BBL in 2011 by Dr. Salzhauer - Bay Harbor Island, FL

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Hi beautiful ladies! Like most of you, I've spent...

Hi beautiful ladies!
Like most of you, I've spent years stalking this site. I actually owe my whole BBL journey to this site so thankyou to all the dolls involved. I actually had my BBL in 2011 by Dr. Salzhauer (now known as Dr. Miami). I never wrote a review because I hadn't been back on this site since. But now I'm back for a round two (but probably going to Dr. Plazas) and have decided to leave a review for my fellow dolls on my prior experience. It was defiantly life changing and the best thing I've ever done for myself. My body was a mess before (overweight, sponge bob square pants looking) and he truly helped me be confident about myself. For me, recovery was extremely difficult. I was very sick for about two weeks. I couldn't stop vomitting and I had a high fever and spent a night in the hospital. Even standing in the shower, I was so weak I would almost faint. But after about three weeks, I felt much better and I would do it all over again. I'm sorry, I'm not comfortable posting pictures as I'm very private about my surgery life but if any of you would like to swap pictures, I may be ok with that. Feel free to ask any questions! I will be making another review for my round two.


Hey dolls!
So after getting some questions after my original review with Dr. Miami, I decided it's very important to be more thorough with my review. I also read a few more doll's review on Dr. Miami and I feel it's important I let the rest of my dolls know, in detail, how my experience was.
So wow it's been 7 years since my BBL with Dr. SALZHAUER. CRAZY! I plan on going for a round 2 with Plazas one day as I've gained and lost a lot of weight after surgery.
SO - I remember how much I hated my body before surgery. I had no ass, but a huge stomach, no curves. I would lose or gain weight but my body frame remained the same and I hated it. I did tons of research and found Dr. Salzhauer from this wonderful site. Thank you RealSelf!
At that time, he wasn't as famous as he is now. But his before and after pictures were amazing. Due to BBL's not being so popular at that time and the Dr not being so famous, I was able to come right in for a consultation (I live only about three hours from his office). Meeting him was fantastic and reassured me how much I NEEDED this surgery for myself so I went ahead and placed a down payment.
The day of my surgery came and I was so excited. I hadn't even slept the night before. They had given me a small dose of Xanax to take the morning of my surgery but it did nothing to calm my excitement and nerves. I remember going in and everyone was so nice. Dr. Miami came in, confirmed what I wanted and marked me up. Shortly after, I was rolled into the OR and I remember looking around at everyone with their masks and became terrified! They gave me an injection and put a mask on my face. I remember coughing and feeling weird and asking if it was normal. The last thing I remember is them saying, "yes." And I was out.
Honestly, being put to sleep was kind of exciting for me.
I woke up in SO MUCH PAIN. I felt so nauseous, dizzy, completely out of it. I remember there was one nurse in the room with me and I kept moaning so she kept upping my pain medication, causing me to become more nauseated. I remember feeling so sick that I kept passing out. God bless that nurse, I was so incredibly mean to her which is totally out of character for me. I kept passing out and she kept putting this ammonia stick in my nose to keep me awake and I was yelling at her that "I didn't know her."
They kept trying to calm me down by telling me "your butt looks like a heart! You look so good" but I was SO out of it and so sick.
They wheeled me into my car where my grandmother and my fiancé at the time where. I don't remember the three hour ride home. But I do remember arriving home. I lived in an apartment on the third story and it took like thirty minutes to get me into the wheel chair because I kept passing out. Yes, I was THAT out of it.
They got me into my bed. My mom decided to stop by a hour after I got home and I remember she went to move me and I had bloody discharge ALL OVER by bed sheets, like soaked into the matress (I had no drains placed) and soaked all into my faja.
Recovery was soooo hard for two weeks. I was so extremely sick, had a high fever, and couldn't hold anything down. I couldn't stand without feeling weak like I was going to pass out. Showering took all of my energy and I needed help.
Now through those two weeks, I was extremely emotional, sick, and terrified. I'm not sure still till this day why I was so sick. I remember thinking I was going to die and regretting this decision. I winded up in the hospital and staying there overnight.
Now, this is something I should've been more clear on in my previous review. Me, my fiance,and my mother were trying so hard to get ahold of Dr. Miami and a nurse as I wasn't told I would get so ill. It took days to get a call back and the nurse was extremely rude to my fiance, telling him my sickness was probably irrelevant to my surgery and I probably just picked up some kind of "stomach bug."
Looking back, and being a nurse now, I can't believe that nurse had the audacity to say such a thing! This is a huge surgery and i was so sick! Regardless if she thought it was relevant to my surgery (which it was), she should have been more compassionate. And they weren't at all. The whole two weeks of my recovery I was sick and didn't get any calls from Dr. Miami's office.
After those two weeks though, I began to feel better. I was so excited with my results that I pushed how sick I had been to the back of my head.
Recovery continued to get better and I had gained weight and lost weight in these past 7 years but my body is definitely better than it was prior to surgery. I will say that in these seven years, I am starting to see cellulite I had never had before in my butt; however, that could be just from growing any way.
Fast forward to now and I'm contemplating a round 2 as I still don't have hips. I was originally going to go back to Dr. Miami but I didn't like the idea of how famous he was, caring more about his fame and snapchat than anything else (my opinion). It made me nervous how bad the aftercare would be NOW since it was bad before he was famous. So now I'm considering going to Dr. plazas but I'm so terrified of becoming ill again. That's what is keeping me on the fence .. Is it even worth going through again? Trust me, when it's all said and done, I'm extremely happy I did this but I'm also extremely happy it's over lol.
So overall ... My review is this- I'm VERY happy with my decision. I'm happy with my choice of Doctor as he really did work wonders on my body. I have no scars and my self confidence is so much better. He is VERY skilled at what he does. My only thing is, I feel the aftercare should have been SO MUCH better. Looking back now, I can't imagine treating my patient the way I was treated after surgery. It's almost frightening that you can pay all this money, put your life into someone else's hands, and then they don't even return your call afterwards and when they do, it's a rude nurse who tells you "it's probably irrelevant to surgery." I was in NO WAY expecting to become as deathly ill as I did. A lot of me wants to call the hospital I stayed in overnight and see what my BW looked like .. Now that im more experienced and a nurse. But the other half of me is like, eh drop it .. You are overall satisfied with your results.
So ladies, just make sure to prepare yourself for ANYTHING after surgery. Have people with you incase you have a rough recovery like I did. And don't be afraid to ask questions before your surgery. If they don't answer them well before surgery, imagine how they will treat you once it's said and done.
I am EXTREMELY grateful for this experience and dr. Miami for giving me the body I have today. It definitely is a life changing decision and in the end, worth it.
I would do round 1 over again if I had to but like I said, I'm extremely on the fence about round 2.
I'm not going to post pictures due to privacy but trust me, my results were worth the money and pain (in my opinion). If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I want to help as much as I can.
Thank you dolls! Happy healing and good luck!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Overall, so extremely happy with my Dr. and my results! Life changing experience! Very fortunate I picked such an amazing and skilled doctor. My only critique is I got very ill afterwards and was in the hospital over night and the staff was a little rude when I called and said it probably had nothing to do with surgery. It was also pretty hard to get ahold of them after I had my surgery. But overall, I am very pleased and would do it all over again.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
2 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
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1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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