UK 29 Yrs 1child and 50lbs Weight Loss. 525cc Unders Beclinic Brussels

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Its been so hard to write this review. Not only...

Its been so hard to write this review. Not only because I'm a pretty private person but also because the first 48 hrs of recovery have sucked big time and everyone else seems to be back playing tennis by tea time. But people with larger boobs don't seem to write about their impacts so I though I'd help out too. Going from a 34D to a DD/E

so let's start at the beginning, as a result of always being overweight I have always had stretchmarks and sagging on my breasts. It has always been something I'm quite ashamed of and as I lost weight and started to get into the clothes I've always wanted to wear my boobs became an even bigger problem (or smaller and saggier I should say). So I decided after all the hard work I should go for it. Hubby was and is extremely supportive so we researched and heard nothing but good things about Dr. Plovier and saw some of his work and decided to go with him. So far I'm 2 days post op and struggling a bit with the tightness. Also, Dr. Plovier doesn't actually let you know what ccs he's gonna give you, no sizers sooooo... pretty nerve racking actually. But I'm out the other side with Motiva ergonomix 525cc under the muscle so let's see how it goes.

Day of surgery

Was collected by chauffeur at 645 am (part of the inclusive package) abs arrived at beclinic just before 7. As soon as I had paid and was assigned to the room, Dr Plovier was in to measure and mark. I showed him a few wish pics (i had about 20 and he looked at about 8) then said he understood. Answered all questions and the went to leave. As he was leaving I double checked on size to which he said leave it to me I need to measure and see the best fit.

Pretty soon after the nurse brought me to O R which is when it suddenly occurred to me that this is real and I am about to get operated on. Just as I was beginning to panic the anethestist said hello counted to 3 and I was out. They woke me up to get back in my hospital bee and I lay there in a daze thinking the feeling of pressure on my chest was alot. 2 doses of pain meds and a muscle relaxer later I made my way back to the hotel. Slept mostly
Vomited onve after all of my pills. Breasts uncomfortable and tight. Somewhat painfull.

Days 1-10 days post

Day 1 we travelled home. It was exhausting. If you are going to get surgery away from home I suggest you stay there for a good few days afterwards because getting up to travel the next day was a dumb dumb dumb idea. Lol. I was walking at snails pace. Every pebble in the car journey felt like a ginormous pothole/crater and trekking across the airport was like running a 10k. After we managed to make it to check in I spotted a wheelchairand that's when it got easier. If you have to travel GET A WHEELCHAIR. We breezed through the airport after that without me strugglin AND you get put in the front of airport security (SCORE). Not to mention catching people trying to figure out what is wrong with you without you seeing them is a hilariously fun game to play whenever you are waiting in line. But beware laughing hurts like heel when your chest is right as a drum so play with caution.

Day 2 I slept a lot. Possibly because I was worn out from the travelling. I didn't eat much. And I was a bit wary because I vomited the night of the op and the antibiotics made me quezy. Chest felt so tight and breathing felt like an asthma attack very shallow and difficult.

Day 3 was the hardest day (believe it or not) I was sore, cranky from not sleeping well. Bloated from the meds and while I enjoyed the view of boobies when I passed the mirror. The restricted home time was driving me nuts. Day 3= bad day

Day 4 much of the same but slightly better because I had showered and got a look at the girls without the bra. AND taken a few cheeky snaps in different bras. So I could finally see a bit more of why I've been suffering and I love it. They look awesome. It was also my first day home alone. Walked around the house
Did laundry. Took my meds. and looked at my boobs most of the day. Not much change. It's like watching paint dry only sexier (because they're boobs).

Day 5 I went out. Took my daughter to school. Visited my mum. Went to the shop. It was hard and everything was a struggle but I felt much better for doing it. And by the time it hit 8 I was knackered and out like a light.

Day 6 today I felt alive again. Sitting at home I started cleaning. Then I rearranged some of the front room. And as I was putting away some beads in my daughters room I figured that could do with some work too. Hubby came home to me sitting in my daughters room with dollies, books and various kid rubble all around me. He was not impressed. I got a big lecture about popping stitches (I don't have any, my incisions were glued) and risking injury for no reason. He then proceed to move the things I needed and now my daughters room looks awesome. He might have been right though my back was killing me by the end of the day and another early might for me lol.

Day 7: out and about again. No more pain meds. Boobs feel heavy but at least I won't overdo it if I can feel them a bit. Checked out some shops and basically walked around aimlessly to burn calories. This belly bloat is getting to me and I'm starting to freak a bit. I'm really hoping it goes down soon. Worked so hard to get my stomach flat and now it looks like I'm about w months pregnant..even my 6 year old has asked and hubby keeps rubbing it jokingly. To which he gets a sharp jab in the ribs lol. Took a shower and water got into my waterproof bandages. Had to remove them and replace with regular bandages. Hubby was no impressed (again. Lol) mostly because he's the one that had to do it and he was sweating bullets. I on the other hand got a sneak peak at my new nipples and they look awesome!!!! Like little chocolate buttons. I'm so happy because my number one fear was them coming off in the bandages and me having no nipple (as seen on an episode of "botched bodies"). So very happy eve my hubby's panic couldn't bring me down. Whoop whoop new nips lol.

Day 8 back to mums. Good old home cooking and I'm back in business. Came home cooked dinner. Did my daughters hair. Did homework. Did all my usual stuff.

