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I've been particularly insecure about my nose...

I've been particularly insecure about my nose since I was a teenager. It used to be cute and small when I was younger, but along the way somewhere it blossomed into a bit of a giant that I just don't feel quite fits my face. I don't believe that I'm hideous, I just believe there's room for some refinement!
I've had two consultations with Dr Small, and he's always listened to what I want to gain from surgery, and what I'm comfortable doing. He hasn't been pushy or tried to talk me into anything, he's just offered professional and helpful advice. So we've agreed that open rhinoplasty, will be done to remove the bump on the bridge, some top refinement (I have stressed that I want this to look as natural as possible) and breaking my nose to realign it as it doesn't sit quite straight at the front - this wasn't something I was previously aware of before I talked to Mr Small but as he has wisely advised, this is the sort of procedure that you only want to do once so you might as well get it right!
I have to admit I am very nervous about my surgery and I haven't told very many people I'm getting it done. My surgery is booked for the 17th of December.
Any tips from you guys about the whole process and recovery?

Just thinking..

A bit of a strange question, but it just popped into my head last night, but have any of you had to update your drivers licence/passport photo after having surgery? I'm worried they won't think it's me anymore!

Night before!

Argh so I have my surgery at 10.30am tomorrow morning. Stomach feels all fluttery, I'm pretty nervous..


Just back home from surgery, I think I must still be a bit drugged up because I feel fine!
The nurses were so lovely, I'm absolutely terrible with needles, but they were very patient and kind. I was a bit freaked out getting the needle in my hand, and once it was in they gave me some drugs and asked if I could feel them working and I was like no... And that's the last thing I remember, so they definitely kicked in! I was pretty spaced out coming out of surgery, within a few minutes I was feeling a lot more awake. They took my blood pressure and temperature for the next hour and then. They made me some toast to check I wouldn't be sick. I didn't feel sick or dizzy at all, feeling very lucky that my body is obviously okay with anaesthesia! Got a lift home and now I'm chilling on my sofa :)

Day 2

Eek, day two hurts a bit more! I really didn't get much sleep last night, my throat was really sore, although thankfully it feels a bit better today I think the tube just irritated it during surgery. Had to take dicloflex and cocodamol this morning to take the edge off the pain. I can see a lot more bruising and swelling under the cast but thankfully it seems okay around my eyes so far, I've been keeping ice on them :) really want to take my drip catcher off, but I was bleeding quite a bit all day yesterday so I'm scared it'll be a bit like opening the flood gates!

Day 3

So I was in a lot of pain when I woke up this morning :( but I think it's just because obviously all of the painkillers wore off overnight. Once I got up and took some more I was feeling better. Finally took off my drip catcher and there was a bit of packing that came out of one of my nostrils and I can finally breathe through one side, yay! Thankfully bruising around my eyes still hasn't really appeared, fingers crossed it'll stay this way! Took a pic from the side view too, although I've been trying to avoid looking in mirrors really because I know my nose is still very swollen so I can't really tell how it's going to look yet!

Day 4

Not as sore this morning! Although it's actually harder to breathe, maybe the inside of my nose is just drying out, I'm not sure. I've still been trying to avoid the mirror because I know I can't tell what it'll look like yet, but I had a good long stare today and now I've freaked myself out about how it's gonna look when the cast comes off :( which is another thing, I can't even see my cast?! Anyway, I think I've been hanging around my house too long and I probably need more social interaction haha. Bruising thankfully still not an issue (around my eyes at least). Stitches feel a bit tight and sore, it'll be good to get them out on Tuesday.

Stitches out!

Got my stitches out today, it did make my eyes water but it was totally bearable! Although I did take a cocodamol before hand. I was kinda hoping I might get my cast off but my surgeon said its still a bit early, he took the original take off the top and I caught a glimpse of my nose and I loved it! He said the tip is still pretty swollen, he replace the tape on the top so everything is looking a good bit tidier now. He said I can shower on Thursday (I cannot wait to wash my hair!) and then let the tape and cast get wet enough so that they come off gently, new nose for Christmas yay! Here's a view from the side of it taped up, since it's a bit neater now :)

Here it is!!!

Ahhh I took all the tape and cast off today (very carefully!) I can't even describe how good it felt to be able to wash my hair again! I'm so pleased with my new nose, although of course it's still swollen at the tip. It still feels a bit funny and numb, and unfortunately I have two stitches on the surface that won't come out until January, but I'm still so excited for my new nose! Heading out to a party tonight so I have a bit of make up on (my skin is super dry though!) I'm so pleased that my surgeon kept it natural looking like I asked him, and it looks very similar from the front like I asked. Merry Christmas and much love to all you realselfers :)

Quick update!

