini tops or certain bras, quite a lot of sag and also a gap in between my breasts, these 3 factors are the exact things I do not want and after reading so much about how your results are based on what you started off with - I thought I would ask for some of you lovely ladies advice to help me manage my expectations.

Of course I'll be following this up with my PS when I see him in 9 days time, as in our original consult 12 months ago - we didn't got into much detail about the minor details like this (I live in another country from where he is based)

I would love some of your opinions based on my current breast structure and wish pics.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, time for another cup of caramel flavoured tea i think! =)

Implant brands, Medicine an d any general advice - 4 days away from surgery! 1 day away from Pre-op

The date is approaching as fast as my waist line expands when I reach for another piece of chocolate... =)

Can't believe I'm only 4 days away from surgery and 1 day away from my pre-op.

I would love some advice from you all on the questions you think that are best addressed during the pre-op with my surgeon?

I've only met my surgeon once 12 months ago (he is in another country) as at this stage it was more so an appointment to get a feel for him and also his credentials - not much time was spent discussing size and my desired outcome (I was more so trying to ascertain if he was a PS I could trust and work with)

We did briefly discuss size etc last year and he mentioned that based on my wish pics, I would be best suited to a 400cc HP implant, and I also need another lift (as you'll see from my review, I had an operation 8 years ago with a significant asymmetry correction, reduction, lift and very small implants 175 and 220cc low profile placed to replace the volume lost during lift).

I've been concerned that HP would give me the rounded upper pole look which I do not personally like, as you'll see from my current photos, my breasts sag, but also in bikinis and certain tops - they do have a rounded upper pole look which I really dislike. I prefer a nice full breast with INSIDE cleavage where the breasts join in the middle instead of that pushed up look which my breasts tend to look like in certain pictures/clothing.

I like a nice wide breast, full with minimal upper roundness but still nice and proportionate, similar to that of my wish pics, but I am also aware that your result is largely determined with what you start with.

I'm quite curvy so a nice full breast would be proportionate, but I do not want to be all breast! I guess I am really looking for a nice balanced and proportionately natural looking breast and to fix the difference in size and shape.

I wanted to ask for your advice on the best questions to ask during the pre-op...

I also wanted to ask what medication tends to make you feel most nausea??? i hear of you ladies often say you feel naseous and wondered which med typically caused that?

And I would love to hear any general advice you have now I'm coming into the last few days.

Sending all of you beautiful ladies lots of sunshine, light and happiness!

Had Pre-Op today, size and profile discussed and decided! 400-450cc MODERATE profile

Today I met with my surgeon for our pre-op discussion.

I went in there feeling like a 16 year old (with 87 year old looking boobs) about to sit an exam with all my notes and a bit nervous!

Dr plovier is very frank and to the point, but underneath it all, he is genuine and I personally feel he has a great heart and intentions, even though his abruptness may be mis-interpreted as rude.

I got to show him photos of the look I like (naked and in clothing) and also the looks I didn't like. I also showed examples of proportions that I like.

We will be proceeding with a full lift and contrary to what was said 12 months ago in our first meeting we will be likely be going for a MODERATE Profile, 400-450cc, not the high profile like originally discussed. They will be round and textured.

I am happy with this! I feel like the moderate profile will give me the nice wide breast that i like with the closer cleavage, I do however have concerns around wanting to make sure that I do end up with a nice full breast - a D or DD cup to match my curves as I do have a good set of hips and broadish shoulders.

I'm feeling like perhaps I should be veering towards the 450cc as it appears most people feel that they wish they went bigger.

As I've spent the majority of my researching over the last few weeks looking at HP, I know feel like I should get an idea of how a 400cc MOD PROFILE may look, i would love some of you beautiful ladies ideas and opinions on this! Whilst I don't want a round upper pole projection, I sitll do want some projection - more like a natural slope. My PS said I was about a C cup at the moment. I would like to be a little bigger, but i'm nervous that with being bigger it means more fake look, I just have to trust in the process, but I think a D or DD would suit my figure better. Hopefully a 400 or 450cc Moderate Profile will enable that result. I think looking at my wish pics - they are probably around a D cup? or DD.

Have attached some more pictures!

So we are all ready to rock and roll in 2 days! spending tomorrow doing things that are good for my soul! keeping myself nice and calm, relaxed and mentally/physically ready for surgery the next day.

Feeling so grateful to have all you lovely women's support and my darling other half, I am feeling like one lucky (but a little nervous) lady right now!

would love to hear from you all with your thoughts!

Big hugs and love to you all x

SURGERY DATE IN 12 HOURS! eeekkk. Questions regarding medication, activity etc

Time has gone as quickly as the last bite of your favourite caramel slice....

Can't believe that in less than 13 hours I'll be waiting nervously in the clinic, no doubt sweating even though it is 0 degrees here and the middle of winter and desperately hoping that I have communicated as well as I can the desired outcome I am after. I will be having a full lift and at this stage between a 400-450cc moderate profile based on yesterdays consultation.

I have spent today trying to keep nice and relaxed, eating lots of good wholesome foods as well as a few squares of local Belgian chocolate, I'm a huge believer in balance! and it would be rude not to try the local delicacies now we are in Belgium right???

I have a few questions to go through with my PS tomorrow, such as:

Am I better suited for the Mod+ instead of the Moderate based on my desired outcome
Will I be eligible for different sized implants due to my asymmetry
Will he perform the internal bra procedure to avoid future sag
Will they handfeed me extra creamy vanilla ice-cream with sprinkles when I come out of surgery

Just kidding about the last part. Dreams are free. But also have a few other things I'd liek to cover off before the operation.

I will also be having my areolas reduced in size a little which will be good - as recommended by my PS.

All in all, I'm just looking forward to it being over and done with so that I can focus on the recovery, I'm prepared for the pain, but I'm trying not to let it intimidate me or worry too much as worrying about it will only cause me anxiety and increase the pain cycle! Controlling the controllables and being as prepared as possible for the things I can't control.

I have a nice big fluffy robe to wear when I get back from surgery, not because I'm wanting to channel my inner Hugh Hefner but because I think it'll be a lot easier to get in and out of.

A serious, but weird question to you all you lovely ladies - are you able to go to the toilet yourself on the day of surgery?? or is someone have to be there to ah "assist" you with regards to toilet paper! gosh..

I also wanted to ask if you could provide some personal experiences you have had with the medications, in particular - which ones you found the best for pain control and nerve pain control and which caused the most nausea?

AS previously mentioned, I am currently experiencing nerve pain for the last 8 weeks from some disc issues in cervical and lumbar disc.

In terms of things to do to avoid getting even more stiff after surgery - could you recommend some things? is it things like going for a 5 minute walk a couple of times a day? just to keep things moving so back doesn't stiffen up?

would love your advice!!!

Thank you for reading my novel but most importantly - thank you for being the beautiful, kind, positive, genuine and empowering women you are, I feel so incredibly grateful to have each and every one of your support, I am truly blown away!!!

I will touch base once I've reached the other side. Going to sleep with 85 year old boobs.. and waking up with 31 year old boobs.... who ever said magic didn't exist is lying!

Would love to hear from you and please cross your fingers for me.

big hugs to you all xxx

SURGERY COMPLETE TODAY! i did it!!! .. now time for FOOOOOOOOOOD. nom nom nom! ended up with bigger implants then originally dis

I did it!! surgery is officially complete... I have officially finished ravishing every item of food in the kitchen and am now laying down wanting to write to all of you beautiful ladies.

I want to thank each and every one of you for reaching out to me over the last few days, and today. I feel immensely grateful to have the support, laughs, care and advice from you all and this website has really evidenced how strong and empowering it is when us women stick together and raise each other up instead of tear each other down.

