Flat chest to 32C - 280cc moderate profile silicone implants Dr Ulens, Beaucare, Brussels

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Hi. I'm using this site to document my BA journey...

Hi. I'm using this site to document my BA journey and to keep a kind of diary of my thoughts. Also hoping that somebody else benefits from my writing about the whole experience. :)

So, stats:
I'm currently around 120lbs (8 stone 8), 163cm (5"4), moderately active with no kids. The few bras I have bought that fit are 34AA and even so, I don't fill them! :( Will be uploading a "before" pic.

Why I decided to do it now:
I'm currently on a break with no work/study commitments. Financially, I have the money, which I want to spend on this and get it over and done with. I have wanted to do this since I was around thirteen years old around the time I went through puberty and did not develop breast tissue. I was very self conscious as I was pear-shaped and the lack of breasts accentuated this even more.

Who I am going to tell:
Only two people know who are close to me, and that is my best friend and my boyfriend. I will not be telling anybody else, not even my parents (this will be tricky as I live with them - more on that below).

Why I chose Brussels:
After doing a lot of research, in particular, Beaucare in Brussels, I have chosen to do it there as the experiences that I have read have all been very consistently good. I have to admit that the price of the operation is one of the factors I considered. At £2,200, compared to £5,000 in London (near where I live) it makes sense, and after the consultation I had today, I have a gut feeling that I can trust them.

The consultation:
I had a consultation this afternoon with Dr Vrambout at 1 Harley Street in London. He went through some forms and asked if I had any allergies, previous surgery, etc. and then he asked to look at my breasts, after which he recommended I go for 280cc. He stated that the distance between my nipple and lower crease was short, therefore he wouldn't recommend any bigger. I showed him some pictures of what I wanted, and he said that as I had little breast tissue, it would not look as natural as the ones in the pics, it would look more round (will upload a pic of that). However, obviously the surgeon (hopefully Dr Ulens) will have the final say in what size I'll have.

After that, I asked him some questions which I had (I made a list). These are essentially the main things i learned:
- Dr Ulens has had more than 13 years of plastic surgery training, she works on Fridays. I'm hoping to book for the 29th of April.
- I will be provided antibiotics, painkillers and a surgical bra - this will need to be worn for a month after the surgery apart from taking it off to wash etc.
- There is a pre-op with the anesthetist, then the surgeon, then the op will happen on the same day
- The incision is most likely under the crease.
- 1 month no pec exercise, 1 week usually is the recovery period.
- People tend to arrive Brussels the day of the surgery and go straight there. I asked about staying a week in Brussels to recover, and he basically said that most people just stay for a day and then go home. I was slightly surprised about this, but then again I have read this from previous reviews aswell.
- Going back for followup appointments is not necessary if everything is fine. Stitches can be removed by a GP in England easily after 10-14 days. He emphasised that while you can go back after a week, then a month, then 3 months to check everything is fine, most people don't do this and it's fine not to.
- There is a 1 year warranty in case anything goes wrong. I assume this is for if the implant does not stay in the pocket, or anything like that. I may e-mail them to ask more detail about this and to see what exactly this covers in more detail.
- Prices go up in July apparently, due to some new tax laws taking effect.

After consultation:
After the consultation we paid him £40, then he gave me a document which had guidelines on what to do before & after treatment, a map of the clinic in Brussels, a form to fill in for pre-op, their bank details to send the money to (£1000 to secure the op date).

Overall, Dr Vrambout was very straight to the point and although I have read reviews about him seeming quite rushed, and to an extent I can see how it can feel that way, but I think he was thorough enough with his explanations and advice. It's clear he's done this a lot. So after payment, my boyfriend and I left and now the documents that I've signed are making their way back to the clinic. After that I can book my appointment, although I did send them an e-mail earlier asking about potential surgery times and availability of Dr Ulens.

My parents not finding out:
I am going very modest as has been stated before, 280cc is not very large, and Dr V stated it would be going from AA to a B cup roughly. I am more than happy with this. My boyfriend and I are currently thinking of staying in Brussels for a day or two, and then returning home (not not to my parents' house). They will be assuming that we are on holiday.