A bit over two weeks since my surgery and my nose is almost getting back to normal. Cleaning it and breathing through it are much better!
Although I still have loads of black heads from wearing my cast which is gross, not sure how to get rid of them :(
Overall really happy with how my nose is looking and I'm so surprised but no one has even noticed! Which is a good sign that it's nice and subtle and natural looking. Have an appointment with my surgeon tomorrow to get the last little stitch out on the side. I will post some nicer photos soon!

About 2.5 weeks post

Got my last stitch out today, still have two little marks on the outside of my nose but they'll fade in a week or two! I really do think the key thing about recovery is being patient.
My surgeon did comment that there is still a degree of swelling in the tip and recommended that I massage my nose gently to try and encourage that to go down.
Overall very happy with how my results are looking so far so I think I'm going to hit that worth it button!
I no longer stress if people are looking at me from the side and I can wear my hair up more.
Here's a few better picture with the front view and view from both sides :)

Over 3 weeks post

Just a quick update

One month on!

Time has absolutely flown in! Still a tiny bit of swelling, and the tip is a little numb but my smile is back to normal!
So glad I had it done, its given me an amazing confidence boost.
If you guys have any questions ask away! :)

Emotional recovery!

I just thought I'd give another update, I know most of my updates have been super positive and mostly this is genuinely how I've felt. But yesterday I had such a bad day, my nose does sit slightly to one side and I saw a bad photo of it and I just stared crying thinking what was the point of getting it done if it still upsets me.
I've had a few days like this, so I just thought I should share this because I know so far it looks like my recovery has all been plain sailing.
I'm feeling much better today, but my emotions have certainly been up and down throughout recovery!

6/7 weeks post

I keep forgetting I'm still in the very early stages of recovery.
I had another checkup with my surgeon and he reassured me that there is still quite a lot of swelling and it does take the best part of a year to slowly resolve itself! Patience is definitely important.
Here are a few more photos, including one to show my concerns about it bending to one side, but I'm not going to panic until more of the swelling has gone down :)

2 months post!

Just a quick update. I moved country so I've been keeping myself well distracted! I think the swelling is going down slowly and I'm noticing gradual changes, feeling more happy with my result :)

Almost 4 months post

Apologies for the slightly posey picture, this is probably m my favourite angle for my new nose, I do think it looks a little bit different from the other side, but it's fine. I do still notice some swelling sometimes and it comes and goes, but most of the time it's fine. The little scars are fading slowly. I'm glad I had the surgery because I don't think about my nose anymore, but a word of caution to anyone considering he procedure; do not expect it to significantly change your life. It hasn't impacted my life very much.

5 months post

3/4 angle

Not very glamorous photos I was super tired haha

Big update! 6 months!

So I thought I'd post pictures of every angle. I still prefer one side more than the other, but that's because there really is quite a bend to one side. I'm kind of disappointed about this because, I never really thought that my nose bent to one side and was quite surprised when my surgeon suggested correcting this, and I guess now he's over-corrected it and now it bends to the other side. The only other thing I'm a little frustrated about is my scars taking a long time to fade, but I haven't tried using bio oil yet, so I'll definitely start doing that.
Anyway overall, I'm much more comfortable with how my nose looks now compared to how it looked before, so I am still glad I had it done. I guess it's just because I was always so focused on my nose that I notice these details, I genuinely don't believe they are obvious to others!

Let me know if you guys have any questions and I'll try and reply as soon as I can :)

About 8 months post

So a few things are bugging me a bit. My nostril on the left side of my nose looks different to the left. The left is nice and flat and compliment the tip but the right is curved up and makes the tip look bulgy and squished or something, it's kind of ruining the appearance from that side :( also it's been eight months and my scars are still really visible, did anyone else have to get stitches on the outside of their nose? Any idea how long they'll take to heal? Seems like forever :( not feeling so great about the whole thing now

9/10 month update!

Tried to add as many angles as I can! Feeling optimistic that the bending is very slowly reducing a little bit. It doesn't look so bad from below but it is still a bit noticeable from above so it seems to me that the bending is in the bridge not the tip. I think this is why the 3/4 views look so different from each side. Haven't been to see dr small for quite a long time, so I will make an appointment soon and ask him his opinion on my bridge. I'm also going to ask about the scars, they seem to be quite slow to fade but hopefully they'll go eventually!
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