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I am a big fan of Real Self because of how...

I am a big fan of Real Self because of how therapeutic and informative it can be. The bond members form here are amazing and I want to be a part of it. So this is my story:

I am a 30 year old single mother of three kids ages 10, 8 and 6. I'm 5'7 and 113lbs. Yes I am extremely thin. Though I have always been naturally thin it was usually being around the weight of 120 - 130lbs. I have gotten to 160lbs before (and I'm serious when I say that I was in love with my muffin tops). Part of being a woman is having dangerous curves. Right now I'm just a safe, drive straight ahead road and I hate it!!! It doesn't describe my personality. My personality is larger than life and my ASS-ets have to be the same as well.

I have been wanting a brazilian butt lift before I even knew it existed. I'm half Dominican and half Puerto Rican. The fact that I don't have a nice round big plumpy booty makes me feel like I'm setting a false illusion to people when I tell them my ethnicity since the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Dominican or Puerto Rican women are "She must have a fat ass!". I always say my butt is sad because it can't clap. I want to make it clap dammit!!!

I have tried just about everything to give my butt a nice shape (from padded panties to fajas) but setting a false illusion under my clothing makes me paranoid. I get all weird or jumpy whenever someone gets close to me out of fear that they are going to smack my ass and they are going to hear the "poof" sound of the foam padded panties (which has happened by the way).

On top of getting this procedure done, I am also getting rhinoplasty, tummy tuck and breast augmentation sometime in April. I have to quit smoking though which I've done before but somehow fell off the bandwagon and apparently twisted both ankles because now for the life of me I can't get back up and start over.

The doctor who will be doing this procedure will be Michael Salzhauer of Bal Harbour Plastic Surgery Associates. I want to be upfront with everyone and state that I do work for the doctor in the call center but I am by no means here to promote the doctor but to share my experience and hopefully gain a strong support system since I really don't have one. I don't have friends and family nearby. I live in Miami alone with my kids. The reason why I want to be upfront with this is because I don't want people to get the idea that this is a fake account. It is not. Though I do work for the doctor, I am really a patient in the making and I will upfront about my whole experience (which might differ from the rest of you but nonetheless you will find things in my story you can relate to).

I have to say my kids are a great support system and motivators. Like I knew I was making the right choice to get a tummy tuck when my daughter Xyleena told me "Mommy your tummy is melting" (Thanks Xy! You sure know how to make mommy feel good). I think I have learned so much (and still have a lot more to learn) about plastic surgery from my job that it has overflowed to my kids. They know the proper names of procedures, how it's done and why people get it. They just love my boss' music videos that he posts on YouTube which they know word for word.

Part of the main reason why I want to do this blog on Real Self is because at my job I constantly speak with patients on their personal and emotional journey through plastic surgery and sometimes get caught up on it that I find myself chit chatting a little longer than I was supposed to. I get so excited and live vicariously through their experience but I have no one to share my experience with (or at least no one that will sit there and listen to me ramble on and on about it). This is the only place I can actually go and do it.

I have my reasons for choosing Dr. Salzhauer and it's not because he's my boss because he's been my boss for only 3 months. I have been wanting him to be my surgery for 6 years!!! I wouldn't choose him to work on my body or I wouldn't work for him if I didn't feel he was the best. I see day in and day out happy beautiful patients whose life turned around because they gained a whole new level of confidence and love for their body. I want that!!!!

I'm not here to sway anyone's decision on which doctor to choose. My suggestion always is to choose who you are most comfortable with. You can take suggestions from everyone all you like and you can go by everyone else's results but you have to keep in mind that at the end of the day it all boils down to your own intuition about the doctor and your results will be unique just like everyone else's.

I am here to hopefully share my experience, be there for others and hopefully have others be there for me. I am ready to say bye bye to my potatoe pancake booty and make my Ren & Stimpy tattoos on each of my butt cheeks pop out in 3D!!!! LMAO!! If there is any way I could be of assistance to any of you ladies, please do not hesitate to contact me. I'm always happy and honored to be there for someone who needs it.

I am excited about getting all my procedures done but mainly the brazilian butt lift because I am a huge fan of asses. Not to mention all the girls I work with have nice plumpy butts while mine sticks out (or should I say sucks in) like a sad story (whatever that means). I have two goals to achieve first though: quit smoking and gain weight. Two of the most difficult tasks for me because I smoke a lot and I eat a lot too but I don't gain weight. (Damn you fast metabolism!!!) It's a challenge but it can be done with positivity and determination.

