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Sooo I have always been unhappy with my boobs....

Sooo I have always been unhappy with my boobs. They are not tiny but I dont like the shape. With UK surgery prices having a breast augmentation has always just been a dream. Until a few months ago and someone mentioned about getting them done in Brussels where it is less than half the price you pay here.
I began looking for different clinics and originally went for a consultation with Elyzea. The consultation went quite well and I decided to book for the end of January. I carried on doing research and found some worrying reviews regarding the surgeon I had been assigned. There was even a thing that was a public notice of him having a disciplinary for bad behavior! I also stumbled across posts that said the company had actually gone into administration!! Obviously worrying. Also their customer service and communication was shit, to be blunt! I would wait days for an email response and have to chase them to respond to me. I had already booked the Eurostar over to Brussels but thankfully hadn't paid any deposit.
I then continued to look into other clinics and came across Beau Care also in Brussels. I decided to email them and get some information and straight away they just seemed better. More professional and actually bothered to respond!
I went for a consultation at their Harley Street base and had my meeting with Dr Vrambout. He is very quick! I was expecting this though as I had read from various reviews that he seemed to be rushing and he could be abrupt. I was expecting that and actually thought he was fine - although he did seem as though he had a train to catch or something!
So I took the plunge and have now booked in with Beau Care for the 29th January! Deposit is paid so no turning back.
I am so scared and anxious but most of all EXCITED to be getting boobs :D
I keep thinking about how they will look in that dress, or a bikini or just naked :)

My boobies

So I thought it would be a good idea to get some pics on here of the boobies I am trying to get rid of haha kinda sad but can't wait for my new ones :)
I'm mostly unhappy with the shape of my boobs. They are very heavy at the bottom and nothing at the top which makes it hard for me to fill out a bra nicely :(
Hoping for some more volume and a nice cleavage :)
I also workout a lot in the gym so have included a pic of me in my sports bra. Makes me look even smaller!


So my surgery is less than a month away and I am feeling very nervous now! The excitement is there but I keep getting waves of being scared!! I kept thinking to myself once Christmas is over it's only a few weeks away and Christmas is over!!
I thought to make myself feel better I would upload some wish boobs!!
Anyone else soon and feeling nervous?? I've never had any sort of surgery and have never been put under so scaryyyy time haha
Any reassurances welcome haha xxx

Less than 3 weeks!!!

So I have less than 3 weeks until surgery - I wish it was tomorrow to be honest! I hate all the waiting. I am so up and down with nervous excited nervous excited! By reading posts on here is definitely keeping me positive!!
I am quite a big gym goer. 4/5 times a week. And I have decided to stop working on my chest muscles. I have read some reviews that have said they think that is a good idea as other wise your muscles will be tighter making surgery and healing more painful. I know some women have said they find working on their chest uncomfortable afterwards too so may be no more bench press for me ever haha
I am having my surgery in Brussels and my boyfriend is coming with me. However his uncle is terminally ill and there is a good chance that he will pass away within the next few weeks. If so, I don't know what I am going to do. I hate saying that as it sounds so selfish. But if he has to be here for the funeral etc I really don't know who will be able to come with me :( :( trying not to worry too much about it but is a little scary! xxx

One week

So I am a week away from surgery! Nervoussss and excited. I just keep thinking I'm going to forget something I need. This time next week I will be recovering!
Keep looking at the boobs I want to calm my nerves!

Wish boobies

These are amazing!! Hopefully I will have something like this ha x

Two days!!!

So only two days to go or if I am being technical only one and a half. I ammm so excited and sooo nervous. Still doesn't seem real that I am going ahead with this.
I have had a really weird pain in my left boob all day and of course I've been panicking. I have checked myself over and all seems fine. I think maybe I am ovulating - I know some women get pain. Or I am having phantom pain and my body is preparing me for Thursday haha
Today I have changed my bed sheets and cleaned! So I will have a nice clean home to come back to.
Me and my boyfriend were talking today and wondering how long it will be until we can have sex again haha I know this should probably be the last thing I am thinking about but I am curious to how long we will be out of action haha if any one could tell me how it affected their sex life I would be grateful xxx

1 day after

So yesterday was a long day. We got up at 6 and had my porridge and a crumpet. Then off to brussels! We got to the clinic for 1 and was waiting around for an hour n a half. Which was horrible :( just wanted to get in there! They put a drip in my arm and the next thing I know I was waking up shivering! The pain was pretty hard yesterday :( and I felt like I might have fallen over. Today is a lot better. Have been in the hotel all day and just went for a walk to get pizza. Was good to get the fresh air and go for a walk. The most annoying thing is being unable to move around properly. I can't get into bed or out again on my own. My boyfriend has been an angel!!

2 days..

Now am officially 48 hours after op! And am home. Journey back was actually okay. Felt a bit of pain this morning in my left boob but right now am feeling good. Seems to be late at night and first thing in the morning which is most uncomfortable. Think I'm going to take the bra off for the first time tomorrow and have a proper shower. Nervous to see the boobies! But looking forward to washing my hair! Has been in two french plaits since Thursday morning! So far they look huge! Just hoping not too huge! Haha xx


Just wrote a really long update and it didn't post. So frustrating. To recap. I slept at home last night. Was nice to be in my own bed but woke up about 3 am needing some painkillers. Finally got to take my bra off and showr today. Was scared to see how they looked but am actually impressed. They still look like my boobs haha.. Just bigger. Went to Victoria's secret to get another bra that zips up front so that I can wear this while the post surgery one is being washed etc. Had to get a 34DDD! Don't know how long it will fit for. My back pain is pretty bad from sleeping upright. Probably worse than my chest pain to be fair. I also came on my period today which I think is pretty common. Have uploaded some pics. If they upload that is!! Xx

Post op day 5

3 weeks

3 weeks

Keeping it short and sweet as none of my updates have posted recently! Love my new boobs. Waiting to start using scar treatment! X

7 weeks

I am now 7 weeks post op. Loving the boobies. Healing really well and loving how they look. Still wearing my post op bra to bed and a sports bra during the day. Using silicone gel on the scars and they're looking really good :)
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