28yrs Old 2kids - Breast Fed Both Hoping to Go 375-450cc - Belgium, BE

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Hi ladies, I've been reading all your reviews for...

Hi ladies, I've been reading all your reviews for a few weeks now they have all been so helpful, so I thought I'd share something myself.
I'm booked in for my BA on the 9th September with Dr Danau of BeauCare clinic in Brussels. I'm so excited and so nervous about what cc to go to. I am currently 32a according to the dr at my consultation, I measure 32D in bras but I guess that's because of the width of my chest rather than cup size because I no way fill my bras lol. Anyway after reading through all your reviews I've come to the conclusion that the look im hoping to achieve would be with a cc of 375 upto 450 max. I want to be a large C small D in the finish.
I'm 5ft3 and weigh about 140lbs

Under of over muscle?

Hi ladies - I'm starting to question if going under the muscle is in fact best for me? I plan to get back into training after op which will be quite intense upper body. Would it be better to go over? What's the difference? Any advice would be great :)

Counting down the days - nearly there!

4days to go!!! I am so excited no nerves at all now just want to get going with it. One more day of work then need to organise the house and kids.... And then we're off for boobies :)

I did it!

Yay! I am on the other side. I have to say the clinic was absolutely beautiful felt more like a spa than a clinic, the staff were very calming and attentive and I cannot rate my surgeon highly enough - firstly for making me feel so relaxed and confident but also for the amazing job he has done. I went for 430cc silicone.
I woke up feeling so relived that I woke up haha I think I even said thank you I am so glad I am awake, wasn't in too much pain just felt a lot of pressure. I then did start to feel I little bit sick in the recovery room I think mainly from the pain killers. I think I had surgery around 9.30am and was back at my hotel by 1pm. It's now 9pm and I actually think pain isn't too bad I am slightly uncomfortable but nothing too bad.
I think they look great now and so excited to for them to drop as I know they are going to look perfect. I'm so happy :)


I have honestly never experienced pain like this - oh my word! How long does this usually last when will I start to feel normal? I'm on day 3 now last night I must of cried and screamed in agony for about 3hrs I don't think I can handle another night like it! :(
Still love my girls though just want the pain to stop.

Day 3

So today is actually day 3 I got it wrong in my post yesterday. Pain seems to be less intense today although still quite bad - I'd say yesterday was a 10 today is at times a 6 and sometimes usually when due more painkillers an 8.
I feel completely awkward the surgery bra is extremely uncomfortable and at times when my breasts feel incredibly hard I have to undo the strap and release the girls to help with the pain. My back aches so bad too :( and the belly bloat is no joke. I still feel really sick and dizzy at times too.
Not the most up beat of posts sorry for that, I am still loving my boobies :)


I've read a few reviews over the past couple of days of ladies having hematoma and capsule contraction, I'm so worried now that something is going to go wrong. I am starting to feel a bit more normal now can just about lift my arms up. Boobs still feel high and hard.
Does anyone know what causes the hematoma? Why women just start bleeding? I've read one review it happened 10weeks after surgery!!!

Day 6

Feeling so much better

Finally feeling more normal, breasts are still quite high although I do think they have dropped some. They still feel hard but are just starting to get squishy when I squeeze them. Sleeping is still tricky as I I get morning boob if I lie down for a long period of the time so I'm still sleeping upright for now. Morning boob gets better everyday which I'm please about.
I've been able to drive since day 6 although it was quite painful to do so and tricky changing gears which I believe is the stick to most of you ???? but that's all gotten easier too now.
I'm still bloated and not having much bm.
I cannot wait to get in the gym to work on the body to go with my gorgeous girls ????

Shooting pains

Anyone else experienced shooting sharp throbbing pains?

Low incisions?

I had my stitches out yesterday so I finally got a look at my incisions - I immediately thought they were too low? Will my breast drop and fluff that low to cover them?
They look so neat which I'm happy about but I'm worried that they will be visible even with bras and bikinis on??!
Belgium Plastic Surgeon

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