SO THANK YOU ALL!! I'm immensely proud of myself for how I handled today and yesterday, considering I really was so very nervous but somehow I managed to crack the mind over matter process and remain relatively calm... until Dr plovier was drawing on me with a marker and hurrying me into the surgery room. The support I recieved from you all and my darling partner played another huge part in me feeling relatively calm today and yesterday so thank you all so very much.

Now, to get to the details..

I like to think I have a pretty high pain threshold but MAMMMMAMIA this is SORE! i feel like someone is constantly giving me a dead boob/elbow to the boob every time i move, the pain is pretty intense, but it is all part of the process. Trying to not think of it too much and instead just focus on how lucky I am to have had the opportunity to have breast surgery. Time to suck it up a bit and let my partner look after me... which i'm not the best at doing! i much prefer to be hte one fussing over him!

Now for all the surgery details. Although I thought I was going in there getting a 400-450cc moderate profile implant... I actually came out with 525ccs!! a lot bigger than thought!! Moderate profile was used.

I trusted in Dr Plovier, I went in there with a very detailed pictures of what I do like, what i don't like, the side profile I did like (natural slope) the side profile I didnt like.. etc etc.. you get my drift, I definitely painted a very clear picture as I find that words can't be interpreted differently and is subjective so it was better to describe with pictures. I trusted in my surgeon so I'm not stressing over the larger size, I trust he used his discretion and I just have to be patient now and hope for the best, that they won't be too large.

My movement is very limited.. I had to have my partner come to the toiliet with me...... it's official - he definitely loves me! ha ha! I'm due for my next dose of pain relief which I'm super excited about. I will try to stay relatively active tomorrow, get up and walk out and about to keep my mind nice and happy and also physically well.

I've attached some photos, yes my breasts are nearly touching my chin, but to be expected, I had a full lift and 525ccs moderate profile, motiva brand.

I hope to get some sleep tonight, I have some valium to take, but one thing I know for sure about going to sleep.. I'll be going to sleep with pain... but also with a very happy and grateful heart... oh.. and big hooters!!!

To my boobie surgery twins who also had surgery today, sending you so much love, light, laughs and happy healing!!

To everyone who wrote lovely comments, I have read each and every one and promise to respond soon, just a little too sore to be upright on laptop for too long right this minute xxx

Day 1 Post Op... yowzaaaaa it's SORE, no pain no gain right?? =)

Hello beautiful ladies!

It's the day after the surgery and wow the pain is real! I'm trying not to focus on it too much but when it feels like someone has been whacking me over the chest with a plank of wood all day it's a little hard not to =)

I won't lie, the pain is pretty intense, I like to think I have a high pain threshold but I think my pain ability ego has taken a hit today! I just am unable to do anything really. The medication I am on is ibuprofen, paracetamol and twice a day i take 5mg of oxycodone, I'm not sure that hte oxycodone is doing much! but it must be doing something. I am also taking valium in the evenings.

I have extra swelling in my the middle of my breasts today, around the sternum and it is bruised, right now i kind of look like I have a big mono boob from the swelling! so hot right now! =) I know the swelling will calm down over time.

Because I have nerve pain from disc damage in neck and back from structural issues in my back, I am constantly keeping a hot wheat pack on my neck and upper back just to try avoid that worsening now my posture isn't the best with the breast pain. I'm super happy that my neck back and leg nerve pain hasn't worsened yet, that's a huge win!! so i'll take each win that I can at this stage =) I really think the wheatbags would be helpful for all you women who have had recent surgery, not jsut for those with disc damage, it has been so comforting to feel the heat on my back especially from sitting upright for so long.

Size and look wise, it's still too early to know what they're going to look like, I know I went in there thinking I was going to get 400 to 450cc and ended up with 525cc but I'm sure that my doctor knows what is best to give me the look I wished. There is no point in stressing about size or the look yet, at the moment I need to keep as calm and positive as possible to try manage this pain and break the pain cycle!

I cant really complain though, I am just so lucky to have had the operation where everything was successful, I wasn't nausea from the anesthesia yesterday, neither have I experienced nausea from other medication, I'm alive, I have 2 legs and 2 arms and if that doesn't make me feel lucky.. then all I need to do is look behind me at the belgium easter eggs I'm lucky enough to have found the day before surgery =)

I'm really hoping that tomorrow the pain will subside a little and i'll be more able to move about, my partner has been such a sweetheart, so very patient and caring, it has made a huge difference,

I've slept a little today and I even had a bowel movement without needing any constipation pills which was brilliant! I've been having a lot of smoothies with chia seeds which helps (lots of fibre) and also drinking a lot of water plus berocca and magnesium effervescent tablets twice a day, the vitamin c and magnesium is great for assisting with Bowel movement also. I would prefer to avoid taking anything for constipation if I can.

Vitamin wise I am also taking a multi vitamin, curcumin, bromelain and also traumeel tablets.

All in all, other than the intense pain and limited movement or ability to do anything, I am happy. Feeling the love from all you amazing women and my partner.

On a totally side note, me and my partner have just spent the last 15 mins laughing our asses off, I lifted up my arm a little and the most weirdest sound came out of my breast, I thought it was my stomach at first, but then we realised it was my breast!!!! this must be the squishing gurgling noise people say that happens with implants, it's just air caught in the pockets right??? it is so bizarre!

Again, I just wnat to thank you all for reaching out to me and sending your well wishes, if I can help any of you in any way then please just ask me anything and I will try my best to help! I'm no expert on all of this, but I can promise to tell you a dry joke, or recommend the best flavour chocolate out in the market at the moment.

Sending you all so much love xxx

Day 2 post op.. Sneak peek of the new girls!

I made it to day 2!

Now its been 48 hours i was allowed to sneak a peak at my new girls and whilst they are obviously sitting high from the full lift and implants, they seem to be doing well. Pics attached.

I have so much swelling In my sternum that it looks like im rocking a mono-boob, but I'm feeling relatively positive about my results and just trusting in the process, its too early to be over-thinking or over analysing it. My stomach is very bloated too which i guess is also part of process.

The swelling and bruising in sternum has worsened today but because im only 48 hours post surgery, i dont think i should be using any anti inflammatory arnica (traumeel) cream on the sternum area.

I have had 2 bowel movements today! Winning!!! So im extremely happy about that. Yes i realise its weird to be celebrating bowel movements, but i dont claim to be totally normal =) i am happy that my body is functioning reasonably well considering all its been through in last 2-3 days amd im happy to habe avoided constipation laxatives, just a personal preference of mine but no judgement.

The pain is still pretty terrible, although from what i understand the dosage of my meds seems a little lower compared to others, ive been on 5mg oxycodone every 12 hours, amd ibuprofen/paracetamol in between plus a valium at night.

Ive been drinking heaps of fluids, smoothies, my berocca and magnesium effervescent in water and balancing between resting but also having little walks around the house. Also walked outside in the beautiful nature for 10 mins today which was great for the mind.

All in all, i cant really complain, the pain is awful but have to be patient and focus on the good things!

Im over the moon that the bad nerve pain in leg and back neck that i was experiencing pre surgery from disc damage in lumbar and cervical due to posture structural issues has subsided quite a bit, its so bizarre and almost like a miracle! There was a huge chance that surgery would make it worse but im thrilled that the symptoms appear to habe temporarily reduced by 50%, im not sure why but im over the moon and celebrating each little win.

