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I've finally done it! I've booked myself in for...

I've finally done it! I've booked myself in for the procedure I've wanted all my adult life!!
I have never been blessed with boobs. I've gone through life basically blagging the world into believing I have something up top by using the most padded, underwired, cleavage enhancing bras I can find and/or using large chicken fillet inserts. That said, I don't lie to people....I just don't go around showing my true flat-chested self in public or shout it from the hilltops that I'm flat as a pancake, so yeah, the world is pretty much clueless and think I have a "perfect figure". The sad truth, is that I do not. :'(
I have always been really self-conscious about my breasts (or lack thereof). I hate wearing swimsuits/bikinis and I stress majorly before any holiday about having to try and conceal myself in such small attire. I have also been unable to enjoy swimming and my child is therefore unable to still swim aged 9. :( Not good I know, but this lacking of breasts really does interfere with my life on a wider level. I owe it to her and myself to get this "issue" fixed so that I can feel normal about such things.

I've always said to close friends and family "If I could afford it, I'd have them done!". They've never seen me bra-less, so they don't understand....but they're not judgemental about it (in the main anyway).
I've researched boob jobs for years, I've looked at the different types of implants on offer, I've read reviews, I've seen the horror stories, I've watched the procedures being done on TV.....but I just feel like I'm going around in circles.
Anyway, I've finally saved enough to do it, and I'm taking the plunge! I can finally afford it because I'm going abroad to Brussels to have my procedure done at the Beaucare Clinic (I live in the UK). I've only told a handful of people about the op. My husband is very supportive. He loves me as I am, but he's supportive of my choice and has been nothing but a rock about it all. My little girl is also very supportive. I've been very open and honest with her about it all. I've also explained to her that this is not about vanity and wanting to look good for everyone else. This is about looking good to me! I want to feel good in clothes (and to have them fit properly), I want to be able to go swimming and not have to fear that a chicken fillet may slip out! It happened to me once several years ago and I've not gone swimming since.
My daughter doesn't want me to go big, and neither do I. I want to look as natural as possible. To the outside world, there may not look to be a lot of difference in my overall look (I already look to be a full B/C cup with my wonder bras and fillets), but when the clothes come off, I'll still have what I project to the world after I've had surgery. This is all I hope for. :)
To be clear, I want this for me. I'd also love for hubby to have a pair of boobs in his hands for the first time ever! lol I'd love to be able to wear sexy lingerie and to dress up nice for him. We've been married for 16 years, things are good....but I'd like to give him something more.
My 1st pre-op consultation is with the Harley Group in London on 31st August. I'm really confused about the sizing in CC's. I've tried looking at lots of before and afters - trying to look at girls who are small like me and then to see how they look after, but it's still confusing the hell out of me....Every one of those girls have had something different! And the difference between saline and Silicone changes immensely. :(
I'm hoping my PS will be able to advise me properly based on my selection of wish pics (which all look the same pretty much in respect of size, profile, slope, distance apart etc).
I know that I'm having Round cohesive gel implants by the company Sebbin (10 yr guarantee on the implants). There is no choice offered in respect of the implants from my clinic, but I've researched and am happy with the brand etc. I just hope I can achieve the look I want from them. I am not sure yet whether I'll need to have high profile or moderate profile (based on the final result I want). I'm hoping my PS will be able to advise me better on this also. I just don't want to look like a Barbie doll with beach balls stuck on the front of her chest wall. I want to look pert and beautiful like the ladies in my wish pics. I'm not really sure what bust size these girls are but I'm guessing a full C-cup?
I am nervous....mostly about the post op (recovery). I've taken 10 days off work so I'm hoping this will give me enough time to recover. I work with children, so I need to have a lot of energy in my line of work. Here's hoping I'll be okay.
Anyway, I'll post some Wish pics here for now...and over the next few weeks I'll post some before pics (naked and in clothes) and some pics of how I look with all my padding/fillets (which is not too far removed from the look I'd like to achieve - I may like slightly bigger but not much).
I'll try to update every step of the way. Wish me luck guys!! And thanks for sharing all your stories on here. It's been good to read them.

Wish pics....

