20 Year Old Flying from the UK to Clinic BeauCare in Belgium for a Breast Augmentation

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I am 20 years old and have wanted a breast...

I am 20 years old and have wanted a breast Augmentation for as long as I can remember. I am 5ft2 size 6/8 in clothes but very small chested at a 32B. I feel unconfident in clothes and feel my tip half does not match my curvier bottom half. I want a breast augmentation to make myself more confident, not to please other people. My boyfriend of 2 years has been extremely supportive and will be with me every step of the way which is making me a lot more relaxed with the whole process. I have never had any negative comments about my body, however I feel that if there is something you're not happy with, why not change it? It's your body and thanks to surgery, you can achieve your dream body!

I opted for Clinic BeauCare after a year of thoroughly researching breast augmentations. It is based in Belgium so just over 2 hours away from London. The idea of going under the knife does scare me but the thought of being happy in my own skin overrides any doubts I have. I know a few people who have flown to Belgium for this procedure and they couldn't be happy with their decisions and results! This has greatly influenced my decision to travel further afield. I have heard a lot of negative reviews from MYA and transform, so why pay more for less? I am hoping to achieve a voluptuous DD / E cup with round silicone implants. And hope to help people by sharing my journey and hopefully getting a few tips from you lovely lot! Thanks xxxx

Harley Street Consultation

I had my consultation on Tuesday 8th November in Harley Street. I was expecting to come out disappointed from seeing other reviews of people feeling very rushed. The consultation lasted around 20/30 minutes and I felt that he answered all of my questions and listened very carefully to anything I asked and gave me thorough responses.

I was told that I would be given 500cc implants maybe one slightly bigger due to having one slightly bigger boob haha. This should hopefully achieve a size DD/E cup.

The only thing I didn't think to ask was about insurance! Do I need anything extra than ordinary travel insurance? Also if anyone can help me with any tips and anything I will need to pack it would be a great help!! Xxx

Surgery date booked!!!

Soooooo excited booked my BA with Dr Wim Danau on Wednesday 28th December! Merry Christmas to meeeee! I will be staying in Brussels from 27th - 30th hoping 2 nights are surgery will be enough time to recover to be able to travel back to London!

I'm telling myself it's just a little Christmas break with my boyfriend, getting all excited to explore the city the day before my surgery. Meant to be amazing for food, so I'm sure that will distract me from the fear of going under the knife for a least a few hours haha.

20 days!!!!!!!!

I can't believe how soon my operation is I'm so scared but so excited! A lot of mixed emotions right now...

I've never ever like my tiny boobs but as it's getting closed to my surgery date I'm getting all emotional and sad to see them go hahaha. I've taken a few pictures post work out tonight which I have uploaded (please excuse the bloated stomach, it's that time of the month????) I just to give you all an idea of my current size 32B. Crazy to think I'm going to be waking up with DD's/E's in less than 3 weeks time!

My main concern is not being prepared enough! At the consultation I was told I need to get tramadol, can this only be purchased via prescription as I can't seem to find it? I also cannot seem to find any nice clothing for work that buttons up that will manage to hide my bulky bra :(
any tips for things I could add to my surgery list??

Thank youuuu
Chloe ????

I finally done it!!!!

Right so I forgot to update you guys. My original surgery date was Wednesday 28th December, however unfortunately I had to reschedule! I had my surgery yesterday with Dr Wim Danau and can honestly say the whole process was a complete breeze! This time I had my sister with me and she kept me soooo calm.

