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I had a bilateral lower blepharoplasty with fat...

I had a bilateral lower blepharoplasty with fat transfer to tear troughs. I thought about getting this done since I was 30, I am now 44. I had the procedure done just 11 days ago, but I am so happy with the improvements already! I definitely chose the best surgeon. I wanted to keep my eye shape, I just wanted the bags gone. So far, I love the results!

Uneven eyes?

For anyone who has had two different size eyes during healing (3 weeks) post op, has this improved for you? I am worried. My right eye is larger and my smile looks lop sided?! Doc isn't concerned but I am!

Maybe I posted too soon.

I am happy that my eye bags are so much better and I don't look tired like I used to, but now I have two different eye sizes. My smile looks horrible and my right eye doesn't 'smile' anymore. Very worried and so sad that I have a new problem to deal with.

Still worried

Not happy with uneven eyes

Still uneven but bags gone

I traded one problem for anothet

I don't want to smile because my right eye won't move.

Discouraged with uneven eyes. When I am not smiling it is tolerable. When I smile he right lower lid doesn't budge.

Here is my smile before

I never had uneven eyes

Uneven eyes

Not happy with eye droop. No improvement.

How to change my review?

Anyone know how to change original Doctor review?

Traded Bags for Two Different Eye Suzes

I had lower bleph with fat injections to my tear troughs. I hated the
bags. I can say I am happy that the age are gone, but I have two
different size eyes now. At about 10 days, I noticed the right eye
sitting lower. I have white under my right eye. The bags are gone, but I
look worse because I can't smile , look up even a little and it looks
terrible. I did go to my doctor at three weeks and he said not to worry
about it I am still swollen. It's now been three weeks since he said
that, and I'm not swollen and my eye looks just as droopy. I want this

Here is a few more before pics.

I never had one eye droop until after surgery.

Eye bags for years made me look so tired. I...

Eye bags for years made me look so tired. I wanted only lower bleph to remove them. I also wanted fat transfer to prevent hollows. I had this accomplished through my surgery. I am happy with this. I am at 7 weeks out and am concerned about lower lid retraction on the right side. I look strange when I smile as my eyes are now uneven. I did not think this would happen. Although devastated by this, I do now ultimately feel this surgery was worth it. I now have a new issue to deal with, but at least it's only when I smile now. I have to accept that it was a risk I took.

Very good f/u appointment today

I had my two month follow up today and it went great. He thoroughly checked my right eye that I am concerned about. He feels I just need more time and showed me how to stretch the lower lid with a q tip. He spent time listening to my concerns which I needed some reassuring. He also gave me some before pics which showed slight differences between my two eye shapes I had all along. I am hopeful more time and q tip stretching will help. I guess I just needed him to validate my concerns. This surgery is not for anyone who is faint of heart. I have gone through every emotion from sheer joy to panic with all the changes I have seen in the mirror. I see now how much better I look with these bags gone. Hopefully by my 4 month follow up the right eye will be less stiff. Either way, I am so happy he spent time with me today.. I guess I just needed a little hope and reassurance and to see my before pics! Ugh. It's amazing how you really do forget.

Lower bleph with fat removal and fat injections to...

Lower bleph with fat removal and fat injections to tear troughs. Internal incision. It's a surgery that accomplished what I wanted: not to look tired all the time. I look well rested now even when I feel tired. It's a long healing process. Very emotionally draining because it seems to take forever to look like yourself again. Some swelling caused me (still) causing me to look uneven when I smile or look up. I hated smiling the first 6 weeks because one of my eyes is stiff. I am not done healing yet per my surgeon and I need to be patient . It is not easy I look in the mirror every morning to see improvement and nothing changes. When I saw my before pics though, I see how much better I look. It's a lot of ups and downs so be sure you are ready and have a great support system.

Updated pic from 1/8

Starting to see bags again

I see a faint indentation under each eye where my bags were. I hope to God they aren't coming back already. It's still an improvement from before the surgery, but I hope those indentations don't get worse.

Updated pic

Sharing my progress

Three months

Yes I am happy I did this. I am content with the results.

I always looked tired with big puffy eye bags that...

I always looked tired with big puffy eye bags that would never do away. I thought about surgery but was worried I would look worse or not like myself. I had lower bleph only with fat injections into my tear troughs and I look exactly the same minus those huge pillows under my eyes. It was worth the month of black and blue eyes.

Pics of final results

I am updating with pics in different lighting.

Updated pics

Ask questions

I am not unhappy that I had this surgery. I am unhappy that I did not discuss imperfect results and if he would cover revision or adjustment if needed after the surgery. I had my nose done when I was younger, and it was uneven. The surgeon only charged me for the facility fee to correct it so that I was happy. I just assumed they would all o this. When offered to get laser to make my eyes look better, he was quoting me thousands of dollars after I had just paid almost 5,000.00 a few months prior. Ask questions if you see him about touch ups if needed!

Not worth the money I paid.

Final results. Eyes don't match. One has a bump under it which I was told would go away, and the other has a bag back. Scale of one lowest to ten highest, I would give his work in me a 4 or 5.
Cleveland Plastic Surgeon

He is very professional and polite. On the quit side but will answer questions you may have.

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