50% of This Nose Has to Go❗❗❗

As a result, i would be happy with a lifted tip,...

As a result, i would be happy with a lifted tip, the flares of my nostrils ends within the beginings of my eyes and the bridge's shape brought down in a subtle proportioned way. Plus the bridge lowered by 10%.
I am hearing pretty good results between 3 surgeons but i have marrowed it down to 2 because it's too much to fly to the UK. So i'm looking between dr. Janjua and dr. pontell. If anyone has had a great experience with either please tell. Or if you believe that either can get me tothe results described above, please help.

All before pics

I have a pre op consultation on monday oct. 3rd 2016. The cost is $150.00 which will be applied to surgery price.

More before pics

The last of the before pics. I think you see the disaster. Lol

The consultation was today and it went swell.

Dr. Janjua helped me out alot and after speaking with him i feel like he has performed these surgeries over and over again for so long that he knows what you want at first glance. i'm not sure about the reason for the blanks that were drawn but he kept my story rolling as if he'd already been informed, which was highly impossible since this was my first time meeting him. Anyhow, we went over my expectations, his thoughts and pieces of advice, which i really appreciated and actually took into consideration. As well as, the operation should take 2 hours. The consultation lasted about 45 minutes. He also told me two loads disappointing information, on how his scheduling nurse was out today. And to give her up to 2 days to get back to me with pricing and scheduling. Those 2 things were the most important parts for me. But i'll be patient, even though pricing would be the only thing to hold me back, it is what it's going to be. Next, i'll need someone to drive me home. i really didn't know that because i wanted to keep my surgery a secret and everyone that i know talks too damn much. freaking sucks! Shortly after, i was approached by the new assistant who tried her best to at least give me a rough date of surgery since that was a part of the nurse's job. And i guess they know that that's one of the major interest of the patient. She was very helpful and really tried to do all she can to make sure i didn't leave disappointed. So, if the price is right, the date has been set for 10-26-2016 at 9:00 am. until next time, live happy until the end!

Ok, this surgery is beginning to feel real now!

I have a close friends who's going to go with me and drive me home. Thank God i got that out of the way. Dr. Janjua requires a full payment within 2 weeks before surgery. Which would be today Oct.12th. I paid in full with money orders by mail. They gave me a call to inform me that they'd received the balance. Then about 2 hours later a wierd looking number called my cell phone and it was the facilty where the surgery will be held informing me to register my my scheduled surgery date online and gave a little extra information to use to complete the registration.
On another note, they are on their 2nd Dr's. work note because i don't want their signature stamp at the bottom that states facial surgery. I'm a secretive person until i feel comfortable with a situation, which may be never with certain things and people.
Lastly, i would like to thanks lots of you who has shared their experience because even after paying the full amount, i'm continuing to have feelings of pulling back due to so much going on in my head. It's nothing new but i thought that atleast being locked in and after paying all of this money will help me get with it, remaining focused, just doing it and get the surgery over with. i'm constantly dealing with God made us perfect, what if i don't like it, i'm scared, it's going to be too much pain. Ughh i'm sick of too many back and forth thoughts.
Dr. tanveer janjua

He listened, was very patient and reassuring. He's thee surgeon for me!

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