Laser Lipo: Contoured my shape, but the swelling has been permanent. Now bigger everywhere.

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It's too early to tell how well my results will...

It's too early to tell how well my results will look. I only had the procedure done 4 days ago (12/3/15). However, I have already received comments about "weight loss", so it would seem that some results may be visible through my clothing already. I had an apple shape, which, in my opinion, always makes someone look so much more overweight than they are. I know that my upper abdomen is smaller already. I'll have pics to share when I think there's enough of a difference all around.

This is just to give a heads up for anyone considering this procedure, because I didn't read anything warning me about these two items:

1) The procedure itself is relatively painless because of a liberal application of local anesthetic. However, if you are an anxious patient like me, you should be prepared for the fact that the application of the local anesthetic IS very uncomfortable and/or painful. It's required for the WHOLE treatment area; not just the incision locations. Not knowing this ahead of time made me SO anxious through the whole application that the surgeon wanted to stop the procedure and have me do it under general.

With another sedative dose and a lot of internal steeling, I got through it. This would have been far less traumatic for me, the surgeon and the surgical staff had I had more information about the numbing process and how long it takes. I had my eyelids done under local anesthesia. The pain associated with this local application was NOTHING like the degree of pain associated with getting injections in your eyelids. However, the surgeon who did my lid lift was very, very, VERY determined to establish my expectations for that application. (e.g. "This is going to hurt A LOT and there are 8-10 shots I have to do."). Those warnings, though seeming excessive at the time, were exactly what I needed to get through it.

If you're a patient like me, whose anxiety is lessened with information, then perhaps telling you about how extensive the local anesthetic application is for laser lipo will help you too.

2) You can and should be prepared for treatment area swelling. This is surgery, so your body will react with water retention in trauma and the fluids injected into you will also be retained. However, I wasn't prepared for swelling in NON-treated areas. I had my upper and lower abs done along with flanks. I've been wearing my compression garment and only taken one shower since, so I don't quite know how swollen they really are. I expected the swelling there, so I haven't checked.

But when I went to put jeans on - jeans I'd worn only days before the procedure - I was unable to get them past my thighs. That's how swollen my thighs and hips are. It isn't swelling I'd consider "excessive", in that the sight of my legs is frightening or distorted or anything. It's just that I know that I cannot get my jeans on. In fact, I may have to go 3 sizes larger - provided I still have them - just to wear jeans.

I've had other surgeries. I know this can happen. (e.g. my whole torso bloated when I had neurosurgery, etc.). I just want to warn others as to the possibility.

Pictures will follow.

More Expectation Grounding - SWELLING

Day 5 Post Procedure:

You'll read a lot of personal testimony that speaks to the swelling post SmartLipo, which is supposed to be lesser than it is with traditional lipo. I think there needs to be a distinction drawn between a degree of swelling that will alarm a health care professional and the degree of swelling that will discourage a patient.

My swelling is likely NOT that which would alarm a surgeon. I don't look swollen or bloated to some distorted degree. When I had neurosurgery, my entire body swelled up as if I had been treated with steroids (I wasn't.) However, my current post SmartLipo swelling is to a degree that is extremely discouraging to a patient. I've had to fight back tears as I took my measurements and tried on the clothing I own.

I wore a Size 4 jeans a month prior to the surgery. I gained some weight (by lapsing my diet and being distracted from my exercise). This led me to wear my Size 6 jeans for two weeks before the SmartLipo, once again reaching some 4s in the days before the surgery, because I cut out grains again.

Today, I attempted to find jeans or pants I can wear AT ALL. I lost a lot of inches (and 20+ lbs) in the past 2 years of rigorous effort in diet and exercise. Once I realized that I was was holding the new, smaller size, I got rid of the larger clothing. I held onto some of them solely because they had been expensive or had sentimental value to me. Those larger sizes - the size 8s I saved? I can't get them on.

