29yo 410cc Anatomical Implants - Bayreuth, DE

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So... I wrote a big text but somehow it...

I wrote a big text but somehow it disappeared so I gonna be more direct now.

I had an appointment with a doctor last month and he said he would go just until 215cc. I complained and he said 245cc, that this would bring me a "good B cup".

I decided to search another opinion because I wanted C cup. Yesterday I went to a doc that has plenty of good reviews and he allowed me to choose, testing with the sizers and a bra that he had for this. All super fast and professional.
In the end the one I liked (after trying 4 different sizes) was 410cc!! And now I'm scared that is way too much for me, since I'm small.
Otherwise I saw some reviews of him where the girls said that his choice of size was bigger than they imagined but ended out pretty natural and matching with the body.

So... he gave me even bigger sizers, and he showed me the numbers that I could get because my measures and is all right.

Have you girls any tip about this? Have you went through this doubt if it is too big?
(I know most girls regret they didn't went bigger but...!)

So will be 410cc Natrelle (anatomical high projection) under the muscle. Should I ask for one size smaller?

Tell me your experiences! ?


Hi girls!
I'm just one month from my OP now and I'm really excited.

I was SO concerned about the size... so we called. Also because he ask me to buy a bra that is 70D, but my ribcage is 67cm, what makes the 65D a better option. We bought one 70C (used) to take a look and was really too large at the bones.

Then the girls at the reception know our case and said that yes, can be that because the OP it's like all swollen, but that 65D should be fine. And we asked about the 360cc... she said at my papers at the clinic was written to order 410cc and 450cc!! /o\

And he said me that they would have 360cc, but maybe he already has this there. Well, the point is that now the receptionist corrected my papers and wrote just 410cc and 360cc, and said is fine that 360cc is the biggest I want.

I saw so many pictures with so different results that is really complicated to decide just by numbers.

The thing is that now I'm SO more relaxed about all of this. I know that he is experienced doctor, but I never wanted to have really big boobs. I just want something to fit at my body shape. :)

So now I'm definitely looking forward to my OP day. Gonna make the exams I need and the payment letter comes next week. So looks like everything will be fine.

The girls at reception also said we can call and write how many times we need to, and they were really nice about all of this doubts, and I just think is exactly how is supposed to be. :)

If anyone there had Natrelle 360cc shaped unders and want to share, please write me. Mine will be the extra full projection, what means a lot in the bottom and not much on the top. Exactly how I want.

OP and one week after

So in the end the doc took the 410cc FX, let's see how gonna end up looking! :)

I was miserable at first two days but now I'm feeling better. Cannot make a lot of things though and still completely dependent of my husband to cook or helping me go out of bed.

I have a lot of swollen in the middle of my boobs right now and looks weird. I've been taking pics each day to see the improvement but need to be true and say that I see nothing yet. :p

So hopefully when I complete two weeks I will be able to move around normally and go to school without pain. I'm having problems also with my belly, is so swollen! Was yesterday and today at lymph drenage, hope it helps to go back to normal.


Updates 11 days post pics

I had really bad days at first week,but finally I discovered a good way to sleep and this is saving my mood and sanity. Hahah

So... now I'm having bad pains at my ribs muscles... I've read that some girls have this and I'm just hoping that don't take too long to go away. Is pretty bad to stand up straight.

My back is actually giving me more problems than my boobs. I think a lot of women feel the same, though.

And talking about boobs I had some boob's blues and felt horrible because they look too huge. But after two days the swollen was better and I relaxed.

Still not sure if I picked the right size.

I'm using compressive band 24x7 since I left hospital, same with bra. And still not able to shower my hair alone. :p

Side picture!

So, I think I choose (the doc suggested) the wrong profile.

This is the Full High and Extra Full Projection (FX), and I have way too much projection. They will settle yet, but I think I should've gone with the Full or Moderate Projection and not Extra Full.

Also, sure, 410cc is not small implant. And my arms are smaller than my boobs now. I just think this is not ok. -.-'

So Thursday I have my appointment with the doctor and will discuss about this and see what he thinks.

I wish he accept that was not what I asked for and charges me just the price of the implants for a revision. I think he will ask me to wait three months though.

If he let me go braless is ok. I just hate that I don't have clothes to use with this stupid surgery bra. Hahhaha

Explaining teardrop names

So last post I said that I don't like my projection. I'm making this post so the girls can see what means that I have a FX now and want to change to FF or FM.

Just to let the discuss easier.
Today I'm completing one month of surgery. They are still hard mostly around. I still don't have full sensibility under my nipples, but apparently is coming back slowly.

They still have a lot to settle, fluff and drop, but tomorrow I have an appointment with my surgeon because I think they are too big for me (I was wanting a C and ended with DD/E), and want to change the projection. So my plan is go with 310cc FM, which gonn basically keep the frontal shape but will change a lot the side view and volume.

Let's see what he gonna say (I don't want to wait another two months because I'm sure they are too big and this will not change).

I have no pain, but yesterday I saw some rippling down the scar, that I read here is normal and disappear once the muscle and skin get soft again.

I'm just using the medical bra, and they are still hard in a point that I cannot really squish them together, unless with help of a sport's bra with frontal close. Was wondering if is normal that teardrop implants take so long to fluff.

So, hope my picture help girls understand the different profiles that the tear trop have.

And tomorrow I try to update some pics from before/after comparing.

Sizes boards

And here you can see the difference of size and projection in each one of the Natrelle options. :)

One month update

So went yesterday to my doctor and he said we should wait complete 6 months before making a revision.

We will call him in two weeks to know what he has to offer us about prices.

I took some pictures that you can see how they change from the second to the fourth week. :)

They are beautiful, but I'm sure I want them smaller.
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