47 Yrs Old, 5'6 175 lbs, 3 Kids, 425cc & 475cc HP Silicone Unders - Bedford, NY

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1 week to go! Excited and nervous at the same...

1 week to go! Excited and nervous at the same time! Finally doing something for me. When I was younger I said I'd never get implants even though I wanted bigger boobs. Well, never say never! They didn't grow during my pregnancies, one of which was a twin pregnancy, And grew only slightly bigger when the milk supply came in. I figured if my boobs didn't grow with a twin pregnancy, then the only way it is going to happen is with implants! Been to the PS office at least 4 times to try on the sizers lol and I still go back and forth in my head. i know I shouldn't stress over a 25 cc difference. I did like the 450's in a tank top, but then I felt they looked even bigger in a tight fitting T-shirt. I'm not at my ideal weight by any means and afraid of looking top heavy. Also afraid of them looking too big when I take off 20-30lbs. That being said, I don't want to regret not going big enough either. Decisions decisions! Right now I'm a 36A and signed up for 425cc HP, though I could change my mind on size up until Monday or Tuesday. We shall see...

BA done today!

So I was 1st case of the day. Home by 12n. Relatively sore but hanging in there. Hoping to sleep well tonight and Have little relief tomorrow :)

Day 1 Post Op

Decided to sleep on the couch last night amongst several pillows. Found it was too hard to get out of the recliner chair plus would have to walk up 2 flights of stairs to go to the bathroom instead of 1. Much more sore today on the sides of my rib cage under my armpits and also lots of pulling underneath. It's ok when I'm lying down, but when I stand up-ouch. Can't wait to shower on Sunday :) Asked about taking off the mole too but said it had to be done later otherwise it would heal right and the scar from it would be stretched

Post Op day 2

Took until about 12n but finally started feeling a little better. That awful pain in the side of my rib cage has diminished although by no means gone. Changed sports bras today bc the Velcro kept irritating me. Headed to Walmart later to hopefully find some zip up ones. Last Walmart I checked had a minimal section. Looking forward to see what they'll look like after they drop :)

Post Op Day 3

Luckily that severe pain to the sides of my ribcage u see my armpits gad decreased significantly. Size wise I'm a little smaller than I hoped but know know I still have at least 3 Months to wait to see the final outcome. Off the Percocet as of today. Still taking the Valium once or twice daily for muscle relaxation and the antibiotic. Still bruised gown the middle, And my stomach is a little swollen

Another pre-op pic and picture with the 425 sizers

I was trying to figure out how to put these pics under the proper date because I forgot to add them in previously but not having much luck so here they are.

Post Op Day 4

Feeling much better today. Each night is getting easier to sleep and move around. The only thing driving me crazy now is the itchiness under the breasts where the band from the bra rests. It's not even the sutures. I showered at 2.5 days post op and took of the bandages and tape that covered the steri strips. I think that tape did me in lol. Put Benadryl cream on it last night, staying away from the incisions of course, and left the bra off for about a half hour. Put it back on and went to bed. Now if course this morning it's starting in again. Don't want to keep taking the bra off but the skin needs a break without anything rubbing against it. May try just putting a telfa dressing between my skin and the bra and just letting the elastic from the band hold it in place. No adhesive! ????

Some more post op day 4 photos

Still looking like someone beat me up lol but thankfully it does not hurt. If I tsjecggevdpirts bra off them I just feel a little pressure in the sternum. Since I'm a nurse feel compelled to talk about bowel movements or lack of :/. Last narcotics for me were post op day 2 and the colace and the Percocet always went hand in hand but no success. Tried some prune juice yesterday-day 3 but nothing. Drank a larger glass of prune juice today and then wound up with diarrhea. Can't won't win ... One extreme to the other lol but that the antibiotics help that either. Starting my probiotic tonight to help get my gut in check. Yes u also have the bloated stomach look but at least it's pretty soft. Washed a few dishes today and did some light laundry. Was still sleep today despite being off all Pain mess. I'm sure the body is still adjusting. Any surgery is still a major thing for it to endure. Hoping to get done more forward projection as the drop and fluff. Why do I have a feeling I'll want to go back in a year or so for a bigger size? Lol. Yes it's way too early to tell. Will see how all looks in 6 months but am relatively happy :)