Unlike the 4s and 6s, I can get the Size 8s past my hips and thighs, but I cannot close them. I have a single pair of jeans I can get on at all. I have two pair of elastic waistband pants that I wore post-partum, when I weighed 25 lbs more than I did prior to my surgery. Those too fit me.

That's it. Those are the only pants I have that aren't lounge wear/yoga pants than I can get on. 3 whole pairs of pants. I got rid of my size 10 jeans years ago. I need those now. I know there's no way I have any dresses or skirts that I will be able to wear. When I was post partum - and at my largest ever - I didn't wear any dresses or skirts. I never had any that were Size 12, 14, etc..

I've gained the following in terms of inches (from measurements taken the day before the procedure):
Waist: 4-5 inches (with compression garment, since I can't take it off)
Hips: 2.5 inches
Thighs: 0 inches, but I don't understand why the pants are all tight there
Lower abdomen: 3 inches

I am going away for the holidays in two weeks. I need to pack clothing that I can wear. So, I've since read more about the expectation of swelling. There's the Physician Swelling category - that can last for up to 4 months. Then there's the Patient Swelling category - that many patients are reporting to last up to 6 weeks.

I am not hopeful that this swelling will subside enough in time for me to be able to wear the clothing I owned (ironically, when I was a size I deemed needing surgical help). I'll wait a week before I buy anything, but am now currently shopping for "fat clothes" on Amazon (clothing that is passably flattering to apple shaped, overweight women).

The timing was unfortunate and I knew the swelling could last long (on the outside for some patients). I was hoping to be in the portion of patients that see swelling decrease quickly.

PLEASE keep this in mind when planning your procedure. Do NOT hold expectations of some event a month or even two months away from your procedure date. CERTAINLY not 2-3 weeks.

Day 10 - Still very swollen. Still uncomfortable

The good news for Week 2: My waist measurement has gone down by 2.5 inches.
The bad news for Week 2: Nearly every other measurement on my body has increased and continues to increase. (And I'm back on my protein-shake, low grain, high fiber, high water diet.)

The more detailed and informed my internet searches get, the more post procedure testimonies I'm finding. And it's now clear to me that I had absolutely ZERO realistic expectations about recovery.

The pain comes and goes. It was actually worse this week than it was during the first week. Based on what I've read, this was likely due to the fact that the local anesthetic used in the procedure can stay in minimal effect for longer than 2 days. So, in some cases, the patient's recovery experience in the first half of Week 1 can see pain management aided by remnant local anesthesia. Although, even so, during Week 1, I was still in a goodly amount of pain. I've had other surgeries including even neurosurgery. I've never used up my narcotic pain meds after any prior surgery. Typically, I have to throw them out because they expire. This is the very first procedure in which I used them up at all and I did that in a week's time.

My clothing update:

6s will now go on, but nowhere close to being able to close
8s will go on more easily, but still cannot close.
Still wearing elastic bands pants.

You'll see a lot of commentary from physicians that your clothing will "fit better" after liposuction. I can report that this is accurate in terms of my tops. Tops that once made me look enormous no longer do, even though I'm nearly a full three jeans sizes larger than I was pre-procedure. The reason for this appears to be that my silhouette is now a straight line at the abdomen instead of containing a big bump below my navel.

So, there's that.

I leave for my vacation in 8 days. I have very little hope that I will be able to bring any of the pants I currently own and precious few of the tops.

Therefore, be forewarned, if you are planning this procedure near or around a vacation or any season in which you can't wear bulky sweats or workout clothes (like the holiday season), expect to add a few additional hundred dollars to the cost of your procedure to purchase "Swelling Clothing".

Also, if you're reading along here, please understand that my current experience has NO connection to surgical skill and is every bit connected to the realities of this procedure. Lipo's recovery reality is just not spoken about to a sufficient extent.

It is absolutely critical that one find a talented, skilled and board certified surgeon for this procedure. Another thing that is becoming very clear to me as I continue to read more testimony is that I did.

That part will be the most important one of this long recovery process.

