24 Year Old, Rhinoplasty, Septoplasty. Beachwood, OH

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Let me start by saying I have talked about getting...

Let me start by saying I have talked about getting a rhinoplasty since I was about 14. When I graduated college, I finally decided to take the plunge! The pain has been extremely manageable, and a lot less than I would have expected.

My main issue with my nose was I felt it was too big for my face. I have relatively small eyes and lips, and felt like my nose needed to match. I was also concerned with a small bump that was visible from one side, as well as how far it projected out from my face.

After consulting with my doctor and talking about my goals, we decided that a rhinoplasty, in addition to a cosmetic septoplasty and turbinate reduction would be my best course of action to achieve my goals, and also increase my ability to breathe.

I'm two days post surgery and hope to help others by detailing my journey, but so far, so good!

Day of surgery post op

The day I got my surgery I had minimal bruising and swell, even I was surprised! There was a minimal amount of pain that was completely manageable with the pain meds I was prescribed. I ended up taking 1/2 pain pill every 4 hours, and that seemed to work just fine for me.

I laid low most of the day, trying to get up and walk around (with assistance) every few hours. I ate semi soft foods, so that I didn't have to open my mouth up too wide. I made sure to drink a lot of water, and I iced my face 20 minutes off, 20 minutes on for the rest of the night.

There was quite a bit of drainage from my nose, which Dr. G informed me was more from the septoplasty than the rhinoplasty. I changed the bandage on my nose ever 2 or so hours just to keep the area clean.

Sleeping upright proved to be a little bigger of a challenge, so I didn't get a great night sleep that night. Hindsight I probably should have taken the entire pain pill so that I didn't have to get up in the middle of the night to take another 1/2. Still, all considered, a better experience than I had anticipated.

1 day post op

A lot more swelling this day! Though i've avoided heavily bruising for the most part, my swelling seems to be concentrated around my inner eyes, and draining though my cheeks. The pain was still manageable, and I stayed on my 1/2 pill every 4 hours regimen.

I slept a lot throughout this day, but still made sure to get up and walk around quite a lot. I was able to walk around a lot on my own this day, but made sure I took it slow. I was lucky enough to come home to Cleveland for the surgery, and stay with my parents which has been amazing! My mom has really helped out tremendously! I don't think this recovery process would have been as easy without her. We've had a cool humidifier going in any room i'm in, and I ate foods that supposedly help out with swelling and bruising -- blueberries, tomatoes, spinach, & pineapple.

2 Days Post Op

I woke up today and felt like a monster. This day has definitely been the hardest of recovery thus far. While there is still minimal pain to speak of, I am the most swollen. Still minimal bruising, but the swelling on the right side of my face has definitely increased. There's still some swelling on the left side, but it's definitely more noticeably worse on my right side. I've noticed that my swelling continues through my lower cheeks, which makes me think that gravity is doing its job at pulling it down, but it's still weird to see.

I've tried icing and massaging, throughout the day, which seems to be helping a lot, and i'll be continuing that through the night. I've also upped my water in take and started walking around a lot more, just to get more blood circulation.

Hoping that with tonight the swelling goes down even further, so that I can start feeling -- and looking normal again! I'll keep you posted!

3 Days Post Op! Swelling beginning to fall

Hi Friends!

Just a quick update to show how i'm looking day 3. All of my swelling has fallen to my lower cheeks-- I feel like a chipmunk, but it's all part of the healing process. My under eyes where some of the swelling was has started to yellow (i'll upload some pictures so you can see!)

Sleeping was so much easier last night. I felt like this morning was the first day I was able to get up and feel like a real person-- showered, ate, walked around. Who know, I might even venture outside!

I'm in no pain so i'm going to switch to tylenol for the duration of my recovery. I'll update you guys in a few days when I get my cast off, I'm so excited!!

Cast and Splints are Off! Mixed Initial Feelings

Today was the day! I finally got my cast and splints out-- Thank GOD!

Since my last update I've been more and more active every day, even venturing out in public with my cast on. I felt pretty much 100% back to normal. My stints made it seem like I had a stuffy nose, but that's about it.

Anyway, I knew going into the appointment that my nose was going to be swollen-- especially from the front view. I tried to prepare myself to not be 100% happy with it initially. I keep trying to tell myself that I'm only 6 days out.

Initial thoughts are that my nose looks bigger and wider from straight on, but i'll attribute that all to swelling. I'm anxious to see what it looks like in a few months when I have more time to heal. I'm sure i'll love it. It is definitely hard to keep sight of the bigger picture, and that the nose I saw today isn't the nose i'll have a year from now.

I was really happy to see the immediate improvement from a side profile perspective. It looks SO straight and pretty, even with the swelling at the tip. Happy on those fronts and I can't wait to see how it continues to change over the months.

What do you think? Has anyone else experienced having mixed feelings at first? I'd love to get some input!

1 Week post cast off! 2 weeks post surgery

Hi Friends!

I wanted to send a quick update. It's been 1 week since I got my cast off and splints removed, and two weeks post surgery tomorrow! My nose is taking shape and becoming more defined every day!! I have finally started to recognize myself in the mirror again. I become happier and more confident with my decision every day. There is still quite a bit of swelling in the tip of the nose, which I was told before hand would take the longest amount of time to go down.

I've been doing the massages that they showed me a few times every day, as well as sleeping with a cool mist humidifier, as well as using the saline nasal spray. I wasn't instructed to tape my nose, so I havent been!

Looking forward to continue to see the changes my nose makes in the next few months!

Side by sides

WOAH! Just did a side by side of before and 2 weeks post surgery. I. Am. Dying!!!! Look at the profile difference!

1 month, 10 days post op

10 months post op- what a difference!


Quick update.... the doctors aren't exaggerating when they swelling can take almost a year or more to go down. I am in LOVE with my nose, and I feel like everything was completely worth it! Recovery has its ups and downs.. and I wish someone told me that.. but how about this for a new nose?
Cleveland Plastic Surgeon

After much research, I decided that Dr. Goldman was the doctor for me! Not only is he extremely well respected within the community, but is also double board certified, and considered one of the best at rhinoplasties in the country. His bedside manner was great, and he always made me feel comfortable, from consultation to day of surgery, and beyond. He called me from his personal number later the day of surgery to see how I was doing and to answer any additional questions I had. I had a few questions between my consultation and surgery and Dr. Goldman responded personally within a few hours.

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