Now its time for a little bit of brownie i think, because a bit of balance is good for the soul :-)

How are all you beautiful ladies going? Would love to hear from you xxxx

Day 4 Post Surgery.... my story on how the day went =)

Hey lovely ladies! I've made it to Day 4! and other than having boobs that sit so high they nearly knock my chin off, and a farting sounding left breast, a bloated tummy and water retention and a bit of pain, I'm feeling great! life could always be a whole lot worse! I thought I would share some of the details of my journey for those that are about to embark on breast surgery, and for those who feel like some bed time novel reading... I do tend to talk quite a bit! Painwise I'm finally starting to feel better, I would rate my pain about a 6-7 out of 10 throughout the day. I am still taking oxycodone 5mg once in the morning and once in the evening. I take ibuprofen and paracetamol throughout the day and valium in the evening. I can drink from my own water bottle now without a strawer - WINNING! and I can get changed on my own, although I'm only wearing button/zip down shirts... actually.. who am I kidding... I've been living in my fluffy leopard print robe all day which has been perfect from a comfort perspective. No longer does my partner need to change my knickers for me or take me to the toilet... finally I feel like a 31 year old and not a 2 year old anymore =) My digestive system is doing me proud, if I had a chart for it I would be filling it up with gold stars. I have had a bowel movement each day since the day of surgery, and even twice on some days. I attribute this to a few things a) drinking lots of water b) I start the day with a berocca effervescent tablet and a magnesium effervescent tablet in a glass of water c) I'm a big smoothie advocate, and always aim to include chia seeds (awesome for fibre and getting things moving) into my smoothie d) Not over thinking it, one thing that i think we can all be a little bit guilty of, stressing or over thinking about not having a BM isn't helpful or conducive to encouraging it to happen, as hard as it can be, try not to over think it too much I prefer to avoid any kind of stimulant or constipation meds and have found the above regime to work well, failing this - i would try senna tea in the evening before bed - can pretty much guarantee a movemnet in the morning after this! I've also been taking vitamins and supplements, as you know there is a whole raft of vitamins out there in the market but I choose ones that have some sort of scientifically proven research behind it, the vitamin market is so flooded and there is no benefit in putting a whole lot of things into our systems just because something claims to do something. I have been taking a multi vitamin twice a day I take curcumin (with bioperine) which has been trialled to reduce inflammation I take traumeel tablets which was recommended by my PS again for reducing swelling and bruising I take berocca (vitmain c) and magensium in a glass of water This is my current regime and I'm feeling pretty good, considering I have recently had surgery. For any of you out there who are experiencing back or shoulder/neck pain - I purchased a wheat bag which is brilliant, it goes around the neck but also goes down your mid back (so it's like a T shape) and has helped signficantly with muscle tension in neck and upper back shoulder area - especially as I was experiencing severe nerve pain from disc issues in cervical and lumbar for the last 8 weeks and have been so pleasantly surprised that these symptoms have subsided greatly after surgery - despite having poor posture which would be likely to increase symptoms - check out www.wheatybags.co.uk for pictures of what I mean - you can also purchase off ebay. and most MOST importantly, what I think is the most important factor in being able to get through surgery and recovery without feeling like you're going crazy.. is to try your hardest to stay positive. when you feel bouts of pain - try deep breathing, try distracting yourself with positive thoughts, when you feel like you may have made the wrong decision - try reminding yourself of the reasons why you originallly chose to go ahead with the surgery - write those reasons down and read them to yourself on the days where you may be feeling a little glum or down when you start comparing yourself to other people's results and feel unhappy - gently remind yourself that we are all made different, our individuality is what makes us uniquely beautiful. Comparison is the thief of joy, instead of comparing yourselves to others, compare yourself to you. Look at your before pictures and find comfort in YOUR progress. Remember miracles don'thappen over night, trust in the process, be patient, celebrate all the little wins, find gratitude, lean on your friends,partner/support or us real self community! Surgery can be just as much emotional as physical, be kind to yourself, laugh a little, have a square of chocolate (and don't beat yourself up over it) and apply perspective, life could always be worse! These were some of the tools i tried to use on myself during day 1 and 2 of the recovery when I was in rather excruciating pain, it may not have taken all my pain away, but it provided me comfort and a source of strength! The other source of strength I found was in each and every message that you lovely ladies sent me, I felt so incredibly blessed ot have your support!!! a little bit of loving goes a long way!!! I've attached some photos, my new girls are still sitting really high, but the swelling in sternum has reduced a lot, i'm really happy with the minimal bruising I seem to have and how everything is progressing Sending each and every one of you a big hugs, but not so big that they squash our new girls and hurt us =) as always, would love to hear from you and how you are all progressing on your journey xxx

Forgot to include in supplement list on last post.. am also taking Bromelain vitamin twice a day on empty stomach for reducing i

Forgot to include Bromelain, natural vitamin (enzyme found in pineapple) which is used for reducing swelling / inflammation. Best to take it on an empty stomach, twice a day xxx

Day 6 Post Surgery - full breast lift and implants, onwards and upwards!

Today marks day 6 post surgery, onwards and upwards and when I say upwards... I'm not just referring to my breasts which are literally very upwards - riding ridiculously high currently! =)

This morning I started my day brilliantly because I could get off the couch with little pain or muscle spasms! my morning got even better when I sat down with a great book, a great coffee and a couple of squares of my fav dark chocolate!

For those who are new to my journey - a big hello! I recently had a full lift and 525ccs moderate profile implants to turn my grandma boobs more into boobs that resemble my true age - 31.

The recovery journey has had it's challenges, day 1, 2 and 3 were painful, but we have to be prepared and expect some sort of discomfort after we have had surgery - we all respond differently, some people feel little to no pain, some feel a great deal of pain, i was the latter and that is okay because as long as we are prepared, as long as we have support network and as long as we keep reminding ourself that the pain is only temporary but our beautiful results are permanent - then everything will be okay.

I am day 6 now and I super excited to report that I managed to do the dishes for the first time since surgery! yes it sounds bizarrre to be celebrating such a mundane chore, but it is a sign of an improvement - especially in mobility - and I think it's so important when we are on a potentially mental and physically draining journey to celebrate each little win.

I have also noticed my swelling has reduced greatly - I attribute that to resting adequately but also the vitamins and supplements I have been taking, to remind any new readers this is:

- bromelain (for reducing swelling inflammation etc)
- traumeel (for reducing swelling bruising inflammation)
- curcumin (for joint health and inflammation)
- multi vitamin (overall health)
- probiotics (to assist digestive system whilst on antibiotics)

I also start each day with a berocca effervescent tab and a magensium effervescent tablet in a big glass of water - which I find brilliant for assisting in bowel movements naturally and general immune system health.

I have not seen my incisions yet as I have bandages on my breasts that i'm not allowed to remove for 2 weeks, so 1 more week to go.
I have scar cream (avene ciflicate) and bio oil ready to go once I'm given the green light.

I'm also going to look into silicone scar strips but I want to read up a little bit more about evidence to support that they actually assist with scars as they are rather pricey so would hate to purchase something that may have little efficacy.

With the reduced swelling in breasts - I'm now starting to see more shape in my breasts and they also are minimising in size, which may or may not be a good thing, there is potential they may be smaller than I had liked, but then there is potential that over time maybe they won't be so small - I'm not 100% sure of the healing process in regards to how the size changes as time progresses- But I am refusing to get too fixated in looking and inspecting my breasts as I can see how this could potentially lead to some unhealthy obsessive behaviour that i don't want to buy into at the moment. I choose to limit myself to removing my bra and looking at my breasts only once a day when I take my progress photos. One of the things I try to live by in life is - control the controllables and don't stress over those things you can't control. I can't control my final outcome of my breasts right now, but I can control how i feel about myself and my new boobies!

Bowel movements have been great, I'm so proud of my digestive system for maintaining it's regularity considering all the narcotics, antiobiotics and trauma my body has been through in the last week! my weight is back to the same weight pre surgery. My body healing and functioning well has me fist pumping! =)

Medicine wise - I am reducing the need for oxycodone and only take one 5mg during evenings. I am still taking paracetamol and valium when required. I aim to do one thing each day that makes me feel mentally good, i'm aware that being so limited activity wise can potentially make me feel a little bla so today I chose to do some reading of a fabulous book by Dr David Burns called feeling good - highly recommend it!!!

