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Hellooooo I'm so excited !!! I was super confused...

Hellooooo I'm so excited !!! I was super confused between him and another doctor but I finally decided on him because of his professionalism. When I emailed his office Cristina Valera (Office Manager for Ary Krau) was super professional and answered all my questions. The other office I was interested in didn't really answer my questions & constantly brought up money ,though they were less expensive I still decided on Dr.ary because him & his team just made me feel like everything wasn't about the money and that they really wanted to make sure I was happy. Also the reviews on here about him are awesome which made me even much more confident. Also of course I researched through his bad reviews and he barely has any & the one bad one he does have he replied to it . I decided on a breast lift with implants I'm super excited! I need the breast lift because I breast-fed for a year and a half and I want to implant so that my breast can be super fullll !! My surgery is scheduled for May 8, 2016 is anyone flying out of been in the surgery buddies? Also his reviews on yelp made me want to go to him as well because many people were saying positive things and the pictures of his office made me feel like they were a very clean upscale place. One last thing that also made me feel confident in my decision was his Facebook website. the reviews on his Facebook about him were very positive. anyways if anyone is flying out or has surgery around May 8 2016 please let me know and I would like to maybe be surgery buddies. I'll post pics of me now and my wish pics LOL I'm so excited I wish that they would just hurry up and come I feel like I'm going to be in New woman . Also I'm getting Mentor memory gel silicone implants for 7,500

Don't fall out

So one of the most annoying things about having saggy breast is the constantly fall out of your bra! I'm beyond excited to have the surgery so I can have finally had breast that sit up! I'm just going to post a picture of my breast In a bra . now this is how they are when I first put the bra on but minutes after the fall right out. I can't wait to finally wear a shirt without having to wear a bra or having to make my bra supertight to make it look decent

Stay in my bra

Money money money

I put down 4,000 last month , I put down 500 last week now today I put down 1,000 today which leaves my balance at 2,000 I'm so excited now I just have to pay for the flight and my rental car ! Also they've been very helpful with questions & never pushed payments I love that !!! I'm so excited for March 7 th

Money again

So excited today I paid 2,500 more For my surgery I only have 500 left to go :) !!!!!! & I already booked my ticket !!! Does anyone know of an expensive website to book hotel rooms and a car for the week ?

Miami Beach Resort and Spa Miami, FL, US (MIA)

I booked my hotel & car ! I'm super excited my mom is coming with me . My room is 1890.00 for 6 days from March 6- March 12 also the price includes a car . I booked my hotel at bookit . Com it was cool because they had good prices plus they allowed me to have a package of the car & hotel as well as pick what room I wanted to be in . I picked a ocean front view room I'll post a pic of what they say it will look like . I asked my coordinator to adjust my payment final of 500.00 to the day I come & she did it for me which I think was really nice since they say on their website everything must be paid within 2 weeks if sugary . Plus it made things more easy since I'm paying for the hotel/car in payments of three I think it's like 590 every two weeks I've made one payment as well as put down the 100 deposit so I have 2 more payments to go on the room/car then just the 500 when I get there . SUPERRRRRR EXCITED!!!!!

At the airport just made it to Miami

I just flew in to Miami with my mom I'm waiting to get our luggage ! In super excited about tomorrow . Tomorrow is only my consultation since I flew in from boston . I'm just very happy & feeling confident in my dr .

Consultation day !!!

I called the office Christina told me to come at 1 pm ! I came the office was so pretty & clean . The Ac was on lol I'm from boston so I love the heat but hate Ac since it's cold there anyways they offered me a blanket when I seemed cold which made me feel comfortable , also their were apples in the waiting room . So I filled out paperwork then the nurse took me to a room which was nice & had implants we talked then she left lol I played with the Boobiesssss . Anyways dr ary came in I was so happy to see him he offerd a handshake I gave him a hug lol I was so happy to see him . We talked for a few minuets & laughed . I showed him pictures of the look I wanted , it was cool to me how he had a folder & in the folder was the pictures of the look I first wanted which made me feel like he did his work . Then he measured my breast & took pics . He told me I will have great results I feel like everything will great .