Just wanted to share this funny video my boss Dr....

Just wanted to share this funny video my boss Dr. Salzhauer and I did about plastic surgery. It's a parody of Justin Bieber ft Nicki Minaj song "Beauty And A Beat". I played Nicki Minaj and of course the doc played Dr. Bieber. lmao. Tell me what you think ladies....

So the other day my sister was in town because she...

So the other day my sister was in town because she had a follow-up appointment with Dr. Salzhauer for her breast reduction (which by the way looks great!). As we were heading to the office, this man (who was a complete stranger) said "OMG! You are so skinny! Do you eat?" I got caught off guard but before I could answer, my sister came to my defense and said "She does eat! She just finished eating a footlong sandwich." I told him as well "Do you ever go up to heavy set girls you don't know and say 'OMG! Do you ever stop eating?'" His response was no because it's rude. HELLO!?!?! As opposed to what you just said to me?! Then he tried to save face and say he didn't mean it in a bad way. Oh really? So it's a compliment to tell someone they look like they are starving themselves. I tried to laugh it off but I can't deny it bothered me. Many people think it's not a big deal to point out how skinny someone is thinking it's not offensive like pointing out to someone that they are fat. I think I have a pretty good idea how skinny I am with my size 0 pants. No need to announce it like it's a newsflash on tv. This is one of the main reasons why I want a brazilian butt lift. I strongly believe if I had some serious lumps and bumps to my figure (bigger booty and boobs) I wouldn't look so much like an oversized stick bug. Instead of getting all butt-hurt, I should use this experience to motivate myself to eating a whole lot more to make sure I gain the weight that I need to (not just for the bbl but to feel normal again). I need to be more disciplined with my eating habits: more protein shakes with ice cream in it, peanut butter everything and honey buns!!! Talk about a fun diet. lol. I need to supply Dr. Salzhauer with enough junk to put in my empty trunk. =P

Hey ladies!!! I am horrible at updating my blog...

Hey ladies!!!

I am horrible at updating my blog consistently. I've been so busy lately with other things going on in my life and when I do get on RealSelf, I get sucked into reading other people's blogs versus updating my own. I posted pictures of myself to give you some idea how I look and I also posted a link to a video I posted on YouTube that my kids made for Dr. Salzhauer's birthday. I thought it was so cute and funny.

I had to postpone my surgery date because I have not gained enough weight for the surgery. In fact, I didn't gain any weight. Did I mention that I started smoking again? I know I know, Dr. Salzhauer gives me the everyday speech about smoking and why I should quit. He always ask me questions like "So Yasmin, how many days are you smoke-free?" and I'll ask "Does today count?" and he'll reply back "Yes" and my response would be "Hmmmm.....0!" Then he will start to give me motivational pep talks like "You can do it! Tomorrow is a new day and you will be one day closer to your new body you always wanted". He's such a positive thinker. I need to incorporate his way of thinking and make it a double to really motivate me. lol.

So I was thinking once I start the process of quitting cigarettes (gasp!) and conjure up a "Feed-My-Ass" diet, I'll probably document the whole thing and post it on a vlog or something on YouTube. I want to document the whole thing from beginning to end. I want to weigh about 130 - 135lbs before I do the surgery. Anything less than that with my height is senseless. As much as I see beautiful results from patients that come in and out of this office (not to mention the amazing results I see everyday with my beautiful co-workers), I just finally want to be in the BBC (Big Booty Club). But I can't blame anybody but myself for not having it yet because I have no self control over smoking right now and I'm not taking real actions towards gaining weight. Dr. S always says "Discipline will make you happy". I didn't get it until now.

While juggling 3 kids, 2 jobs and going to school online, I need to make time for my self-project for reinventing myself. I seriously need to stop putting myself to the back burner. I am ready to be a bombshell and cause traffic collisions wherever I go. #SexyTrouble

It's Been Too Long...

