41 Yr Old, 3 C-sections, 1 Vertically. Mommy Makeover - Bedford, NH

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I've had two consults for a mommy makeover went...

I've had two consults for a mommy makeover went with my second PS. I'm a 5'6 plus size mommy but active and healthy. I swim 3-4 times a week, bike and walk. I've been heavier all my life and having 3 c-sections, one of those vertically with my tummy sewed crooked has made it difficult to be truly comfortable with myself. I didn't gain a lot of weight with each baby. My PS was so positive and gave me realistic goals. I'm on a whole foods regiment with concentration on higher protein, this has always worked best for me. My prescriptions are filled and getting the house ready. I have three kids who will help out wonderfully. I have to travel almost 3 hours to my PS, so hoping for a smooth recovery. I will update with pics. :)

2 weeks today!

Two weeks away and I'm more excited then nervous. I'm self-employed and am hoping to return to work by mid September. My job is physical, so I have to be able to bend and walk a lot. My sister had her mommy make over last year and I expressed some concern about not being prepared enough as I've read the lists people make. She assured me, I didn't need to buy a lot.
Sports bras, have a comfy chair and healthy food. Drink lots of water and get rest. She didn't need to buy any sort of special compression garments. I already have spanx. I probably need to pick up some easy clothes though. She says Button up shirts work best.

Pre-op done

Just spoke to the pre-op nurse. I go next Thursday at 6am. Just became very real. I'm a bundle of nerves. I haven't really been thinking too much about it until now. The possibility of complications ect are on my mind. I've got 3 girls to think about. And the mommy guilt.

One more Sleep!

I'm still really anxious. Keeping busy is helping. My weight is 227, I'm 5'6.5
I had wanted to get down to 215, but overall, toned with biking over the last few months. My high weight with pregnancies was probably close to 295. I'm a size 14/16 now and I'm excited to continue a healthier lifestyle after surgery. My apron will be gone and my BL will help tremendously. I'll update this weekend .

4 hours

On my way to the day surgery center. Got my room prepared last night. My kids are the best helpers. I'm so blessed and praying all goes well. Will update later ??

Day after

Doing ok. Nausea yesterday was bad. I'm home now. Dr said he took about 10lbs off. I can't see the light at the end right now. Binder is so tight and a little burning sensation at my incision site. Slept ok this afternoon. Will try to post pictures this week

3 full days

Not much has changed. I showered this morning. I've been sleeping in my bed from the first night. Lots of pillows. Yesterday I had a headache for most of the day. Slept good last night. Only taking extra strength Motrin a couple times a day. I'm pretty flat and stitches are super low. My breast lift, they're nice and high and very firm. I didn't have implants or Lipo. My hubby goes back to work tomorrow. Will miss him as he has been so awesome. He makes sure I'm walking and does the whole routine in the morning with my belly button and draining my drain.

4 days post

Not a great nights sleep. I was in and out of bed as I had to pee a lot. Still no bm. But having had 3 c-sections and occasional constipation issues, I'm continuing a stool softener and miralax. I showered by myself this morning. Am washing my binder. I hate not having it on. I wouldn't have washed except my drain spilled on it last night :(. My tummy looks more swollen this morning. Right below my belly button. I sneezed yesterday and thought I felt a pop. Scared me. I see my ps in two days. Here's a pic without my binder. Pretty flat

5 days

I had an okay day yesterday. Had a little issue with drain leakage and it was user error. I wasn't getting a good vacuum and it was leaking from the point of entrance. We finally got it situated last night. Miss my hubby, he has it down. I've been showering by myself for two days. I'm able to stand up much straighter. I've had two bm's since yesterday. I'm walking daily, but it doesn't take much to wipe me out. Staying hydrated, which is good, but still having to get up a lot at night to pee. Went for a ride with the family last night. My hubby did a little grocery shopping. I waited in the car. Appetite is good, but u quickly feel it in my binder. I'm not even expecting my swelling to go down for a long time, so my expectations are kept in check. I see my ps tomorrow . Hope everyone is doing good! ??