Day 9: not much change. Feeling better and more able but tried carrying a shopping bag home and started panicking that it was too heavy. But I couldn't sit in the street so i had to keep going. Chest was a bit tender afterward though. Will be more careful from now on. No more impulse buys.

Day 10 and finally starting to feel relatively comfortable throughout the day. I think I am starting to see a noticeable change but left is still sitting higher than right. Will be glad to get this bra off in 20 more days. It can be torture at times although it is getting easier as the swelling is settling.

Forgot about my stats so I will put them here

5'5" 69kg/152lbs
525cc motiva ergonomix round silksurface
under the muscle
Originally a D cup

Nearly 3 weeks po

Hi all... nearly 3 weeks so thought I'd update. A little change some last week. Hardly any pain now although they do feel heavy sometimes. Looking a lot fuller even though the left is still annoyingly higher than the right. Also a minor complication has come up where the t section of the anchor isn't healing so I have had to sterilise and cover it but it should clear up in a few weeks. I bought 10 bandages so hopefully 10 days will do it. All in all happy I got them done but so over the waiting game. I'm ready to unleash these bad boys. Good job it's winter or if be really suffering lol

3 weeks today

Fancied a little tit me up (get it hehe) so put on some crop tops and started snapping. Can't believe how much dropping and fluffing has happened, I've been staring at them so much I havent seen a thing. Can't wait to stop wearing the bra 23/7. Miss my boobs, used to be my comfort to hold my old sad bags at night. Now boobs are off limits me and hubby going mad lol.

More pics

Stupid things won't post together for some reason

I can feel my boobs!!!!!

Hi all, just a quick one to say that my open wound seems to be making some improvements so very happy about that. Also for the first time I can finally feel my boobs on the outside. As in actually enjoy the feeling of oiling them and starting to be the softness of a real bosom instead of barbie boobs lol. Soo very happy I swear words can not express.

Lefty is still sitting high though. Both are softening but right is always ahead of the class.

Happy healing all x

Before pics

Just remembered to add the before pics. The one and only bare images of my old boobs

2 months p.o. update

Hi all been meaning to post for ages. Boobs settling in nicely. I went Braless after the first month and to my surprise they stayed on. Lol they have dropped a bit more, even from my first time Braless to week 7 there is a definite difference in movement. They are starting to move like real breast would although still firmer than natural. The nipple sizes have evened out but I still feel the left upper pole is slightly more puffy. My boobs are still tender at times. Someone gave me a bear hug the other day and I got a huge pain in my armpits and upper arm. It's still tender to move so a bit concerned about that. But I am able to lay on them for a few minutes without them hurting so I think they're ok.

Other than that having a merry Christmas so hope you all have the same x

Nearly 4 moths po confession time

Hi all,
Before I got to this stage I always wondered why people stop writing around the 3 month mark. I'll tell you why.... They finally become yours and you stop thinking about them 24/7!!!! You know they look great in all the tops you have ever wanted to try on and life continues. It's like writing about how your eye still blinks. Awesome, but you start to forget who cares. Lol

I completely love them. They are really starting to round out and soften. The balance out my hips and i dont think twice qhen im put shopping. My boobs have really pushed me on the gym trying to get everything to look as good as they do. I got a massage on my stomach last week and it was no more uncomfortable than before the op. They stay up all the time and... Aside from when I take pics of them, they're perfect lol. No boob greed at all, Dr. Plovier is a genius and he gave me exactly what I asked for. Perfect perportionate boobs. Looking at the pics they look a little asymmetrical (no two boobs are the same but you know what I mean) and the pre op stretchmarks didn't dissappear although they are less visible (but plenty visible on the freaking camera) but I would still recommend the pain of getting them. They're the

See you at the 6 months mark. Happy healing xx

Forgot front profile pic

Good day

Hi everyone, woke up this morning feeling amazing. Body is finally doing what it's supposed to and looking thinner lol. Also got lasik eye surgery yesterday and woke up being able to see!!!!!! So generally in an awesome mood. Decided to take some pics of my boobs in real daylight since I have the house to myself for a few hours. Hope your day is going as good as mine.

Happy healing lovelies xx

Oops 10 months sorry guys

Hi everyone just a quick update. Books going great. Had some side rippling which I was very worried about for a while but did lors of research and went back in to see Dr. Plovier and there's not much that can be done about it. It's so minimal that even trying to take a decent photo of it is pretty difficult so I'll just have to live with it I guess.

Took some updated pictures of them and honestly sometimes I forget I got them done. if I ever do redo them I'll get them a little less natural and a little more "I never need a bra cause my tits are so high." The natural saggage that occurs without a bra can be disheartening at times. Lol

Still using bio oil every day. All over my body nowadays. Wear a bra (mostly underwired sometimes sports) every day but usually a soft bra or nothing at night. And occasionally go braless for specific outfits.

Can't think of anything else to say about them. Any questions big or small please ask. Ta ta for now. Xx
Dr. Frank Plovier

Was very quick and to the point during the initial the consultation process but seemed very professional and self assured. The consultation just before surgery was very reassuring and made me feel at ease before going under despite the fact that I has no idea what size I was getting lol Aftercare is amazing {beside the fact there's no office to run to every 5 mins). Always attentive, available 24/7 via whatsapp or email, no such thing as a silly question. Pure awesomeness

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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