30 Years Old, Going for a Breast Lift with Implants in January with Dr Plovier at BeClinic - Belgium, BE

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I am very excited!!! I am a size 14 and 5ft8,...

I am very excited!!! I am a size 14 and 5ft8, bottom heavy. I'd like to be able to fit into dresses without the top half being baggy! I currently have 34DD boobs, though they don't look like DD's. They lack upper volume and my nipples are too far south, so they need hoiking up and filling out.

I have booked my surgery date for January 10th 2017 with Dr Plovier at BeClinic in Brussels. I have my consultation in London on 27th September, but decided to go ahead and book my date now as I see he gets booked up early, and I've got all of January and half of February off work to recover. I have had a couple of consultations with other surgeons, but didn't get a good feeling about them and/or their clinics so continued to look elsewhere. Which makes me seem mad for having not yet had my consultation with Dr Plovier and already booked my surgery! After reading everyone else's surgery journeys on here and having contacted the clinic I am confident I'm doing the right thing. The ladies who have I've been corresponding with at the clinic are very quick at replying to queries and answer everything I've asked (with other places I've emailed they haven't always answered all my questions, which is a massive no no for me). This is very important, as I'm travelling from abroad for a surgical procedure, so want to make sure I feel looked after, and that in the unlikely event of any complications after surgery I'd like to know there is someone to respond to my concerns quickly.

I will update when I've had my consultation next month. I'm hoping he says a crescent or donut lift is possible, as I'm worried about the scarring from a lollipop or anchor lift.

Wish pics

I've uploaded a couple of pics of before and agreed of women who have boobs like mine, and then some more wish pics.

1 day to go!

I'm at the hotel in Brussels nowhere super excited about tomorrow! Being picked up by the driver bright and early to take me to the clinic. Going to do a few before pics tonight so will get them uploaded. Booked my surgery five months ago, and have had my boob job bag packed for ages. I'm surprised that I haven't had even a little doubt about doing this, not even a wobble. I reckon that may be down to how (unusually for me) organised I have been. My babysitter for my surgery arrives in an hour, and when she goes home from the Eurostar back in London on Thursday I have my next babysitter taking over to look after me at home for a few days. I have cleaned my flat and got high up things down so I won't be needing to do any reaching up high.

I'm glad I've got the meds package too tomorrow, so hoping that'll have some knockout painkillers in it. I don't want pain to ruin what proving to be a very fun boob job experience!

Now day 5 post op

Wow hasn't time flown! This time last week I was getting my things ready to head off to Brussels, and now I'm sat here with my new boobs back in London. It really couldn't have gone any better.

Surgery day.. Alarm goes off just before 6am, so tired because of the excitement I barely slept! Had a shower with hibiscrub and then went to meet the driver at 6.15am. Arrived at the clinic at 7am, sorted out payment and signed forms then shown to my cozy room. Got changed into my robe then was drawn on by Dr Plovier and asked a few questions that I had. Then the anaesthetist came in for a chat, and then it was time to go through. It was all very nicely paced, no rush, and no waiting around. I was given ample opportunity to ask questions. A few hours later and I was awake in my room. I wasn't in any pain, just a massive feeling of pressure on my chest, which was to be expected. Of course I wanted to know how many cc's they'd used, 470cc Sebbin moderate profile. I was happy to hear that, because the results in pics I'd liked had been 450-500cc's. Also I asked what lift type they'd used (I was due to have a lollipop, but with any mastopexy you're told the type of lift may change during the op), and I was happy to hear it was a lollipop because I'd already bought the silicone sheets for recovery for this shape lift. I took a couple of pain killers during my recovery at the clinic, but looking back it was more pressure than pain. I couldn't wait to get walking around, and I found getting out of bed and pacing around the room eased the pressure on my chest. Both my friend and I were looked after fantastically at the clinic. Nurse Valerie kept popping in to check all was ok, and at 5pm wheeled me out to my taxi. Dr Plovier came to see me before I left and said all had gone well. I need to arrange a follow up appointment with him in London for after 6 weeks. Hopefully by then they'll be looking great!

I was completely off pain killers by day 3, and have a day left of the antibiotics. I was taking regular pain relief for 2 days, and the oxynorm with Valium before bed was delightful in helping me get to sleep! The only kind of pain I've had is the discomfort when getting up from laying down. This has now completely gone. I keep expecting something to go wrong because it all seems to be going way to well! I am a quick healer and have a very good pain threshold, plus I have joint hypermobility so I think this has helped somewhat with the mobilising.

I'm loving the look of my bigger boobs, and I know they'll fall into a better shape and not stay so hard and high up. I'm paranoid about getting stretch marks on them so have been using bio oil on the parts which aren't covered by dressings. I can't wait to see how the wounds are healing. 2 weeks and a couple of days to go for that. I've bought some avene creme to use on my scars, and Dr Plovier said to wait a bit longer before using the silicone sheets. From what I remember he said at least 6 weeks, so I'll hold off on them until I've seen him for my London check up and find out. It's annoying me not being able to sleep on my side. I bought a memory foam v shaped pillow from Argos yesterday and managed to have a good night sleep last night with that, so I'd definitely recommend getting one to those of you who aren't natural back sleepers. Finally my extremely bloated tummy has disappeared today too. It was massive! I was full of gas, presumably from the anaesthetic, and that with the post op swelling too didn't help. My boobs now protrude further than my belly, at last.

Overall I am thrilled with how great my boob job journey has been so far, and am so happy that I did plenty of research and chose BeClinic :)
Dr Plovier

Dr Plovier is fantastic. I highly recommend him without hesitation. I was so confident that I'd actually booked a surgery date before I'd even met him! When I had my consultation back in September I knew I'd definitely made the right decision. His clinic and staff are all very efficient, and whenever I've needed to contact them they have been polite and quick at responding. Unlike many surgeons based over here in London Dr Plovier does not do a 'sales pitch' during the consultation, he is matter of fact and realistic. I know if I'd gone in with unachievable result wish pics he would've told me straight, rather than take my money and do whatever. Dr Plovier doesn't need to hard sell, his amazing results speak for themselves! I work as cabin crew, and many of us either have boob jobs or are considering them. I've passed on BeClinics details to so many of my colleagues. It's astounding how many people still think they're better of paying double what I did for a typical Harley Street conveyor belt job. All you have to do is search for Dr Plovier on here to read all his amazing testimonials.

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