26, 100lbs, 5'3", 286cc Unders!

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I'm currently 2 days post-op! Everything has...

I'm currently 2 days post-op!

Everything has been going well. I had my surgery at 7:30am this past Wednesday, and was home before 11 :)

Before meeting with my surgeon, I assumed I would get at least 300ccs, based on online browsing. But as you all know, that's not exactly how this works! I was barely a 32A before, and my surgeon said the largest she would go would be 286. I am now so happy she capped me!

During the surgery, the anesthesiologist only gave me half the dose of anesthesia due to my size, which I am thankful for - I had no nausea or bad reactions to the anesthesia. However, the nurse gave me 10mg of oxy before I left, and as I got home I couldn't hold myself up, fell to my knees (my boyfriend had to pick me up and get me inside) and I lost my vision for a few seconds. I felt very sick, like I got hit by a train and was about to pass out. That lasted only a couple of minutes and I haven't had any trouble since. I've only taken 5mg of oxy at a time after that, but I'm thinking it was a mix of all the meds and anesthesia that caused me to have that reaction. It's been smooth sailing afterwards!

Currently, I feel my implants (286cc mod plus Naturelle 15) seem a little push to the sides. I know the shape and position will change over the next couple of months, and even if they end up spaced out once settled, I'll be okay with that! I am so stoked to have something rather than nothing and in my opinion they look great as it is! So I am excited to see how they change.

I had my one day post op appointment yesterday. The nurse took off my bandages and I've been instructed to wear a loose sports bra from here on out.

I took an oxy this morning at 8:30, but then switched to only acetaminophen, which I just took about an hour ago. So far so good!

I've been icing and taking it easy. Yesterday I went on a walk, but was pretty uncomfortable by the time I got back and became very sore later in the evening. I decided to take it even easier today :)

Unfortunately I don't have a good 'before' picture, but here are some of my day 1 post op (yesterday).

Thanks for reading!

Pre-Op pictures!

I remembered today that I had access to my 3D simulation pictures, which include my pre-op scan. So here they are!

Exhausted and Emotional?

Hi ladies :) Yesterday was 2 days post-op. I took a 5mg Oxycodone at 8:30am when I woke up, drank a glass of water, took my antibiotics, and fell back asleep for an hour.

I took it super easy of course and didn't do much of anything all day... It feels weird being so lazy! I didn't take any more Oxy the rest of the day, but took some acetaminophen which seemed to help. I'm not in a ton of pain - my incisions are slightly bothersome but not too bad. I did take half of a muscle relaxer which knocked me out for another couple of hours.

After waking up after the muscle relaxer, I noticed I just felt so mentally exhausted the rest of the day. I didn't feel like my normal happy self. The feeling wasn't really an issue, as I wasn't doing anything or interacting with anyone - I just felt really "off".

It was almost as if I felt completely exhausted on top of having pms. Once or twice I felt on the verge of tears for seemingly no reason!

I'm not sure if this is because surgery took a lot out of me, if it was from stopping the Oxy, or it was caused by the muscle relaxer, or from being sedentary all day. Probably a mixture!

I feel much better today and am going to take a short walk - it's sunny in Oregon, gotta take advantage! :) I think I will also do some logo design today to keep me preoccupied and stop me from feeling helpless and lazy.

Have a good day! :))

Back to Work Tomorrow!

Well, this first week has been pretty great! I was getting s little stir crazy the first couple days, but I've been able to get out which has helped :)

I'm attaching some pictures I took yesterday. Things are already softening up!

10 Days Post :)

Hey ladies!

Just posting some 10 day post pictures :)

I'm seeing progress which is a plus! My right is a tiny bit higher than the left, but that's to be expected. My nipples look like they are at different levels in the picture (made me double take in the mirror! Lol), but they're not.

I have some soreness along the sides and underneath of the implants, nothing too bad! I'm completely off pain meds and haven't taken Tylenol in 3 days.