I am keeping this from my parents because they are very traditional. They will see this NOT as correcting a deformity (which is the way I see it) but will associate it with a lot of things (such as vanity, promiscuity, etc.) and to be honest I just want to leave out all the drama that their knowledge of it will bring. They flipped out after my first boyfriend (who I am still with incidentally), so this is really something I want to be kept private. I do not believe that I'm obliged to tell them, and to be truly honest, I don't think that they would want to know about it, and holding it as a secret does not burden me.

I'm not sure what else there is to say, but I am feeling very positive after the consultation. I was given some documents after the consultation and this had some info on accommodation, guidelines for treatment, etc. and I feel like I'm ready. They recommend to wear an outfit on the day of surgery which can be worn from the front like a blouse or cardigan and not pulled over your head (pretty obvious stuff).

So, good luck to everyone who's on their own BA journey! If anyone has any questions or comments, feel free. :)

Update: Another "before" pic

Update: Another "before" pic

Op day


Today was the op day. I was called to go into the clinic earlier than scheduled. I was mean to go in at 12.30 but someone cancelled so I went in at 9.45 instead. We missed the train literally as the doors were closing so we had to take an uber. But omg the uber was a lot cheaper than I had anticipated. It's 26 euros. Had a very good experience with it.

So when we got there I was asked to get changed and then we met with the surgeon. She was very calm and nice and explained everything with a diagram. She had a small diagram of 4 different kinds of boob shapes from natural to quite protruding, and asked me to pick one and I picked quite a natural shape. She drew some lines on me and took some measurements. My base width was 10.5cm and she said that the incision would be lower than the crease because the distance was quite small between the nipple and crease. After that she said she would go with moderate and 280cc.

So after briefly meeting with the anaesthesia guy I went to the loo and then the operating theatre. I saw someone else outside on a trolley, I think she had just had her operation. I got on the operating bed and before I knew it I was out like a light.

After I came round, I was lying in a slightly inclined bed with a lot of blankets. My bf informed me that my first word was "kebab" and I was talking about chips apparently. Lol. I felt quite dizzy and tired and I think I fell asleep for a short while. The other staff who was in the operating theatre kind of said Dr Ullens was in next Friday if we will be here we can see her for a check up. But it's on our last day and it's cutting it a bit close so I don't think we would be going back for a checkup as its a bit rushed.

I'm currently back in the hotel and I am completely unable to get up by myself. I didn't take the tramadol, just the painkillers. If it gets really bad I'll take them but I'm worried about the side effects so I'm trying to avoid them.

Going to update a few pics. They are quite on the small and natural side but I am quite happy with the size as far as I can see. I'm so bloated in the stomach but that will go away over the next few days.

Will update later when I get the chance :) overall glad the op has been done!

Worse in the morning

The pain was at its worst today at 7am and it caused me to wake up. Was so painful I took the tramadol and paracetamol but after walking around slowly the pain went away. It's mainly in my left boob.
I know this sounds gross but it's either the medicine or antibiotics that was in the IV but I've been passing a lot of wind. The bloating went down a lot yesterday but it seems to come back after eating. I know one of the side effects of the med is constipation so I'm just going to eat a lot of fibre and hope that helps. I think the constipation is linked to the bloating.
The swelling has gone down a bit and the upper part of my belly is not tender anymore which I'm happy about. There is a greyish bruise right in the middle of my cleavage (yes I have a cleavage now!) which will hopefully go down soon. My left boob is the worst and I think is more swollen than the right one. They are both still quite high on my chest. I can't wait for them to ease back down. I am not taking off the bra until tonight and even then I'm scared that taking it off will result in a lot of swelling as the blood rushes to it. I need to take a shower at some point though.
I have to say throughout this whole experience, my bf has been amazing. Just getting out of bed needs his assistance and also putting my socks on is something I still can't do without pain. He doesn't mind though because the place we're staying at is so comfortable. it was a good thing that these beds are comfy and there were removable sofa pillows which my bf put under me so that I could sleep upright. I actually had quite a good sleep even though I was on an incline. I think the pain would have been really bad if I was lying flat!
Been trying to get a lot of protein in me to recover quicker so I've been having minced beef and today I'm going to have a lot of omelettes. :)
If anyone else is coming to Brussels for a long period of time after surgery I recommend you bring a tablet or laptop. Can't rely on the tv for entertainment unless you speak French or Dutch. They do have the occasional film in English but most of the time it's non-English tv.
I thought I would be recovered enough by today to be walking around and sightseeing but I don't think I can really feel comfortable going outside until maybe tomorrow or the day after, which would be day 4 or 5 depending on if I count the operation day as day 1.
Anyway I'm going to take a little nap and when I wake up hopefully be able to remove the bra and see what they actually look like!
I'll be uploading that later. For now all I can do is have a view from the top of them.
I'm so excited :)