The journey after surgery is emotional and physical but I think as long as you are kind to yourself, well prepared, patient and have some sense of support -whether that be through RS, partner, friends - then it can be a super exciting and rewarding journey.

I'm not sure how my results will look at the end, I'm not sure if i iwll find my breasts to be too small, too far apart, too low, too high - who knows, but right now what i do know is that worrying about that right now isn't going to change the result... but it will change my mentality (in a negative way) and that is not the goal right now =). I think a huge part of healing well is not only physically being rested, but mentally feeling at peace and reducing anxiety as much as possible. Stress affects our bodys hugely and in so many ways!

I've loved following everyones journeys on here! i feel so incredibly blessed to have all the connections i do with you fabulous ladies and I love reading each and every one of your comments.

Tomorrow marks day 7.... let's see what day 7 holds in store for me! I'm thinking a nice little 10min walk around the block might be in order! get the blood moving around my body, help release some tension in my back (which fyi has been so awesome!! i think the wheat pack has been amazing for assisting in minimal back shoulder tension - also bearing in mind that in the last 10 weeks i have suffered back and nerve pain from disc damage from structural issues, i'm shocked beyond belief that these symptoms have not only not worsened from surgery and sleeping upright- but they have improved!

Time for me to log off and wish you all a good night my lovely friends here! keep smiling! keep in contact and definitey keep perving at your new boobies!

Thank you for every message and comment you leave me! they all put a smile on my face and i love hearing from you all!

Day 6 photos attached xx


1 week post op!!!

Today is 7 days post operation

I feel like I've time travelled like Michael J Fox in back to the future. Only Michael J Fox didn't end up with a awesome new set of hooters! =)

Today we had a little bit of progress with my T-Rex arms.. I have a bit more range of motion and could even reach all the way up to the chocolate cupboard on my own today! =)

My favourite morning ritual every day is to have a cup of de-caf coffee with a square of dark chocolate, something so simple gives me so much pleasure and during this time of healing where we are inclined to feel pain and potentially un-ease over lack of activity - I think it's more important than ever to keep up with those little things that give us pleasure.

I'm still only viewing my breasts once a day which is when my partner takes my progress photos... the only other time I see my breasts is when I accidently drop food down my chest then fret that I'm going to get some kind of bacterial infection (even though I still am bandaged up!) whislt i try to scurry the food out of there! ha ha ha!! My partner finds that highly amusing! =)

Each day I notice more and more that the swelling is reducing which I think is amazing, our bodies are truly incredible little creatures!

Appetite wise I haven't been as hungry as normal, but still have a reasonable level of hunger and am ensuring I am consuming at least 3 meals a day, now is not the time for me to be worrying about fat gain or fat loss, it's about fueling my body with the best things it needs for healing. I believe in balance, that doesnt mean I use this time as an excuse to eat every bit of junk available, but it also doesn't mean this is a time where i restrict calories and live off salads. Balance is the winning ingredient in life - in my opinion anyway! Over-thinking things has never been a concept that works well for me, and ironically - by being relaxed with my nutrition, listening to my body, I am actually right back at my pre surgery weight, even though technically my new girls should weight a little bit more.

I've been drinking alot of water and my daily dose of berocca and magensium effervesent tablets in a glass of water (twice a day).

My digestive system is still reaping up the gold stars with regularity, going at least once to twice a day with no constipation medication and the bloating is starting to subside more and more each day but I can still sense some swelling in my belly. But I rub my stomach daily and tell her how awesome she is doing! I'm so over the moon that that i've been having so much regularity =)

Unfortunately I started experiencing some nerve pain down my leg again today for the first time since surgery (from disc damage due to structural/postural issues prior to surgery) which I was experiencing extremely before surgery. However, instead of focussing too much on the slight burning sensation(nerve pain) down my leg and in my glute, I'm focussing on how amazing it is that 7 days post surgery I have had a huge decrease in the disc nerve pain (totally unexpected due to the increased stiffness in back from being up right after surgery). In my experience, when I am kind to my body, when I avoid over ruminating on thoughts, when I accept that right now it is normal to have some pain and that it isn't forever - then my body responds well.

The link between our thoughts and our health never fails to amaze me.

Tonight I'm going to be better with my sleep and get to sleep earlier, sleep is paramount for healing and admittedly I've been a little naughty with getting enough of it lately, I can't completely attribute that to discomfort as I have been spending a bit of time online when I'd be much better sleeping! so I'm spanking my own bottom with that and getting better sleep tonight.

Overall, day 7 has been a good day, it's been a little bit challenging with the disc nerve pain, but these kinds of days are what I like to call "character building days" =)

I've attached some photos of my new girls, they're doing well. They change a little bit each day which I find so interesting!!! they are a little different in shape which may or may not be permanent, either way - it's okay - I'm not expecting identical twin looking boobs - just sisters who look similar, especially when my original boobs were like a brother and a sister!!! =) Size and shape wise - I'm happy but not focussing too much energy on analying that aspect yet when it's so early in the mix, I don't see much bruising which is great and the swelling has again reduced which is even better. I do however want to invest a little bit of time into understanding the healing process a little better as in, understanding short term and long term what I can expect with regards to things such as exercise, nerve pain in breasts, dropping and fluffing, physical sensational changes etc etc, I think by understanding a process and what to expect (both positively and negatively) you can make more peace with the potentially negative aspects of the journey as you understand that it is all part of the journey - if that makes sense. At least that is a method that works well for me. WE all react differently! so for all of you beautiful ladies providing me information with my questions at the moment - thank you for your patience and time!!

The photos and different angles make my breasts look all sorts of different sizes and shapes as you'll see, so it's difficult to get an accurate portrayal of how my breasts currently are, but it gives a rough indication anyway!

When my partner was taking progress photos of them today he had quite the smile on his face... which made me laugh, I had to abruptly but light-heartedly tell him I'm a woman 7 day post surgery and now is not the time to be giving me creepy kinky smiles! =) he loves the results and thinks the size and shape is perfect for my body and will be even better once they settle down a little.

Again, I want to thank each and every one of you for the lovely comments that you send! and for the awesome posts you update! Today I spent my fav part of the day (mornings when I was having my coffee and dark square of choc) reading your posts and updates.

Biggest hugs to you all! I appreciate each and every one of your comments and advice and love following your progress updates so please keep them coming.

Day 9 post op! - A DAY OF CHALLENGES but I chose to choose HAPPINESS

Today has been a great day.

Because I chose to make it that way.

Life has thrown a few hard challenges my way yesterday and today, external issues completely un-related to my surgery, and feeling a little disabled physically with regards to still overcoming surgery pain and the nerve pain from disc damage in my lumbar and neck at the moment - i wasn't sure that I would be best equipped to look at the challenges as hurdles and jump over them, to not feel overwhelmed by it, effectively i questioned my ability to deal with everything that came at once

But our bodies and our minds are incredibly strong when we tap into the strength we have. So regardless of each and every one of the hurdles thrown, I ACTIVELY choose to make today a good day.

I share this hoping that maybe it might give us all another way to think of how to manage those post surgery days when perhaps we feel regret, perhaps we look in the mirror and we see a result that we don't like, maybe we start comparing ourselves to others and feel liek we aren't good enough, perhaps we wish we went bigger, smaller, there's a multitude of thoughts that can be upsetting for us post surgery. But we don't have to sit in that place of regret, we don't have to feel those negative feelings about our results, it is always an ACTIVE choice and each and every one of us is strong enough to overcome that. Of course we must be kind to ourselves in the process, perfection doesn't exist so in my opinion it's not realistic to NEVER have one negative thought or concern or issue with our results post surgery, I know i've had a couple at times, I don't claim perfection and I don't think perfection is something we should strive for. But today i encourage each and all of us to choose HAPPINESS, to choose STRENGTH, to choose PERSPECTIVE when we may be blinded, to choose PATIENCE and to chose to replace each negative worry with a positive thought.

