22 Years Old my Third Rhinoplasty to a Better Tip and a Smoother Bridge

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Well guys last month i did my third rhinoplasty...

Well guys last month i did my third rhinoplasty for a better nose tip . At first i was shocked because the bridge wasnt natural and i gave a fake discusting nose bridge and a huge tip
I wasnt satisfied but since i did the steroid injection i discovered that it was swollen and since to most complicated job was done on the lower bridge of the nose and the tip this area was swollen more than uper nose .. anw either ur not satisfied of your rhinoplasty you directly have to go and do some steroid injection so the swelling will go down so u can check the real.form of.nose i will show u how was it 3 weeks post operation and will show u how it is now after 1 month and the half !! Miracleeewe

more picture

Post op after 1 month

improvement day by day after 50 days

Dont judge your nnos before swelling goes down

after 2 months

I am really happy after i discovered all this ugly look was swelling
dr ghazi hajjar

Thank u realself the doc was telling me that its swelling but i was depressed and couldnt go out without sterstrip ! Dont remove the steriatrip until ur satisfied from the form ! Thank uuu

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