Too early to tell. The experience was positive though.

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I'm very hopeful that I will experience some of...

I'm very hopeful that I will experience some of what the 75% have on this site. I'm going in for a full neck on the 30th of May. I will post before and after. My procedure will cost 2000.00 for a full neck, meaning they will do under my chin and on my neck (excluding the middle area where the thyroid is). I am 56 years old and I've lost 12 pounds in the last year so I have some sagging in the neck area that really bothers me. I'm hoping to tighten that up a bit. I'm realistic about the results. I know I won't have my 20 something neck back, but would be happy with my pre weight lose neck at this point. Thank you to all the posters that have submitted pictures and their experience. I couldn't have made my final decision to do this without all of you.

A very positive experience!

I just had my Ultherapy done yesterday. It was a very positive experience for me. I know everyone's pain threshold is different, but after reading all the posts about how painful it was, I was psyched up for a terrifying experience and it wasn't. It was actually very nice.

My treatment was done by an experienced RN, Karen. She couldn't have been nicer. First, I had to sign the release form, then an assistant put numbing cream all over my neck (I just had full neck done). Then I paid for the procedure (because after the meds I would have been a little loopy). Then Karen gave me two 5mg valium and a shot of demerol in my bottom. I laid down on the table and we waited for the drugs to kick in which took about 15 minutes (the valiums were sublingual so they started working pretty quickly). Karen started by giving me many lidocane shots all over my neck area, I would say maybe 30-35 little shots. They stung a little but honestly no big deal.

Then she started the treatment. I couldn't feel anything most of the time, even on the higher setting. There were maybe two times I felt a zap and a stinging kind of tingling, but it's over so fast it really isn't that bothersome. I received a total of 436 lines. If that means anything to anyone. I think the key is to relax into it and don't tense up with every little thing you feel. That's where the demerol really helped. So that was my experience. I haven't seen any change at all so far. Karen told me 4-6 months for final results, so I'm guessing that means there should be gradual results at some point. I won't lie, I'm anxious for results and I want them now!, lol, but who doesn't. I'm hoping for the best, but I will be happy with some moderate improvements. Good luck to all. I'll post pics soon. =)

Minor swelling, one small bruise.

I also wanted to add that I had very minor swelling and only one very small bruise.

Photos were taken.

Also forgot to mention that the assistant took 6 photos of me before my treatment.

Before treatment.

This first photo is before my treatment. I will post more later as I see improvement.

Just had full neck done.

I also wanted to add that I only had my full neck done, not my face, which I would love to do if this proves helpful :)

Day 5

No visible changes, still sore to touch under chin and on surface of neck, but much less than right after treatment. Small bruise on right chin is starting to fade. At this point I still feel under my chin is even more saggy then before treatment, but I read this could happen temporarily until the collagen starts to kick in, come on collagen, start kicking!!

Day 6

I hesitate to post these, like others, the harsh reality of light, age and no makeup is pretty scary, but I really wanted to post the most truthful photos in the most revealing light possible. No changes yet.....

2 week update

Just checking in. No changes at this point. I had Ultheraphy on my neck almost 2 weeks ago (May 30th), under the chin and on the sides of my neck. I'm still experiencing tingling on my neck and a mild burning (almost constant) sensation like I had a slight sunburn. I'm sure that will subside soon. Others I've read have had the same side effects but only temporarily, although it is unsettling and I'll be glad when it resolves itself, I can't help thinking there is healing and collagen regenerating. I'll check back when I have more to report. Staying positive since it's only been 2 weeks....keeping the faith, =)

3 week update

No changes yet. I still think my skin feels more loose and saggy since the procedure, but I've read other comments where that was the case and it finally tightened up, so I'm hoping that will happen to me. I am still having the tingling and slight burning sensation under the skin, really hate it at times and I can't wait for that to be gone! It's like it never leaves....I'm always feeling it. I'm not posting any new photos since there are no changes as of yet. Still trying to keep the faith. Will post next week. =)

1 month

This is my one month post. No changes yet. I'm posting pics though, just to keep it interesting I guess. =) I am still having lots of tingling and that slight burning sensation (don't know what else to call it) under my skin. It's tender to touch still and I'm hoping this means that there is a ton of healing going on in there!! So I remain hopeful, it's still early. Good luck to all. =))))

One Month, no changes yet. :(

One Month, no changes yet. :(

One Month

8 weeks

Tomorrow will be 8 full weeks for me. I can't see any changes. I'm going to post some pics I took today. Maybe some of you will notice something, but honestly, I don't trust the camera, lighting, etc. I have tried to take the pics at the same time of the day with the same lighting, but the sun is always moving so the light can't possibly be consistent. We can only do our best. =) Hope everyone else is doing well and seeing improvements. I'll post more later.

8 weeks and no noticeable improvement.

11 Weeks

I decided to post a few pics. Tomorrow will be 11 weeks. I haven't noticed any significant change, but a few very minor ones, and I'll try to point them I said, they are very minor, they need pointing out! =) I hate posting these, absolutely no make-up, pretty scary....hope it's helpful.

11 Weeks

I'm rearranging my pics. I'm putting all fronts together, all right sides together, etc. Hope this makes it easier to make the comparisons. =)

11 Weeks

Here are the right side pics in order.

11 Weeks, front, sides

I tried to post right side pics only and then I was going to do the left as well, but they came out really small for some reason are my 11 week.

3 month post

Today is my official 3 month mark. I had Ultherapy done May 30th and today is August 30th. I have only seen small improvement at this point. I'm hoping the next 3-6 will be the defining months. Hope everyone is doing well. I will post again in a month. =)

3.5 month, give or take

I decided to post my 3.5 month pics for what it's worth. No noticeable changes so I'll keep waiting.....what choice do I have =) Hope everyone is doing well.

4 month pics

I decided to post my 4 month pics. I don't see much change since last post. I will continue to post until my 6 month mark, then I will give my final review on this procedure. Hope everyone is doing well. =)

One more thing.......

I just wanted to say, if you look at my 3 month compared to my 4 month, I can actually see a distinct improvement. The angle of the pic is very similar, so the improvement seen is consistent. That's pretty cool! =) Yippee!

I'm referring to the frontal shot..........=)


6 months

I've finally reached my 6th month mark. I would have to say overall I am happy with my results. When I look at my before and early pics, I do see improvement, but like I mentioned don't tell the whole story. My improvement is small in person, but it's there. I'm pretty confident that without the ultherapy my neck would have looked worse at this point. Was it worth 2000 dollars? That depends on whether or not you have 2 grand to spend. I'm glad I did it, not sure yet if I'll do it again yet. But overall, it was a good experience for me. Well wishes to everyone and Happy Holidays. =)

6 months

11 month update

Hey guys, It's almost 11 months after my treatment and I just wanted to update my review. I hate to do this, but I changed my status to 'not worth it'. Shortly after my six month post my neck started to gradually look worse. Now it's so bad nothing short of a neck lift will help. The improvement was so short lived it just wasn't worth the money spent. I can't in good conscious leave a 'worth it'. I don't want to mislead anyone thinking about having this procedure. I'm looking into fillers as a better option for me at this point. Good luck to everyone. =)
Beachwood Dermatologic Surgeon

My original Doctor was Dr. Meek, not Dr. Parker. The name of the clinic is the Dr. Parker Skin and Aesthetic Clinic in Beachwood, Ohio. Dr. Meek okayed my Ultherapy but I didn't see her the day of the treatment. I would rate her a very good and caring Doctor though.

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