It is day nine today and my pain has yet again reduced again, it' been truly remarkable how much the pain has improved between days 7 and 9.

I started my day the same way I always start my day, with a smoothie, my vitamins, my glass with 1 berocca and 1 magensium effervescent tablet. My perfect combo for ensuring a BM and despite having a bloated stomach still - my digestive system has amazed me post surgery and have had not issues with regards to regularity. I am however still dealing with a bit of bloating but i'm not phased at all and know it will pass with time.

I'm still sleeping upright on the couch.. right now i'm watching my partner sleeipng next to me on his side hugged up to the pillow and i'm a slight shade of green.. the envy is real.... oh how I wish I could be sleeping on my side right now! but patience is a virtue and I'm just grateful my darling is choosing to be next to me on the couch instead on in bed right now. It really is all about the little things!

As for my girls, they're going well! They're spending a lot of time bonding with my chin.... due to them sitting so high still! but I'm quite liking the shape, I'm still only looking at them once a day when I take progress photos to avoid investing too much energy into hyperanalysing their look right now as it's still too early to judge.

Now and then I grab them, yes i realise that groping my own boobs is weird, but I'm so captivated by how firm they feel! it's so bizarre!!! I'm use to my old nanny saggy boobs which were soft.

Medication wise - I'm just on valium for muscle relaxing and to help with the nerve pain from the disc damage in my back and neck and ibuprofen and paracetamol when needed.

I hope that you all had one laugh today, one square of chocolate, one compliment and groped your boobs at least once too!! life is too short for anything less!

I've attached some photos of my new girls as of today. They are still riding high but they are doing Well and slightly changing each day. Progress not perfection.

biggest hugs as always and to anyone who is having surgery in the next day - all the best!


Day 11 post surgery.

Day 11 post surgery today.

Firstly, Happy Easter everyone. I hope you all treated yourself with a little something today, although I dont think it's only on Easter that you should treat yourself with a little something... I personally believe in little balanced treats daily! I strive for balance in every aspect of life.

My girls are improving pain wise so much more each day, my nerve pain from neck and back was quite bad today, but I attribute that to a bit of personal stress currently going on with some challenges thrown my way. If i'm not careful in controlling my thoughts or my mentality during times of stress, then I feel the repercussions in my body, in my health. Whether that be nerve pain from spinal issues, digestive system issues etc. The link between the body and mind isn't just a airy fairy concept - it's actually backed by science and it absolutely amazes me!

It can be a stressful time post surgery just in itself, so I encourage all of us ladies to make sure we are doing as much of the positive things we can be doing to encourage healing.

One thing I have found really comforting today is leaning on my partner for support, I'm quite a private person so have chosen not to tell the world about my surgery, but at the same time, I think it's so important to have someone/s that we trust to show us care, empathy, love and perspective when we need it.

I hope each one of you beautiful ladies have at least one person you can lean on post surgery to help with the journey back to healing - not just physically- but mentally also. Who surround ourselves with is so important, removing anyone or anything that doesn't serve us well is equally as important.

Today was the first time I actually put on an outfit that WASN'T my leopard print fluffy robe so I got to see my breasts for the first time in a nightie I have - it was quite exciting! have attached pictures to show you.

I'm still taking my vitamins:
traumeel (just finished them)
multi vitamin
probiotics (esp due to taking antibiotics)
magensium and berocca effervescent tablet in water to aid in bowel movements

and lots of water of course!!!

Sleeping upright isn't much fun, esp with my disc issues in back, but the perk is at least each time I look down I get to cop a perve at my new boobs when I'm so upright! - got to find the positives in every situation right! =)

In a few days I get to take off the bandages which will be interesting, the PS also reduced my aerolas so i'm interested in seeing what they will look like.

Tomorrow i'm going to aim for my first 20-30 minute walk, I haven't been out for a proper morning walk since surgery (just little 5 minute walks) and I'm super excited about that, aside from my de-caf coffee and square of dark choc, my other favourite thing to do in morning is my walk, each walk i choose to listen to something different, something that motivates or inspires me, so when I come back from the walk i get the double dose of feeling good from the actual movement, or from what I have listened to. Last time I listened to an awesome clip from Eric Thomas about not giving up.... things got a little awkward hwen i was walking along the main road on my own fist pumping in agreeance to Eric's awesome speech... ha ha!

now on that note my lovely friends, I should sleep, i've been so naughty with not getting to sleep on time and i need to be much more accountable for getting more sleep. Feel free to scold me!! =)

Night beauties


Day 10 post operation!

Day 10 post surgery today.

Firstly, Happy Easter everyone. I hope you all treated yourself with a little something today, although I dont think it's only on Easter that you should treat yourself with a little something... I personally believe in little balanced treats daily! I strive for balance in every aspect of life.

My girls are improving pain wise so much more each day, my nerve pain from neck and back was quite bad today, but I attribute that to a bit of personal stress currently going on with some challenges thrown my way. If i'm not careful in controlling my thoughts or my mentality during times of stress, then I feel the repercussions in my body, in my health. Whether that be nerve pain from spinal issues, digestive system issues etc. The link between the body and mind isn't just a airy fairy concept - it's actually backed by science and it absolutely amazes me!

It can be a stressful time post surgery just in itself, so I encourage all of us ladies to make sure we are doing as much of the positive things we can be doing to encourage healing.

One thing I have found really comforting today is leaning on my partner for support, I'm quite a private person so have chosen not to tell the world about my surgery, but at the same time, I think it's so important to have someone/s that we trust to show us care, empathy, love and perspective when we need it.

I hope each one of you beautiful ladies have at least one person you can lean on post surgery to help with the journey back to healing - not just physically- but mentally also. Who surround ourselves with is so important, removing anyone or anything that doesn't serve us well is equally as important.

Today was the first time I actually put on an outfit that WASN'T my leopard print fluffy robe so I got to see my breasts for the first time in a nightie I have - it was quite exciting! have attached pictures to show you.

I'm still taking my vitamins:
traumeel (just finished them)
multi vitamin
probiotics (esp due to taking antibiotics)
magensium and berocca effervescent tablet in water to aid in bowel movements

and lots of water of course!!!

Sleeping upright isn't much fun, esp with my disc issues in back, but the perk is at least each time I look down I get to cop a perve at my new boobs when I'm so upright! - got to find the positives in every situation right! smile emoticon

In a few days I get to take off the bandages which will be interesting, the PS also reduced my aerolas so i'm interested in seeing what they will look like.

Tomorrow i'm going to aim for my first 20-30 minute walk, I haven't been out for a proper morning walk since surgery (just little 5 minute walks) and I'm super excited about that, aside from my de-caf coffee and square of dark choc, my other favourite thing to do in morning is my walk, each walk i choose to listen to something different, something that motivates or inspires me, so when I come back from the walk i get the double dose of feeling good from the actual movement, or from what I have listened to. Last time I listened to an awesome clip from Eric Thomas about not giving up.... things got a little awkward hwen i was walking along the main road on my own fist pumping in agreeance to Eric's awesome speech... ha ha!

now on that note my lovely friends, I should sleep, i've been so naughty with not getting to sleep on time and i need to be much more accountable for getting more sleep. Feel free to scold me!! smile emoticon

Night beauties


13 Days Post Operation - The journey to healing, the ups and the downs =)

Hello all my lovelies!!

I'm one day away from being able to remove the strapping on breasts and have a sneak peak at incisions and also my nipples - my PS reduced the size of my aerolas which will be interesting to see! quite excited.

