22 Years Old - Much Needed Tummy Tuck After Weight Loss - Traveling from out of State for Surgery with Dr. Krau!

After researching many doctors, looking at...

After researching many doctors, looking at countless before & afters, & having multiple consultations, I finally decided on Dr. Krau. His office manager, Cristina, was great throughout my virtual consultation. She was very helpful, informative, & responsive to emails. Surgery is scheduled for 12/8!

I'm set to go!

So I have booked my flight and apartment rental (via Airbnb) for my stay in Miami! If you are traveling from out of state and working on a budget, I would definitely recommend looking into Airbnb. We found a great deal on a cute apartment very close to Dr. Krau's office that had great reviews (I'm hoping the reviews are correct!) The nurse from Dr. Krau's office called last week to go through typical pre-op information. She was very informative and answered all of my questions. So far, the process has been very organized and Dr. Krau's staff seems accommodating, knowledgeable, and friendly! I will continue to keep you all updated throughout the trip, procedure, and travel back home! Pre-op pictures to come! :)

Pre-op Photos & Procedure Info.

I have added some of my "Before" photos here and wanted to give a bit more information about my procedure. I am having a full tummy tuck, however, I don't have enough loose skin to have a low incision/scar placement (I've stressed to them how important it is to me to have a VERY low incision) so, because of this, I am going to have a small vertical scar on my lower abdomen in order for Dr. Krau to place the horizontal incision as low as possible. I have seen pictures where Dr. Krau has performed this specific version of the tummy tuck before and the results look amazing! That is my hope for my procedure too, of course!

Surgery Day

Today was the day! I had to be at Dr. Krau's office at 7:30 this morning to prepare for surgery. Dr. Krau was very attentive, he listened to my requests and answered my questions. He really made me feel comfortable. The rest of his staff was great as well. His nurse, the office manager Christina, even his anesthesiologist. I have had procedures done in the past and have never spoken to the anesthesiologist directly but at Dr. Krau's, his anesthesiologist came in and explained to me what he would be there for, etc. that made me feel more comfortable. Even for the simple fact that I knew who would be there and be responsible for monitoring my safety. They all seemed very knowledgeable!

The surgery was expected to last 1.5-2 hours then an hour in recovery. I was so out of it when I left there that I really don't know what time we got back to the apartment. I have slept pretty much all day - when I woke up the first time, I had a lot of pain and a burning sensation but with some pain medication, thankfully that has passed. When I stand up to walk, I am still getting nauseous and my abdominal muscles feel extremely sore of course but I am not in unbearable pain and am fine when I lay down on my back. I did take the nausea medicine they prescribed which helps a little but I am still very sick to my stomach. I have not taken the binder or bandages off to see the results or progress this far but I go back to the doctor's office tomorrow (1 day post op) so I'm sure they will take the bandages off then. I have drained my lower drain twice since I have been home but my upper drain has hardly drained anything at all. As of now, I am doing fine just nauseous, sore and bruised!
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