34A, 5' 9'', 26 year old, no kids, 250cc Mentor silicone, moderate, under muscle

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So, I've been think about getting a BA for years...

So, I've been think about getting a BA for years and I'm, finally at a stage where I can afford it on my own and honestly say that I would only be doing it for me.

I really like my natural breasts but I'm a small 34B and would like to go up around a cup size (ideally no bigger than a full 34C). I like big breasts but I don't think it would be right for me.

I'm still deciding on a doctor and location. I'm from the UK but living in the Netherlands and at the moment I'm thinking of going for Dr. Oelbrandt in Belgium.

Any advice is welcome.

Dream Boobs

Great before and afters.

Wish boobs

I want to bring up my surgery date but I also want to be in great shape and out of the warm weather when I'm healing... So impatient right now!

Consultation booked!

I have my consultation with Dr Oelbrandt booked for 25 June in Belgium. I'm nervous but I can't wait!

I would like a surgery date at the end of September so I'll be able to cover up (with the colder weather) and so my new boobs will be healed by summer 2017. Also, I'm currently 11 stone (UK size 12) and I want to be down to 9-10 stone (previously at this weight I was between UK 8 and UK 10). Doing it for new boobs seems like a great motivator.

Consultation on Saturday

I have my consultation with Dr Oelbrandt on Saturday and I'm nervous but really excited.

After more research I'm now swaying towards over muscle, silicone, 250cc with incision in the nipple. Let's see what he thinks in two days time!

More wish pics

About to head off to the consultation and uploading a few more wish pics from fellow RS girls. Am I picking larger sizes?

After consultation- size, incision, placement

So consultation was interesting... first of all of the sizers seemed massive. After a day of calming down a bit I realize somewhere between 200cc and 250cc is probably right for me. (I'm already flipping between 'that'll be too big' and 'I'll wish I was bigger'- but I know as long as they're bigger and still look great I'll be happy.)

Dr. O recommended 240cc-280cc, under muscle and inframmamery (breast fold) incision.

I originally wanted under muscle but read about how you can't do pushups and swing on monkey bars and do certain exercises. I'm doing this to enhance my body not mess it up. Dr O said generally it's fine to do these exercises and he normally only goes over muscle for people with these concerns if they're professional body builders (which also mirrors what I've read so fair enough).

The incision... I still am not keen on the idea of a fold scar. They almost never seem to be on the fold exactly. When they are on the fold it looks fine, basically not noticeable, but when it's above I really don't like how it looks. He said periareolar is usually used if he's doing a lift (which I don't need). Also, he said there's more chance of infection, loss of nipple sensation and capsular contracture... and it's harder to get the the right place to make the muscle incision and you have to go through breast tissue to place the implant.

The other thing playing on my mind... a lot of other reviews mention Dr. O being funny and putting them at ease. It wasn't like that for me at all. He comes across as a professional who knows what he's doing. He doesn't come across as emotional and empathetic. I don't need a surgeon to hold my hand and I'd rather have someone who isn't affected by external circumstances (I got the impression that he'd behave the same way whether he was at a wedding or a funeral) BUT it was a bit of a shock. Part of me wonders if it's a cultural thing... I've lived in the Netherlands for years-people are direct, customer service is terrible and the sense of humor is an acquired taste. Does he behave differently when he does consultations in London? Am I more critical because I was expecting British levels of service?

Also, somehow the consultation lasted over an hour and I still felt like I was rushed in terms of questions. Maybe it's because I've been thinking about this since I was 14 or 15 and it's all becoming real.

The sedation thing? IV/Twilight! Very happy about that.

I thought I'd be ready to book right away but I emailed a followup question or two and based on that I'll make a decision on whether to go with Dr O or whether to keep looking. At this point it's more about how he answers than the answers themselves... let's see what happens.

Date confirmed!

I'm booked! 30 September... 82 days to go.

Due to asymmetry I'm going with a fold incision after all. I'm happy with under muscle and weighing the pros and cons it's my preference.

My PS says I can expect a cup size gain for 150cc and then another with every 75cc. At the moment I've settled on 250cc but this could change. I'm a full 34A or a small 34B so I guess I'll end up around a D based on this.

According to a bra size calculator (here: http://www.brasizecalculator.tk/faq.html) I'm a 32E based on my measurements... it's completely not the case. Either that or because my boobs are so perky they just don't sit right in a standard bra.

I'm less fussy on measurements these days. I just want a handful of a boost.

I ordered some front zip closure bras and I'm trying to start planning my post-surgery outfits now because I work in an office and will be going back within a week. I'm not telling anyone (my husband is the only one who knows).

10 days to go

Only 10 days until surgery! My bag is packed, my meals are prepped (frozen in individual portions) and my hotel and transport is booked.