This week my partner and I have had to make some huge life changing decisions where there is no "right" or "wrong" decision with each option providing quite a lot of risk. It has been a challenging week and has reminded me to always strive to live a life where the decisions we make are not dictated by fear, are not dictated by regret, are not dictated by others desires they impose on us. One of my favourite personal sayings is - I would rather regret something i DID do, then something I DIDN'T DO. That! also relates to taking the leap of faith and undergoing this surgery

This lead me into some thought patterns I as having now I am nearly 2 weeks post operation and my breasts are starting to lose some size due to swelling.

I am still only viewing my breasts once a day when I have my progress photos, but after looking at some full body photos I caught myself in the first stages of critiquing my outcome, feeling like they are too small proportionately to my body and not sure whether I will have the desired inside cleavage, knowing full well that logically and rationally it is far too early in the picture to be doing so, and that our feelings are not always fact.

I think we all may be able to relate to doing this at some stage in the healing journey and whilst I'm by no means perfect, I would like to share some of my fav tips on how I try to manage this.

- Focus on PROGRESS not perfection

- Catch yourself when you are critiquing certain elements of your augmentation and replace each negative point (i.e. they are sitting too high, they are too small, they are too big) with one improvement - turn the potential negatives into positives. For me this meant when I started saying to myself "they are too small and my cleavage line is not in the centre like I wanted" i replaced that with "I now have breasts with minimal sag, I now have breasts that are more similar in size and shape" - focus on the positives and i promise you the more we can do it - the less likely we will have negative nit-picking thoughts - hardwire the POSITIVES mentally makes the positives have more power and presence then the negatives

- Perspective, is a cleavage line that is not positioned ideally down the middle of your chest really the end of the world? yes sure we invest a lot of time, energy, mind and money into the surgery - but is it really so doom and gloom if our breasts are a little larger than we would have liked, or a little smaller than we would have liked? Stepping outside of our thoughts and mind and widening our perspective can at times be extremely helpful, there really could be a lot worse in the world

- Don't compare your breasts or healing process to other ladies breasts or healing processes, in fact, don't compare your journey to others full stop. It is a pointless exercises which will only rob you of appreciation and joy of your own successes, your own surgery results, your own wins in your journey. Use that energy in comparing into accepting and loving yourself in every way.

These are the lessons I have been working on this week whilst my breast augmentation healing process continues.

Choosing to have perspective, positivity, not comparing to others, focussing on gratitude and progress instead of perfection has helped me a lot this week, I'm not perfect, I don't claim to be, I still can pick at things and lose a little bit of perspective, focus on the wrong things at times. But we are human, we aren't made to respond perfectly all the time, but as long as we are aware and trying - then we are always winning.

So to all you beautiful ladies on the healing journey, or about to undergo surgery, I hope that some of this provides you with some comfort, some coping mechanisms and reminds you that we are all human and that we can relate to one and another.

On a side note, pictures from day 13 attached! =)

As always, would love to hear from you, please update me with some of your own stories, challenges, wins and events from the week! would love to hear from you

Light, laugh and love to you all! x

Day 17 post operation - strapping off! scar treatment and my exercise regime for those who asked xx

Lovely ladies!

Hope you are all going well!

I'm day 17 (I think) post surgery and this week I reached a little milestone, I removed the strapping so was able to view the incisions for the first time. I had a FULL lift so I have anchor incisions which terrifies some people, but I opted for the incisions in order to have a nice full and lifted shaped breast, knowing that if I didn't proceed with the lift I wouldn't have the shape I desired nor would my breasts stay as perky for a longer amount of time.

It was a sacrifice that I chose to made and in a perfect world, I would be able to have a lifted breast, the desired shape, longevity of results and the perfect size WITHOUT the scars... but the reality is - we DON'T live in perfect world, in fact - what even is perfect? in my opinion - perfection doesn't exist. But what does exist is improvement, progress, growth - measures that I like to strive for far more than perfection. When I removed the strapping and looked at my breasts I saw more than just anchor incisions, I saw improvement - I saw full breasts with a lovely inner clevage line starting to form (one of the factors I wanted most from this surgery!), I saw no sag, i knew that there was no way you could put a pencil under my crease and expect it to stay there this time! =) I saw a nice wide breast with some lower pole fullness starting to form. I didn't seek out perfection, I seeked out progress and that is what I found.

Yes there are incisions, yes my breasts are sitting really high due to lift, yes there are "flaws".
But I chose to focus on the improvements, on the progress - on the things that are a whole lot more attainable than perfection.

I also started my scar treatment routine. I am using bio oil and avene cicalfate cream. I have been reading up on published science data journals regarding what scar treatments have actually been proven to reduce scar visibility and from what I understand the only evidenced treatments are

1) Silicone sheet/gel (apparently sheets are more effective than the gel)
2) injection of corticosteroids

Keeping the scar moist (once incision healed) and out of the sun seems to be hugely important also.

Based on this, I think I would be wise to start looking into some silicone gel sheets, I looked online and can see there are actually sheets shaped for anchor incisions, areola incions, etc but i find it difficult to see how the anchor incision sheet would be one size fits all as all and feel that it may be risky to purchase in case it does not fit properly.

Would love some of your feedback on this or opinions? has anyone had any experience with the scaraway sheets or gel? or the sheets which are already cut to suit anchor incisions etc.

A few of you lovely ladies have been asking me details on implant projection/base. I went for Motiva ergonomix round textured silicone implants, 525cc, the base width is 14cm and projection is 4.5cm. I also had a FULL lift (anchor incision).

Also, a few of you have asked what my exercise regime is.

I want to start off by with answering this question with what i deem is even MORE important than what I do in the gym.. but is actually how we VIEW the gym, how we view exercise.... as I believe that when we have a healthy relationship with exercise then that is when the results will follow.

I view exercise as a whole lot more than a method to improve your aesthetics, yes sure - a great set of guns and buns is a nice side effect - I won't pretend it isn't. But I choose exercise as my therapy, it is my healthy outlet to deal with challenges, issues, problems or challenging emotions that may come my way. I view exercise as mental work just as much as physical, exercise has taught me dedication, how to perservere, patience, how to push through when the easy option is to give up, it has taught me to listen to my body, through exercise i've learnt the characteristics I strive to have personally in EVERY aspect of life. It has instilled a sense of self believe, self love, self confidence and taught me balance. It has taught me progress over perfection and has taught me that falling okay, it's okay to fail, it's okay to have bad days, but it isnt' okay to give up.

I truly believe that one of the biggest key ingredients in turning exercise from a fad to a long term lifestyle is viewing exercise as more than just a mechanism to produce aesthetic or physical results, when you view exercise holistically - as something that not only makes you LOOK good but FEEL good - that is when in my opinion the results will follow and it becomes easy to make it a lifestyle.

So before we even look at exercise regimes, I think what comes before that is checking in with yourself and understanding your motives, making realistic goals, looking at exercise as a long term option not just a 12 week beach body quick fix.

To now answer the question about how I specifically train, unfortunately due to postural issues in my back and neck, I have been experiencing nerve pain down leg and butt and pain in back and neck which has meant I have been unable to train since middle of January. The first time since I was 15 years old that i have gone this long without training. It has been very challenging mentally to not be able to train, not because of the muscle mass and strength I have lost - but because as I described above - exercise really is my therapy.

Prior to January when I had to stop training, my exercise regime was primarily balanced around weight lifting 4-5 times a week and I also incorporated cardio sessions once to twice a week. Do not be fooled - cardio does not need to be hours on a treadmill, my cardio sessions were short, sharp, intense and effective and took no longer than 17 minutes (which included a warm up and cool down). These were HIIT (high intensitiy interval training) sessions, based on the foundation of short bursts of high intensity activity, followed by a rest period, and repeated.

There is one other huge significant piece to the puzzle and that is nutrition, whilst I may not be at my leanest or most "toned" "tightest" "muscular" right now after not being able to train for nearly 3 months, I have managed to stay reasonably lean through monitoring my nutrition. You really can't out exercise a poor diet. Balance is key! balance in physical activity, balance in nutrition and balance in mentaliy!

