25 and I Want my Curves Back

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Finally gotten up enough courage to make a post....

Finally gotten up enough courage to make a post. Ive been searching around on Realself for a couple of months and finally made the decision in my mind that I might consider really going through with this journey. I was thinking January hopefully will enough time to lose enough weight to get under 200lbs and by then have a qoute and a set date. I've been leaning towards Duran because I love the way she snatches that waist, but I am only getting BBL so will it be as snatched as her TT's?

Been Doing my Research...Help!

So I've been really looking into Baez, Duran, and Yiyl.( not sure if I spelled that right) If anyone knows anything please please let me know. I'm so in love with Duran but I'm wondering if I can get as snatched from her Lipo because her TT's are super snatched. I dont like however that she takes alot of dolls in one day.

Dr. Baez seems sweet and I like that she really cares for her dolls and that she doesn't take alot of clients in one day. Her work seems good but her waists arent as snatched.  Im just now starting to research Dr. Yiyl her work looks awesome I just dont know as much about her so please anyone with some insight I'd appreciate it. So far Ive only heard back from Yiyl in my emails.

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