I've given up alcohol, smoking and I'm on a low calorie diet (and have been for the last week) and I'm feeling healthy.

It doesn't seem like too long ago that I was telling my husband about wanted a boob job and now I'm getting one. September 30th can't come soon enough!

I'm done!

I had surgery yesterday early afternoon and everything went well.

I ended up with 250cc on one side and 300cc in the other (I was asymmetrical).

When I arrived at the clinic I did my consent forms (these included questions about results like choosing the profile you want), got my prescription paper (my husband had this filled when I was in surgery), I had one last 'go' with the sizers and confirmed my choice. Then I got shown to my room, changed into my robe and then Dr Oelbrandt went through some of my wish pics with me and we decided on what to do with the asymmetry (it's not really noticeable but I'd rather have them equal or closer to equal.

I was surprisingly calm the whole time and it was only when I was in the operating room that I started to get nervous. They hooked me up to an IV (pain killers then a sedative), 'painted' me with a pink sterilizing solution (I was pink from neck to belly button including my upper arms). The sedative kicked in after 5 minutes or so and I don't clearly remember going back to my room but I know I got off the table and walked with the nice woman who put the pink stuff on (by the way, that stuff smells so alcoholic, it's horrible, my eyes were burning and it made me cough).

In my room my husband was called through and he said I was totally fine, chatting away to him (I don't remember). I napped on and off for the rest of the afternoon. I was checked on regularly and given a Belgian waffle and two glasses of cola (I had no issues with nausea). I did ask for painkillers or something to help with my chest tightness, they added something to my IV.

I left within 5 hours of getting the surgery. I just walked out. Husband got a taxi, we went to the hotel and I've been relaxing in bed since. (Tip- slurge on a suite at Hotel Beveren as they have adjustable beds.) Last night we got room service (I ate a full dinner) and I was snacking so at least that's going fine. I've been trying to drink lots- I had over 1 liter of water after getting to the hotel yesterday as well as some juice. Today I've almost drank another liter already.

The annoying thing is getting out of bed and getting to the bathroom. I'm too scared/too sore to push myself up with my arms so I'm trying to pull myself up with my stomach (like I'm doing a crunch) and it doesn't hurt but it's difficult to do. Swinging my legs over the side and wiggling to the edge of the bed is not fun (wiggling is the problem).

I woke up at about 3am with what felt like muscle spasms. It wasn't terrible but it was the worst pain so far (maybe a 7 on a scale or 1-10). I needed to pee and couldn't get up and was in pain. I woke up my husband and he put his hands behind my back and pushed me up, I managed to pee on my own and he got me my first dose of proper painkillers since I got out. (Yesterday evening I felt okay without painkillers, just tight, the post-surgical bra feels so tight even though it's three band sizes bigger than what I normally wear. (Tip- by an extender so you can make the band wider, you can get one in a haberdashery... I really wish I had.)

This morning, I was pretty much fine when I woke up just sore... I feel much more bruised than yesterday. I'm dreading traveling this afternoon. I haven't had my post-op yet. I'm not really hungry but I want to eat and get back to normal.

Oh and my boob upgrade? Looking great already. I have some bullet boob going on but otherwise they look awesome and I'm so happy with them already.

Day 2 and doing better

This is post op day 2 (if surgery is day 0) and I'm going better than yesterday.

Travelling home yesterday was tough. There were train problems so I had a half our taxi ride which was horrible. Every bump, every turn, every stop and my whole body would tense up. Laughing, coughing and hiccuping is also painful.

I napped a lot in the afternoon and evening and went to bed at around 11pm. I woke up just before 3am (same as the night before) with the same muscle pain. My husband had to get me tramadol and a snack. It took more than an hour to get back to sleep but I've been binge watching Netflix to distract me.

This morning I woke up fairly early again (around 8am) and have been on the sofa since. Once again, sitting up (from being horizontal) was really tough this morning (sore and scary, yes I'm a wuss).

TMI- I'd started to feel bloated and my stomach has been pretty swollen since yesterday but I managed to go to the bathroom about 6 hours after surgery and again today. I did take a Holland and Barrett stool softener this morning to try to help things along (dosage is 1-3 with a glass of water, I just took one about 3 hours before going). I feel lucky I'm not having the problems that some other girls have. I've been taking bromaline and probiotic tablets and I've only had three or four doses of tramadol (otherwise I've switched to paracetamol and ibuprofen).

I've also used a little arnica gel and ice packs (just on the sides and only 10mins at a time). I'm still feeling a little helpless and quite down about not being able to take care of myself but overall, today is easier.

I am starting to get a little itchy (sides of boobs and a bit underneath).
Dr. Oelbrandt

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