Lipotherme: Upper, Lower Abdomen & Love Handles - Bayonne, NJ

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Hi! I'm 35 yrs old & struggling to get rid of my...

Hi! I'm 35 yrs old & struggling to get rid of my after c section baby stomach fat. Before I gave birth to my 20 months old son, I was only 98-100lbs, but I gained 85 lbs during pregnancy (185 lbs). I went to Dr. Jenyons 6 months after I gave birth, she said I needed a tummy tuck, but she advised me to wait after 1 year before I do any surgery because my frame is petite, so I might lose more weight.

After 20 months, I lost 70 lbs. I’m 5 ft & my current weight is 115. I’m so happy I lost those unwanted fats, but my only problem is my stomach; though I lost 70 lbs, I still cannot lose the stomach. Thank God it’s not hanging, but I’m still not comfortable having a protruded stomach.

I decided to go back to Dr Jenyons for another consultation last May 6, 2013. Dr Jenyons advised me to have a lipotherme procedure instead of tummy tuck. She said my stomach shrink a lot since the last time I came for consultation. Dr Jenyons was so friendly & honest. She explained to me everything & how safe is the procedure. I decided to schedule the date right away. I was hoping for mid May, but they are fully booked for the whole month of May, June & July. Thank God somebody resched a surgery on the 7th of June, so I paid a deposit right away & booked the date. I’m trying to lessen my smoking habit though, but I’m struggling. I am not so sure how important to stop smoking before the procedure; though Dr Jenyons advised me to stop smoking. So today is my last day of smoking,, wish me luck!!

I'm so excited & counting the days,,, 3 more weeks & goodbye fats!! wohooooo!! I will be posting before & after pictures

2 More Days before my Lipotherme Procedure

It's June 5th of 2013. I am counting the days & hours before my Lipotherme procedure. June 7 at 1PM is my procedure, so I am scared but looking forward to it. I had a few drinks during the weekend & smoke cigarettes during the buss conference I attended last Saturday. Hopefully, it will not affect my healing process.

I will post pictures on Friday - Before & After Photos
Dr. Juanita Jenyons

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