Lift and Implants After 2 Babies and Breastfeeding - Bay Harbor Islands, FL

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So far I've only had my consultation with Dr Krau....

So far I've only had my consultation with Dr Krau. He was quick, to the point, but not rude. He also wasn't the warmest, but that doesn't bother me. After 3 consultations I'm going with him because I believe he's got great hands. And I'm not concerned about his personality, I want my surgeon to be excellent at his job. I am scheduled for a lift and a small implant. I originally was going to go with the gummy bear implants. But the more I read about silicone, the more uncomfortable I feel about having that in my body. So, I'm leaning more towards saline. I'm currently wearing a 32DD ( although not filling the cups) and I am 5'4" and weigh 128 lbs. I am very conflicted about the implants, knowing I'll have to have further surgeries in the future, makes me consider a lift only. Not sure, but I'll be posting pics as I go along.

11 days before

So this past Friday the 13th I had my 2 week pre-op appointment and it officially feels real. I have purchased my wedge pillow from Amazon. I purchased organic calendula ointment, a few comfy sports bras, extra pillows, a few zip up and button down shirts, my homeopathic pellets for nausea, swelling, nerves, and bruising. I've been drinking a gallon a day of high alkaline water, I quit coffee a month ago along with ibuprofen. I follow a Nutritarian diet, but I've made sure to add extra peppers and oranges since those are high in Vitamin C. Im trying to do everything possible to heal asap with minimal bruising and to have nicely healed scars. Now I'm just hoping that my surgery isn't super late in the day because it will suck to be without food or water all day long.

A few more before pics

For reference, I am 5'3" and 126 lbs at the moment. I am adding a few more pics, I'm a bit upset that I didn't lose more weight before the surgery. I was hoping to be down to 120 lbs, but hopefully in the next week or so I'll lose 2-3 more.

Not sure about implants now

So I couldn't sleep last night thinking about whether I should just do a lift alone. I'll be calling my doctor on Monday, of course I'm paid in full with Saline implants. And I'm not sure that I'll get the money back for the implants at this point since surgery is Thursday. I just keep going back and forth about it. I want upper fullness, but then I don't want completely round breasts... I like the shape of natural tear dropped breasts. Ugh!!! I'm probably just experiencing last minute fear.

It's done!!

It's done. My chest feels as if I have a hard cement cast on my chest. Hehe. I'm super sore too. My surgery was at 8 am this morning. And I was home by noon. I also did not throw up. I was sooo happy about that! One thing I do have is numbness on both arms. From the elbows until my wrists, anyone else ever get this post op? I go tomorrow am for my post op and I'll ask then.

2 days post-op

So, don't have much to report. Other than I've been pretty much in bed the whole time. I've been taking my meds, and I get up about once an hour and walk around the house to keep myself from getting too stiff. My arms are no longer numb, that was from not using them too much. The evening of my surgery Nora ( Dr Kraus' nurse) called me to see how I was doing. My chest feels super hard, but my incisions don't really hurt much. I have a huge belly because I still haven't gone to the bathroom. But tonight I'm taking something, so hopefully tomorrow I'll feel better.

Implants info

Forgot to mention that I have Mentor smooth round moderate profile Saline implants, 200cc.

One week check up.

I had the steri strips removed and replaced with skinnier ones. That hurt. And then the nurse cut off the ends of some stitches that needed removing, that hurt too. My breasts look very pretty. But the incisions under my breasts hurt. A lot. They're very tender. And I'm still very uncomfortable from the heaviness of the implants, having a hard time catching my breath still. I'm also still feeling very dazed and kind of loopy. I took my last muscle relaxer last night, so I'm hoping in a few days all these drugs will have left my system. The heaviness is bothering me, but not as much as the pain from the incisions. If I could go back in time, I'd cancel my surgery. It's that uncomfortable. They look pretty though.

Day 9

So today is 9 days since the surgery. I'm still feeling pressure on my chest, but it's not as bad as a few days ago. The bottom incisions are sore still, but getting better. No photo updates since nothing has changed. But, they have me wearing the chest strap for one week 24/7 and it is driving me NUTS!!! It's hurting my armpit area..... yea, this week is not going to be fun.

2 week Post-op

Sooooo. I'm feeling much better in terms of the heavy feeling from the implants. That doesn't bother me much at the moment. I had my appointment today and Dr Krau removed my tapes and said I was good to go until 6 months. But I just had a mini melt down because my right breast where the bottom meets the vertical scar, it looks like it's opening up just a bit. And I am panicking!!! I don't do well with wounds and if that opens up I will flip out. I showered and I put a Calendula ointment on it (Bought it on Amazon with really high reviews from customers for wound healing). But now I'm afraid to put my bra back on. I'm afraid the bottom of the sports bra will rub the area and cause it to open. Ugh.

3 weeks post/op

So this week I've experienced a world of difference. I still have lots of swelling obviously. But my left breast is more swollen than my right. And my pain is much better. My scars are still very sensitive and tender, but they're healing nicely. Although my right breast has a small section open. In the "T" area. My range of motion is much better, but I still feel as if I did an extreme amount of push ups.

6 weeks 4 days after

Hello, I just wanted to post a quick update. My scars are healing nicely, and I've been keeping up with scar treatment. At the moment I have Mepitac silicone tape over scar treatment gel. The small section that was open is healing nicely and nipple sensation on my right side is back. My left breast is still feeling a bit numb and it is still slightly swollen, and my left nipple is still numb. But overall I'm very happy.

Scars at 6 weeks 5 days

Not much change from last update, although I meant to mention that when I bend over to pick something up, as the implants move up on your chest, it feels soooooo weird! Anyone else have this sensation? If so, when did it go away? I usually press on hand on the top of my chest so that doesn't happen.
Anyway, here are my scars.

6 months post op

So it's been 6 months since surgery and my breasts finally feel normal. My nipples are still somewhat numb, which worries me because I really had great nipple sensitivity before surgery. I can feel them being touched, but I don't actually have much feeling. And I'm hoping my scars will fade a LOT more. I've been using BioCorneum and silicone sheets. I am very happy with the results because ultimately got the perkiness that I really wanted. But, like I said, I'm still hoping for better fading of my scars.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I've met with him twice and he's been really lovely. He's very calm and introspective and you definitely get a feel that he really wants not only to make his patient happy, but to make the best decision possible with you. I feel completely confident that he will do an excellent job.

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