Day 13 - Still 2 Sizes Larger

The good news: I have a recommendation for anyone considering this procedure: Lymphatic Drainage Massage. For those who have an ab procedure, you will likely need up to six treatments. I've read that those who have the procedure on their hips and thighs need about 3.

If you're in the Sound Shore area of Westchester County, I will recommend my massage therapist as well. She's amazing. (Once I have her go ahead to publish her company name, I'll post it in the comments)

I went for my first LDM on Monday and I could FEEL the difference in the amount of liquids I was retaining. I felt more "loose" (as opposed to stretched and bloated). For the first time since the procedure, I could get into my car without discomfort. And when I woke the next morning, my waist was measuring a full half inch smaller than it had been the day before.

The bad news: I am still so swollen in other areas that I now have to buy larger jeans and bras. I feel horrible when I look in the mirror. It's as if I paid nearly $5,000 to look like I gained 20-25 lbs. I don't dare go sleeveless. My upper arms and shoulder areas are THAT bloated. I won't wear leggings because I'm ashamed of how my legs look now. (My thighs didn't touch as much as they are now.) I was once proud of how my legs and hips looked for my age, given my running habit and a life-long habit of walking everywhere. Now, I won't even wear thin leggings because of how big my legs look.

I just went through my entire wardrobe. I tried on a pair of jeans that I could not get past my lower thighs. Those jeans had a receipt in the pocket. It was a receipt from the day of my consultation for lipo. Seeing that just depressed the hell out of me. I just spent a couple of hundred dollars on new tops because I need to hide a bra bulge I didn't have before and to disguise my swollen waist and abdomen. (Did this because I am leaving for vacation in 5 days.)

I wish to repeat my warning of a previous post:

If you are not prepared - both on a psychological and practical level - to spend the next 3-4 weeks 2-3 full sizes LARGER than you were on the day of your procedure, do NOT plan this procedure. Plan it for a time at which you can hibernate under baggy clothing. NO beach vacations within 6 weeks (or longer). NO holiday season.

Recommending Massage Therapist

I said that I would recommend my massage therapist. If you're in the Sound Shore area of Westchester, RUN to book a lymphatic drainage massage with Touche Moi massage.

Nathalie Pouponneau is a NY state licensed massage therapist and nothing short of a magician.

Day 16 Post - Still Can't Get Dressed

Just over two weeks. I still can't get dressed. All of the stretch pants I'd been wearing through the past two weeks were being washed, since I have to bring every pair I own on vacation (to have anything to wear). I was able to get just one other pair of jeans on. Tomorrow morning, I'll be trying my Size 8s on again. If I can't get them on (and I don't expect to), I will be heading out to purchase new jeans.

Being two sizes larger AFTER lipo is too depressing for words. I'll try to post photos tomorrow. (Clothing on)

4 weeks post op: Larger than I've been in years

Im thoroughly discouraged at this point. I've been on vacation for the past week or so. I've spent those days sightseeing on foot, using public transportation sporadically. Normally, that sort of activity leads to tightening at my abs by at least an inch. Instead, the swelling that had been concentrated at my hips and legs - pushing me up three sizes in jeans - is now back, raging all over my abdomen and stomach.

I tried to post photos, but on my mobile devices, they're all coming up sideways. As soon as I can fix that, I'll post photos that show HOW big I've gotten. It's especially disheartening because I worked so hard to get my abdomen down in size over two years of dedicated hard exercise and careful dieting. Now, I can't even look forward to getting it back down that way again (provided I was even able to get back the willpower to try over another two years), because activity is making me BIGGER.

I hate the way my body looks. I can't report anything else.

6 Weeks Post Op - Still not seeing results

I've changed my overall review to "Not Sure" it was worth it. At this point, I am not sure when I will ever see results. If they take this long to see, far too much can happen in the intervening time in which one is waiting to see results, especially with restricted exercise.

I had my post-op check up earlier this week (Monday). My surgeon behaved as if he was bewildered by the lack of appearance that I'd had anything done. When I attempted to discuss my research on the net leading to my learning that the swelling can last for months, he didn't really seem to acknowledge that.