One day before and 5 days after

Day 6 post

Had a good day yesterday. I did find after I ate, my left side hurt with pressure. I messaged the area a little and it seemed to help. I see my ps today, hoping to get my drain out. I stepped on the scale this morning. I'm down 17lbs from what I weighed in at the morning of. I was shocked. I was able to shave my legs this morning. Wondering how big a production blow drying my hair is going to be lol.

Busy Day

Yesterday was my first follow up with my PS. Everything looks awesome. He didn't take out my drain. I'm good with waiting as I know this is a process. We spent the day driving to and from. We ate lunch out, which was ok, but found sitting upright a little hard for the duration. We shopped a little. I have a limit of about 10-15 minutes that I can walk upright. It's tiring.

When I was planning for my surgery, I was a little overwhelmed by the lists people were making. I really worried about not being prepared enough.
So this is all I purchased..
2 pairs of stretchy yoga pants,
2 t-shirts
1 oversized button down
Zip front sports bra in my size
Any supplies the ps put on his list, gauze, triple ointment cream.
Vitamin water
Hand sanitizer
Rubbing alcohol
Body pillow

I did meal prep a little, but have an awesome hubby who likes to cook. I've never needed a toilet riser or walker. I shower by myself without a chair. I sleep in my own bed. I don't think bed or recliner though, you can get away with zero back pain. I have a little discomfort with my tail bone right now.

I've only taken 6 weeks off before I return to my business full time. Hoping all will be good to go by then .

10 days post

I'm able to stand up much straighter and even walk a little normal. I can prepare my own meals, by get tired fast. I nap during the day, sometimes twice.

My hair and skin are creating excess oil, a side effect to either the stress of surgery or the anesthesia. I use to be able to go two days without washing my hair and by the end of the day, my hair is so greasy.

Really want my drain out, it's such a pita. I'm getting a little stir crazy and bored as well. I see my PS Friday for my second follow up .

Day 11 post

I'm so happy I read about the ups and downs others have experienced.

This past weekend, I tried to do a little computer work. I sat at my desk for about an hour. The swelling I endured after was awful. I hate not being able to work a little.

I think I might be developing a seroma, even though my ps said there was little chance when you still have a drain in. I have a hard spot near my stitches on the right side above my mons area. It's about the size of a golf ball.
I don't see my ps until Friday.

I have no desire to try on clothes. I don't know how others do it. I have no idea what size I might be. Im sure not far from what I was. I've read your bra size really doesn't change much when you have a lift. I had an extended breast lift, he removed my bra roll. I notice my arms actually look smaller when pressed against my side, as the absence of extra skin doesn't add width to my arms.

I have major swelling in my right side near my flanks and always had a bulge above my mons area directly below my belly button. It hasn't changed since last week. My ps pushed on it and said it was swelling.

I'm hungry a lot. I eat smaller meals because my cg makes me feel full after a couple bites. I'm able to pull it tighter then last week.

I am able to cook my own meals and take longer showers. I'm thinking of taking my kids to the movies later. The chairs recline just a little, so I think it's doable.

Is it ok to resume my daily vitamins?

I tried my best to take come comparison pics.

These are 6 days compared to today.


Yesterday I realized just how important it is to be on schedule with a few things

I usually get up between 6-6:30, make my own breakfast.
2 eggs
English muffin
I usually have coffee, but never finish even a half cup.
Yesterday I took a long showers and did my drain routine and dressed. I never started hydrating from the start. By 9:30, I worked at my computer for about 90 minutes. Then went to my room and did my makeup and hair. By 12:45, I felt so hungry as I usually eat by 11:30. But I wanted to take my kids to lunch. I drove for the first time, about 13 miles to the restaurant. By the time we got there, I was exhausted and on edge. I was dehydrated and very low blood sugar. My belly felt super tight and I was just uncomfortable.
I ate lunch and my energy levels returned to about half. I was able to complete some other errands.
I have to remember I'm only a week and a half post major surgery and to be kind to myself.

Today I feel much better, I think I'll have to set a timeline of my day. Work a little at my desk 2 hours tops, take a nap, lunch, desk work, rest ect.