As of right now, I'm taking half of a muscle relaxer at night before bed (a full one puts me in this strange sleep state, almost hallucinating.. Which is distracting and keeps me from sleeping well!). I am completely done with my antibiotics (yay!!!) and normal life is starting to feel normal again :)

No one at work has noticed - this is probably because of my push up bras I used to wear and I'm also being particular about what tops I wear :)

Which brings me to a thought - I cannot wait to go bikini shopping! :P

Hope you all the best in your research and recovery! Xx

Incisions - 2 weeks PostOp

Just a photo of my incisions! They are looking way better than I expected (I saw them at one day post, and felt like Frankenstein lol).

In other news, I can now drive without it feeling strange to activate my chest muscles (woo!).
Nipples are getting more sensitive by the day... Nothing too uncomfortable so far, but noticeable occasionally. Glad I have feeling rather than none!!


Bikini Season is Near!!

I live in Oregon, and if there is one thing an Oregonian loves to take advantage of, it's sunshine!!! Summer is soon and I'm so ready :3

It might not be smart to buy a bra at 2 weeks post, but I couldn't help but buy this bikini top. I'm going to Vegas in 2 months for our yearly trip to EDC... And I got a little excited and splurged on this top. Love love love it!

I also came to realize that strapless bikini tops with underwires/ cups do NOT work with my new boobs lol. I have such a small frame and those tops make my boobs stand out way more than I like :P

Happy research and healing ladies!! Xx

1 month (and some') Post :)

Hellllo all :D

The 15th was my 1 month post-op, woo!

They've softened up, dropped a bit more, all swelling is gone, all nipple feeling is back in my right and "getting there" in my left. I still have numbness on the underside of my left, as is normal.
And my right side is riding a little higher and tighter than my left at the moment, although I'm not sure if you can really see that in the pictures.

My doc gave me tape to put over my incisions for 6weeks after my 3week appointment... I've just taken them off a few days ago and noticed a slight rash/ irritation, so I've left them off since.
I'm calling in today to see if they recommend I keep them on anyway or if leaving them off would be better.
One thing to note - the tape, even in that short of time, helped my scars tremendously. Before they were... Bumpy, for lack of a better word. But now they are just about 100% smooth :) the incision itself has darkened a bit but not terribly.

So so so happy!

Here are a couple pictures for you, and I'll likely do another post around my next appointment, which is June 8th.


2 1/2 Months Post

So I figured it was time for another update :)

I did end up in a 32D, and have been on a little bit of a bra-buying binge that I think is finally dwindling down :P The ladies feel 100% a part of me and things have been great!

I do have a little bit of rippling on the sides when I bend over, but that was expected seeing as to how I have so little fat/ breast tissue. It doesn't bother me one bit, but worth posting on this update to give ya all the info!

Also, since my implants have settled in, my scars are slightly more noticeable. Honestly, I didn't realize this until I was taking pictures to go along with this update haha. I don't think they are as visible in person... Either way, the scars themselves are looking really good :)) I did go tanning about a month ago before my trip to Vegas and I used band aids over my incisions... So I have a tan line around the incisions haha. I'm definitely done tanning in a bed for now :)

Hope all of you are doing well! Xx

6-month Update

Ladies! It's been exactly 6 months since my surgery, and I thought some pictures would be (inappropriately) appropriate. :)

Aside from pictures, I have little to update you on. A few weeks ago I did notice a sharp pain in my left breast, which ended up going away after a week. I think it was due to exertion during some upper body workouts. I had my check up last week and all is good!

I am still just about completely numb on my left breast, on the outside side and underneath... Hoping this comes back but I know it may be another 6 months. Despite, it's not too bothersome.

So, here are the goods! I took pictures with my Victoria's Secret unlined Demi on as well.

Good luck in your searches and happy healing all :)


6 months - Pictures!

My photos didn't want to upload with the last post, so here they are.

Xx - C


Portland Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Waldorf has been great. Not super personable, but she is good at what she does. My only complaint is that she forgot to put something in my nipple piercing holes, despite talking about it right before surgery. This forced me to have to put in my rings myself, in swollen nipples, which wasn't too fun or easy. Staff is amazing! I am 100% happy with my decision and couldn't imagine having gone with anyone else.

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