Post Op Day 5

So I did start driving today...not too bad. Only 1 time when I was trying to make a sharp turn into a parking space it was a little tricky so I just backed up and was able to make it with smaller movements. Went to visit a friend today and wound up being out of the house for 7 hours. Yes I am tired now lol. Even though I pretty much sat the whole time at her house it's not the same as reclining back in bed. Needless to say I feel I little more pressure today but it's totally bearable, and then my back hurt a little as well but nothing major. No big changes in the girls. From the pics you can still see the irritated redness below the steri strips. My one sports bra seems to irritate it less so that's what I'm sticking with. Otherwise it just gets too itchy but at least the Benadryl cream provides some relief :)

Post Op Day 6

Woke up feeling pretty good today. Almost feeling back to my old self. I do feel better than the picture looks lol. Have my 1 week post op visit tomorrow morning. Hopefully will get to start massaging tomorrow. Looking forward to getting them softer although I will say today is the first day they feel ever so slightly less firm and tight. So anxious for what they will look like down the road. Do I still think I wish I had gone 25-50cc bigger? Yes haha but I'm sure it will be great. And I swore I wouldn't get boob greed lol

Post Op Day 7: The Massaging begins :)

Had my 1 week post op visit this morning. PS said everything is healing well. He removed the steristrips and said to just put a piece of gauze over the incision area under the sports bra, no tape. Showed him how my skin reacted to the adhesive from the original bandages. Will try the silicone gel strips as long as my skin handles them ok. Gave me the instructions for massaging and will follow up in 2 weeks. I feel like I look more beat up in the pics than in person lol. All in all a good visit. Looking forward to them changing even more with beginning the massages :)


Yes I am obsessed with my new boobs! Gave them a little breather today but everytime I do that I start taking pics! Lol. And then started to massage them . The PS said 20 min total a day , which was 5 min in each of 4 spots. I'm sure I did way more than that, not that he said there was any great advantage to doing it longer than that. Definitely loving the roundness and fullness of the 475cc on the left side! Now I know why afterwards people say they wish they went a little bigger. My advice to those still waiting to have their BA is go with the bigger size, unless you are totally on the conservative side with no hesitation at all. But iif you're like me and feel like there are 2 sides in your brain - 1 conservative or safe, and the other that's like I want really big boobs, go with the larger size ESP if it's only a matter of 50cc or so bc it's enough to make a difference in the fullness. I have a 50cc difference and feel it right now although I know it's suppose to even out the roundness on the bottom to the other boob when they drop and fluff. And of course when I say go bigger it's always within reason as to what is a safe size to put in your body type without increasing any type of risk. Just my thoughts before going to sleep :)

Post Op Day 8

Not a whole lot new to report. Getting up and out of bed continues to feel more normal each day with minimal discomfort unless I make a wrong move by accident. Massaging is going well. They continue to get slightly softer each day and I don't think the upper pole is protruding quite as prominently as previous. Bruise on my sternum is getting lighter :). Did the mommy thing with a friend of mine and took our daughters and a few friends to an Indoor trampoline place. My friend knew I had gotten a BA but hard to talk with the girls around , but when we did she said she thought they looked great, and it wasn't super obvious what I had gotten done. Yes she said I looked bigger than with my bombshell add 2 cup size bra, but it wasn't a ridiculous difference so that was good to hear. The sports bra I have found to be most comfortable for me at this point is this green one by champion. It doesn't have that thicker band at the bottom therefore is less irritating to the skin issues I was having from the adhesive, and still feels pretty supportive compared to another comfortable one I had but slightly less supportive when I wore it out all day. Hope you are all healing well and continued good luck to those getting their BA soon! Until tomorrow ...

Posr Op Day 9

Feeling pretty good. At least the bruise between the girls is pretty much gone so I look a little less beat up lol. I do have some tenderness in the ribs under my right breast when I push in, though there is no bruise there. I have started using the silicone gel strips and I actually found it soothing after the steristrips came off. It does seem
Weird to me that you can take them off, rinse them in warm soapy water, let them dry and reuse them. Suppose to be able to get about a week out of them which is good since they are not cheap. Massaging is going well and really seems to be helping. They are getting softer and I am starting to get more cleavage :) I'll massage when I can and it might sound strange but I find it relaxing especially when Ive been up and about for quite some time and my back starts to hurt so I'll lie down and massage them. I go back to work on Monday and leave the house by 6am so I highly doubt I'll get massaging in before I leave. However I have an hour commute so will probably plan on getting some massage time then. Luckily not too many people on the road then so whatever works ! LOL a friend of mine told me how important it was so don't want let it go. Have been able to somewhat sleep on my side with a pillow propped underneath for support so that has been great!

