Invisalign beginnings- Belfast, GB

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Hi there! I have started Invisalign and am on...

Hi there!
I have started Invisalign and am on tray 2. I have found the following tips helpful
- start wearing the trays at night.
- use a Scholl battery powered nail file to smooth the edges of the trays.
- at night time use first aid sticky tape over your mouth -no dry mouth and a good night sleep!

Dry lips remedy

I use Elizabeth Arden 8 hours lip balm and it works a treat. It keeps the lips moist and adds a bit of shine. It also does not show on my retainer. ( I tried lipstick and it was an epic fail! )

Tray 3- Mouthwash breakthrough!

Hi, I am on the third tray now. I have become good at filing the sharp edges, no more lisp, no pain at all. All is good then apart from the fact I still cannot see any great progress. There is more space between my teeth, and flossing is easier. But I am not sure there is a smile improvement yet!
A good tip I have discovered about mouthwashes: I can't bear their minty aggressive and overpowering taste, it gives me a sore stomach. But I have discovered Ultradex oral rinse. It is brilliant. No taste, like water, and cleans, protects and whitens as well. I love it! ( It comes with a minty sachet you can add if you need the minty taste). I use it as a mouthwash, then pour a little bit inside the trays before night time- weyhey, whiter teeth! Check the reviews on Amazon if you like.
I am so impatient though and would love to see some progress in my smile- the weeks are dragging on!

Tray 5 very sore

I am now on tray 5 and am very sore. I lost tray 4 on the last day at 9.30am and found it again near 4pm. Instead of wearing it an extra day, I "saved " time by wearing tray 5 as planned from 9pm on that day. Ouch!
Popping the painkillers now.
A lesson learnt!

Tray 8 progress and Busted!

Tray 8 was quite sore at the beginning- no pain no gain I suppose! Starting to see a slight change. I can't wait to go to the ortho and look at the new trays. He usually gives me four in advance.
So far 1 person noticed- he was a dentist! And I told 1 person, because she told me she wanted to get her teeth fixed and did not want braces. I whipped out my Invisalign trays and the look of surprise on her face was priceless. She had not noticed even though I see her every day!

Tray 13 - what a difference!

Everything is going smoothly. Getting a bit bored at times with the whole thing, but all I need is to look at pics of my teeth 6 months ago and I feel so happy! I am smiling so much more. Feeling more confident too. If you are in 2 minds about the treatment my advice is go for it! It is worth it.

Tray 16 update

On tray 16 out of 30 and delighted with my teeth's progress. I was at my dentist's for a check up. She had not seen me in 10 months and she was amazed at the difference in my bottom teeth! For the first time in years the tooth that stuck out is now in line. I am smiling so much more!

Tray 21 (and a lost tray 20)

Well, after feeling smug about my perfect Invisalign routine- constant wear, 2 weeks, great teeth cleaning etc, I managed to go to the restaurant and lose my tray in the napkins. Yes, a classic mistake I had read online about.
I simply was too lazy/ hungry to reach my Invisalign case (which was in my handbag) and of course left the restaurant without them. I came back for them and they had been dumped. A poor waitress went through the huge bins with no success.
Pride comes before a fall! I had to wear the next tray (21 ). It was very sore for 3 days and I am now wearing tray 21 for 3 weeks to make up for the disaster. I really hope this won't affect the final result. Feeling really stupid.

Progress so far!

tray 21 phoyis

One year

Photos taken on 5th March 2016 and 2017 - thanks Invisalign!

Waiting for refinements- tray 30

Well the first 30 trays are gone, I am waiting on my refinement trays. Pleased with the results so far!

Refinement trays and my first attachment boohoo

Now is the happy time of refinement trays- 17 in total. I got a clincheck USB but quite frankly I cannot see much of a difference between refinement tray 1 and RT 17!?
But anyway I take it that the Invisalign guys know what they are doing so I am not worried.
However... with the refinement trays came the nasty surprise of my first tooth attachment. My 2nd top right incisor has refused to turn as well as the left one so I need an attachment. Boohoo. It is not sore at all but I am not too keen on the look of it.
My dentist suggested to wear the trays for one week only- I am a bit surprised. I thought 2 weeks were necessary for the root to turn as well - any comment ?
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