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I am 45, 5'5", 194 lbs. I have been up...

I am 45, 5'5", 194 lbs. I have been up and down in my weight all my life. I have a huge fat roll in my lower abdomen that won't go away even if I am at a lower weight. My sister had a full tummy tuck several years ago and everything she told me she went through I knew I did not want that.

I thought this Smart Lipo sounded like what I needed. I am not looking to get into a bikini or anything I just want to look better in clothes, especially pants. I have a lot of stretch marks too so I know that I am not going to have a "beautiful" stomach, I just want to lose the roll.

I am scheduled for Smart Lipo on 29 April 2011. I have been reading all the reviews and tips on RealSelf and I think I am really ready to do this. I will post pictures before the procedure.

I picked up my antibiotics and valium today. I am...

I picked up my antibiotics and valium today. I am still looking at reviews and videos to make sure I get a really good idea of what I am getting myself into. What I have learned so far is there is going to be some pain during the procedure especially when they start putting the numbing fluid in. I will probably be numb for a little while after I have the procedure but when it wears off it will hurt. I will be bruised (I bruise easy any way). I need to have someone around to help me out of bed for the first 24-48 hours. It is going to take at least 3 months to see good results. The compression garment is really uncomfortable but is the key to getting good results.

I have Bromelain already and I am going to pick up more plus some Arnica. I bought another compression type garment that I read about in one of the threads called Flexees and it is a tank top with a compression element built in. I am going to pick up some ice packs to use on and off. I need to get some old towels to have in the car for the trip home and also some puppy training pads to have on the bed to keep the sheets and mattress safe.

That's all I can remember right now, I am still looking around for tips so if you have any to share please post them here.

I just noticed I didn't say what I was having...

I just noticed I didn't say what I was having done, I will be having upper and lower abs + flanks. I got a reduced price for bundling everything. They charge $2500 per body part. The total was $7500 but was discounted to $6000 for bundling then they were running a marketing special (grand opening) with a coupon for $1200 off so that is how it ended up being $4800. Bad part is you have to pay up front and there is no refund. They better do a good job! I told my husband I was going to tell them up front I am writing this review so they better take darn good care of me! LOL.

Adding new picture for Rock to see. Well, the...

Adding new picture for Rock to see.

Well, the surgery place called me yesterday and I missed the call. I've called back twice and got a machine. I called again and the girl at the front desk didn't want to talk to me because the other girl had called so she said the girl would call me back after surgery and I said she could call me at 6 and it is now 9. Not going well for customer service so far.

I picked up all of my supplies today. Maxi-pads,...

I picked up all of my supplies today. Maxi-pads, Arnica, Bromelain, paper pads to put on the bed and a waterproof pad to put between the sheet and the mattress. At CVS they had an epsom rub, takes the place of getting into the tub with epsom salts. Tonight I am going to get things set up around my bed so I won't have to go far to get things. My bedroom is upstairs so not sure once I get upstairs, when I will go down again. Can't wait for tomorrow!!

Adding new before photos. These are in my bathing...

Adding new before photos. These are in my bathing suit. I pulled up the piece that normally covers my belly. You can see my figure better in these photos.

Well, I had my procedure yesterday. I went in at 5...

Well, I had my procedure yesterday. I went in at 5 pm to get prepped and that went fairly well. I didn't feel the numbing shots or the fluid going in except when he was near my ribs. The Dr. ended up doing Vaser instead of Smart Lipo. Again I didn't have any issues with the Vaser except for near the ribs. You can see in my photos that is where I had the most bruising. Everything went really well until he wanted me to stand up to do some suctioning and my hypogylcemia kicked in and I just couldn't do it. The tech tried to put another IV in to try to put some more floods in but my veins had shut down (I have issues with my veins) she tried about 8 times and then we gave up. I had a box of juice and felt better by the time to go. Since he couldn't get the extra fluid out I am really leaking a lot of fluid but that is okay. I still have a lot of loose skin on the bottom but I think I will lose some of that with the fluid loss too. I am really happy with the look so far but again lots of fluid to get rid of and swelling. My compression garments are a really huge ace bandage and a wrap around brace type thing, reminds me of a back support. I am also wearing the Flexee tank top so three layers of compression right now. I am attaching my Day 1 after pictures. I will try to take some every few days.