Ok have to redo those pics.

Not sure what I did that so many of the same pics posted. Here's a redo

Post op a Day 11

Hope you all had a good Easter. Didn't get to post yesterday with a holiday that's busy with 3 young children :) This morning was day 11 and I set the girls free last night lol. Yep I sleep without a bra and it felt so good! I slept on my side and had 1 pillow underneath for support and then I put a small pillow between the arm and breast that was on top which was pretty comfortable. I had just had enough yesterday. I was more uncomfortable in the sternum area than I had been over the past week. Not sure if that was from some dropping bc I definitely see more projection than I did a week ago. Didn't think I was doing anything extra but maybe more little movements as opposed to lying in bed doing nothing. Of biggest concern to be right now is my back. After I'm up and about for a few hours it starts to hurt behind my right shoulder blade. Left side is fine. Wonder if it's just getting use the extra weight in front ??? Lol. Reminds me of when my back hurt towards the end of pregnancy. When I lie down it goes away. Went back to work today. I was best by the end of the day. I'm an RN and it wound up being a 10 hour day. Was hoping for 8 hours but it turned out longer. In bed now and going to spend the next 8 hours here til I have to get up again at 5am. Going to do my massages and then debating if o will leave the girls free again or put a sports bra back on. Hope you all have a wonderful evening :)

Sleeping with no bra

here are pics of my positioning with the pillows when I slept without the bra

Wish I waited longer before I went back to work

So after three 10 hour days in a row ar work am completely done! Wish I had more time off but I really thought I'd be okay after 11 days. The pain I've been getting behind my right shoulder blade in like tight muscle. Then the muscles in the front kind of over the sternum but more on the right side hurt too. I am an RN and I e been doing what I though was the easier of too jobs...not wearing Lead and no moving patients. However onyjknkbit was just the smaller movements over 3 days that did me In. I just took a Percocet for the 1st time since day 3 and I'm now day 13 :( I'm off tomorrow and plan on spending the day in bed. Hoping I can take Friday off so I can have a long weekend to relax. How soon did everyone else go back to work or planning on going back to work ? My advice is at least 2 weeks, maybe 3, but I know we are all different and I had been feingvpretty good. Came home every night this week and got right into bed. Rest up as much as you can which o know sometimes is impossible..,

Post op day 16

Overall doing fairly well but going back to work this week was tough. Was feeling better today but then I must have reached for something the wrong way in the car and now feel like I have a huge pulled muscle on the right side. Think I have dropped slightly but they definitely feel like they are getting smaller :( although I know some of the swelling has gone down which is good. Resting the folk one gel strips during the day fur 12-14 hours and then tdjectg off at night. Continue to massage. Definitely think I was off on the size implant I chose butvtgstscbc I let the part of me that was afraid of being too big take over. My doctor did a great job and I know the result will be what I had asked for. Just boob greed on my end although I thought they would appear a little larger than they are., but I look at it as it's still more than I had and all should be good by the time I get to wear a regular bra again :)

Post Op Day 18

Nothing too new -just adding a few more pics. Last time I wore this shirt it was pre BA and I am happy to say that I look much bigger in it now than previous ;). Still feel I look smaller without clothes but all is an improvement. Went shopping at Kohls today to see if I could find a non underwire bra. I know I always wore them before but thought there were so many that weren't underwire. Of course today that's seems like that's all there was and I'm not cleared to wear them yet. The few I tried on just didn't seem to fit right. I feel like I'm a Victiria Secret bra snob lol but I I think I really like their bras the best and the way they fit. Think I will just hold out and wear the sports bras a little longer, and then go to VS in maybe another month to get measured.

After update for today 4/3

Just having fun with pic collage

36D! :)

So tomorrow it will be 3 weeks since my BA and I had a little free time today so I went to Victoria Secret to get sized today. I've been wearing sports bras only but just wanted to get 1 or 2 regular bras ( no underwire of course yet) until I get measured again at 3 months when hopefully all will be settled. At first the girl told me 36 DD and while I would be super excited I told her that I really didn't think I was that big. So she had me try in the 36 D and it fit great, although for some reason when I look at myself I do t see my self as a D but we all know ur friends in each manufacturer, but that's ok I'll take it for now ;) have my 3 week post op appt tomorrow. That's all for now...