Boobies revealed

I took off the bra today with the help of my bf and I am pleased to say that they look good so far! The left one is slightly more swollen than the right and it's also the more painful one so that was expected. I have a bruise in between them which doesn't look too bad. They are a bit high but will drop and fluff in time. I took a quick shower and checked the label on my strap and it was a 32C bra that they had put on me. I went down from a 34AA in band size so maybe I had been measuring it wrongly in the past. I wiped the bra down but it didn't really look dirty to be honest so I didn't wash it fully. I don't have a spare bra for support so it's the only one I have anyway. I'm still epically bloated but it wasn't nearly as bad as last night! Fingers crossed the bloating goes down completely. Drinking lots of water.
Hurts to laugh which my bf is always making me do so it's quite uncomfortable when I have to breathe deeply.
Still walking around holding my boobs because it feels like it's gonna fall out or maybe I'm not used to the gravity on them!

Size wise, I am actually extremely happy and feel like this size is easy to be modest and natural in clothing, but at the same time, when things settle, I hope they will look full and fill out a sports bra. I just want the bruising to go down. Anyone know if ice packs would be useless at this point?

I'm so pleased with the result but at the same time still feel like being in "cautious mode" as I am still waiting for the stitches to heal.

Perfect size

Had a shower and washed my hair with the help of my bf. He helped dry my hair, put my bra back on, etc. I don't know where I would be without him! Before I got changed I took a pic. They are still very high but I'm really happy with how symmetrical they are compared to yesterday. The left one is definitely a lot less swollen. The size 280cc is perfect imo. They look so natural that they could by my own. If I had gone for high profile I think it would have looked too round and spherical. Also I think if I had gone bigger, it would have started to feel obstructive especially in the gym. I'm used to a completely flat chest after all. The bruise is not as bad recently. I want it to go away as it currently makes them look further apart than they are. Hopefully when they soften in 3 months they'll be pliable enough to push together and then I think they'll look good in bras. Very happy about them today :) not happy about the pain though. Still got sore boobs and back. More updates to follow!

8 days post op!

Ok so I've washed my bra and I'm currently drying it so I thought it would be a good opportunity for taking some pictures. Bruise in cleavage has literally disappeared which I'm over the moon about :)

When I got back from Brussels yesterday my mum came to give me a hug but I sort of lightly hugged her from the side and said I had a back ache from falling over so I might be a bit sensitive especially lifting things... Which is half true, I do actually have a back ache, but it's from being hunched over and I'm still sleeping on a sort of incline so that makes my back rounder. I can't wait until I can fully straighten my back again! That's why in the pictures you can see I'm still a bit bent over. I think the pec muscles are still tight which contributes to my shoulders being brought forward.

Anyway! I have noticed a slight dent in my left boob and it is right where the cleavage is. I'm not sure how clear it is in the pictures but its only noticeable when you look carefully. I am not too worried at this point because I know that the "twins" will develop in shape over time. My left one I think is naturally bigger than my right. The swelling has gone down enough that I can see it is slightly bigger especially near the outside. My right one has a small dent on the outside due to a scar I had from an operation I had when I was very young so it has slightly affected the shape but nothing that I'm bothered about, truthfully.

For the first time I wore a bra with zero padding. It's a sports bra/top from new look that I bought before the op. I love how it doesn't just fall flat like it did before. My breasts actually fill it out enough to make me excited about the prospect of wearing vests and other clothing that I couldn't wear at all before. I feel very good so far.

My right boob has random pangs and pings pain-wise. It's the first time I'm feeling something in my right boob so I think maybe the nerve endings are becoming more sensitive. Speaking of sensitive, my nipples are quite sensitive (mainly my left one) which is an unusual feeling, especially when clothes brush past it.

