30 Years Old, Going for a Breast Lift with Implants in January with Dr Plovier at BeClinic - Belgium, BE

I am very excited!!! I am a size 14 and 5ft8,...

I am very excited!!! I am a size 14 and 5ft8, bottom heavy. I'd like to be able to fit into dresses without the top half being baggy! I currently have 34DD boobs, though they don't look like DD's. They lack upper volume and my nipples are too far south, so they need hoiking up and filling out.

I have booked my surgery date for January 10th 2017 with Dr Plovier at BeClinic in Brussels. I have my consultation in London on 27th September, but decided to go ahead and book my date now as I see he gets booked up early, and I've got all of January and half of February off work to recover. I have had a couple of consultations with other surgeons, but didn't get a good feeling about them and/or their clinics so continued to look elsewhere. Which makes me seem mad for having not yet had my consultation with Dr Plovier and already booked my surgery! After reading everyone else's surgery journeys on here and having contacted the clinic I am confident I'm doing the right thing. The ladies who have I've been corresponding with at the clinic are very quick at replying to queries and answer everything I've asked (with other places I've emailed they haven't always answered all my questions, which is a massive no no for me). This is very important, as I'm travelling from abroad for a surgical procedure, so want to make sure I feel looked after, and that in the unlikely event of any complications after surgery I'd like to know there is someone to respond to my concerns quickly.

I will update when I've had my consultation next month. I'm hoping he says a crescent or donut lift is possible, as I'm worried about the scarring from a lollipop or anchor lift.

Wish pics

I've uploaded a couple of pics of before and agreed of women who have boobs like mine, and then some more wish pics.
Dr Plovier

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