Pictures that didn't upload from previous post

Feeling lucky

Funny that I bought this shirt to wear on St Paddy's day, but never was able to wear it because it was the day I had my BA done :) yes I feel lucky that I was able to have this procedure done. Today I went shopping for a dress. While I Didn't have much luck due to figure problems pertaining to the lower half of my body, I will say I loved the fact that I was able to fill out the dresses on top. What a concept! I've been going through some of my clothes to see if some shirts would be too small. While some are fitting a little snug, I'm liking the fact they make me look even bigger so I will NOT be getting rid of them :) one of which is that St Paddy's day shirt. The picture doesn't do it much justice but I definitely look much bigger in it than other shirts I have. Not too much of a change from 2.5 weeks post op to now which by tomorrow will be 1 month. Although I am happy and feeling lucky compared to where I was, I still am having major boob greed, wishing I had gone with at least 500-550cc. A revision may be in my future a year or so down the road. We shall see, but right now enjoying what I have.

Just a quick pic

nust took a quick 2 pics. I'm at 1 month and 3 days post op. I'm feeling they look and natural and fit my body so for that I am truly grateful. I have spoken about boob greed, which I still have, would like to be a little fuller especially in the cleavage area. However I'm sure once I go back to underwire and push-up, which I prefer, I'll get more of what I want since how I'll in clothes is my main concern. The bras we choose can make such a difference in our look. There is such a Big difference in the sports bra and my regular 36D. When I went out shopping g the other day I specifically only bought shirts that made my noobs look bigger as optical illusion and the fit of a shirt both at a big part as well as the bra. Have a great day ladies :)

Optical Illusion

Here are a couple of pics of the shirts I just bought when I said I was trying yo buy shirts that would make my boobs appear bigger

Happy 5 Week Boobiversary! ( . Y . )

A day late on the 5 week pics not that there are any great changes to report. Recovery is still progressing pretty well although every once in a while I have a day where something bothers me that I haven't felt in a while but then it goes away and we keep moving forward. Went back to Victoria Secret today to purchase a bra I tried on at 2.5 weeks post op, but didn't feel I had the range of motion to get it to get it over my back and shoulders at the time, as it is more like a sports bra in that regard. It's the lounge bra and I must say it is extremely comfortable and no underwire! I feel like it supports me a little more than their wireless tshirt bra which is the one I purchased a few weeks back. It's pictured above in the light pink. Only thing I'm now wondering is if I should have tried on the sister size as the notion keeps rolling up a little. I bought the 36D but not go back to try on a 38C. I am finding though that I look different on shirts in this lounge bra vs the tshirt bra. While the lounge is more comfortable, I like the look of the tshirt better. I am also thinking that unless I am wearing a lower neckline and need a Demi, I might try a full coverage, (which I obviously never had to wear b4) thinking it might look better in certain clothing. Always figure issues but I will take this kind any day :)

6 week post op visit

So today I had my 6 week post op visit. It was 2 days early but I had to change the appt. my PS lifted all restrictions and says I could start wearing underwire. He said everything looked great and U.S. healing nicely and I don't have to see him until I hit my one year, unless I have any questions ur issues. There is one spot on my inner right breast that bothers me-same discomfort as in the beginning but to a much lesser extent. It has gone away and now came back. When I bend over I feel like I have to hold my right breast otherwise I feel this pressure/pain. So I bought one full coverage underwire tonight and I finally feel like I got the support I've been needing. It's the one pictured above and it's by Olga. Still will go back to VS or perhaps try Soma at the end of May. Think it's the combo of both of those factors together that is giving me what I feel I need. He also said to continue massaging for 1 more month. That's all for now :)

The dreaded bra shopping comes to an end after I discovered Soma

After spending Over an hour in VS yesterday looking for a full coverage, comfortable, supportIve bra, I have up sbdcsS frustrated. 2 friends I done rite recommended Soma so off I went there today. Best bra shopping day since my BA. The girl was extremely helpful. Happy to say that I measured a 36 D as well :) Befire she could ask me what I was looking for, I explained I wS 6 week post op from imksnts and could now wear underwire , and needed support, more coverage and comfort. So she pulled out 4-5 styles for me and I wound up walking out with 2 of them. The -at one pictured above is the vanishing back-back closure ( as ur also comes front closure) and the 2nd pic is the enhancing shape full coverage. Both of these have all 3 of exactly what I was looking for- comfort , full coverage and support. The enhancing shape is lightly padded. I know how Ive said in the past I have some boob greed. But I have to tell you that with these bras on, I look even bigger and can't imagine his big I found appear in them if I was actually a DD. I do highly recommend them if you haven't found something comfy yet :)

Out with the old and in with the new!