As I said, im still sleeping upright or at least half-upright and I am able to get out of bed myself now. Showering is a pain but I run a bath and just kneel and use a flannel which seems to work for me. I'm scared to get a drop of water on my incisions even though I know the tapes are waterproof.

As for the bloating, it's gone down but it's still pretty bloated. I'm walking around and doing everyday stuff a bit more as I've read that can help drain lymph fluid. I'm also drinking a lot of water aswell.

It still hurts to breathe deeply and the most annoying thing I can think of now is sneezing. I would not recommend getting a BA in the height of summer if you're allergic to pollen! Hot weather also means more frequent showers and those are a pain too. But I guess it won't be long now before the pain subsides a bit more.

When I look in the mirror now, I feel like what I'm seeing is what I'm supposed to have. They're not big by any means (280cc) but when I had an ironing board chest, I have always felt like there was something wrong with the fact that I never grew any breast tissue so I'm glad to have this corrected. I will be patient and see how the twins continue to grow down the line. At the moment they are looking slightly fake and shiny and not soft at all, but I know it can take many months before there are any changes in softness and shape. Either way I'm just very happy to be able to fill out normal clothes like a vest or a non padded bra and feel feminine.

I'd like to hear from anyone else who has gone with a similar size or anyone else who also decided to go to Brussels to get their BA done! I'll update in another week or so or if I see any changes in appearance.

Sports bra

Forgot to add the pics of the sports bra.

Slight dent in cleavage?

If I had to be nit-picky, I would say that there is a small dent in my left one. I've attached a pic in different lighting to show that it's only obvious in certain lights. It might be swelling, might be slight rippling? I'll wait a few days and see if it changes. It could be where the breast hasn't fallen into the pocket yet. All in all though, still very pleased. Hope it continues at this rate. It's going to be a long wait until they fall but I've got to be patient!

Went bra shopping!

I tried on two 32C bras from Primark just so that I have an alternative while the surgical one is washing. Omg! They fit well. I felt so happy :)
The icing on the cake was that they both came to £5 in total. Crazy!

I will hit the gym for some light walking on the treadmill after dinner. Hopefully some more of this bloating goes down!
My doc cleared me for driving so today was the first time driving in ages. Was very happy about that too!

What I will say is that the pink and black bra (sports bra) fits a little bit weird. It's probably from where my breasts are round whereas the bra cups are slightly more pointy if that makes sense. Oh well, I will invest in a more expensive bra a few months down the line when they settle into their "final form" lol.

2 week update - Stitches taken out

So I had the ends of my stitches cut today. They were tiny little clear loops which just needed to be snipped off at the ends. The nurse said that the stitches looked good and wiped it down with some saline solution (I think) and then said I could just let it breathe and wear a soft bra. However, I said that I was told to wear bandages for another 4 days, and she gave me some but said it wasn't necessary. I think the downside of having my op done in Brussels is that when I e-mail the clinic for advice or suggestions, I feel like you don't really get to be in contact with your actual surgeon, and a lot of the replies are quite generic from the admin staff. But I'm glad there hasn't been anything like infection or any other serious complications within the first 2 weeks after the operation. I can imagine it to be very frustrating if there were any major complications, and I suppose that is a risk that you have to be willing to take, and I guess that's reflected in the price of the surgery.

That aside, I really think that Dr Ulens did a good job and the incisions don't look as bad as I had imagined in my head. I am going to get some soft bandage or padding to put between the bra and the incision so that it doesn't chaffe. I'll start putting oil or scar cream on it in a few days.

Over the last few weeks I've still been having muscle stiffness in my pecs when I first wake up, and it takes me a while to get out of bed still. It's not painful, it's just a weird, tight feeling in my pecs... similar to when you've been working out your quads and have DOMs, so want to avoid walking up and down stairs because it's a little sore and stiff. It's a similar feeling to that, but instead of stairs, it's getting out of bed. Having said that, the pain goes away within an hour after getting up, and you forget it's there. It's like when you've got a mild cold and it's at its worst first thing in the morning, but after going about your day and do other things, you forget about it.

It hurts a little when I keep my bra off for a long time. I think it feels safer in the surgical bra. I can't wait until a month when I can take it off.

I'm working on losing a bit of weight from my belly/waist. I had gained some weight prior to surgery and I'm currently walking on the treadmill in the gym to slowly lose some of it again.