I had considered CoolSculpting as an alternative procedure but decided against it since it's stated that it takes two months to see results. I am now wondering if I should have gone that route instead. This seems like an awful lot of discomfort, distortion and cost for very little gain. I'm shuddering at the thought of having to do this again to get any results.

I took more photos last night. I'll upload when I can. I was able to get a pair of Size 6 jeans on today, but they're not very comfortable.

My current measurements are:
Bust: 37 inches
Waist 30 inches
Lower Abdomen: 33 inches
Hips: 39 inches
Thigh: 23 inches
Weight: 148

My measurements pre-procedure
Bust: 35 inches
Waist: 29 inches
Lower Abdomen: 32 inches
Hips: 37 inches
Thigh: 21 inches

7 Weeks Post Op: Still bigger

I'm near to losing all faith in this procedure. I am still much bigger than I was before it. I still weigh more than I did. My weight went up 8 lbs the day of the surgery and has stayed there since. Given the high level of activity I did on vacation and my change in diet since coming back, I doubt this is actual fat gain. I don't know what it is, but since my measurements are all two inches bigger than I was, it seems that it's still swelling. Two inches on every measurement - bust, stomach, abs, hips, thighs - would be a gain of a lot more than 6 lbs.

I bought two more packages of lymphatic drainage massages. Adding those to the costs of the bigger clothing, the surgical compression garments and the additional binding garments, the additional costs have come to about 1300-1500 dollars. That means that this entire ordeal led me to go through 7 weeks of compromised comfort, restricted exercise and spend a total of more than 6000 dollars to look like I've gained 15 lbs. I have no idea how much longer I'll look that way. It could be another month. It could be another 4 months. It could be another 10 months.

I'm about to start Weight Watchers and an exercise regime again. I hope to lose 10 lbs in two months. I have no idea if my stomach will go down with it, but at least my non operative areas will decrease.

And, for the record, my surgeon removed 1700 cc during the procedure. I was 143 lbs on the day of my procedure. According to my surgeon, 1700 cc is a lot to remove from someone of that size.

Not that anyone can tell, of course.

Photo Series: Before, After

These photos show some of the problem, I think.

Further photo updates

Later photos

8 weeks Post Op - Waist is reaching my pre-op measurement.

It's been 8 weeks to the day since my procedure. Just this week, my natural waist measured 29.5, just half an inch larger than my original size. My lower abdomen measures at 32.5, also half an inch larger than my pre-op size. In other words, these measurements are the same as they were in the photo in which I'm wearing a gray tank and a black top. But I spent 4800 dollars plus all of that pain, inconvenience and additional expenses to be SMALLER than 29 inches.

My current silhouette APPEARS to be in better shape than pre-op because my hips are still bigger than they were pre-op (and therefore bigger than they were in the Gray/Black photo). My hips are currently 39 inches - still 2 inches larger than they were pre-op. My thighs measure 22.5 inches each; 1.5 inches bigger than they were pre-op.

I wasn't aiming to simply APPEAR more contoured, but at a bigger size. I could have simply stopped exercising and lessened my walking to gain weight on my hips and thighs and achieved the same results.

Cool Sculpting is said to take 60 days to see results. I didn't opt for Cool Sculpting because I considered that to be too much of a delay. Yet, here I am, 60 days post SmartLipo and I still can't see results.

Supposedly I need to hit the 3 month mark to really see the advantage of SmartLipo. With some amazing skin tightening being complete in a likely 6 months. CoolSculpting doesn't come with skin tightening, just fat cell reabsorption. However, CoolSculpting comes with less down time and is far less costly. If I needed a further skin tightening, I could have investigated that after-the-fact.

If, in 30 days, my waist isn't smaller than my pre-op measurement, my vote on this procedure will change to "Not Worth It".

