63 and Was Very Pretty Before - Bayamon, Puerto Rico

Have been quietly on this site for months,you made...

have been quietly on this site for months,you made me decide to go ahead.my turkey neck ruined my looks and everytime I saw my pictures I hated it.I had a full facelift with upper and lower eyes.Will not say its been easy but the worse day for me has been the second.Took the bandages off and washed hair this morning willhave stiches removed tomorrow an am pretty scared about it

2 months post

still a little swelling but happy

2 months

3wks post surgery,jowls gone,still swollen
especially under neck am a little worried
about it,but read its liquid and should go away,I sure hope so

just to share

want to let you know at 2 months it is still very uncomforable,swelling discoloration,
itching stinging and tightness,but as they say No pain no gain!,we will prevail and should be proud of ourselves

a little unhappy

at 7 months I still have a small area of droopy skin under my chin,He said he can fix it ,I reall y hope so.He gave me until
April but I want it before

A Little Unhappy

after 7 months still droopy skin under chin,will it go away.At first it was swollen and I thougt it would disapear.Went to to revision and The Dr

said he could fix it,but my next revision is for april.I feel its too long to wait.I want to know how he would go about fixing it'and uf it is a simple procedure,I really won't enjoy going back to surgey but a the profile I dreamed for is not this one

Dr. Calero

will wait before commenting

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