35 Year Old. Mother of One 5 Year Old and 130 Lbs Lost After Bariatric Surgery - Bayside, NY

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After weighing 400 lbs in 2010, I reached my limit...

After weighing 400 lbs in 2010, I reached my limit and had the gastric sleeve surgery. I lost 130 lbs and have plateaued over the last 2 years. I hated the way I looked in the mirror and no matter how much I exercised my big stomach and thighs still would not reduce. I am 2 days post op from a tummy tuck and an inner thigh lift. The pain has been terrible but I am hoping to feel better in a few days.

4 Days Post Up Tummy Tuck and Inner Thigh Lift

4 days post op and still in pain. My back is killing me from only sleeping in one position. Using the bathroom has been so hard. Trying to sit down and pee and then get back up sucks all of my energy. Haven't pooped since Tuesday, the day of surgery and barely have any appetite. Not being able to shower or wear underwear has not been fun. 4 more days to go until I can shower. I can't wait.

8 Days Post Op - Shower Day

So excited to finally take a shower and see some results. It has been so hard mentally on the recovery process not to be able to shower or use the bathroom without help. Feeling hopefully about getting some independence back.

8 Days Post Up - First Shower

Feels so good to take a shower. Still looking a little bit like Frankenstein but almost all of the tape has fallen off the stitches. My thighs still feel like cement. Hoping it subsides soon

10 Days Post Op Tummy Tuck and Inner Thigh Luft

Developed a slight fever last night. Called the doctor and started another round of antibiotics. Saw the doctor this morning at 6 am to check incisions and make sure nothing is infected. Doc said everything looks good but just feeling out of it today. Right leg incision is inflamed and irritating me.

12 Days Post Op

Been leaking a ton of pinkish brown fluid from the incisions near my inner thighs since Friday. Doctor says it is normal but I am running out of underwear, sheets, and pants since i am soaking through everything. Went outside for the first time today and it felt great to feel the sunshine and walk up and down the block. Inner thighs are still hard and bruised but getting better. Tummy tuck incisions are scabbing up nicely and almost healed. Hoping the inner thighs make some progress with the healing of the incisions.

13 Days Post Up

Been healing well. My right thigh incision is still irritated and leaking tons of brownish red liquid. Thighs are still hard and swollen.

19 Days Post Op

Finally went back to work 2 weeks post op. Definitely more tired than usual and just getting dressed and driving to work is exhausting. Tumny tuck incisions are almost healed except for one spot. Inner thighs are still hard but not as hard as before. A little lumpy in spots but I am sure it will even out as I heal. The thigh incision on the right leg is still oozing pinkish brownish fluid from the liposuction but not as much as before. Wound care is definitely essential for taking care of the thigh incisions. Been using surgical wound pads lined with Bacitracin to help the wound heal and it has definitely been helping. Still look a little bit like Frankenstein but pleased with the results so far. Not perfect but a major improvement from what I used to look like.

19 Days Post Op

More post op pics

25 Days Post Op

Leg incisions are finally feeling better and almost healed. 2 more incisions on my stomach which need to heal and have developed inflammation and bumps on the top of my pelvis. Doc said it is bumpy because of the stitches pulling. Hope the swelling and bumps go down because they look gross. Doctor put me on another round of antibiotics to prevent infection. First day I started women's underwear again. Feels a little strange but no discomfort near the bikini line and groin incisions

5 Weeks Post Op

Finally feeling almost back to normal. Leg incision stopped leaking and the bumps over my pubic area have stopped leaking except for one area. All of the stitches are almost healed. My belly button still looks like there are worms growing out of it and the stitches have not fallen out yet. Developing a golf size ball on my left inner thigh which the doc said is scar tissue which will diminish but it still feels weird. Thought I would be further along in the healing process by now and didn't think I would run into so many wound care and healing complications but I am so glad I went through with it. It has definitely been a journey. Can't wait until all of the swelling finally goes down and the scars lighten so I can see the final final result.

5 Weeks Post Op

5 Weeks Post Op pictures

6 Weeks Post Op

Finally feeling back to myself. Energy level is back and I am almost completely healed except for my belly button and small scab on the back of my right leg. So happy I went through with the procedures even though recovery was rough. Now time to work on improving what the doctor did and work on exercising and getting healthier.

1 Year Post Op

In 20 days, I will be one year post op and couldn't be happier with my results. Although recovery was difficult, I am so glad I did it. I have so much more confidence and energy. It has even gotten me motivated enough to go ton the gym consistently and work on a healthier lifestyle

1 Year Before & After Pics- Tummy Tucker & Inner Thigh Lift

BEST decision of my life

1 Year Post Op Before & After Pics

Before and after pics.
Englewood Plastic Surgeon

Each time I have called the office with questions or concerns, they have all been extremely helpful. Even called the office on Thanksgiving because I developed a low fever and the doctor called me back and had his staff call in a prescription for me. He even fit me in before his surgery to check on the incisions and make sure there was no infection or issues

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