Of course, these results will be blurred. I was too concerned about my hips and thighs to wait any longer. I'm back on Weight Watchers. I will recommence an intense exercise regime shortly. As you can see from the comparison of first photo (Black sports camisole with neon print) to the second photo (gray/black), I was able to subtract a lot of inches with diet and exercise. The smallest I was able to get my lower abdomen down that way was to 30 inches with my natural waist at 28. (The Gray/Black is not the absolute smallest I was). Let's hope I see some SHAPE difference a month from now, because if I don't, it will be too difficult to tell if it was my diet and exercise or the procedure that resulted in the smaller size.

But I'm too miserable with my body as is to keep on waiting. I have to take some action and I KNOW, at least, that diet and exercise DO work. They just work more slowly. (e.g. Diet and exercise would NOT have taken off 4.5 inches in two months. But neither do diet and exercise ADD 4-5 inches in two days.)

2.5 months post op: Waist is still larger than pre-op

It's been 2 and a half months since my procedure. My massage therapist noted that most of my swelling is gone, save some odd rigidity in my waist. As a result, my waist is still an inch larger than it was before the procedure. My weight, however, is 3 lbs less. So this isn't weight gain. And even if it was weight gain, it's not supposed to show up in my waist. Allegedly, those fat cells are gone.

My hips have come down, as have my thighs, though I still have some "pooling" of lymph in that area (according to my massage therapist). Both areas are still measuring larger than they were before the procedure.

The only area showing any desired change is my lower abdomen. It has finally reached a measurement of half an inch LESS than it was pre-op. However, as the day wears on, it usually returns to a measurement of the same size it was on the day of the procedure. In the photo array above, the photo in which I am wearing a green tank top and blue checked pajama bottoms is the most recent photo - taken about 3-4 weeks ago. Those measurements are all only slightly larger than my current measurements. I'll try to get a more recent photo up.

I intend to postpone my scheduled follow up with my surgeon in two weeks. I don't anticipate any real changes by that time. I'll postpone it to early April. That will be four months post op.

I've started to investigate CoolSclupting. I'm really, REALLY angry about how poorly LaserLipo has performed so far.

4 Months Post Op - Still Unsure

I'm leaving my overall review to "Not Sure" that this procedure is worth it. I've finally seen some dramatic improvement - but only in my upper abdomen. My lower abdomen is still an inch larger than it was when I went in for the procedure. My hips are still two inches larger.

Please note: they are LARGER than they were before the procedure. Four months later, my abdomen - the site of the procedure - is still LARGER than it was.

My new photos show a sleeker profile, but this is aided largely by two things; i) the upper abdomen lipo worked; providing definition for my bustline and ii) my hips are so much larger than they were before I went in, that my lower abdomen merely LOOKS smaller in comparison to the older photos.

I still can't get the same pants on. They won't go on over my hips.

I feel as if I could have handed that same 5000 dollars to a personal trainer and gotten these same results by now. In fact, I believe if I'd gone that route, my results would be superior.

JUST got the Jeans back on.

I mentioned these jeans in earlier posts. They're the pair of Size 4 jeans I wore to the consultation for Smart Lipo in November.

Today, I got them back on for the first time since the procedure.
They're not comfortable, mind you. But I could get them on and close them.

3 months post procedure. (Mistake in my last post. It's only 3 months.)

This means I am CLOSE to the size I was before the procedure. Not SMALLER. Just only slightly bigger.

Is that the goal of Smart Lipo? I don't think so.

4 Months Post Op - Still larger than I was

No new photos. I don't look much different from the last series of photos.

My measurements are still bigger. They're pretty much the same as they were in March with the exception of my hips, which have decreased by a half inch to an inch, depending on the time of day.

This HAS to still be swelling. My stomach gets larger through the day and gets even larger on days in which I'm very physically active. I LOATHE the way my body looks from the front, because I am so much wider than I was pre-procedure.

My measurements currently:

Bust: 36 inches (this is larger than pre-op)
Waist: 29 inches (same as it was in January)
Lower Abs: 32 inches (sometimes 31.5)
Hips: 38.5 inches
Thigh: 22 inches

ALL of those are larger measurements than I had pre-op. My weight is in the same range as it has been these past 4 months.