I'm finally getting around to some Spring cleaning. Cleaned out my drawer of VS add-a-2-cup size bras and Very Sexy push-up bras. Had to make room for my Soma Enhancing Shape, Vanishing Back, VS wireless T-shirt bras and lounge bras. Funny thing is that the old bras use to fit the short way in the drawer, vertically, do I could fit more In The new ones I now have to put in the long way it horizontally :) #problemswithhavingbiggerboobs
LOL will take it any day!

What the right bra and shirt can do!

We all know that the right bra in combo with the type of shirt we wear can make a huge difference in our appearance. Took these pics yesterday. The orange bra is just a plain champion sports bra. Under the blue floral print top is the Soma Enhancing Shape. Granted the pattern on the top and material play a part in that optical illusion. But I clearly look way bigger! While I still have boob greed and would like to be bigger, I guess there could also be something said for being able to play them up or dress them down. At least there are options while I decide over the next several months if I really want to have revision or not. Would I mind my boobs really being as big as they appear in that picture but naked? Hell no! LOL. However prior to having my BA done I think I would have been terrified of that size LMAO!

Shopping for fun, sexy bras at 8 week boobiversary :)

So I went bra shopping once again today...back to Soma for my supportive bras and then over to Victoria Secret for some lace :) Still feeling I'm on the smaller side of a D cup, and think I really want a DD at this point. Definitely wanting much more fullness but still appreciative of what I have for now. Possibly a revision within a year and contemplating 600cc :) but enjoying shopping for these bras I was never able to wear before :)

15 weeks

It's been a while so thought I'd post a few pics. Can't believe it's been 15 weeks. I had to go back and count bc I lost track though I know it's almost 4 months. Although at one point I was considering a revision to go bigger, I will probably leave well enough alone since healing went pretty well, and I am pretty happy with my results. Just wouldn't mind a little more fullness. Hope all you ladies are doing well :)

1 more pre and 15 week post BA

Here's one more comparison pic. Although the not the exact same sports bra on under the tank, they are pretty close-Hanes, thin, no padding if any kind

Happy 4th of July lovely ladies!

Just another pic

VS lightly lined wireless shirt bra

Loving the boobs in tank tops this summer (.)(.)

Hope you are all having a great summer and loving your bigger girls as well :)

Happy 4month boobiversary!

Definitely feel like I look more in proportion :) Can't believe it's been 4 months! Yes it was on ST. Patrick's Day that I had my BA -an easy day to remember lol. I've been in the pool since my BA but today is the first time I really did "swim" and I will say it was probably the most range of motion I've done since my BA, not on purpose but I don't work out on a regular basis. It did feel a little weird, not pain, but kind of like the muscle could use some strengthening. Wondering if anyone else has experience this or something similar when beginning workouts? Hoping to begin Zumba fitness again in August. Had a little health situation unrelated to BA which put things on hold for June and July. Four months later do I still have boob greed? Yes a little :) but then there are times when I look at myself in a shirt and say "nah you are good." It's more just wanting to look as full as I appear in a shirt with a good bra -but naked, but then I think how much larger I would actually look in a shirt and then it prob would be too much. I would still advise all those ladies waiting to have their BA to go definitely 50cc or maybe even 75cc larger then you like in the sizers. Now that I am finally working on getting off the extra pounds, looking forward to the girls appearing even that much larger :) Gained 10-12 lbs since March and I know there is the whole post BA weight gain theory. While I'm sure that played a part , I think a lot had to do with some hormonal issues also going on. Hope you are all having a wonderful summer and fingers crossed that I will have some pounds shed by the time I post my 5 month post picture :)

Show off what your PS gave you!!!

That's right! Didn't spend $7500 for my boobs to be all covered up! LOL must take advantage of the summertime and wear the tight fitting, low cut shirts to show off the new girls. Just back from vacation a did notice several stares at my t!t$ :) Loved every minute of it...that must mean they are big enough to be "stare worthy" :)

Almost 6 months post op!