Here are a few of my wish pics.
If Dr Danua can make me look anything like these pictures, I'll be a very happy girl indeed!! :)

Pre-op boobies (or lack thereof!) :(

Here are some pics of my pre-op boobies. I don't even fill out a 34b bra. :(

I just want to feel like a woman!! I want to fill out my clothes, to be able to wear a bikini/swimsuit and to look the same when the clothes come off (e.g. Not look flat as a pancake the minute my chicken fillets/padded bra comes off).
When I wear a hugely padded bra and/or chicken fillets (which add 2 cup sizes to my size), feel like a woman, but I am sadly reminded of my true self every evening when the clothes hit the floor. :'(
I don't want to go much bigger than my look with all the padding.....but I don't mind going slightly bigger (as long as it looks natural on my frame). My wish pics are perfect in size, shape and overall look!! What size would you say these are? having never had boobs, i'm really not sure...I'm thinking a C/D?

Pre-op 1st consultation done!

I went for my 1st pre-op consultation in London (Clinic Beaucare) on 31st August. The consultation was done with a different surgeon to the one I'll be having my op with. I knew this before I went though, so it wasn't a surprise. I was told I'd have a further consultation prior to my op with my own surgeon - which of course I'd definitely want.
I felt the 1st pre-op consultation was all very rushed, and to be honest, I came away knowing nothing more than I do already. :( I didn't get to try on any sizers, get measured etc and this was rather disappointing as I'd hoped to be clearer on the size and profile I'd be having after having that consultation. The cost of the consultation was £40 (cash) - they do not have a card machine as they are not based in the London office all the time - this is just a place to have an initial meeting. It sounds a bit dodgy I know, but trust me guys, I've done my research on this company and it's all Kocher.
The only disappointing thing now, is that I won't know anything until the day of surgery - 27th October (when I'll have my 2nd pre-op consultation at 12.30 with my PS) - my surgery is booked in for 2pm that day.

Thankfully, I'd already read reviews which had stated the pre-op consultation in London was very rushed, so I'm not overly worried by that. I just thought I'd have more knowledge as to what CC's I'd be asking for based on my wish pics. He estimated 320cc from looking at me and my wish pics, but of course this is only an estimate. I'd already estimated myself to be wanting around 350-375cc, so he wrote possible 350cc on my notes. On the day I've decided i'll leave it in the hands of my surgeon Dr Danau to give me the implants he feels will best suit my requirements (based on my wish pics & measurements). He's the professional after all.

My deposit of £1000 was paid yesterday (2/9/16 - via bank transfer to the clinic in Brussels) and my op date was finalised and officially booked in too. I'm getting VERY excited now!!! :D

Would love to be able to try out a few sizers in the meantime. The surgeon recommended trying water as opposed to rice, but he never told me how to make the sizers. Can anyone help with that? Water sizers?

My surgery is in 3 days!!

It seems to have taken forever, but my surgery is now almost upon me!! I've just 3 days left. I have my surgery on 27th July at 2pm in Brussells in Beaucare clinic.

When I first booked for my surgery, I was just overwhelmed with the excitement, but now the stress and fear have finally both kicked in! To be fair, it's fair to say I'm terrified!! I'm worrying about absolutely EVERYTHING!! :(

I'm worried about the journey (I'm going abroad you see - so I'm worried about the travel - finding my way around in a foreign country, worried I might miss my flight, wondering whether i'll be able to travel in comfort on a plane on the way home or will I be knocked, keep having to get up to let people out of their seat etc).

Then I'm worried about the actual surgery (Will I get through it? What if I don't? My hubby & daughter are not with me, how would they feel if I am lost during this procedure?).
I haven't yet spoken to my own PS yet and I haven't had the chance to try on any sizers either - all this is being done on the day, which now has me in knots!! This I have decided is the one downside to having a cheaper surgery. The pre-op stuff that many of you others have recieved has just not been there for me. Perhaps if I'd have had this, I may not feel half as stressed out as I do right now.

Then i'm worried about the aftermath - How will I recover? Will I be in a lot of pain? Will I be able to do things for myself? How much help will I need? This worries me mostly because for the first couple of days, I'll be relying solely on a friend to help me because my hubby was uanble to get time away from work.