At this point, any decrease will likely be due to weight loss because I am back on Weight Watchers and back to exercise, which, I can add, no longer exhausts me as it did in the months immediate post-op. (By 2 months post-op, I was STILL getting winded from hill climbing and stair climbing. That is no longer the case.)

In other words, this procedure did nothing except POSSIBLY return some indent at my waist. But since my hips are so much bigger than they were, it's hard to know if that's because of the surgery or because of the now-greater contrast.

Nearly 6 months post op. Overall review changed. NOT WORTH IT

I've waited the 6 months I was told to wait for "full results". That was after having been told to wait 2 weeks; No, 4 weeks; No, 3 months; No, 13-16 weeks. No, more. Wait more! Wait! Wait!


I have been larger since the day I had this procedure done. I fear I will never again get a waist below 28 inches. If I can even get it to 28 inches ever again.

I have never heard of lipo not working - until now. Perhaps it works much better on younger people. I wish I had never had this done. I can't possibly reverse the damage I've clearly done. I won't have any kind of "redo", because I loathe this procedure and its horribly long "recovery" (in quotes, because there is no real "recovery" to anything except slightly smaller than the massive bloating you endure for the first three months following)

I have been starving myself attempting to get rid of my larger size. I've tried going without food entirely. I've tried starting exercise again. I only get bigger if I exercise at high level effort. I tried dialing it down. I still can't get smaller. My weight won't budge.

I'm in such despair, I don't know what to do. After my class ends, I'll be dedicating all of my time and energy to losing these inches, attempting to undo the damage. I'll update after a month or so of that to let you know if I was successful in reversing the damage this procedure brought.

I could have spent the same 4800 dollars on a personal trainer and been so much further along than I am right now. Instead, I'm actually where I was two months before I got to my lowest measurement of 28 inches. That was more than a year ago. I've UNDONE a year's worth of work. I hate myself for having this done.

Latest Photo - Late April 2016

This was taken a few weeks ago. Since increasing exercise, I'm even bigger than this photo shows. (About an inch all around.)

6 and a half months post - getting even bigger now

Things are just getting worse, and everywhere I seek on the internet, some physician is explaining that it must be the patient's fault somehow; the patient gained weight.

Except that the whole point of liposuction is to remove fat cells from the body. If weight gain occurs after lipo, it would theoretically be on some other part of the body. Except that the largest part of my shape is where the lipo was done. Yes, my hips and thighs are bigger - but they've been bigger since the day of my procedure. And I've been doing everything I can think of to decrease my weight.

Three weeks after the procedure, I went on a two-week vacation that involved walking for hours each day. I stayed in an apartment, where I cooked for myself and my family. I bought the same whole foods I typically buy. I have a child, so my husband and I don't go out to bars any longer. I wasn't drinking more alcohol.

Normally, on these vacations with that much walking I DROP in weight. I didn't this time. I just swelled up more.

I was told to massage my surgery site. I not only did, but also bought several packages of lymphatic drainage massage. It relieved pressure and pain in the first few months following the procedure, but I only just swelled up more after I didn't have them anymore. That was two months after the procedure, long past the point at which I was told I would be a smaller size.

I haven't been a smaller size yet.
I haven't been the SAME size since the procedure.

I've read that it's my fault. I must have gained weight. I must have gained fat. I must have eaten a lot. Except that I was in such despair over HOW much bigger I was getting that I started cutting my portions immediately. It took months for me to be able to start jogging again, but I walked as much as I could.

I began with walking a lot. Up hills. Speed walking when I could. The surgery really knocked the wind out of me, practically literally. I didn't have my cardio capacity back until about March. (3 months post op)

AS SOON AS I COULD, I began jogging again. All it did was make me blow up more.

I went back to walking and interval jogging. It still made me bigger.

I increased my intensity. It made me even bigger.

I went back on Weight Watchers and followed the plan to a T. I got bigger.

