EUROPE BA SISTAS, Dr. F. Plovier, Belgium Did His Magic on Me - Beclinic, Belgium, BE

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First I really don't know what i would do without...

First I really don't know what i would do without RS.
Every one here is so helpful. And I promised myself to contribute to help others too, I hope my experience helps others, the way others are helping my preparation.
I am on my way to Belgium in 3 weeks.
I live in Germany.
After much research on other forums with members mostly in Europe,( I wanted my BA in Europe, when it comes to silicone, the Surgeons here are better just like when it comes to BBL, the surgeons in America are better)
Well it was either Belgium, Czech or Hungary but decided on Germany because of the reviews I read on Plovier and he wasn't far from me, it is almost 3 hours drive to the beclinic.
Well so far, I paid my deposit.

Pills I am taking for over 2 weeks now are
Iron pills
Vitamin B complex
Folic acid pills
Centrum multi vitamins

I already ordered
Africa Montana
Cold and warm compressor

About to order
Biodermis (hope spelt correctly)Silicon scar sheet
Scarguard MD

In Belgium, u have to leave same day of operation. I am staying at the panorama hotel and sent them an email that I will be there after surgery with Plovier and their assistance would be appreciated. Well the replied saying they would leave extra pillows. This is not a recovery house so that is ok.
So far, communication has been easy, friendly, informative with the beclinic staff and hopefully it remains so, though I read only good reviews about all nurses, surgeons staff there.
Somehow I know i made the right decision going with Plovier.

I am 35 YRS OLD
HEIGHT is 5'7
WEIGHT is 79
BRA size is 32b
Hoping to get 700cc - 800cc silicone under muscle, under crease.
I will post my before photos.

My skin got burnt while using the African black soap, recommended cos I have pimples all over my face and body.
Stopped using the soap but it is weeks now and my skin looks worse than before cos of this horrible soap, so bear with what u see in my photo.
I can't remember the name of my wish pic model, if I remember, I would post it, she is a British model.
I think Dr. Plovier is the European version of Dr. Revis.

700cc Dr Plovier and his staffing

Dr Plovier and his staff are the best


Hello RS sistas, had my ba and been dying to update my review but due to the fact that I have just my phone now I wasn't looking forward to typing on my phone yet.Well I can't wait no longer.
Well my op was to be around 12 noon but because of train delays in Germany I arrived Belgium around 1:30pm and took a taxi from the station which cost 40 euro and got to the clinic by 2pm.
I had called the clinic to inform them of my delay and the nurse nicely told me not to worry that they would switch some patients that were supposed to be after me till I arrived.
I gave her the the time I would be arriving and asked they could contact the taxi driver picking me up about my change in arrival time and they did but the driver had another appointment at that time so she told me to take a taxi from the train station.
She also called at the time I gave to arrive Belgium asking if I was ok and arrived, I told her I did but also wanted to call her cos i didn't have
internet connection anymore as I wasn't roaming. Well she gave it and the driver got me to the clinic.
The clinic is so clean and modern and the staff are just too too nice
I had to wait till 4 before I was taken to my room and givens a robe to change to. The nurse brought all my medication which I already paid for (€40) and told me the doctor would be with me shortly. Everyone kept asking if I was nervous but I wasn't.
The doctor came and made a remark about my making it but not in a rude or bad way but like in a good you could make it way. He asked my bra size and I told him I sincerely don't know as I have never been measured. He asked me what my desired look was and i showed him pictures of leah Francis on my phone. And then I went ahead and told him the biggest implants that I can have and that would also give media a natural looking boobs just like leah Francis. He now explained he was going under tge the muscle, creasing incision and cohesive silicone implants. I already knew these would be the best for what I needed so I asked him how many cc could give me my desired result and he said 600 cc well after marking me up and examining my breast dimensions he then said 700cc would be the biggest he can


use and for me that was fine, the bigger the better. I read about so many ladies having boobs greed and I don't want to look back after the surgery wishing I went bigger.

