Getting my Mommy Makeover That I Have Wanted for Half my Life - Jacksonville, FL

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An awesome experience and a consultation with dr....

An awesome experience and a consultation with dr. Sophie Kirk schedule my appointment for September 29th can't wait to see the results staff was very friendly she explained to me what would be my outcome how I would look and what I feel like the first 2 weeks how important it is to keep my appointments after my surgery make sure everything is healed well.

tummy tuck

Showing more photos to show how desperately I need my mommy makeover I can't wait I'm so excited

my surgery front and back and add the abdominoplasty

I'm getting so excited As this month flies by and my surgery is on September 29th cannot wait to see my results of a flat stomach and no love handles.

can't wait for my procedure on September 29th

My family is not supporting me they say that I'm beautiful as I am but just don't understand that I don't feel confident when I have my clothes off I know without a doubt that I'm making the right decision it's not about how much it cost it's about outcome that I've been wanting for so long

my tummy tuck

My pre-op appointment was today they took before pictures and gave me my prescription for medication I'm so excited little nervous I can't wait to bring sexy back7 more days.

my tummy tuck

Had my tummy tuck yesterday I went for my first pre-op appointment they said everything looks well

headlights on meet up today

Went to my first pre-op appointment they said everything is going well just to take it easy very sore

My tummy tuck I did it

Once my pre-op appointment after surgery they said everything is looking great I'll be downloading a photo soon

Had my tummy tuck

I'm a little sore on the sides and I got me a new belly button they said everything went well today so hopefully next week I'll get my tubes out

3 days post op I'm getting up a little easier but my belly button hurts a lot that you can give me a new one

I know it's going to be worth all the pain and soreness thank you Lord for letting me wake up

My tummy tuck

Went to the doctor today got my drains out everything's looking great how to wire my binder for 6 weeks it's weird because where I used to be fat my big role at the bottom is so tight and flat but where I had my liposuction in my abdomen is swollen out with the baseball

My tummy tuck

Is it feels really weird really bruised still hard and very tight can't wait to have a little feeling in to look normal
Jacksonville Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Sophia Kirk was awesome she was very down-to-earth explain to me everything that was going to be done how much pain I was going to be in but I would feel better as time went by so looking forward to my surgery!!!!

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