I forgot to mention that I have had very little...

I forgot to mention that I have had very little pain. I am just taking Tylenol every 4-6 hours. I am sure I will get more sore as time goes on, already kind of feels like I did a really intense ab workout. I have to agree with others that have posted that it isn't a lunch time procedure. If you have to work on Monday, I would suggest a Friday evening procedure so you can hopefully finish leaking by Monday.

I also forgot to mention that they took about 5 tubes of fat out of me, would have been more if we could have finished. I am not sure how many cc's or liters that is but they said I broke the record for the office...not sure if that is a good thing...LOL.

Day 3. Everything is going okay. The tape to hold...

Day 3. Everything is going okay. The tape to hold the pads on is really irritating my skin. I hope I will stop leaking soon so I can stop using the tape. The bottom is still very baggy, I hope that this will go away. I am not in too much pain, just uncomfortable when I have the compression bandage on too tight. I did drive today and went to Target.

One thing I hadn't seen anyone mention is that there is a lot of gas the second day so make sure you have some Gas-X. Definitely make sure you have a waterproof mattress cover and some chucks to sleep on. I have leaked the last couple nights and had to get up and change all my bandages and clothes.

Posting pictures for Day 3 below. Hopefully, tomorrow I can take them without the pads on.

Updated Picture 3 Captions

Updated Picture 3 Captions

Day 5. Feeling really sore and fat today. I think...

Day 5. Feeling really sore and fat today. I think I have some swelling, pictures don't look that great today. Fitting into my clothes better though so that is one of the things I really wanted out of all of this. Down the road I am going to have to go get the excess skin taken out but I can live with it for now. I would like to really build up my stomach muscles and see how that looks and go from there. I will start working on abs as soon as I get the okay from the Dr.

Day 7. Today is a week since my procedure. I...

Day 7. Today is a week since my procedure. I think it is looking better today even though the pictures didn't turn out that great. I had thumb surgery yesterday so didn't feel like standing too long. I still have a lot of fluid coming out the right side I've lost count how many times I have changed it. I hope it stops soon. It has been really hard getting bandages and compression garments on with one hand! since I have mostly been laying in bed I started doing isometric ab work, I think it is helping. Time to go, hate typing with one hand. I will post new pictures in 2 days.

Adding Day 7 captions to pictures.

Adding Day 7 captions to pictures.

Day 9. Posting updated pictures. Everything seems...

Day 9. Posting updated pictures. Everything seems to be settling down except for the drainage from the right side. I have to change the pad 4-5 times a day. I have my follow up Tuesday but I hope it will stop by then.

Day 11. I had my follow-up today. All is well, Dr...

Day 11. I had my follow-up today. All is well, Dr. thinks that the bottom sag will tighten up more over time but will probably still be loose just because it was so stretched. I knew that going in so no surprise there. I think the photos are looking really good today. I will post 2 week photos on Friday.

Today is 2 weeks since my procedure! I think...

Today is 2 weeks since my procedure! I think things are going well. I really need to take wearing my compression garments more seriously. They are just so uncomfortable! I am happy with the results so far, still hoping that the lower half will tighten up some but I am liking how my clothes are fitting. I am getting ready to start the Slim n 6 series now that I am fairly well healed up. I had great results with the program before and am hoping that it will help with the ab area. I am posting my before swim suit pictures and pictures from today. I will probably only post weekly from here on out.

Week 3. It has been 3 weeks since my procedure. I...

Week 3. It has been 3 weeks since my procedure. I continue to wear a compression underwear during the day but don't wear anything at night. I am quite happy with the look and I believe there is some tightening of the skin on the bottom but I don't believe it will get totally flat. I am definitely going to have to get smaller pants, I am holding my size 16s up with a belt. I will post some more pictures in a week.
Pure MD (Dr. Kamal Morar)

My friend came and sat in the room with me and we had a really fun time during the procedure. Cons were that I kind of felt abandoned after I had my hypoglycemia episode. Also, I wish they had a nurse to assist instead of a med tech. She was really super nice but just for peace of mind I would have preferred to have a nurse but then I guess it would cost more. Also, please note that none of the Doctor's at Pure MD are not board certified plastic surgeons just in case that is one of your criterias.

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