5/9/13: TT, BL, and Lipo

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Hi Everyone!!! I first need to say how amazingly...

Hi Everyone!!! I first need to say how amazingly helpful all of your posts and pictures have been.

I have 2 children 8 years old (c-section), 6 years old (vaginal), and have been wanting a tummy tuck since my first was born. I am 5'5" and weigh about 185 lbs, size 12/14, sometimes 16 depending on brand and what I've been eating, lol. I have struggled with my weight/appearance my whole life. Don't get me wrong I love my curves but it's the rolls that get me ;). 4 years ago I lost 65 lbs, and kept it off for 2+ years. I was still horribly miserable because of my belly, stretch marks, and saggy boobs. I breastfed both kiddos, so they had become more utilitarian than sexy :(. Little by little I put back on 30 lbs. So fast forward to this January. I have lost 15 lbs so far, 15 to go. I knew that I needed to act on my PS dream and I went to several consults.

I have decided to go with Dr. Goldman, and am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!! I plan on TT with flank lipo, BL, and inner thigh lipo. My next consult isn't scheduled until April 3rd so I can get the rest of this weight off and make sure I won't want a BA as well. Right now I am a full DD and thinking I would enjoy having a littel less roundness to my figure.

Today I went and scheduled my surgery date for May 9th!!!!!! I can't believe this is FINALLY happening. I can't wait.

I only have 1 before photo so far but will add more later. :)

So, from the beginning my husband has been...

So, from the beginning my husband has been accepting of my decision to get the Tummy Tuck, and Breast Lift. But he is a man of few words and fewer details. Since he will have to take care of me mostly I thought I should prep him for everything he will be seeing. Lol.

I told him about the incisions and how they do each procedure, and even demonstrated how they pull down the upper abdominal tissue and create a new opening for the belly button. He was a tiny squeamish but ok, until I told him about the drains. Lol. His face got a little funny. So we will see how all that goes when the time comes.

I also asked if he had any preference re: my boobs. Originally I planned on a BL/BA, but decided just to get the lift since I'm already spilling out of a DD. he doesn't care at all. Although he asked if they were going to take my nipples off, then quickly retracted, and said "I don't want to know,do I?"

Silly man.

I am completely obsessed with this website. I...

I am completely obsessed with this website. I can't stop looking at photos and reviews and I'm still 2 1/2 months away from surgery :(. My friend told me once I had everything situated I would want to do it immediately. Lol.

Quick question. I haven't felt comfortable naked infrint if DH for years, but somehow the thought of my upcoming improve nets has me feeling even less attractive. I virtually have no desire to be intimate with him this way. Any experiences like this?

8 more weeks until my surgery date!! I'm not...

8 more weeks until my surgery date!! I'm not quite as obsessed, lol. Just busy preparing. In 3 weeks I have my final consultation with my ps. I need to go back because my plan was to lose more weight before the surgery (since january) and I am doing pretty good :)

Ordered my bras and 1 CG, thinking it might be just a pinch too big and will order my other one a size smaller. That's all for now ;)

Just a very quick update: Final consult in 1...

Just a very quick update:

Final consult in 1 week, 6 weeks till surgery. Just tying up loose ends. Started taking an iron supplement, since I am generally low and my blood work needs to be done in the next 2-3 weeks.

Also, I ordered another CG. I tried it on and it's a much better quality than my back up CG. It seems comfortable too, but I only had it on for 5 mins, lol. It's Contemporary Designs Inc, SC-245, strapped below the knee, double zippers, yadda, yadda. Only time will tell what it really is going to feel like. But here's the link, it was reasonably priced under $100 too: http://contemporarydesigninc.com/store/pid-200-sc-245-strapped-below-the-knee-girdle-non-separating-zippers.html

I'm still really excited and will post more before pictures soon, until then I will be scanning the site :)

Yesterday in went in for my final consult with Dr....

Yesterday in went in for my final consult with Dr. Goldman. I am beyond excited. So final decision is TT, BL, with lipo to flanks, mid back, underarms, and inner thighs.

I can't say enough good things about the Dr and his staff. So far everyone has been amazing and friendly. The one girl, Lisa, does all the booking and financial dealings and she makes you feel like she is just as excited as you are!

I have exactly 5 weeks to go and since I am paying for my surgery by cashing out on an investment I am impatiently awaiting the check and then to the bank where they will hold it for days (due to large amount) and then drop final payment off to the office! I'm hoping to have that all completed by Monday/Tuesday of the week after next. Then it's the home stretch. I've got some supplies to gather, like ginger ale and food stuffs, my prescriptions, and in think that's it. Other than that I've got to freeze a few meals, getvthe house together, and grocery shop.

After my first appointment in late January I thought I would never be able to wait. Time is flying :)

I know I promised more before pics, and I will next week, although I'm sure like myself, you are all more interested in the afters ;)

Just 2 weeks to go!!!!!!