Have a party to go to tonight and it's the 1st time I've worn this dress since my BA. Totally loving the cleavage! 6 months later and yes still have boob greed :) If I ever decide to do a revision (which is probably not likely) I would go with 550cc on the right and 575 on the left. Hope all you lovely ladies are settling in to the back to school schedule. I am missing my summer already :)

Love having big T!T$ (.Y,)

I know I posted 2 days ago but just have to say again how happy I am that I had this BA done! Yes I still have boob greed at 6 months and while 2 days ago I said I probably won't have revision, today I'm like "bring on the 550-600cc implants!" LOL Hence the roller coaster of emotions continues but in a different way. While pre-surgery I was afraid of being too big, I've always had a side of me deep down that wanted really big tits. That being said if any of you are pre BA and deciding on size, I say go BIGGER!!! Someone told me "go big or go home'" LOL. The thing is that you do get use to them and then they don't seem as big anymore and then you want more to have fun with lol. I know many don't like the headlight look and try to conceal their nipples, but to be honest I kind of like it. That being said...no I don't walk around like this but think it would be fun once in a while at an appropriate time and place :)

Capsular contracture Setting in after 10 months :(

Hi Real Self ladies! Hope you are all doing well. I haven't updated in a while. Was going to wait until my one year. However, I am just over 11 months post BA., and About a month ago I noticed my left breast was much firmer than the right. It almost felt as if the bra was pressing on it. It never had gotten quite as soft as the right, and when wearing a bra it kind of reminds me of how it felt in the beginning...when they were firm. The left side has ridden up on the bottom, losing some fullness underneath. It's fuller and firmer on top, more how it was post op, and I've lost some of the lateral fullness on the side. Thankfully it is not painful at all. It doesn't look horrendous in the pic but I can see and feel the difference. I went to the plastic surgeon about two weeks ago. He wanted to rule out muscle spasm first so I tried Valium for a few days at night before bed but didn't notice any difference in the morning. So I stopped taking that and then he also put me on Singulair, which is actually an allergy/asthma medication, but he said it can help reduce contracture, and I am massaging as well. I follow up with him in another week or so, but I don't think there is much progress. If it stays this way and doesn't get any worse, I would probably be OK leaving things alone but will see what he says. The left side had actually been the slightly larger of the two and now it appears smaller. It has a 475cc implant vs 425 on the right bc it was smaller naturally to begin with. A 25cc difference probably would have been enough to make them even but they are still pretty close. Was really hoping to not have to go in for another surgery. I remember joking around in the beginning that if anything happened on the right side, I would go 25cc larger there lol. Luckily in a bra all looks fine so far. Time will tell. Keep you all posted :)

Next week is my 1 year boobiverssry!

Still one of the best decisions I've ever made! Should have gone it years ago. I've lost 21 pounds since New Year's. Still 30-40 pounds more to go, but hoping they will look even bigger as my stomach and thighs shrink :) 1 year F/U appt next week!

Happy 1 year Boobiversary to me :)

Can't believe it's been 1 year already! Time has sure flown by! Best decision ever! Noticed a stare or two in this shirt today :) Between the tight fit and the design it does make them look even bigger so I'll take it!

Big boob tee's

Found a couple of cheap knock around t-shirts that accentuate the girls :)

Mole removed!

Finally had the mole removed from my right breast! I haven't always had it, but developed it sometime after I had my daughter. It's been there probably for at least nine or 10 years now and was annoying because my bra rubs against it, and also gets itchy when I exercise and get sweaty. Went to my plastic surgeon to have it done, because he was the only one I feel comfortable with since he did my implants. Said there would be a little scar. He asked me if I minded, which I totally didn't because I'd rather have a small scar then the big brown mole which with sometimes was visible through light colored thinner shirts and I would actually put a Band-Aid over it to cover it bc not all my. Rad covered it up. Right now I'm back with some bruising but it is improving :)

2nd summer with the girls (.Y.)

Looking forward to my 2nd summer with the girls...the time of her when we get to show them off more :) I'm excited that this year they appear even bigger than last year as I began my health journey on New Years and have lost 40 pounds :) went down in the band size so now I'm a 34 DD although depending on the bra, some of the 36D's still fit. I had really liked the VS wireless tshirt bra but it does not come in 34DD. I was disappointed in that so Im getting by with the 36D. Never did I think I wold be too big for certain style bra... but if that's a problem with having bigger tits, I will take it any day :) The scar from the mole removal is starting to heal and within the next few week I'll be going for my 1st routine Mammo an ultrasound after the implants. Will let you all know how that goes. Hope you all have a great summer!

New bathing suits

Enjoying having boobs for bathing suits (.)(.)
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