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As a result, i would be happy with a lifted tip,...

As a result, i would be happy with a lifted tip, the flares of my nostrils ends within the beginings of my eyes and the bridge's shape brought down in a subtle proportioned way. Plus the bridge lowered by 10%.
I am hearing pretty good results between 3 surgeons but i have marrowed it down to 2 because it's too much to fly to the UK. So i'm looking between dr. Janjua and dr. pontell. If anyone has had a great experience with either please tell. Or if you believe that either can get me tothe results described above, please help.

All before pics

I have a pre op consultation on monday oct. 3rd 2016. The cost is $150.00 which will be applied to surgery price.

More before pics

The last of the before pics. I think you see the disaster. Lol

The consultation was today and it went swell.

Dr. Janjua helped me out alot and after speaking with him i feel like he has performed these surgeries over and over again for so long that he knows what you want at first glance. i'm not sure about the reason for the blanks that were drawn but he kept my story rolling as if he'd already been informed, which was highly impossible since this was my first time meeting him. Anyhow, we went over my expectations, his thoughts and pieces of advice, which i really appreciated and actually took into consideration. As well as, the operation should take 2 hours. The consultation lasted about 45 minutes. He also told me two loads disappointing information, on how his scheduling nurse was out today. And to give her up to 2 days to get back to me with pricing and scheduling. Those 2 things were the most important parts for me. But i'll be patient, even though pricing would be the only thing to hold me back, it is what it's going to be. Next, i'll need someone to drive me home. i really didn't know that because i wanted to keep my surgery a secret and everyone that i know talks too damn much. freaking sucks! Shortly after, i was approached by the new assistant who tried her best to at least give me a rough date of surgery since that was a part of the nurse's job. And i guess they know that that's one of the major interest of the patient. She was very helpful and really tried to do all she can to make sure i didn't leave disappointed. So, if the price is right, the date has been set for 10-26-2016 at 9:00 am. until next time, live happy until the end!

Ok, this surgery is beginning to feel real now!

I have a close friends who's going to go with me and drive me home. Thank God i got that out of the way. Dr. Janjua requires a full payment within 2 weeks before surgery. Which would be today Oct.12th. I paid in full with money orders by mail. They gave me a call to inform me that they'd received the balance. Then about 2 hours later a wierd looking number called my cell phone and it was the facilty where the surgery will be held informing me to register my my scheduled surgery date online and gave a little extra information to use to complete the registration.
On another note, they are on their 2nd Dr's. work note because i don't want their signature stamp at the bottom that states facial surgery. I'm a secretive person until i feel comfortable with a situation, which may be never with certain things and people.
Lastly, i would like to thanks lots of you who has shared their experience because even after paying the full amount, i'm continuing to have feelings of pulling back due to so much going on in my head. It's nothing new but i thought that atleast being locked in and after paying all of this money will help me get with it, remaining focused, just doing it and get the surgery over with. i'm constantly dealing with God made us perfect, what if i don't like it, i'm scared, it's going to be too much pain. Ughh i'm sick of too many back and forth thoughts.


I had 2 mixed drinks last night at 9pm. I woke up to a reminder email which was sent last Friday for preparing for the surgery. Well of course i read it at 12ish am, stating no alcohol within 24 hours of the surgery. I read e-mails about once or twice weekly. I panicked, i wasn't going to go because my appt was for 7am and i had no one to talk to about it and the drive was 1 hour and 38 minutes. So i woke up my bestfriend/driver to confide and vent the horrific info. Then he wakes up his roomate to get another brain working about whether or not to just go to make my appt and let them know then or take it on the chin, not go and call to reshedule because i had the drinks. So i made up my mind after pacing, using the bathroom, waking them up again, laying down, getting up, surfin the web about the situation, i mean just driving myself crazy until 4:45am. Then i decided, shit happens, let's go. i'm felt like i would've beaten myself up if i don't go and found out that they would have taken me then end up paying all sorts of fees or even end forfeiting my money for wanting to reschedule on the day of. But then, after getting to the surgical center the nurse made my day. i told her exactly what happened and she said I should be fine. but to be sure, she took a urine sample and came back and said you're good. and that news became my pain and stress reliever, I was super hype and excited! so then, I go off to get suited and booted with my gown, i.v, socks hair net and Food Network on tv while i waited on the Dr. The doctor comes in and we talked about my wishes again. after, he held my hands and said that he likes to do this to get the feeling of becoming one with his patients. Which was really warming for me. He is a genuinely great guy, hands down! Next the anesthesiologist came in and he explained the part that he played in my surgery and was very nice, cute but married. Lol sooo moving on, the nurse came in and sprayed some nasal spray up my nostrils and took me to the o.r. I laid on the table. there was a total of 5 of us in the O.R. I was covered with warm blankets because it was about ten below there. about 2 minutes after, the anesthesiologist ask me if he could take a clip from my hair that i unintentionally left there. I said yes. then I woke up. Lol by the way, i can eat, breathe, very well and i'm feeling no pain, none. It just like majority that i have been watching has stated. after reporting that my pain level was a 3, i was given a percocet. I took that at 10:50am. I haven't had any pain medication since. It is now 4:40. I just got finished apply my assistance, taking vitamin c and bromelain. Plus i just rebandaged and will do so every couple of hours. Also, I will not take any of the prescribed medication unless needed. But we'll see when i wake up.

