31y Mum of 2! 130lbs 5'5'' 32c (Doesn't Fill Cup) - Manchester, GB

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So I have been contemplating this op since I was...

So I have been contemplating this op since I was 18! In fact I did see a consultant at the Harley Medical Group (Man) when I was 21, I decided at that point that it wasn't the right time for me. But now I have had 2 children and am the fitest I have ever been, my boobs aren't quiet up to scratch and often leave me feeling 'manly' and 'unattractive'. My husband has always 'seemed' against me having them done and always reassuring me that he likes them the way they are. However after having my 2nd child I had had enough and starting looking into it again.

I started by going to see The Harley Medical Group again because they were soooo useful last time. However this time I only got to see a nurse, not a consultant, but I wasn't told that I could have seen a consultant for my first appointment if I paid a fee. I would have been keen to do this because I knew I wanted the op, I didn't find the nurses appointment helpful at all. The building is wonderful however and is full equipped for cosmetic treatment appointments, however I was disappointed to here that this was not where my op would be done. I would have to travel to Preston hospital for the op, which slightly put me off! I presumed we would be in a private clinic not a main hospital.

This is when I came across Beaumont Hospital in Bolton (literally minutes down the road). So it ticked the box that it was close to home, I know people who have had operations there before (not cosmetic). You have to pay an initial consultation fee of £150 approx to see a consultant, when I got there I felt like it wasn't as 'made up' for cosmetic surgery, for example the consultant had all the silicon sizes in a old fashioned box instead of nearly presented like they were at Harley. However the more I spoke to my consultant (Mr Irfan Khan) all my concerns were knocked on the head. He explained everything I detail, I wasn't rushed, he helped me work out sizes and told me to come back 2 weeks later for a follow up (free appointment) where I could bring my husband. He makes all his clients take a 2 week period afte the initial appointment before he will book the surgery in. He wants to make sure that you are completely happy with the procedure and you don't get carried away with the excitement. This made me feel I could trust him, so when I saw him at my next appointment I booked him.

When choosing sizes I originally went for 320/345cc (one side is bigger than the other), however once I found out I could go a little bigger and my husband confirmed that it didn't look 'too' big I went for 385/415.

Oh and I'm also going for Overs which I have been a little worried about, by Dr Khan has reassured me that I have enough breast tissue to cover the implant and my recovery will be much faster.

Will update in a week once the nerves start kicking in and I'll post before pics too. Any words of encouragement from anyone who's been through it or about to under go a BA?

Before Op pics in vest

So here's some befores in a vest top that I wear for bed. I will do proper before and after a but will post those after the op.


Oh gosh, I've woken up today really worried that I am doing the right thing. I'm looking at my little boobs thinking 'they're not actually that bad'! WHAT! Why have I hated them for 12+ years and now I'm finally doing something about it I'm getting scared?

I'm hoping this is just a normal phase and it's more about the anxiety about the procedure, the after care and fear of adjustment once I get my new boobs.

Has anyone else had this fear before the op? I have 6 days to go ????????????????

Macon Bra's Before Pics!

So here we go. Some before pics!

After being a bag of nerves over the weekend I am now excited again.

I've been panicking that I have a sore throat and whether to tell surgeon. I have decided not to, I think it's just a bit of hayfever as it hasn't developed into anything else.

I'm writing my list of bits to take;
Button up top
Large zip up hoodie
2 X bra

Anything else anyone can recommend? Any good snack ideas to take?

Wow after uploading these pics I am so happy with my decision to have the implants! Whoop!


Wahhh. I can't believe it was February when I had my first consultation and its all happening tomorrow!!! I am scheduled super early at 8.30am so this time tomorrow I'll be at the hospital checking in! Wow it's all seeming very real and I have absolutely no idea what to expect. Will see you all on the other side ????????????????????????

2 hours to go......

Well I spelt amazingly well. Luckily I am first in surgery this morning so I need to be at the hospital for 7.45am and hopefully underway by 8.30am. I was allowed to eat until 2.30am this morning (so that wasn't a problem) and my last drink can be 6.30am. So I got up at 6am for a decaf coffee and some water. I've recorded some rubbish easy watching tele so I can try and switch off. Unfortunately I need to go to the hospital alone this morning. My mum was meant to be looking after my children so my husband could come with me but her back went into spasm last night and now she's unable to move ????. Friday the 13th definatly got our family yesterday. Anyway, wish me luck ????


So I was down to theatre about 9am and I was awake again but 10.20am.

So happy!

3 hours post surgery

OMG I feel pretty ok (so far)

Uncomfortable when I move but I wouldn't say pain.

I have taken a pic of my new cleavage and wow I have never been happier.

I have been through every emotion going so if you are waiting for your BA and want to have a chat, please feel free to message me ????????????????????????


