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I've been thinking about getting a boob job for...

I've been thinking about getting a boob job for years. For a while I was undecided and kept going back and forth with it. It wasn't until fairly recently that I decided I for sure want to get my boobs done. I've been a petite person my whole life but at one point I actually had a small B cup....I ended up losing weight and my boobs were the first thing to go :/ ever since then, I've been barely a 32a and I'm sick of it. So finally, one day in the near future I will finally have the chest I've always wanted!


I had my first consultation today! First step in making it seem more real. I was really nervous this morning beforehand, especially when my boyfriend told me he wouldn't be able to make it to the appt with me. He had an important account to do at work. So, I ended up going solo but it turned out fine. The staff was super nice and helpful. The doctor was really informative and gave me all sorts of stuff to help in deciding size. He had this 3D imaging machine that took pictures so we could see what different sizes would look like. Originally he suggested 350cc mod+ but then said if we did high profile we could go up to 425cc but that they'd definitely look fake....I want them to be big but not huge and fake looking. He gave me sizers to bring home and those are 350cc. I like them! They look big but don't make me appear too top heavy. I'm sure I'll change my mind about 500 times before the surgery....which has not yet been set. I have an appt with one other doctor April 7th.

2nd consultation

Yesterday I had another consultation with a different doctor, Gregory Fedele. I was recommended by someone and looked at his gallery online and loved his work! Anyways, the consultation went really well. I wanted to get opinions from more than one doctor to see what each one said about size and all that good stuff. I really liked both doctors but Ive decided to go with doctor number 2. They both suggested similar things, such as HP silicon implants placed under the muscle. I tried sizers on and the assistant first gave me 250cc which I knew was much smaller than Ive thought of going. I ended up telling her that at the first doctor they gave me sizers to take home which are 350cc so she gave me those to try on next. I like this size and my boyfriend said they look good too. (He was able to make it to this appointment which I was really happy about!) The doctor said they look good and dont make me look too top heavy. I also tried on 375cc and I like those as well. And just for the hell of it, I tried 400cc but I admit those looked too big and almost made me look chunky. As I stated in previous entries, I am a very petite person(95 lbs), and Ive always been that way. I remembered that the first doctor said the highest he'd recommend going is 425cc, but Dr. Fedele said that would look ridiculous and obviously look very fake especially since I have such little breast tissue to begin with. He said he'd bring 350cc and 375cc on the day of surgery and he'd try them both and decide which look better, so I trust his opinion.

Size Help!?

So Ive been reading lots of reviews and looking at pictures. I understand that everyone's body looks different and some people get 350-375cc and look huge and others not so much. I feel like it would be a good size for me but now Im worried that they wont be big enough and I dont want to regret going too small. It seems like lots of ladies wish they would of gone bigger but I dont want to look extremely fake and top heavy but I want there to be a noticeable difference and have nice full breasts. Considering my stats, 5'2", 95lbs, size 0/24 jeans, xs tops usually....Do you think 350-375cc would be too little, too much or just right? I need advice and opinions from anyone who has gone thru this already!!! Thanks in advance for any help!

Implant Simulations

I figured Id include the pictures the first doctor took for the 3D simulations. I think they all look pretty much alike but Ill post them all anyways. 3 different sizes: 350cc, 375cc, and 425cc. excuse the poor quality. My scanner wasnt working so I just had to take pictures of the print outs using my phone. ugh.

June 17th

I don't remember if I've talked about my set date but it's officially June 17th! Exactly one week after my birthday! I'm soo excited and I hope time flies. I could of gotten the surgery this month (april) but I decided to be smart and wait because my boyfriend and I are moving soon. Unfortunately we aren't moving until the first week of June so it's still awhile off but I know it'll be here before I know it, especially since I haven't started packing or organizing whatsoever. So once we are all settled in the new place I'll have my surgery and have a new house to recover in! We will also have a fenced in yard at the new house so that'll be such a great help once my boyfriend goes back to work and I can just let our dog out without taking her out on a leash....which we have to do now at our current place.
And then I'll have 2 whole weeks off from work to get acquainted with the new place. Yay! The fact of not working for 2+ weeks is a huge bonus in itself :)

I'm seriously so freakin excited and can't believe I'll have boobs in less than 60 days!