Titties saggy

Last night sleeping with my breast

I'm feeling super excited but also nervous I just wish the surgery would hurry up and come is 12:06 AM and I have to be there at 1 PM tomorrow I just feel so excited and ready I feel so confident and my doctor LOL I should probably get some rest. Anyways these are the last pictures I'm going to post on myself before surgery.

Got my Titties!!!!!

I can write to much I'm in pain but they're perfect everything perfect. He gave me just want a wanted they're perfect his office staff & him are perfect 10 stars for them thanks dr ary

Went for another visit

I went in to get checked , they took off my bra & stood me up . We talked about possibility of me coming back Friday to clean my bandages again but the doctor doesn't feel it's necessary . He says that I am perfect in that I am healing perfectly.

Some more pics day 2

Post op day 2


everyone keeps asking lol

Mentor memory gel silicone implants 550 cc

Worried but pretty lol

Ok so theirs this opening on my left boob on the bottom please tell me if this is normal ... I still have the bandage on the bottom but I'll post current pics lol but their still soooooo pretty also my nipples aren't exactly even which bothers me ... I wonder if they will grow into themselves ...

15 day update

Loving my breast so far they seem to be healing perfectly the only thing is my nipples are exactly perfect but it's way better than before so I should be thankful LOL

Trying on bra for the first time


Looking better



Scarring at 2 months post op

Going well I put my cream on every morning & night ( most of the time )

Naked lol

Last ones for the night

Had my surgery 2nd breast lift with implants yesterday

After getting my implants done In 2016 i lost about 25 pounds going from 147 to 124 . Once losing the weight my breast began to sagg . I contacted dr.ary a few months ago explaining my dissatisfaction & he offered to give me another lift free of additional cost. His office has been Amzing I'll post pics of the new picture of the boys as I heal

Post opp surgery 5/16

Feeling good had my pre opp today dr ary said everything is looking well & they gave me a new bra. I have one more check up appointment next week before I leave to head back home. I'm staying right next to his office at the daddy o hotel it's been nice. I'm not in too much pain just a slight burning sensation

Feeling better today

A bit tight but nice and lifted ... stings

6DAY POST OP LIFT WITH IMPLANTS- Dr ARY removed my bandages today & cut the extra lengths on my stitches.

Today I met with dr ary at his office at 11 am for my appointment . Today I'm 6 days post op from my breast lift with implants. I lost weight after he did my fist lift last year so he re did it. He took the old bandages off my breast and cut the ends of the stitches . Then he cut new bandage son my tits . I'm still in pain but so far it's more than worth it he did an outstanding job and is an amazing doctor!.

New bandages post op day 6

New bandages on sitting nice and high ! THANK U DR ARY

Sailagen scar refinement system!!!

Oh yeah I forgot ! Today at his office I bought sailagen scar refinement system! It's supposed to be really good for healing scars . It was 85$ at his office . I was told to take my bandages off in two weeks so if my skin is closed I'll begin using the sailagen... I'll keep u guys posted !

Just another update 14 day post op

A Small HOLE In my left breast !!!! PLEASE HELP

Hello everyone so today I took off my bandages and I realized that I had a little hole on the left side of my breast. It's been agitating me for a few days and I didn't quite realize what it was but now that I've taken off my bandages it's been clear to see. It has yellow on the inside and isn't so painful but is irritating my breast. I'm really nervous because I don't want my breath to heal and look messed up because of this whole. What if the whole doesn't even heal I'm really scared ! Has anyone had this problem before? Has anyone had a small hole in their boob after getting them done? Please tell me your results! I'm taking all advice thank you! And I put some cocoa butter formula on it two days because I was just really scared of how it's going to heal but please everyone help me get as much information to keep this HOLE underwrap thank you


Ary said to put water & soap on it then blow dry .. Lord let this HOLE heal nice

He did an amazing Job he definitely exceeded my expectations and I love his bedside and everything was /is perfect. He Gave me exactly what I was looking for.

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