I hope this answered those lovely ladies who asked about my exercise regimes questions! sorry it wasn't a short answer but I hope it gave you a little insight!

Speaking of being healthy.... I promised myself I would get a early night tonight, so I am going to love and leave you all,

Photos attached without the strapping so you can see the incisions! sorry the quality of the ones in bathroom were straight after the shower so are a little foggy! first shower without strapping on incisions made me a little nervous! even though they are healed and not open.

as always, would love to hear from you so please do keep me updated on how you are going? and would love your advice on what you have found most beneficial with regards to scar treatment

Hugs to you all xxx

Day 19 - The journey continues! dealing with other's negative opinions in a positive way xx

Sitting here typing to all you lovely ladies with avene cicalfate cream on my breasts and trying to cope a little glimpse of my boobs on the laptop screen... hey at least i'm honest right!?

Currently my incisions look very dark (black'ish) and quite pronounced as they still have the black dissolvable stitches in them making them look dark and also the glue so I'm very gently rubbing oil and creme on them to assist in their healing and aid in the process of stitches dissolving and also the glue which is making the incisions very dry.

I've been applying bio oil twice to my scars throughout the day and cicalfate cream over night. My incisions are still quite dry with glue and dissolvable stitches but I trust that they are going to be just fine with time, patience, rest, positive thoughts, not stressing over them and of course - the right treatment protocol.

I have ordered silicone strips (thank you for all the advice you so kindly shared with me) and will continue with bio oil and cicalfate creme also.

Trying to put creme and oil in the bottom incision is always quite a laugh, I have to bend in all sorts of weird positions, whilst getting random cramps from trying to bend so much to try manoeuvre my hand to rub the creme on the under crease incision without hitting my breast on the side (which is still tender), i'm not quite use to having such full wide breasts, in the old days it would be a matter of lifting up my old saggy boob and rubbing it on, this big full wide breast thing makes it a lot more entertaining. Nothing to lift up anymore now either - thank you Dr Plovier =)

Not much else to report, I'm missing my training, i haven't been able to exercise in 3 months which has been hugely challenging for me as my exercise is my therapy (as discussed in previous message) but finding the silver lining (which was hard to find!!!) in this time away from exercising as I've been able to invest even more time in doing some internal work, working on my thoughts and mentality, this whole breast surgery journey has also been just as much mental as it has been physical and the challenges encountered on this journey has been an awesome instigator of growth for me.

The reality of breast surgery is that we seek a change in our appearance and I don't believe this is "wrong", "unhealthy", "fake" or makes us "shallow", negatively labelling ourselves or others is never healthy or helpful. At the end of the day people are going to judge, people are going to cast their own insecurities onto us, shall we choose to tell others about our surgery - there is the possibility they will pass their judgements onto us (both negative and positive). That is the reality of life, we are human, we have opinions, some helpful, some unhelpful. But one thing is certain, another persons opinion of us is NOT fact, another persons opinion of us is more times than not - their reflection of themselves that they are projecting on to you. We can't control how other people talk to us, but we can control how we choose to react. Believing in ourselves and loving ourselves regardless of what others think is something I aim for every day - I still haven't mastered that art but it's a work in progress! i think this surgery is definitely going to assist in practicing this concept if or when I have others pass judgement on my surgery. And that is okay.

I think it's beautiful when us women strive to be compassionate, uplifting, empathetic, real and authentic and I am so grateful to be part of this empowering community.

To everyone who has commented and provided support and love throughout my journey - I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Only my partner and best friend know of my surgery (personal choice) and it's been a great source of comfort to have the support I Have here.

Leaving you with some updated photos from Day 19 (i think), it is the time of the month so I am feeling a little bloated, a little more stiff in the back, hungry! but HAPPY!

Please let me know how you are all going? what challenges are you finding in the process? how are you overcoming them? would love to hear of all your experiences and keep the updates coming! even though there appears to be some technical glitch with the system at moment where I am missing half of your updates or the update photos aren't matching with the user name - I always love reading them! (when I can see them)

Hugs to you all xxxx


3 weeks post op - I MADE IT! vitamins, my scar treatment, LOVING YOURSELF! xxx

Well I'm pretty excited to say I'm at the 3 week mark, but I think it'll be more exciting when I get to the 4 week mark, purely because I much prefer even numbers over odd numbers - Yes I am weird.

Hello to all my lovely ladies! firstly I need to apologise for the delay in responding to the thoughtful, insightful, caring and lovely comments I am so blessed to receive from you - my account seems to be drunk - it's not showing all my notifications, then my updates page is showing profiles that I don't follow and the picture updates don't apply to the user name above it. So I've been missing quite a few comments and I don't like the thought of anyone's comments opinions or experiences they so kindly, bravely and considerately share with me being ignored or discredited. I'm going to go through my profile after this post to check I haven't missed too many comments!

Hopefully my account lays off the vodka in the future...

Secondly, healing is going well, I have been feeling much less stiff in the mornings which has been a huge win. I still find it difficult to reach too far above my head and certain movements give me slight discomfort - but overall - all is going well. Side profile (as you'll see from pics) they are still sitting pretty high and will drop in their own time, from the front - I can see they are starting to drop and appear more natural. Time of the month is playing a part in me feeling a little bla, bloated, energy levels a little low, but all part of the course of being a woman right! =)

Sorry if this is too much info or gross for some of you to read - but it may be helpful to others - the scabs on my incisions are starting to come off, I can still see the dissolvable stitches, scabs and glue in some ares, but there are a couple of little parts where the stitches, scab and glue has come off so I can see just a clean scar and I'm happy with what I can see, they don't appear to be bumpy, or too overly red.

I am applying bio oil two times a day and cicalfate cream (avene brand) which is scar repair cream recommended by my PS at the evenings. I am keeping up with my fluids, trying to keep active where possible in the way of very light intensity walks when my disc pain in back isn't too severe, fuelling my body with the food it needs and trying to get as much sleep as I can although I must admit - I am not getting in enough sleep (feel free to scold me on this one ladies! i know I need to be better with sleep!) I can't wait until I can get back to sleeping on my side. I start my day each day with my berocca and magnesium efferverscent tablets, I love the vitamin C and magnesium for many reasons - but I particularly find it really helpful in aiding bowel movements, i also have a tablespoon of chlorophyll in a glass of water for it's alkalising benefits and also aiding in digestion. My digestive system has never been happier, I was so proud of it for being regular every day after surgery and other than a bloat, it has been wonderful (celebrate each and every little win!). I also take a multi vitamin, D-Mannose vitamin (an awesome TESTED supplement for preventing UTI's which I use to get regularly), Curcumin vitamin (another awesome TESTED vitamin which assists with cellular health and joint pain. I don't believe in taking a whole heap of vitamins and supplements just for the heck of it. I spend a lot of time researching supplements based on scientific tested articles or reviews to ensure that it has some backing via evidence to support the claims. The market is so flooded with gimmicks and outrageous claims - I think it's wise to make educated choices with what we choose to put in our bodies in the way of vitamins/supplements. I was taking bromelain and traumeel post surgery recommended by my PS to assist with the bruising - and i'm not sure whether it was just my body or whether the supplements helped but I really did have minimal bruising.