Sitting at my desk feels ok for a little bit, but I feel it the instant I stand up. I'm able to stand fully upright now. I get in and it out of my bed easier. But the tiredness reminds me of my limits.

My drain also tells me when I've over done it. Sunday, rested most of the day & barely 30 drained and yesterday, over 50 and woke up this morning with 30 drained first thing.

Hoping the movies are possible today. Happy Tuesday ????


Yesterday was a great day! I had so much energy! I was able to work on the computer more. Clean and I cooked dinner for the family. Took my kids to see Pete's Dragon, which was awesome.

I'm only able to wear a few things from my wardrobe. My drain limits me to baggy yoga pants or stretchy skirts and Flowy tops.

I started my period more then a week early. Bummer.
I'm still waking up in the night so hungry. The hunger pains are annoying. I try to eat as much protein as I can for each meal. I had lost 17lbs when I weighed myself a week ago and this morning stabilized at +2lbs above that. I know I'm swelling still, my drain is consistently putting out 50-60 each day when I'm more active. With that in mind, not sure my ps will take it out in 2 days.
My breasts are still very firm. I didn't have implants. My nipples are super sensitive and hurt more then any of the other areas. I can't wait until I can wear another kind of bra. My high compression bra is so unflattering and bulky under things. I have to wear a long tank top under my binder so it won't irritate my skin, between all of that, it's hard to wear anything not oversized.

That's it for now.. Hoping everyone has a good day and good healing ??

Ups and downs

Good morning RS!
I had a good day yesterday. I walked a lot, touring my oldest child's new school. I wasn't tiring easily or in any discomfort. I still find I can't walk at a normal pace, but gets better everyday.

I can reach down and pick up things, and pretty much don't have to rest as often.

I am finding getting dressed is getting boring. I only have a few things that will hide my drain bulb and my bulky compression bra (which I loath).

I'm happy with how things are looking and can't wait to work on getting more fit. I have curves and little love handles that need reducing a little. I'm so ecstatic my big belly and apron are gone. I just want to look as good naked as I do in clothes.

I started my period about 10 days early too. But am glad I'm mobile enough that it's not a big deal.

I see my ps tomorrow. Really hoping this drain can come out!

Before and 14 days post mm


Today has been great! I didn't get my drain out, hopefully next week.
I do notice the top of my legs and knees are swollen.
I started to notice yesterday as I walked. My thighs seemed extra sloshy. Lol
I got a mani and pedi yesterday. It's nice to resume regular life.
I bought a shirt today I never would have bought before. It's an elastic waist and is shorter. It never would have covered my tummy before and now that I'm flat, it's so liberating!

I go back to work at a very physical job in 3 weeks. Sometimes on my feet for 3-4 hours at a time and sometimes slightly bent for 2-3 hours. Hoping recovery keeps steady. I easily get in and out of bed and can pretty much do what I did prior other then super strenuous activities.

Looking forward to dressing up tomorrow for my first date night with my hubby in weeks. Hoping I can wear a dress over my drain and not have a bulge. :)

16 days post

Yesterday and this morning my thighs down to my knees are swollen. I virtually have no knees when I stand. I didn't expect or read a lot about this, but after researching, it can happen after a tt.

I'm wearing tight leggings this morning to add compassion to my legs in hopes to help the swelling. Going forward, I'm going to be much cleaner in my food choices. I've not been eating horribly, but I think the salt content in some of my frozen meals is too high. I need to up my water intake as well. I'm getting at least 64 oz a day, but think I need to up it up over 80. I'm not really testing during the day any more, but am in bed by 7pm and get up at 6.

Today will be computer work and may try to walk outside on my regular route. I could cut down my drainage by doing less, but my ps's assistant assures me, I'm doing good by getting back to a routine as long as it's not too strenuous or lifting anything heavy.

Little by little

Everyday gets better. Yesterday I was able to work a full day without much issues. Sunday, I did try to shop for my kids a little and was so exhausted by 2pm.

I'm still swelling quite a bit. My thighs are to worst. My tummy is continuously. I don't wake up super flat, but honestly have to be realistic, until I start to work out again, my tummy will probably always be a little fluffier then most who meet their weight goals before getting a tt.