Then of course I'm worried about the outcome - Will they look right (will the be the right size/shape that I hope for), will be nipples be alligned and pointing in the right direction? Will my scars heal okay? Will there be any rippling? Will the bottom out? Will there be any complications?

OMG, I feel like I'm overloaded with stress. :'(
I'm not normally a negative person. I try to look on the bright side in most situations, but this I have to say has knocked me for six. Is this normal?? I feel so scared and alone right now.

Tomorrow is my last day at work for 11 days, so I'm glad I had the good sense to take some time off....but I wish I could feel more excitement instead of this overwhelming fear.

I've always wanted boobs. I was never blessed with any - not even a full A cup. :( Having breasts will be a dream come true. I just hope I get what I hope for and that all these fears can be laid to rest real soon.

If anyone has any advice about now, I'd really appreciate it!! xxx

Happy boob day!

So today it finally happened!
My surgery was brought forward by 2hours, so it gave me less time to stress.
Went with 360cc mod profile, cohesive round gels.
All staff were very friendly and professional.
I was in surgery just over an hour, but took 4 hours to come around (and even then I was woken). Upon waking thecpain hot me. I rated it a 7 out of 10 and the pressure on my chest was the only pain I could feel - can't yet feel pain near incisions. Had 3 different lots of pain meds put through my drip, then nausea hit me. Felt very sick, very quick and threw up. Finally got released at around 7pm. Was there from 11.45am.
Can't see much at the moment due to surgical bra, but I can already see a cleavage, which is wonderful. I should end up with a full c cup!
I felt nothing at all during the surgery itself. Didnt even stay awake long enough to see surgeon in the room with me. :)
Anyway, I will keep you all updated.

Day 3 post op

Although I'm feeling very tired today, the pain has diminished quite a lot (I would rate it around 3 out of 10), and now it's mostly a feeling of pressure on my chest that I feel). I let the girls out for a few minutes today, but the surgical bra is back on and the strap across my upper chest us firmly in place as recommended. They already look amazing. No bruising, no sign of blood/leakage, just very pert high riding breasts. I know they have a long way to go yet, but I'm already thrilled! I slept reasonably well last night on my wedge pillow (on my back) but the thing which is mostly keeping me awake is the itching. I itch literally all over my body. I think its a side effect of the Tramadol, and its not nice. Im just hoping it goes soon. My nipples have no sensation yet, but im not overly worried about it as I've heard this can be normal and that the sensation should return. My left arm is hurting again today too. I have no idea why, but it comes on and off. Its like a dull ache. My hubby seems to like the new additions and my daughter (aged 9) has also been very intrigued by them. They're not huge, but look as I hoped. I already feel so much more happier about how I look. I can't wait to see the final result and I'm looking forward to bra shopping soon. So happy I went through with this. I will post some pics soon. :)

Post op day 2

A couple of pictures taken 2 days after op. Sorry about the yellow anticepstic, but they were just too painful to clean properly.

Day 3 post op pictures

Day 3 post op pictures - without a bra and with a lightly padded sports bra.
Sorry about the bloat!!

Post op 3 days

Post op 3 days without bra.
Sorry about the bloat.

Pics taken in the evening. Unfortunately the pain and discomfort have increased throughout the day - particularly in the left breast and down the left arm. My chest feels so tight and sore, they feel like they might pop out. Hoping this will subside. By the end of the evening, pain was back up to a 7.

Post op 3 days - in sports bra

Post op 3 days - in sports bra.
Already the girls are starting to look quite nice in clothes. I actually have some cleavage. :)

Post op day 4

Still in a lot of pain today. hardly slept in the night due to discomfort.
Went to doctors today to get my wounds checked and all is good on that front. no sign of infection, no bleeding, leaking, oozing and looking as would be expected. That's great news.
I'm going to brave my first shower in a moment after changing my dressings and applying a waterproof dressing. I'm hoping it will make me feel better in myself and ease some of the discomfort/pain.
I've come on my period today too, so the tightness and tenderness could be in some part down to that as well. Happy to know that all is as expected according to my doctor.
Despite the pain/discomfort it's still worth it and I would do it again....I love my new boobs - even though they are swollen and funny shaped at the moment/ I can tell they're going to look lovely when settled. :)
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n/a as procedure has not yet been done.

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