Breast Augmentation and Rhino Booked for Lebannon

I have finally after years of trying to decide...

I have finally after years of trying to decide whether to do it or not booked in to get my nose and boobs done. I am completely flat not even an A so looking to do something that's natural looking nothing over the top. About a C.
As for my nose the general shape is okay but I broke it twice over the years and have a small bump and needing the inside sorted are have trouble sleeping,etc.

Having both procedures done with Dr Charbel Menwar. I looked at various surgeons but last year I accompanied a friend to have her rhino done with Dr Charbel and met him various times throughout her procedure he was great really took into account what she wanted and realistic expectations for her to expect. I found him genuine and seemed to take care in what he was doing.

Surgery will be 13th February and I will stay a week before returning to Dubai. Depending how I am feeling I may fly back to have bbl done in the same month. Undecided though. I have a full month off before I have to return to Saudi Arabia for work so want to make the most of the time off. Struggling to find good surgeons who specialise in bbl surgery in Lebanon, any recommendations are welcomed!

I have had consultations all over with various surgeons for my breasts and nose especially in Dubai as I'm so nervous about it. Most unfortunately I just felt were move interested in my cash than making me feel at ease. If I can't find a good BBL guy in Lebanon then possibly will go to Aslani in Spain in the summer as have had friends go to him and come out with amazing results.

Finally made up my mind and booked to go to Beirut...

Finally made up my mind and booked to go to Beirut next month to have my rhino and BA. I'm so excited. I met dr Medawar last year when I accompanied a friend who was having her nose done and the results were amazing.

As a surgeon he was really down to earth answered all her questions and throughout her recovery was there whenever she needed anything. I feel confident in choosing to go with him. Have seen so many before and afters of his rhinos which look amazing.  Not so many BA reviews on here but he sent me some before and afters which look great as I'm looking for something completely natural nothing too big.  48 days and counting!  Getting myself back to the gym to be in super shape for the surgery hopefully recovery goes fast! :)

Dr. Charbel Menwar

Been great have responded directly with him over whatsapp. Any questions I've had he has answered in full. Really down to earth and helpful

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