It's been a long while since I've updated my blog. Some things have changed while others remained the same. I no longer work for Dr. Salzhauer. It didn't end on bad terms or anything. In fact, he is still the best boss I ever had in my eyes because he is so considerate, wise, kind hearted and inspirational. He gives his all to motivate his staff to be a continuous work in progress not just as employees of Bal Harbour Plastic Surgery but as positive goal oriented individuals in general. I honestly believe that is the core of his practice's success: his genuine care for people and hiring people who are the same way. No matter what stage you are in with going through plastic surgery at Dr. Salzhauer's office (making the appointment, coming to the office, talking with the doctor, during surgery, post surgery and even after you go home when they send out a nurse) believe me ladies you are always in good hands with whoever you are dealing with. I couldn't have been more proud to work for and with such a group of outstanding people who understands that plastic surgery is about making a change in someone's life for the better and to make it more beautiful every step of the way.

Now what haven't changed was my weight. Ugh!!!! I'm still at 104lbs. This is a problem that I have been facing for so long. I was supposed to have this surgery way before I even started working for Dr. Salzhauer (for over a year now) and I keep delaying it because of the weight. So I decided to just move forward with the rest of my surgery (rhinoplasty, tummy tuck and breast augmentation). My new surgery date is October 28th. That is three weeks from now. It makes me a little sad (okay a lot sad. lol) that I am letting go of the BBL procedure because my butt is my biggest issue that I have with my self image.

I know part of my problem is that I'm the type of person when I stress a lot, it doesn't matter how much I eat I still don't gain weight and I also feel that my sleeping disorder plays a factor into it. I'm still going to try to gain weight (my goal is 15lbs) and hopefully, even if I could only get a petite round booty from the weight that I gain weight, I could add the bbl back on the menu. It sure beats having the potato pancake ass I have now. =) So we'll see.

My game plan to try to gain weight is this:
1. Eat, eat, eat!!!! All day long!!!
2. Ensure, protein shakes, more ensure!!!
3. Woo-sah my ass to de-stress!!! It's kind of hard to do as a single mom but I think learning how to accept the things I cannot change and try to work around it plus spending more time having fun with my kids would help do the trick.
4. Eat eat eat some more!!!
5. Try not to be so damn hyperactive!!! I'm forever moving around and playing with my kids. I burn fat quicker than I can gain it.

If anyone has any suggestions on helping me gain 15lbs in 3 weeks, please comment below or inbox me because I am meant to be a bbl sister. Especially getting a BBL from Salzhauer. He is the best of the best when it comes to BBLs. SoFloMnt87 & NiceShape's results is proof in the pudding. NiceShape is my inspiration because she started at 106lbs and managed to bump up to 118lbs and her results was WOW!!!!!

Well that's all for now. Feel free to check out my other rhino and mommy makeover blogs and show some love.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

When I was living in NY back in 2006 I went to see a doctor in New York for a BBL. Just like every other doctor, I did not feel comfortable with him because he was too serious and impersonal for my own liking I started researching other doctors and came across Dr. Michael Salzhauer. His work amazed me. I saw some of his music videos on YouTube and thought "This doctor is so wacky.....right up my alley". Since then I was determined if I was to ever get a surgeon, it would only be him. I ended up being Facebook friends with him but we never really spoke. In 2012 I was chosen to be on MTV True Life to document my experience getting a brazilian butt lift and he was actually supposed to be my doctor. Problem was that at the time my family and friends didn't want to be on TV and I had no means of getting to Miami while living in Kissimmee. The producer of the show said I was perfect for the documentary but my whole situation was all wrong. I was sad that it still wasn't my time to make this change but I still believed the doctor would be my surgeon. I went to see the doctor on my own for a consultation which after meeting him I felt so comfortable that I knew this is the right choice but once again there was bad timing. I was going through a rough transition in my life in which I found myself not having a place to live. During that time I kept in communications with Dr. Salzhauer via Facebook from time to time. I ended up moving to Miami from Kissimmee in search of a new beginning in life as a single mom in Sept 2012. Around that time the doctor posted on Facebook that he was doing a music video and needed someone to play Nikki Minaj. I just had to do it so I asked him if I could and he said yes. It was so much fun doing the video. The doctor got to know a little more about me and he just loved the passion that I have for plastic surgery and offered me a job to work at his call center. It was a blessing that changed my whole life. I managed to be stable and independent as well as love what I do for a living. It feels good being a part of a company that changes lives in the way that I want my life to be changed. I know my kindness goes a long way for our patients and it feels so good when I find a connection with them. I know what it's like to have a flat booty or a bulbous nose or tennis balls in tube socks looking boobs. I still look that way!!! But my time will come and after personally seeing so many successful beautiful results day in and day out from Dr. Salzhauer, how could I not choose him. In my eyes, for ME, he is the best choice to achieve the look that I want.

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