Oh I forgot to mention I travelled alone.

Well I was taken to this very modern anaesthetic room, and met the anaesthetist. I was asked if I had been under anaesthetic before and I replied yes and he asked how long it took me to go out and I replied immediately, he then asked how long it took me to come around and i replied definitely after the surgery I woke up later in my room then.
Well after he did his thing, I was knocked out immediately, until I woke up in my room and in so much pain and a compression bra with a strap attached to it. The strap was making it impossible for me to breath well so I had to undo it though any time the nurse or doctor came they strap it on again and when they leave I undo it again.
Well I remember the doctor saying earlier that the first 3 to 5 days I would want to kill him. But I was more like wishing he should come and remove the implants. The pain was unbearable. Then later I was oh my Gwad, I bought pain with my money.
And after that I was like ok to look good isn't easy, so I have to bear the pain.
Well the nurse came and told her about my pain on the left breast which was the only pain I was having but too much, she brought some pills for me which didn't help, after 30 minutes the pain was still there, so she gave me a dissolving tablet for under my tongue. Didn't help. And then when the doctor came to check me i told him about the pain and he put me pain relief in my iv.
Well the pain reduced a bit but couldnt stand straight.
In Belgium it is against the law for private clinic to have patients stay overnights, I knew thos and I knew the clinic closes around 6 or 7am qhich they did but they were nice to leave a nurse stayed back with me till 9:45pm. And she was really nice, checking on me every few minutes and bringing glasses of Cola for me.
Well I heard some clinics in Belgium will send you out when it is their closing time but this was not so in my time at Beclinic.
The nurse asked if I wanted taxi to my hotel, I should let her know and I told her I was ready and she called taxi and I left
I get to the hotel and the restaurant was closed. I was told to eat something ( I didn't eat since 12 the night before surgery) so I asked if they could get me something to eat, they said they could and I told them I won't come downstairs to eat.
Well they made this very delicious but expensive spaghetti bolognese ordered 2 glasses of Cola and a bottle of water.
I tried eating and couldnt.
So I asked if they could please bring the food upstairs so I could eat when I feel better. They did. Getting back to the room, I threw up but not mmuch and mostly the Cola I drank.
I slept well on my back with 3pillows.
The next morning I had no pain at all.
Checked out 8:30 pm.
Called the clinic to tell them I was leaving and they said to call them if eve the need to.


Well I was without pain.I even had to jog to catch my train to Germany.
A friend was suppose to pick me at the end station and give me a ride home but he had his kids visiting and although he wanted to, I didn't want kids jumping on me so soon, so I took a taxi, big mistake, the ride wasnt smooth and I ended up being in pains though not strong.
Got home and went to bed.
I only stand up to eat, clean up, use the toilet and drink my pills which I take every 4 hours.
I love my boobs and I seriously pray I don't have complications.
They are sitting high and I wish they could drop and fluff so soon.
They are also very swollen and hurt more than the 1st day post op.
The reasons for the pain might ne the compression strap which I have on day and night or the fact that my bed is high and I have to lift my upper body off the bed anytime i want to get off the bed and doing this hurts my boobs.
This morning I put a box beside the bed so it isn't high to come off it. Hope this helps.
Ice packs are a blessing.
I dont know if the arnica and bromelain tablets work but I am still taking it.
The compression on my bra are d devil because of the pain from wearing it but also a blessing becauae of the compression.
If I take it off my boobs hurt and swell.
I have sharp needle and pin like pain known as zingers and my boobs are hard, swollen and sitting high.
They feel numb but all these will get better with time.
Right now I just wonder how some ladies say they had little or no pain.
Going back to Dr Plovier for chin lipo and mini face lift.
I hope my reviews helps



Pre op, wish pics and post op pics

More to come

Leah Francis wish pics

Wish pics, pre op and post op pics to see what I had., , what I wanted and what I got
Dr Frank Plovier.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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