Just 2 weeks to go!!!!!!

So tomorrow is my day :) I'm scheduled for 7:15...

So tomorrow is my day :) I'm scheduled for 7:15 arrival and I'm nervous but ok. Hopefully I will have a little clarity to update tomorrow night. We shall see.

Wish me luck :)

Surgery went well. Recovery a little rough. Lots...

Surgery went well. Recovery a little rough. Lots of vomiting from anesthisia so I am very sore. So far results look amazing. Just hoping to get more food in me soon.

Just a quick update. Showered today and I felt...

Just a quick update. Showered today and I felt like inwas hit by a truck. Each day it's getting easier. Here's a quick pic from po day 1. I wanted to post pics from today but I was too tired. Lol.

So today is post op day 6 and I am finally feeling...

So today is post op day 6 and I am finally feeling human. I got up got ready and went to a work meeting for a few hours.

I am horribly swollen today :( I feel like I'm going to pop. But it figures it was the first day I felt up to taking off my CG and posting some pics. So here you go...,

Stomach Bug :(

So I was soo tired and slept all day yesterday and woke up last night with a stomach flu. Not Fun. Felling better today, but extremely frustrated at my lack of ability to still do anything. I know I am only a week out, but I am always so tired.

I had 1 drained pulled yesterday despite both being extremely low in the output. But ps pulls one, keeps one just in case for a few days so Monday I will hpefully get this other "ball" outta here.

Lipo is no joke! ;)

Two weeks po today! Feeling great about 75% off the old me. I tire out quickly but am moving around great. Only issue is swelling but that's to be expected. Drains have been gone since Monday.

Let me tell you, lipo is no joke! I am so sore at my lipo sites and the ps wants me to start massaging them and it hurts, lol. The inner thighs are the toughest. And I didn't know before but they take the longest to heal and swelling to go away. Right now they look like they did pre surgery, but I know there is potential there because they were much slimmer po day 2 so I've got something to look forward to. The funniest is walking. They rub together and I feel like I waddle sometimes!

I love, love, love my new perky boobies. They're like little disco titties compared to my old saggy water balloons! In all actuality they are almost the same bra size (38D) just higher. :). The BL was bar far the easiest part of this journey. Now just waiting on them to heal.

As for the TT I'm not displeased. Just being impatient. The swelling messes with my mind. But I know it will get better. My stretch marks are super evident due to swelling. The insicion is super low, healing well except one poky fishline like stitch at the very end. I have been coating it in bacitracin and taping it in hopes it will dissolve. I've tried pulling and trimming it but its too tight and short. The swelling in my girlie bits is starting to go down and it's funny because its all a little uneven right now. My PS said most of his patients swelling peaks at 3 weeks and then slooooowwwwly starts to subside, but seeing I will be healing in the hottest time of the year it could really take its time. Yay :(

I ordered my 2nd stage compression garment and it should be here soon. I can't wait. While I love this one the zippers are getting old and make it difficult to lay on my side or sit straight up for longer periods of time because they ripple and get uncomfortable.

I go back to work next Wednesday. And I think I will be fine but am a little concerned because I am literally on my feet all day! I usually work 12's but my first few shifts are shorter.

All in all I'm pretty happy and feeling good. It doesn't hurt that I'm down 8lbs since surgery ;)

Going on 3 weeks PO

Not many changes. Feeling good. Starting to be able to sleep on my sides for short periods of time. Swelling is minimal in morning and like everyone else I'm a water balloon by late afternoon.

Back to work tomorrow. It's been a lovely 3 weeks off ;)

More photos

4 weeks po

I cannot believe its been 4 weeks already.

Nothing momentous to tell. Started high protein/low carb dieting again because my laziness and bad eating were getting out of hand. Now down 12lbs since surgery.

Lower abdominal swelling is annoying but you'll have that after 12 hours in your feet. My bruising is almost gone. Lipo sites softening but my inner thighs look no different to me. Yet. I'm still hopeful it's swelling.

Slowing starting to exersize again and mowed the lawn Sunday . Finally had sex on Saturday and while it was good, it seemed a bit awkward.

I started wearing the silicon sheets (from New Gel Plus) on my breasts and drain sites not on TT yet. As well as started scar massage. The dr said I would feel some popping or bubbling and omg!! It's the weirdest sensation!! But when it was over my scar laid a bit smoother. They said it was just the remaining dissolvable sutures popping or something like that.

My husband is thrilled. I have to say that he hasn't seen me fully naked since I was pregnant with our son (he's 8 today) and now I'm naked all the time. Lol. Not really but he's pleasantly surprised :D

I bought a bikini but its too big!!! I took a few pics and reordered the smaller size :) it's from Ujena and I love the tops go up to G's I think and bottoms to 18. And very sexy! I have my eye on 2 more. Lol
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