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Went in for my consultation with my PS, he told me...

Went in for my consultation with my PS, he told me it would be a few weeks to go through insurance and to call him back if they didn't call me first well two weeks went by and I didn't hear anything so called them, they hadn't even sent in paper work yet so I was a little disappointed but she said she would get it in right away the next week called back and I was approved ! It all of a sudden became really real to me.

Other ladies journeys haves helped.

I want to thank all you ladies on here who have shared their BR experiences it's helped me more than I can say. It's helped me to have courage to face this, encouragement to know that I might feel better after it's done. I have 8 days to go! I'm a 38 G , 52 years old , just tired of the uncomfortable feeling that goes along with large breasts, not to mention nothing fits right so I end up trying to hide behind large shirts and layered clothing. I want to feel confident in how I look plus want to feel better. Been cleaning and getting supplies, thank you all for you lists they have been very helpful. Still very nervous and trying not to think of it only a week away !

Getting Nervous......!

I'm going in for Pre- Op tomorrow, still have this pit in my stomach but I know that if I keep going forward I can do this. My husband is supportive which I'm very thankful. I'm a little worried about the size I will be? My PS told me C or D? I'm thinking I want to go smaller so a C....? after being so large I can't even imagine. Also I have been reading a lot of other posts and I'm thankful for the lists of things I might need so I've been shopping but is there anything that I might be forgetting that possibly helped? I have front opening shirt... but no surgical bras yet I did go shopping for one but I didn't know what size to get is there time to buy one after or do I need that support right away? I'm a little worried about right after. Any advice I would appreciate it. Thank you!

52 yr old grandma...38G ,

Went in for pre-open yesterday they really didn't do much just gave me a few instructions and sent me on my way. I did have a list of questions they helped answer which made me feel better. Still very nervous but PS said it was natural to have these feelings. Guess I'm ready just waiting for Wednesday morning I'm the first of the day. Prayers needed.

Had Surgery........

Wow, what a day still in hospital but wanted to give an update.

All I can say being on this side is wow , I admire everyone who has done this, can't find the words.

I will give description when I home, writing on kindle is a pain.

Home... sweet home!

Oh my gosh glad to get home. The hospital was wonderful but can't get any real rest in there. My PS changed my dressings before I left the hospital so I haven't really gotten a good look yet and have to have these on til Tuesday ! I just feel a little flat chested, not sure what size I'm going to be. PS said around a C so I'm excited about that. Still real sore, and tired. After surgery wasn't a good time, had extreme amount of nausea. They gave the patch and anti nausea which they figured was over the top, took off the patch and I was better. So not sure I would recommend the patch not anti nausea thru intravenous. What an experience though and so happy to be on this side and recooperating. Hang in there gals such a good feeling we're not alone in all this.

Still feel swollen.....can't wait to get these bandages off today!!

Been antsy all week but really trying to stay down and rest. It's really really hard for me to relax not in my nature. Can't find anything to watch either which is not good. I've been wearing this bandage for almost a week now I'm so tired of it and now an ace bandage over this one because it's drooping. By 1pm I will feel better going in to get this off. I'm excited to see what's been going on under there it's a little nerve racking, I'm anxious to see it and get to mending. I put on a sweat shirt and love how it feels and looks already, my pockets are where their suppose to be. Only you ladies would know what I mean by that. So, looking forward to my new look and feel. Have a great day of healing!

So excited about my results!

Went in for my Post-op today I couldn't wait to get that old bandage off I was a bit nervous seeing the new me for the first time I did gasp a little bit when I seen the incisions but it does take your breath away at first sight I do feel quite fragile but the PS said it couldn't look any better this is day 6. He said I could shower and start lifting arms over my head and light walking but don't get my pulse rate up or doing anything strenuous, still no driving for another week that alone is going to make me go insane. But, I've got some projects that need to be worked on that will not exert any energy, but I tell ya after I heal I'm going to be exercising like crazy ! I love my new look and so very happy I have this behind me what a relief! Happy Healing!

Love this Post Operative Bra.....best one I found!

I bought this post operative bra on a suggestion from another lady on here catpawja's review. I wanted to pass it on as well, this is the best supportive bra I've ever worn. I wore just a sports bra yesterday and didn't feel as comfortable and as supported for the healing process as this one. It's a Marena Comfort Wear I got it on Amazon, I also got an XL, I'm not a small person anyway, but it fit perfectly and I feel secure in it which is a great comfort because let's all agree we feel a little worried we are going to hold together afterwards. Well, this one makes the grade, love it and I would recommend it to others. Looks like they have different styles I got the BS-4244-H , looking to order another one.

17 days post op... Doing good!

I received a few replies that they were worried about that spot under my nipple on my left, it is healing quite nicely my PS told me to just put healing ointment on it and it will close up nicely. I have noticed a difference after 17 days it is closing and looking better as time goes by. I do have to be careful not to do too much or I swell and get a little spot of blood on the gauze at the end of the day. Still wearing my post op bra's which I love and still putting a clean new gauze inside everyday. I have had no pain in my neck or back and no spasms but I'm not back to my normal activity yet either so I'm very optimistic that I won't have any!

Day 23 healing faster than expected.

Had my check up this week PS said I was doing great it is amazing how fast we heal if we rest and do what the doctor says. I'm so thankful I went through with the surgery, I'm feeling great! I have been washing with the hibiclens everyday, being extremely careful not to touch the area without clean sterile hands. I bought Dettol hand and body wash as well. I change the bra and gauze daily especially if there is a spot on it. My doctor said swet promotes bacteria we don't want that right now if I find myself swetting I go take a shower and change my bra and gauze. Keeping this area dry is important. I use neosporin anti itch, scar ointment is all right now.

8 weeks post

Feeling so much better, not quite back to normal activity but working on it each day. Getting a lot of feeling back and swelling has gone down in my right breast but the left not as much but it's getting better.
There has not been a day go by that I'm so grateful that I made the decision to do this I feel remarkably better.
I'm a wee bit nervous my 30 year old kids are coming home for Christmas and I did not tell them what I did. Think they'll notice :) lol

Ten Weeks

Can't believe how fast the time has gone. I wanted to be all healed up before Christmas and I guess I got my wish, I'm feeling absolutely great except for this darn cold I got a few weeks back it keeps hanging on but I'm trying to get it gone too. My breasts though I have to say I've never felt better, this is truly a life changing experience I absolutely am so happy I did this. If I could encourage those who are afraid to do this surgery I would. There are some others who have shared their journeys as well who have had troubles and have posted some scary stuff not saying it could happen there are chances we take but even those ladies did not write they regretted doing it. My scars are doing so good, using Bio Oil and Mederma and Lavender essential oils is all, I've thought about using the strips but haven't because the hassle didn't seem worth it to me. I'm enjoying exercise again and also sleeping on my side even roll over on my tummy once in awhile. Life is good.

18 Weeks from surgery.

Just throwing a question out here to see if anyone else is having this issue. I'm healing really quite nicely but I do have a few hard lumps under the incisions and just under the nipple, I'm thinking it is scar tissue, but I have been massaging the area and hoping it will go down eventually but was wondering if anyone else was having the same issue. My PS said it would take up to a year for swelling to go totally away so I'm just trying to reassure myself.
Doctor Busby

What a kind gentle man I found in doctor Busby, so glad I went with him. He made me feel better right from the start.

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