Rice sizers

I ordered some new sports bras from Victoria's Secret that were on sale. I got a 32D....not sure what I'll actually be after surgery but I ordered them anyways. I tried em on with 350 rice sizers and they fit with those...almost a little tight but I like the look. I've posted the pictures with the sizers in. (Excuse my tummy. I need to start working out and get my winter flab off. Lol.)

Told my mom today....

So today I told my mom about my surgery. I didn't tell her before because I knew she wouldn't react well. It's not so much the procedure although thats some of it, but the main thing is the money. I can understand that because she does help me with things here and there but as far as the surgery(and anything associated with it) I have not and will not ask her for a dime.

I was soo nervous to tell her. We went out today and the whole time I was anxious and quiet bc I knew it was time to tell her and I needed to get it off my chest. She has a right to know, at least that I am going under.

Anyways, I finally told her when she dropped me off at my house. As expected, she was not happy at all! I think she was mostly in shock because she's like I have to go. And I said I understand , it's alot to take in.

She called me 5 minutes later and was basically just screaming the whole time and it ended with her calling me a disrespectful little b*tch and then she hung up. :/

She has since tried calling me again but I don't know whether or not to just give it a day or so so she can calm down and absorb it.

Has anyone gone through something like this? I mean I know I'm an adult and she will not always agree or like my decisions but I still feel better when she approves of things.

I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my chest since telling her but at the same time now I'm stressed because my mom is super pissed and I don't need her talking sh*t to me all the time.
Any advice/support with this would be much appreciated.

Tomorrow is the big day!

Holy sh!t. I cant believe tomorrow is the "big" day....it actually came fast. Im guessing moving into the new house kept me pretty occupied with time. Its been super busy the past week getting moved and settled all in time for surgery tomorrow. I went to the doctors office on monday to confirm size. Originally i liked the way the 350cc looked but then i decided i like the look of the 375cc now. Tomorrow the doctor said he will bring 350, 375 and 415. I told them i think the 415 might be too big but ill let the doctor make the final call depending on what looks best. I have been told to arrive at the surgery center by 1130 am. Surgery is around 1. I wish it was a little earlier only because of the no eating or drinking. Im probably gonna be one crabby bia by the time i actually go into surgery. Im getting a little nervous but for the most part Im pretty calm. It'll probably hit me in the morning as i get ready. I cant believe tonight is my last night going to sleep with little boobies! Haha. Any last minute advice?! I think im mostly prepared...or at least i hope so!

Day 3

Sorry I havent updated the past few days. Ive just been resting and taking it easy. The surgery was a success and went much faster than I had anticipated. My mom said I was in there for less than an hour. The doctor ended up using 385cc Mentor high profile. Im happy with the results thus far. They seem pretty big but i think they look fine on my small body.
Overall, the recovery process has been pretty bearable. I would say minimal pain especially considering the only thing ive taken for pain is motrin 600 and valium. No opiates! Its just been more uncomfortable than anything....its the tightness thats the worst and even that has subsided alot since day one.
Ive taken a few pictures and ill post within the nxt day or so. As i was saying though, Im very happy and have been in very high spirits.

Amazing Doctor, Amazing Results.

Dr Fedele was absolutely amazing! From beginning to end he was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. His recommendations were reasonable especially considering my very small frame. The results are stunning. I honestly couldn't be happier! I showed him a picture of my "wish boobs" and he did it! I highly recommend Dr Fedele to anyone looking for a surgeon for breast augmentation. I am so appreciative for him and I'm glad I put my trust into someone with so much talent.

Beachwood Plastic Surgeon

Dr Fedele is great! He is an extremely talented surgeon who definitely knows what he is doing. He is very friendly and the whole staff was beyond helpful during the whole process.

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