My 27 Year Dream Finally Comes True...or maybe not.

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Here's my story... I was born with really small...

Here's my story...

I was born with really small teeth with large spaces between the front 6 teeth and extremely pointy canine teeth - I looked like dracula. Braces would not correct the gaps - they were too large. I never could afford veneers so I chose to get the front 4 bonded - they've been bonded for most of my life. The bonding was always chipping and breaking off plus my teeth were so discolored that I decided to go with veneers.

April 2015 - Consultation with the dentist in Orlando, FL. She recommended 10 veneers and Crown Lengthening Procedure.

May 2015 - Had the Crown Lengthening Procedure with Dr. Lee in Orlando, FL. This was moderately painful. I had never heard of this procedure but am so glad the dentist recommended it. I never knew how uneven my gums were.

June 2015 - The day I got my temporaries. Crown Lengthening Procedure healed and I am ready for temporaries. It took 7 hours of prepping my teeth. Once the temps were put in, the dentist warned my not to look too closely because they would look strange - especially since they are made from acrylic. She wasn't kidding. I HATED THEM when I first looked in the mirror. Seriously, I wanted to die when I saw them. What had I done? However, after 3 days I started to like them. Over the next month I had my bottom teeth whitened and had to wear the temporaries.

July 2015 - After a month of wearing temporaries, I finally got my veneers. Removing the temporaries wasn't too bad and I had no bleeding because I had done the flossing technique for 2 weeks prior at least 2 times a day. It was on this day that I realized I was getting both veneers and crowns. Whatever - it didn't matter to me. I just wanted a new smile. About 5 hours into my visit I finally had a new smile. I was so happy!

However, once I got home and could finally open my mouth, I noticed black spaces between the top 4 teeth where my gums didn't fill in to meet the teeth. Otherwise known as black triangles. The teeth looked HUGE to me and were really fat. The next day I spoke to the dentist and she said to come in after 1 week and she would look at them. One week later - she looked at them and was not happy. Sooooo.... she told me to give it 4 weeks to see if my gums would grow in and fill the black triangles so that is what I did.

September 2015 - One LOOOOOONG month later. I wish I could've been put in a self-induced coma during this time so I wouldn't have had to look at my teeth. However, I went back to the dentist and she made the decision to remove the 4 front veneers and she placed temporaries back on. It was time for a re-do. 3 weeks later, the dentist called me and the lab requested that the dentist lower my margins in order for the new veneers to be 'perfect'. So I went BACK IN and the dentist removed my 2nd set of temporaries, lowered my margins, and put new temporaries back on. I absolutely hated the new temps - but after 3 days I started to like them.

October 14 - I still have the temps on the front 4 teeth. At this point - I would love to keep the temporaries for the rest of my life and live happily ever after. I love my dentist and am blessed to have the best dentist that wants to make sure I am happy; however, this has been the most traumatizing thing I have ever gone through emotionally. I have more selfies and pictures of my teeth on my phone than I do of my kids. My family is sick of hearing about my teeth and tell me to quit obsessing over it. I have dreams every night about my teeth and I am always analyzing people's teeth now when I see them. I am at the point where I need to remove every mirror in my home.... and probably every store I go into as well. I have looked at every picture on the internet of anyone that has ever had veneers or crowns. I have become obsessed - it has consumed me.

I do not regret my decision, I just wish the process was much easier. How did the lab mess up my front 4 veneers so badly the first time and who knows if I will like the new ones? The one good thing is I do like the 3 crowns that I have on each side - it's the front 4 that have scarred me for life. Ugh. It's only teeth, right?!

Thanks for listening. :-)

My finals came in today!

Well, my finals came in and the dentist just sent me this picture. I'm excited and nervous at the same time because they look so big! I've always had super tiny teeth. I have to schedule a time to go in and have them placed. I will keep everyone posted!

My redo. :)

So today I had my front four crowns redone. It started out great! Temps were removed, I felt so good because the dentist used a machine that makes sure that the new crowns/veneers match the previous ones. The dental assistant said she was going to send the new crowns back to the lab if they weren't a match. They were a match! I was so relieved because that was my biggest concern as well as the black triangles between the teeth.

So the temporaries were removed and my teeth and gums were prepped. She temporarily put on the crowns and they looked amazing.... So amazing I cried.

Then it was time to cement them. This took awhile because one of the crowns wasn't sitting right so some of the gum had to be contoured. This may have been the case on the other teeth but I'm not sure.

Once everything was all done I made my 1 week follow up appointment and I went to my car. Immediately I noticed the color of the new 4 crowns up front was off. They weren't as white as the 3 crowns on each side of the new ones. I immediately went back to the dentist and she said the dark color was a 'hue' that was reflecting from my gums being so dark and bloody.

I am posting pics but they are not great since the lighting is horrible.

Help! I need advice!

I go in on Tuesday for my one week follow up from having my crowns placed. I have to make a decision whether to have the front 4 redone again for the third time. Wha would you do if you were in my shoes? I'm not sure about the size, shape, and color. Maybe I am being overly picky. Please help!

My next step! Will this ever end!?

I received a response from my dentist today about my redo on the top front 4 and them being a different color. So apparently they were the same color when they left the lab and when they were prepared at the dentist something wasn't done properly. So the lab recommended a polishing kit to remove the porcelain glaze stain. Ugh. Who knew! I seriously thought 7 months ago that was was going to go to the dentist, get a beautiful smile, and live happily ever after. HA!!!!!

Well guess what?!?

I will be going through my 3rd redo on January 5. Yep! I went to my dentist yesterday and she asked me how I was feeling about my crowns and so I told her. She wants me 100% happy so we are redoing them again. She took this picture with my camera and to me they are way too bulky, big, and curvy. Anyone else have any experience with Gold Dust lab in AZ?

Here goes my 3rd redo....

10 months later and I'm just starting my third redo... I can't even believe I'm saying that. Here is the proposed wax up. Based on this wax up, I requested the front 2 centrals to be slightly longer and now I wait for an updated wax up.

Final wax up

I just approved the final wax up. Ugh. I'm not sure but after 18 months, I'm just ready to be done. 3rd time's a charm, right? ????
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