We pulled up outside the absolutely gorgeous clinic and took it all in before walking in. The lovely ladies Helga and Linda on the desk that i have been chatting to for months welcomed us in at 10.30am, and I was led into a room to get undressed until I was just in my knickers, and then out of a bath robe and slipped and put my hair up into a hair net (all of which was provided). I then had my consultation with my surgeon Dr Danau and he was very friendly and comforting and I knew I was in very safe hands. I showed him my wish pictures and he was edging more towards the 515cc implants, until he measured me and they were tooo big to fit in my body, we actually went for the 495cc which were just 5cc's off of my 500cc recommendation. He said they were going to be big and to keep that in mind, I was more than happy as he said they will be around DD/E cup- which is exactly what I wanted. I also requested for them to have a small gap in between my boobs, as I have seen a lot of people with big gaps but that was not the look I was going for. Straight away he told me he would be able to get time the exact look I wanted to achieve. The implants were surprisingly soft and squishy which I am soooo happy about. We went through all of the risks and you can ask him as many questions as you need until you feel completely comfortable with your decision. Once I was completely happy the anaesthetist came in to talk to me, again we went through my documents and disclosed any information that he may have needed to know. He then directed my sister upstairs towards the waiting room and walked me straight down the the operating rooms (not even then did I begin to panic).

Right, so we walked down the operating room and he asked me to sit down on the warm bed, definitely didn't look warm to me but I sat down and to my surprise it was heated hahaha! The anaesthetist kept me so calm about the entire process, chatting away, the nurse then came down and done the same. Everybody was so lovely and calm and that reflected on me massively! Even when it came to the drip I was not even the tiniest bit panicky - despite having a major fear of needles. I was laying down on the bed just closing my eyes, while they were doing everything they needed to do to prepare me for surgery. They took my blood pressure a couple of times and then the anaesthetist asked me if I could "feel anything yet?" To which I responded "feel what?". He then very slowly but an oxygen mask towards my face and I concentrated on breathing normally and the next thing I knew - I woke up with BOOBS!

I have never been under general anaesthetic before so was wondering what I would be like when I came around! But I was just thanking the nurse and saying how amazing they looked, even through the bra. I remember unstrapping the bra to take a look while I was still drowsy and she told me to keep it on. The next thing I remember was her telling me I was ready to go into the recovery room and she wheeled me through where I was greeted by a gorgeous view of the lovely gardens. She made sure I was comfortable and then told me she would get my sister for me. I remember being there for a bit just taking it all in and just being so proud of myself for seeing it through without one bit of fear, I am normally a worry guts and scared of absolutely everything but I managed to get through it was no panicking at all which is amazing. I woke up in no pain at all, I just felt amazing and was in such a good mood. My sister Lucy came down and was so happy to see me bless her and said how good they looked. She then facetimed my mum, boyfriend and best friend for me to let them know how great I was feeling and it all went well. Dr Danau popped in to let me know how well it went with no complications which was very reassuring to know, he said I could contact him at anytime if I have any problems. The nurse left me with documents and some painkillers to take back with me and little bottle of disinfectant, which I am guessing is for my body, but I'll have to double check. I was told at around 4 that I could leave whenever I felt ready, so I got dressed with the help of my sister and the ladies at the desk ordered us a taxi back to our hotel. As soon as we got back we ordered a huge pizza from Dominos as I hadn't eaten for the entire day, I didn't feel hungry at the clinic but was starving by the time I got back! I rewatched the first fifty shades of grey after seeing the second one on Friday night - which I would defo recommend seeing girlies!

The pain did start kicking in soon after but if you keep on top of painkillers, you should be absolutely fine- it's not excruciating at all just a dull ache I would say! My ribs do feel very bruised too which is very uncomfortable. But overall i couldn't be happier with my results and couldn't of chosen a better place/surgeon for my Breast Augmentation.

If you have any questions girls let me know!
Chloe xxx

Surgery day!

12 days post op update

Wow so the pain did kick in eventually and it did reduce me to tears not going to lie! I went back to work 7 days post op and have been absolutely fine, just took painkillers as and when I needed them.

The only negative thing I have to say at the moment is my nipples are SOOO sensitive, especially in the cold UK weather! My boobs underneath my nipples are numb also but that was to be expected!

Added a photo of how they currently look... they are high profile so are sitting quite high at the moment still, but I'm not worried at all. I know they will drop eventually :)

Missing the gym sooooo badly, I cannot wait to get back to it! Was recommended to stay off for 6 weeks, it's not even been 2 weeks since my op :)))))

All in all I am still so pleased with how my surgery went and cannot wait for my final results xxx
Belgium Plastic Surgeon

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