5 hours post op and I feel great (considering) My kids and husband been to visit it and I have dared to look. They look flipping awesome (if not hilariously perky). Thank you to all the other bloggers on here. All your stories have helped make this whole experience a lovely one ????

Day 2

So I've had my new boobs for 24 hours now. Sleeping was a struggle, not from pain though just find it uncomfortable to sleep sitting up. I had codine and morphine during the night to keep the pain at bay. I have just arrived home and nipped out to get a V shaped pillow, a travel pillow and a softer larger sports bra (they had an offer in Tescos £3.50). My surgeon suggested just taking cocodamol and nothing else. I mustn't touch ibuprofen for at least a week. I'm feeling a little rough and tired today but nothing too bad. Think the pain is pretty low because I had mine over the muscle and I have a pretty high pain threshold too (hope I'm not speaking too soon) Me and my hubby have had a good laugh at the size of my new boobs. They're still very very high which is hilarious, but I love them still. And I have a cleavage!!! It's beautiful (if I do say so myself) Best decision I have ever made.

Essential Purchase and Shopping List

Ok I would say this literally saved me from another night of poor sleep.

Get yourselves a V shaped pillow and a small travel neck pillow (a blow up one will do). I can not tell you how comfortably I slept last night, no pain relief needed all night and I only woke up 2 times for the loo. They're also really comfortable for sitting on the sofa during the day too.

Also, I bought some Macom bras (which are amazing) but they are a little too stiff for first few weeks. My surgeon suggested just grabbing some cheap low/medium impact sports bra (like a crop top). I managed to pick one up for £3.50 from tesco and its so comfortable and shows off my new cleavage too whoop.

Here's my shopping list for over night stay at hospital;

Dressing gown
Floaty skirt
Baggy vest top
Zip up hoody (2 sizes bigger than original size)
Soft sports bra X 2
Face wipes
Foot cream
Snacks (to eat with medication to stop you feeling sick)
Flip flops/slip on shoes
V pillow
travel pillow

Make meals before
Order online food order to come the evening you get home
Pain killers
Childcare arrangements

Not sure if I've missed anything (I have just had a dose of Codine and its nearly knocked me out haha).

Day 4!

No need for any pain meds today whoop.

I'm trying to rest but I just want to start doing things now.

I've bought some bikinis which look pretty funny at the moment. Think it might take me a while to get used to my new size.

My breasts seem to getting softer now though which is nice. Still extremely high but that's to be expected.

Will take some more pics over the next few days.

Day 6

Just a quick photo update. 1. My mega cleavage in a sports bra!!! Amazing (if I do say so myself) 2/3. Incisions- I am so happy with the way my scars look. I can't believe it's only be 6 days since the op and they have healed so well. Concerns? I have had one concern which is that I can feel the implant underneath my boob. Since reading about different experiences, I think it is because my natual boob line on one side has been moved to even them out and therefore there is still some skin memory left in my original fold, I beleive in time this will relax and disappear. Either way I am still over the moon with my new boobs.

1 week anniversary

Oh gosh, it's like having the best relationship in the world, this has been the quickest week of my life with these beauties. I really beleive I have been so lucky to have the over the muscle because my recovery has been outstanding. Oh and obviously props go to my surgeon Dr Khan. I can't beleive I haven't mentioned him before. If you are based in the North West of the UK I would really recommend visiting Beaumont Hospital in Bolton. From the moment I met him I knew he would give me exactly what I wanted and I couldn't be happier. He not only made the symetrical sizes he also evened the height of the lower bust line. He listened to everything I said about wanting the size to be natural and not disproportionate and even convinced me that I could naturally go bigger. I had the image of looking like Victoria Beckham if I went too big haha (turns out I am not skinny enough for that to happen haha) The last couple of days I have been taking walks. I know you are meant to wait 2 weeks before walking but I am usually pretty fit so I have been taking slow walks and listening to my body. I have had the odd twinge of pain in my boobs and I still have really numb boobs. The skin on my chest is starting to get feeling back but the centre and my nipples are completely numb. Anyway that's my update for now. Any questions please shout x The 2 comparison pics are from day of surgery (top) and week 1 (bottom) A week ago I was waiting to go into surgery

2 weeks!

Wow what a quick week. Not much has changed really. I'm much more active, boobs are softening, I've got quiet a lot of numbness and my skin is sore to touch but they feel like they are apart of me now. They have some movement but not much and is near impossible to push them together. Overall very happy bunny

5 weeks!

5 weeks post op and everything seems to have settled now.

The patches of sensitive skin are shrinking and I'm starting to get some feeling back too.

The whole of my breast is softer and has dropped a little now.

I've bought some new bras and I was measured a 30F!!!!!!! I was a 32C before and had 425/385 silicon Naturelle implants.

I have started all excercise again. I used one of my old, sturdy bras for running and high impact and although it's a little small I find it holds them better and I feel no bounce at all.

Overall I am so so happy with my BA. I am due to see my consultant in 11 days so will update again then.
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