23 Petite. 32B Looking for a Natural Looking D. Belgium, BE

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Too big?!

4 day post op update. I had 550cc silicone unders. I started as 32B and was aiming for a natural looking D. I feel very stupid and upset right now as I didn't actually discuss a cc size and just took pictures along of my 'wish boobs' having been given the details of my implants afterwards I now know that I have 550cc and they look huge. I am aware that they will soften and drop aswell as loose the swelling that I currently have but I can't help but think I have made a huge mistake and that these implants are too big for my small frame. Extremely upset with myself. Any advice welcome, I have been crying all day!

5 days post op

Just thought I would post an update tonight at 5 days post op, doing a little bit of massaging before I put the dreaded bra and compression strap on. I feel like I can see a slight drop but am still feeling pretty huge at the moment. In terms of pain it's pretty much gone now only get a few twinges when moving a certain way but other than that not bad at all. Hopefully things will get better each day and they will start to feel more like a part of my body.

A week today!

One week post op already! Back to work tomorrow, virtually no pain just pressure and a bit of discomfort first thing in the morning.
They're still hard as rock, high and wide but there is a slight improvement from last week. I'm wearing a compression band day and night and doing some massages before I go to the bed.

11 days!

11 days post op already and I'm glad to say I'm feeling a lot better! Starting to see some changes and they are feeling slightly softer than last week. I can't wait for them to get softer and drop and fluff more now.

Day 12

Not much change today, strangely feeling slightly more swollen than yesterday so might start taking some ibuprofen again to try to keep the swelling down. I think
It's probably down to being back to work and moving a lot during the day, I wish I could still laze around! Just updated a before and after picture for those wondering

18 days post op

18 days post op and I decided to try on an old Bikini which is now pretty much a nipple cover! They're a lot softer now but still look really round and fake to me, any advice on when they will start to look a more natural shape?! I don't want two footballs...

7 months post op

Before and after side by side Dr plovier- 550ccs

Almost a year post op and thinking of revision to go smaller

Almost a year post op and thought i would upload some pictures as in still wishing I went smaller. I love the shape of my boobs now but wish they were smaller, finding clothes to fit my petite body but big boobs has been a nightmare and lingerie/ swimwear even worse! I had a breast englagement to give me more confidence and feel better about myself but Im now self consious for the opposite reason, cant win! Haha. I have enquired about revision surgery so hopefully I will be able to afford it soon and finally be happy!

Bring back the smaller boobies!

Over the last few weeks I have been in quite a bit of discomfort especially during the night and when I wake up in the morning, I think this is due to.the implants being big on my small frame. I also feel like my implants have started to move further apart especially on my right side and have noticed in the mirror that the right side now looks a different shape and my nipple is lower on the right than the left. I have uploaded some new pictures and would love to hear some opinions :)
Dr Frank Plovier

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