20 Years Old, Breast Implant Recovery Depression. Beirut, LB

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Heyy I'm 20 years old and got my breast implants...

Heyy I'm 20 years old and got my breast implants on the 4th of july
I went from a flat chested 32A to a.. I don't know yet .. My surgeon could only insert 260cc anatomic implants because my muscle is too small
But I'm happy with my result (super naturel! And I can't imagine myself with bigger breasts)
However it's 4am and Im actually crying in my bed right now
I didn't have any complications
But I'm having a really hard recovery
I can't move easily, I can't sleep properly, i have extreme back pains, dhiarrea, nausea..not to mention sharp pains on my left breast and the feeling that I have a bowling ball on my chest the whole time
It's been 9 horrible days for me
I think i'm starting to regret having the surgery, maybe I'm too young for it, like my mum said (she was and still against it)
I just can't imagine myself getting back to normal, doing everything by myself, going out, not being paranoid about my new breats
Plus my collage starts on the 7th of september, and I have my close cousin's wedding on the 11th
Will i be normal by then?
Will i be able to go to collage like a normal person? Carry my stuff, walk around without looking like a robot because of my back pains
Will i be able to wear a dress and heels and go have fun at the wedding ??
I really hope to hear all about your experiences.. Did you guys feel the same way? (I hope not!!) When did you feel like you were back to normal again ??

Getting better day by day

Woaww.. Your kind replies were so helpful .. You guys are so nice, caring, supportive.. I feel like I've known each one of you my whole life
I really don't know what to say, you made my days, everyday with your cheerfull comments
And the fact that you understand what I'm going through made it so much easier for me
I would like to update you, and for those who recently had surgery and felt the same way as I did, I hope this post will encourage you..
But before I start I would like to make one thing clear: it's true that my mom is against my surgery and made me feel bad about it because she thinks that I could live with my flat chest, she is sooo supportive physically and mentally but in an objective way. She helps with EVERYTHING (showering, eating, getting dressed, waking up at night, even whiping my ass when I got my period post my surgery) she's truly amazing
Since i read your posts, I decided to live day by day without worrying about college nor the wedding
First of all I decided to get a BACK MASSAGE, because my back pains were preventing me from sleeping and waking properly
So I called a therapist (she'e a family friend) and she gave me two back massage sessions using just her hands and baby oil
After the first session, I slept on my back for 4 hours straight with less back pains
After the 2nd session, I slept 9 hours straight without any pain
And after this perfect night, I woke up a different person.. In a better mood.. HAPPIER
And I could actually walk better.. So my boyfriend decided to take me out for dinner.. I felt really uncomfortble and finished my dinner really fast so I can go home and rest on my favorite couch
Few days later, he took me out again, and this time it was better
And the day after I went to the mall with my parents
After 2 hours I started having severe back pains (it was the first time that I walk that much after my surgery) .. So we went home
But again, I was HAPPIER, and that's all that matters
Yesterday I won two free seated tickets to Enrique Iglesias's concert.. How could I say no to that?? I had to go on an 2h30 hour trip to ehden (lebanese region far from the capital where I live)
And yes roadtri

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**I posted the review without finishing it by mistake
So as I was saying It was a 2h30 roadtrip to get to the concert venue
And you all know how frustrating are roadtrips with new heavy boobs on your chests.. But it was totally worth it!!
The concert was soo amazing that I found myself standing and dancing! I forgot about my pain for a while until I felt it on the way back home
Anyway, I'm going out for lunch today with my best frienf at my favorite restaurant
I still feel pain, I still have two bowling balls on my chest, I still can't do every single thing by myself, I still move a little bit weirdly.. But I learned over these two weeks to deal with it, to stay positive, and most of all to be HAPPY
I wanted to turn this review into a "diarie" about my "journey" and not my recovery
I was depressed, and I spent the first few days crying, regretting, blaming myself, feeling like I ruined my body .. So I know how hard and emotional it was
And for every single woman who felt the same way, I want to show you that it does get better, you just have to find the right ways to make yourself comfortbale, and the right persons to surround yourself with, including this amazing website!
Challenge yourself, make a new step into recovering every day
And look up for the day when you will remove your medical bra and show off your new beautiful breasts !
I thank you all, and I wish you all the best
Will keep you updated, and i hope you do the same xx

3 months post op!!

Hey everyone
It's been 3 months since my breast augmentation surgery
I can't describe how satisfied I am with my results! I'm in love with my new boobiess and everyone (family, bf, best friends) think they're so pretty and natural!
I wish I could have gone bigger.. But like I said before the doctor couldn't fit more than 260 cc HP behind my muscle
(I can't wait to get bigger breasts 10 to 15 years later haha!)
Anyway, my scar is still visible and a little bit pink.. I didn't expect it to be that big but it's okay who cares.. I have boobss
I went bra shopping last week and got fitted at Victoria's Secret
She said I was a D! But I'm wearing 32C Bras
I didn't expect to go from flat chested to a full C with only 260cc.. So it made me soooo happy that I started dancing in the fitting room
Hope you're all doing okay
I don't regret my surgery at all, I feel a lot more comfortable and self confident
I can now say that my body is "proportional" (since I have a round butt)
I'm a perfect size 36 now.. I used to be 38 at the bottom (I lost some weight post-surgery) and 34 on top because of my flat chest
My boyfriend and I broke up 1 month ago.. And I'm worried about my "future boyfriends" ... Like should I tell a new guy about the surgery before going out with him?

for every girl wondering if she should get breast implants

hey girls

It's 1 am in the morning and I was just lying in bed when I realized that my boobs turned 1 today! yeeey So I started thinking about my whole journey ever since I started noticing my friend's breasts grow while I was still flat chested  I always felt "incomplete", insecure and less of a woman because my breasts were smaller than an A cup I used to wear my pushup bra 24/7 even at night just so I don't have to see myself "breastless" in the mirror  I remember going through a depression (described in my previous review) after my surgery as I thought that I would never be able to get back to normal  It took me two weeks to look at my new breasts for the first time, and I can't stop obsessing over them ever since!!  As things got better day by day, I fully recovered after 1month and a half and went bra shopping  I can't describe how happy I was to finally see a bra fitting my new beautiful curves You might think I'm superficial but let's put it that way:  I have an ugly nose and it bothers me, but it doesnt lower my selfesteem, and I would never go under the knife to change it  However, breasts are a main symbol of "womanhood", and without them I really did feel, NOT less beautiful, but like I said before "incomplete"  Therefore, after comparing myself with boobs with my previous flat chested self I would say that GETTING BREAST IMPLANTS WAS THE BEST THING I EVER DID  (thanks to my parent's financial and moral support and my plastic surgeon DR. FADI ABI NAKHOUL's amazing work)  It boosted my self-confidence and changed the way I dress since now I can easily wear whatever I want (not to mention that I feel sexier which spices up my relationship)  I feel like a real woman now which affects nothing but positively my everyday life Finally for every girl wondering if she should get breast implants I would like to say:  - If you're hesitating, don't do it: going under the knife and risking complications is not worth it if it's not 100% what you want - If you're doing it FOR YOURSELF, do it! but if you're doing for someone else dont' as you will be affected by every single comment  - Don't expect to look like a victoria secret angel now that you have breasts - Know that you will have to go under the knife again, every 10 to 15 years for the rest of your life (unless you decide to remove the implants)  I don't see myself without my beautiful breats anymore If you can relate to me after reading this post, book your appointment asap!

Dr. Fadi Abi Nakhoul

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