I went back to SparkPeople meal plans - eating whole foods, watching portions, limiting calories. I got bigger.

I cut out ALL grains and sugars from my diet, continuing to limit calories. I got bigger.

I went back to weight lifting. I swelled up more.

I got a really bad cold last month. I had to live on pseudoephedrine 24/7. That typically robs me of my appetite. I spent a week not eating much. I got bigger.

At this point, I am starving myself and speed walking every other day. I got bigger.

Nothing is working now. NOTHING. At this point, I have completely undone the previous two years' worth of work through diet and exercise. But even now repeating those steps is making it all worse.

I recently saw photos of myself from this past March and April - when I THOUGHT I was seeing improvement in my upper abdomen. It WAS somewhat smaller than in previous photos. Except that my LOWER abdomen is now so much bigger, that I have a belly roll again and it was obvious in these photos. I was in tears. I can't believe HOW much I have screwed up my body. I don't know what WILL work now. I have two years' worth of size loss to now undo and I wasn't at the size I wanted to be even then. I sought this procedure because I thought it would help resistant areas to make them SMALLER.

Instead, it made my lower abdomen BIGGER than it had been at the point at which I was desperate enough to seek surgery.

If you're anything like me, you're researching this procedure a lot before you have it done. Listen to this one piece of advice:

You WILL regret it.

I won't even ask for a redo when I see my surgeon in a few weeks. I loathe the hell out of this god-awful procedure and NOTHING will ever make me trust it again.

I'm now considering Coolsculpting as a POSSIBLE remedy to the huge lower abdomen I have again. No amount of exercise is working.

Final Update Before CoolSculpting

I have an appointment for CoolSculpting on my lower abdomen. I've spent t he past 4 weeks on a diet and intense exercise plan (6 days a week with weight trainng and cardio plus yoga). I haven't lost any weight, despite creating at least a 500 cal deficit daily, typically more. My measurements tightened though, which means that the swelling is subsiding slightly. I'm still bigger everywhere than I was last December. I thought I would update with this photo to show my sillhouette. Compare to the photo above in gray and black. (Post exercise/diet, pre-lipo)

Final Measurements - 7 months later

My CoolSculpting procedure will add swelling and then likely eliminate some fat over the next two months. Therefore, I'm taking my final measurements that won't be confounded with CoolSculpting.

As of July 20, 2016 - seven and a half months after my procedure:

Bust: 35.5 inches
Upper Ab, Below Bustline (Bra line): 32.75 inches
Waist: 29.75 inches
Lower Abdomen: 32 inches
Hips: 38.25 inches
Thighs: 22.25 inches

To review, my measurements pre-procedure were:
Bust: 35 inches
Waist: 29 inches
Lower Abdomen: 32 inches
Hips: 37 inches
Thigh: 21 inches

Every measurement, save the lower abdomen, is larger than it was eight months ago. My sole comfort in this hellish journey is that my size seems to have STOPPED swelling up with exercise and may actually be decreasing. A great deal of anguish could have been avoided had I only been fully advised of the possible extent and duration of the swelling. Of course, had I been informed that I could possibly be bigger than I was for as long as a year, I never would have opted for this procedure. Had I been warned that I could spend the next four months SIGNIFICANTLY bigger than I was (due to swelling), I would have never even asked after this procedure.

One Year Later - Still Bigger

It's been a year since my lipo procedure. I'm still bigger everywhere. The swelling was, indeed, permanent. (At this point, I'm also thinking about scar tissue formation).

Having this procedure was one of the stupidest things I have ever done. Now freed from obligations of school, I'm about to embark on a five-week intense diet and exercise regime in the hopes of eliminating the extra inch on my waist that this procedure added as well as finally getting a small waist than the 29 inches I had preprocedure.

Had I taken the 5300 dollars I spent on this (4800 on procedure, 400 on lymphatic drainage massage, 200 on special binding garments) and, instead, spent it on personal training sessions, I would have superior results and no permanent damage. (At least an inch worth of it).


Just don't.

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