The scabs, stitches and glue are taking their time to fall off, but I'm also aware that I haven't been really rubbing/scrubbing them too much in the shower out of fear of scrubbing them off before they are ready,
I'm not jumping the gun nor am i stressing over my incisions, just as I've believe throughout this whole process, I believe our bodies are at the most advantage when we are kind to them, when we choose comforting, loving and patient thoughts, when we replace over-analysing or stressing with being patience. Of course along the way we are going to have hiccups, some days we are going to want to sit in front of the mirror and pick ourselves/our breasts apart - and that is okay! as long as we pick ourselves back up, shake ourselves off, acknowledge it for what it was (being human), check in with some healthier coping mechanisms (i.e. instead of negatively analysing ourselves - picking out the strengths, positives and other beauty we encompass) and moving forward. I know at times I can be too hard on myself, I know that I have my moments where I resort to habits that I know aren't conducive to being kind to myself, then I judge myself for having thoughts that aren't helpful, but what do we get from judging ourselves? guilt? we may feel like a failure, we may feel like we are stupid? essentially there is nothing good to come from judging ourselves or negatively labelling ourselves.

Acknowledging where we have responded in a way that may not have been helpful is VERY different to labelling. Acknoledging where we want to be better is a sign that we recognise we are not quite where want to be in our journey, and that is okay, it is also acknowledging where we can change a thought or action and that we can always continue to grow and learn.

Acknowledging areas we want to improve on is a great thing, being kind to ourselves whilst we work on those areas is even greater. Leave the judgements for court and instead replace it with kindness, compassion and love for ourselves.

Today I'm choosing to be kind when I have a thought that may be unhealthy. Today I am choosing to look in the mirror and thank my body for all of it's healing, not judging whether it is healing "too slow" or "not enough", today I am going to avoid any self limiting beliefs that I may have from picked up from past experiences in my life whether that be through the recent years or childhood and today I'm going to give my boobies a extra big grope and thank them for looking their age again (31 instead of 80!)

I know I sound like a broken record - but I can't seem to stop expressing my gratitude to all the support I have on here, as I said in previous post, only my best friend who lives in a different country and time zone knows of my operation (and my partner) so It has been overwhelmingly comforting to have your friendship and words of encouragement whilst I navigate my way through this recovery process.

Thank you so so much!!!

Love to all and love to all your new (or soon to be new) boobies!

Photos attached of week 3, excuse all the cream and oil all over the scars, the cicalfate creme really sticks! They still have some dropping to do, little by little they will get there and in the meantime I will focus on putting all my energy into healing and letting them do their thing in their own time x


Today let's all choose to be kind to ourselves. To pick one little thing to do that shows love and compassion to ourselves. Whether that be To look in the mirror and say one good thing about ourselves. Perhaps it is acknowledging a little win from the day. Perhaps it is even thanking our body for our it is healing. Even if consciously we may not completely believe what we are telling ourselves it. I guarantee that if we formed these habits regularly day by day, started replacing the negative self talk with positive talk then we will consciously start to love ourselves for everything we are, all the bumps, all the beauty, all the flaws, all our little quirky habits and behaviours that make us uniquely US!

Our minds are the most powerful creatures when we choose to believe in the power of our thoughts and how those thoughts we have shape our everything, our behaviours, our perceptions, our reality.

It's not hard to tell by my username that I love exercise and invest time into physical exercise, but mental exercise - working on our thoughts is just as important (at times perhaps even if MORE important) than working on our physical body/health.

Bras, Boobs, BEING REAL... and never stopping BELIEVING!

Beautiful women! How are you all?? How is everyone going in their recovery or researching journey??? Firstly I wanted to ask if any of you beautiful ladies would please be able to provide any advice and also brands/types of post surgery bras that you wear? as mentioned - I had implants (525cc demi profile) and a FULL lift, I'm really wanting to make sure that my breasts don't sag too much or position themselves too laterally during this process and whilst there's no science to evidence that bra selection plays a part - there is opinions from surgeons to suggest it's importance. If any of you wise women could pass on any advice I would be forever grateful! also any types of bras in particular that I might be able to find on ebay or Amazon - I seem to recall reading a review about someone making a type of bra which helped to keep the implants in place, I can't recall the exact details though - anyway! any advice or suggestions would be so great! So! I've made it to the 4 week mark. Officially 1 month post op. What do I have to report and what's new? - My boobs have been softening up, they just feel like semi hard rocks now instead of fully hard =) - They are starting to drop and fluff, starting to get a little more inner cleavage, still have more to to go, but i'm happy with them taking their time to drop, with the sagginess of my breasts pre surgery I'm quite happy for them not to drop toooo quickly! My incisions are healing and looking great, One of the incisions on my right side where the vertical scar meets the inframammory crease is taking a little longer to heal, I sent a photo to my surgeon who responded promptly to put my mind at ease and recommended I just keep it covered with a little bandage and apply some antiobiotic cream to assist in it's healing and that it may take a little longer to heal than the other side. A little bump in the journey but nothing that my body (and mind!) isn't able to heal. Just another little reminder of the bigger picture lessons in life - expecting perfection will always result in feeling disappointment. Our journeys aren't meant to be perfect. Our bodies aren't meant to be perfect. We aren't meant to be perfect. Because perfection is a myth. To be left in the fairytale books. Perfection isn't attainable... BUT We can improve. We can progress We can learn We can grow We can learn to love ourselves and accept our beautiful imperfections These are all wonderful things, improving ourselves (mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally), identifying areas where we are not quite where we want to be and working on those areas. But blaming ourselves, judging ourselves, personifying with the mistakes we make instead of seeing them for what they really are - (opportunities for growth) or labelling ourselves is a surefire way to feed a cycle that instead of leading to loving and taking care of ourselves, is more than likely to result in us repeating the very same behaviours that we were wanting to work on in the first place. This week I was challenged on my own belief system of not striving for perfection, but striving for progress, for growth, for self love and for acceptance. It is one thing to have a belief system - it is another thing to actively choose behaviours and thoughts that are in line with your beliefs. Recognise that there will be challenges the universe sends us to test our will. To test our ability to make changes to the way we respond or the way we react. It will be hard, there will always be an easier option available that we could choose - that easier option meaning = we could give up, throw the towel in, give in to old behaviours or patterns that don't serve us well or decide that it's all "too hard" but I encourage you, me and all of us to NEVER give in. Never accept defeat. Never stop believing in ourselves and to always strive to learn, to love and to live a life not dictated by fear, self limitations or lack of self love. I share the below in hope of it being a reminder that we all have our challenges, we all have our moments, we all have our days and that is what make us human! This week my spine issues had me bed ridden. Despite all my efforts to work on this pain over the last year. This week had me questioning whether I will ever get to a place where I'm able to function 100%, exercise again, and live a life where i'm not plagued with pain. I started questioning myself and ability to heal. This week the thieves of joy popped their head out of the woods.. I started looking around at those able to function with no pain, to exercise, to do the things I have been unable to do and felt a little disheartened My self love tank even took a hit when I started to looked in the mirror at my new boobilicious girls and instead of seeing them for what I know they are - a beautiful shaped full and improved breast that is balanced and beautiful - I started self critiquing, "they're smaller than I had wanted", "if only my PS chose one size bigger", "I wanted side round clevage and there is none", thoughts that lacked perspective, rationale, gratitude and the bigger picture. This week life sent me challenges to really test what I believe in so strongly: - that perfection doesn't exist - so don't look for it - that there are NO LIMITS, that the only limits we have are the limits I choose to believe - that my feelings are not FACTS. They are simply that - just a feeling in a moment in time. and to never ever give up!!! We all have challenges, moments, "character building" days - and that is okay - that is normal, that doesn't make us a failure..... it's what we choose to DO with these days that matters most. And I am choosing the move the only way I know.. FORWARD. To live and act by my belief system instead of just preaching it. To apply perspective - I may have spine issues - but I'm lucky I have 2 legs and 2 arms To remind myself my feelings are not fact - i may feel useless - but I am far from useless To be kind to myself and my body - to show it love and to support it through it's healing process To never stop believing in myself, that I can reach every goal I set out to achieve. Onwards and Upwards! We live, we learn, we grow xxx Attached are a few pics I've taken in the last couple of days Sending you all so much love and light on your own journeys! xxx
Dr frank plovier

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