For the Price I LOVE It-Beijing, China

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*Treatment results may vary

I looked into getting it done in San Diego and...

I looked into getting it done in San Diego and then again in Los Angeles but it was SO expensive. I have had a few Photofacials and found that the result was 100% dependent on the nurse, it's a science and an art!!!

I feel that the Pixel is also dependent on the nurse but maybe not as much.

I have had 2 so far, the first one made a big difference on the texture of my skin but because the nurse was cautious she did not use the setting that I would have liked to see. I appreciate that she didn't want to burn me and I decided not to protest a setting of 800 for 3 passes. I was still happy with the result but for the price I was not.

It was a buy one get free ($450 in total for the 2)so I had a second treatment

Since I was not satisfied with the first treatment I told the nurse, she recommended that the Dr supervise since I was asking the nurse to go higher than she felt comfortable going. The Dr was great and I ended up doing 3 passes at 1000 and one more pass at 1100. I am very happy with the results of this treatment. I still think it's a little out of my budget but it's my face! I wear it every day,, with that in mind I told myself that I would skip the next pair of designer jeans and get another treatment in 6 months or so.

I think I will ask for 4 passes at 1100 or even 1200. My skin is very resilient and I heal quickly. I think I would rather have a longer recovery period than see milder results.

The outcome of my last treatment gave me an overall softer look. The major thing is that the skin's texture is more even but I also had a few sun spots and a couple of pores that seemed too big to me and those "fine lines" too (that I had always heard about but thought they would never happen to me) were taken care of.

I am not counting the first treatment as I don't think the settings were high enough to do any real good so I am writing this as if I had only one treatment.

I had some funny looks for about 4 days, after 7 days my skin looked great but I still has some very fine pealing -covered easy with lotion-

I am in China and have heard some bad stories so I'll say that I went to Bioscor in Beijing. They have several locations in China and other countries too. I asked LOTS of questions as should everyone -EVEN if you know the answers already. I also asked what Pixel model they were using and checked for myself prior. This is China after all but I think everyone should do that. It's your face and your money!!

As for pain.....It's no worse than those cute shoes that give you blisters or plucking. It's like a sunburn and looks that way after

Sorry, I didn't take any before and after photos and even if I did I don't want that much info on the Internet

Bioscor International

"Recommended your doctor?" is not a sentance but I am assuming that they are asking if "I would recommend my doctor". Yes, sadly I forgot his name but he works at Bioscor International in several of their locations. I would also recommend the Clinic in Beijing. They have a nurse that speaks excellent English and very knowledgeable. She can explain the procedures on many levels, from the specific action that is happening in the body to a general description about what you will get as it pertains to what you are looking for

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