21 Years Old, 1 child . Lipo 360!

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I've always been on the thick side but I was...

I've always been on the thick side but I was always comfortable with my self. Durning the Last 2 years is when I started becoming self conscious about my abdomen, love handles & back fat. I've been to 1 consultation so far in Hunnington Park, CA she gave me a quote of 4700. There is no online reviews so I'm a little skeptical. She has showed me before & after pictures but not many. Ima go back & see her because I feel like I need more clarity. What type of questions should I ask? What should I look for ?

21 Year Old Mom Breastfeeding 7 Month Old Baby Wants Lipo

So my original plan was to have my lipo done in May. I fully breastfeed my 7 month old, I was going to make sure I had a months supply pumped. & I was going to pump & dump to keep my flow. My PS advised me that the antibiotics would dry me up & I don't wanna switch to formula so ig I have to make that motherly sacrifice & wait an additional 5 months :( Ima start back working out so my results can be that much better.

Labs next week !!!!

I'll be taking my labs next week & I'll also lock in my date. It'll be some time in May. I know I said I was going to wait because I breastfeed but I came to the conclusion that it'll benefit my baby too my giving her formula for a couple months, that's another story tho. I know forsure I'm anemic. Ima take iron pills before I do my labs so I won't have no issues. Is there anything else I should be taking ? If my hemo is low will 2 iron pills a day help boost in time ? I'll upload pre op pics once I set my date


I'll be financing my procedure, I was approved through United medical Credit for $4,000 w/ a $1300 downpayment pretty much. I'll be sending them the $1300 before Friday 4/22. Hopefully my doctor recieves the payment within a couple days then I'll lock in my date & do my labs & post my before pictures. That's when it'll be real lol. I've been taking my iron pills for 4 days. Ima continue to take them til the day of my blood work & I'll continue until the week before surgery.
Dr. Patty Martinez

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