Changes in the breast shape are subtle each day. I think they are looking more and more natural.

Very happy so far!

2 weeks 4 days post op

I've been taking it easy especially at the gym. I've been rubbing sudocream on my scars once a day but don't want to touch them too much.

Left boob is still a bit bigger than the right. I think it might just be natural asymmetry or maybe it's slightly more swollen. Looking at the before pics, my left nipple does seem to be a tiny bit higher than my right so I think maybe slight asymmetry is normal. Bf said the left one seemed a bit fuller on top so maybe it's not dropped at the same rate as the other one. I think only time will tell and I'll be booking a consultation in London at the 1 month mark.

I wore a dress today and my boobs looked enormous in it. It wasn't until I went outside that I really noticed. I had to borrow my bf's jumper to hide it! Still getting used to them. I think clothing really makes a difference in how they look...

3 week update

The dent I noticed before has gone and they look more natural now. Here's how they look on me as a whole. Left is marginally bigger than the right but i think it's only really noticeable to me.

Had slight morning boob but it goes away very quickly. I can raise my arms up without pain and shower pretty much normally again. Can't wait to hit the one month mark!

Sorry for my bad attempt at censoring the pics. I'm doing all these from my phone. Happy healing to all :)

1 month

Here's my one month update! The only thing which I've noticed is slight rippling on my right one ONLY when I lean forward and move the outer bottom of the implant towards the light. This isn't visible when I'm upright normally, though. No ripping on the cleavage.
I've now switched to a supportive sports bra and wear that at night.

I don't feel pain anymore, just slightly sensitive if I lean on one side for a long time. Overall I'm back to normal apart from taking it easy on upper body workouts in the gym.

Still sleep on my back but I think that's more being cautious than anything.

At this point I feel much happier with my body and I wouldn't feel ashamed if I was to go into a sauna or go swimming in a bikini. I'm very grateful to dr Ulens and the people at Beaucare.

Tomorrow I am going to try some bras on and find something a bit more comfortable than my primark bra. I find that after a while it does dig in a little at the underwire. I might look in H&M or New Look for some.

Anyway that's all really so far. They're settling and getting softer. I'm doing massages every day (or at least try to!)

Vest without bra- 39 days post op

Found my old vest and a picture I had of my old chest prior to the op. Huge difference.

Another vest pic

Very good size. They are starting to get much softer as well. I can push them fully together as they become more and more natural.
Dr. Ulens

Dr Ulens was extremely professional, friendly, understanding and instilled a lot of confidence in me. The procedure went very well, and I am very happy with the size and I'm glad that I trusted her judgment regarding size. With regards to Clinic Beaucare: The payment process: The bank account that we paid from only gave the option of GBP to be sent, however some of this money was lost during the conversion to Euros. The clinic mentioned that as a result, they received slightly less than £2200, however, they said it didn't matter, as it wasn't our fault - it was to do with our online bank. At one point a few days before the operation, the clinic e-mailed saying they hadn't received the money! Gave me a slight panic attack, but after confirming references etc. it was sorted out. Note: Somebody had cancelled their operation last-minute in the morning before my operation. Therefore, the clinic rung me at 7am and asked us to come in around 3 hours earlier than scheduled. This was luckily no problem for us because we had been in Brussels since the night before. So I would advise anyone to be prepared for a situation such as this, as it can happen. Aftercare: There were some generic information on the aftercare sheet that was not as helpful as could be. Aftercare sheet says stitches to be removed after 10-14 days. However, in the case of my procedure, I had to ask the clinic to give me a more exact date for the stitches to be removed as my UK doctor would not remove the stitches otherwise. I was then informed that my stitches were not to be removed, but they were dissolvable and only the ends needed to be cut. Therefore, I would advise to anyone to keep e-mailing the clinic for anything that they are vaguely unsure about. The clinic usually reply within 24 hours, and thus I rate them for email responsiveness. Time spent with me I felt the time with my surgeon was a little on the brief side, but she was thorough in answering my questions. I did not see her after the surgery as she had to go, but she made sure to see my bf who was with me at the time to explain a couple of things and to say that the surgery had gone well. Overall, very professional lady and I feel like she did a good job and gave me the size I was looking for.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
2 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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