My breasts are still tender. But look great. The tape is still there, so I can't see the stitches just yet. My tummy stitches awesome. Hoping my drain comes out this week since I'm into my 3rd week. Time has flown since the operation day, but so slow at the same time since I can't wait to wear more clothes and a normal bra.


I am so happy with my breasts! I'm excited for the possibility to not wear a bra sometimes. I can't wait to get the tape removed. My ps did a phenomenal job!

Eh, day :(

I started to have a bad headache yesterday afternoon. It turned into excruciating pain where I couldn't open my eyes. I got chills as well. I'm not sure what the cause was, I may have over did it during the day. I also didn't hydrate enough.

I was the worst night as well. I don't think I got more then an hours sleep. Woke up this morning with the headache, but not as bad. My drain out out 40, and it's only been about 15 in the morning. Not sure if it's all related.

I chose to spend today resting. No appetite, but have been hydrating steady. Got up and took a shower and I could feel the fatigue. My stitches seem a little more sore today too. I can pull my drain myself if over the weekend, it's less then 30 for 48 hours. Not sure if that will happen. I don't see my ps until next week. Hoping by then I can have it out as it will be 4 weeks.


I'm much better after a weekend of headache and burning stitches under my breasts. I also had a elevated temp for 2 1/2 days.
I woke up this morning a little fatigued. The burning stitch feeling has me not sleeping well.
My drain has slowed way down, so hoping it will come out this week. I'm down 5lbs.

I can't wait to tone and lose a bit more weight. My arms and legs need to catch up with my tummy ????

Happy September!

It's almost been a month since my mm.

I got my last drain out. Didn't hurt a bit. My ps took the last of the take off my breasts.

Everything looks awesome. I was warned I may swell a little due to no drains.

The worst is my mons area. All was good most of yesterday, I felt so good all day. I got home last night and my mons area was very swollen and hard. So uncomfortable. I made sure to add additional compression as I slept.

This morning was a little better, but does hurt to sit upright. I've been working at my computer and then taking a break lying down. I still swell in my thighs at times.

I know this won't last forever, but hoping I don't have to wear my binder much longer. It's not the most comfortable thing.

I also was given the all clear to wear normal bras. I wore an underwire yesterday and padded underneath my breasts, so it wouldn't irritate my stitches. Still wear a sports bra to bed and can't lay on my sides yet.

I return to work full time in two weeks. Some days working 18 hours. Hoping I can build up the stamina to tolerate it.

5 weeks, may have infection

I'm slowly building back my stamina. I have good days and days I feel like I haven't slept in days.
A few days ago, I noticed redness the size of a golf ball on the left side below my belly button. It spread straight across to my right side. No pain or fever, but I had a small hole open up on my incision line. It's a scab that's been there since a few days after my tt. yesterday it opened up and bled a bit. I'm thinking I have a infected stitch, or access that is causing the redness. My PS prescribed an antibiotic and I'm seeing him in person tomorrow morning.

I don't think I have a seroma, but still having lots of swelling in my Mons area and a little above. My breasts are settling and look amazing.

2 months!

I can't believe how fast time has gone by!

I'm just shy of two months post tt & bl. I'm back to work full time for 3 weeks now. I don't wear a binder no matter what. I swell and just deal with it. My weight has been stable, I'm slowly going back to swimming 4-5 days a week and walking at least 3 days a week. I'm up at 5am until 9 or 10 each night. I'm not having any issues. I would like a little Lipo on a couple spots I'm not sure will deminish with weight loss, but we'll see.

I love going out and sometimes not having to wear a bra. I'm wearing bodycon dresses and clothes I never dreamed of wearing.

I did have such a hard time finding jeans! I'm still the same size as I was, given the fact that I have thighs and a butt ;). Finding stuff to fit my waist was challenging. They would all be too baggy in the crotch and frumpy looking. I finally found jeggings that fit all over at torrid. My breasts went down a cup size. From ddd to dd.

So happy and no regrets!!! ??
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