Cleaning Bre, breathing, pain and washing my face...

I hope giving my new nose doesn't sound too crazy to you guys but yea her name is Bre! Lol. So, cleaning her is pretty scary looking. I use the flash light from my phone to see and clean the bouger men and dry blood with peroxide. It does a great job with cleaning. I use about 25 q-tips. I'm not sure if it sounds excessive but it does the job for me. Then i use the muprocin ointment on incisions, inside and out of her. Using a q-tip as well. Lastly i use nasal spray. I'm still breathing normally but i have been covering after cleaning with gause pads which will last the 1st 3 days post op. Next, i very carefully washed my face with my usual daily face soap. I then moisturized with vitamin e oil. My face was very dry, now my face is back to looking normal. Plus, i have yet to use any of the prescribed anxiety and pain medicine. The pain has not been great enough to use any pain medicine and personally i donct like to use pescribe medicine unless it's absolutely required. I can tell that the small amount of discomfort is coming from the pressure from the cast compressed on my swollen nose. Also, i'm suffering from sleep deprevation. First, i am a lazy, sleepyhead. I love sleeping. I love to toss turn and stretch around my bed. ???? Bre is very selfish right now about letting me comfortably sleep. Lol plus my butt and lower back has been very uncomfortable due to having to sleep on my back. But i have been receiving immediate relief to my back by using arnicare. It's magic in a tube. So until later, stay blessed, lovely people!

Close ups and changong guaze pads

I know exactly how things looks but i'm not going to complain or get impatient, it's way too early for that. I can say that my stitches looks really good in person. I honestly see it's potential. Then i know it's swollen as well. So if my image is accurate, i'm excited. Until next time, be your best self.

This is not an easy process guys

You have to be ready and actually know what you're getting into. I'm always sleepy, hungry, tight cast, loose cast, restless, cleaning incisions, butt hurt, some part of my back hurt, want to go out for fresh air. Just when i feel like all of the pain and discomfort has subsided i get discomfort in the nose or face. It may be from moving around in the house. I always seem to wake up light in the head but it's temporary. I have yet to touch any pain medication, I shouldn't have to if i've made it this far without. Brushing my teeth has been a challenge. At one point, i had a thought wanting to pull this cast off because i'm guessing my nose had swellen and the cast got sooo tight, it hurted bad. Then i made one move that didn't seem like my nose should've had any parts in but i disturbed the stitches. I haven't been able to make out a full yarn for it feels like my nose will pop apart. The privilege we have to do small things are well noticed during the process. Until next time stay patient.


Front and side view. Gotta love the first day that the cast comes of. Lol i'm sure that i'll be giving my front view better scores soon.

30 picture days of updates.

I feel all of the swellen to the touch, it's not even funny how that should really keep everyone calm on freaking out about the nose post surgery. You can literally feel the squishiness of the swellen. I'm going to literally post day 1 through 30 post to show there's no worries. For everyone can relax about the big swellen reveal. ????????????


OMG, on some real stuff ya'll, i had a dream that my nose came off in my hands. I guess the dream was because of the amount of times daily i go to touch to make sure it's still in tact. Lol It feels like it's going to fall off at times though. On another note, it kind of still feel like i have the cast on which is not too bad of a feeling since you know it's not there.

Day 3, POST OP.

I'm still cleaning incisions as instructed but they look fine to me. As well as cleaning inside of nostrils, drawing back hard blood. Just remember, inflammation pops up anywhere or goes away at anytime.

Cast off, day 4.

Swelling is fading but still a long way too go.

Sorry guys!

I've really been enjoying Bre (my nose). But i hope that i left you all with some helpful information. So, lately my nose has felt like it has been coming apart at the incision whenever i yarn. I don't know how true that is but it looks that way as well. I hope this don't sound extreme but it looks like the incision was doing better than it is at the moment. Yet i'm catering to it to send it back in the right direction. I still have some swelling going on mostly on the top of the left nostril. It's not noticeable. Thanksgiving is coming and i've been in the presence of most of my family and no one has mentioned or asked about a change in my face. My grandma scared me into thinking that she knew something because she looked at me pretty hard before saying "you look really pretty today" lol after thanks giving, i'm going to give it to it's full year to make it's full transformation. Then i'm going to chalk even telling anyone because no one knows. Shrugs lol my nose and i are like ????

Hey guys

Bre is still a little stressed out but i'm catering to her and letting her know that it's part of the process but she'll soon see the light. Lol but i am at 3months and 9 days post op and ya'll already know, i'm not one bit concerned about this nose. It's like being hungry with a pot of oxtails at 5 minutes in. Lol so yea everyone, i've gone in at my 3 month mark and dr. Janjua will not accept the credit that attempts to deliver but he has a paasion for this work. His precision is awesome and accurate. Either i explained my vision that well or he went into my head and pulled it out. I am at the point where i am 100% satisfied. And he made the comment that it's going to get better. And i know what he means because it's just pass the first quarter of it but i love my new nose. Too, i know that a huge part of my high level of satisfation comes from knowing how huge it once was. So August will be my next check in with dr. J. And my next update here will be my six month (april) mark, unless you guys request an update. Until then, you all remain focused and blessed by the best!
Dr. tanveer janjua

He listened, was very patient and reassuring. He's thee surgeon for me!

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