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I suffered from acne scars and I have decided to...

I suffered from acne scars and I have decided to do this laser. So I went to the doctor and she suggested me to do an aggressive treatment and she said the downtime is about a week no more than 15days. The procedure is almost painless and fast. The first day is okay and I just iced my face gently. Second and third day, my face has gone redder and rougher. Since I only did a part of my forehead and parts of my cheeks and nose, it's noticable in a funny way. Fourth day and fifth day the crusts started to form but compare to other patients, my healing seems TOO SLOW. I don't know if I can take this any longer since I need to go out in public a lot. Is there anyone who has the similar experience with me? Or any suggestions that can boost the healing? Thanks a lot!

2 weeks after laser

Now my face is better thanks to the help of many people's suggestions! I am still sensitive to sun but I have been wearing mask when outdoor and wear a 40spf sunscreen. So far so good and I can see some improvements of my scars. The doctor said the full results will be reviewed about one to three months, which the collagen would be fully developed and scars would reduce.

Hum almost back to normal

It's one week and half since I did the smartxide 2 laser and it's almost fully healed. So far do good. Still wearing heavy sunscreen and a hat under the sun.
Dr Wang

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