34 Years Old Recent Breast Lift, Liposuction and Bbl W/ Dr. Miami - Miami, FL

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My motivation for these procedures was to feel...

My motivation for these procedures was to feel better about myself after childbirth. My son is 2yrs old now and ever since being pregnant I developed back fat, saggy boobs, major love handles and that impossible to get rid of baby pouch. I did this for myself not for attention. I never had issues with attention this was simply done to feel better about my body for me :) And not to mention the never ending possibilities of outfits which is now unlocked! :D this started as a joke with my sister to go see Dr. Miami, one thing led to another and here we are 10 days post op! The hardest part of this journey was the mental preparation and getting over that hump of fear. It was mostly induced because of my son. I felt selfish, guilty, stressed I can go on for days. "what if something goes wrong"? "what if I never see my son again"? All for vanity. I was having dreams of being on the surgery table a good three weeks before surgery date consistently. I was up all night long thinking, thinking and more thinking. Some days I was excited and some days I was ready to cancel appt. It really is an emotional rollercoaster if you're afraid that is. Some girls go back for surgery 5 times and love it. For me it was my first time being under ever for anything and it happened to be cosmetic surgery. My sister and I rented an apartment off of airbnb in the Miami area which suited our needs. We went food shopping the night before and stocked up on Gatorade, water, pineapple juice, muscle milk, yogurt, jello, soups, crackers, bread, teas anything you would buy when you're sick. Let me just tell you GATORADE WAS LIFE! At first we originally had a hotel in mind but switched to apartment. Best thing ever! I wouldn't of been able to do it in the hotel it would be so uncomfortable I cant even imaging. We paid a private Nurse provided to us by Dr. Miami staff her name was Karen from helping Angels. We had her paid for two days she slept over for the two days, gave us our meds on time, she cooked for us, helped us move, shower, she monitored us. Very sweet lady. She talked to much though but I might of just felt that way cause I was on so many medication and in pain that hearing someone talk that much just hurt my body. But she is reliable, always responded on time and answered any of our concerns. This is important for out of towners who are unfamiliar with the area and afraid of the unknown. She made me the best egg sandwiches and a bomb tomato soup I cant get over lol. She also picks you up from surgery and drives you to your destination. I got a call from her the other day to follow up which was nice. We were originally recommended a nurse named MARY from the Dr. Miami staff. I called her and we went back and fourth with texts talking about price and booking. This back and forth convo lasted about two weeks. When I asked her what were the final paperwork I needed to have the services paid before hand, she responded with I will send you a form to your email. After that I NEVER heard from her AGAIN. To me that was so UNPROFESSIONAL and a red flag as to who will be taking care of my sister and I. Not to mention when she would respond it was days later. I have our conversation saved if anyone does not believe. The last thing you need happen to you is have the nurse you booked flake out on you when you need it most. I texted her again just a reminder waiting for the payment form email and you can see that she read her text just did not feel like responding. There were several texts that showed she read and did not respond not just one. Not even with a response of an I'm sorry I cant provide these services to you. NOTHING and this was after having normal convos for two weeks. SHADY. I than texted Taylor who handles this portion and mailing out the meds about what has happened. She handled the entire situation also UNPROFESSIONAL. She kind of got defensive and starting texting things that were rude. Could I possibly had an attitude at some point? Yes but that is because I was stressed out about to have surgery with care that flaked out on me. Not to mention I am a paying customer that just paid a lot of money to be there. While doing my research on real self someone posted that Taylor and Mary are related and than I put the pieces together. But Taylor did than give me Karens number and that worked out just fine. When it came to getting my medication mailed I had my sister deal with her as I already had a bad taste in my mouth. She goes on to tell my sister how rude I was, and that she wasn't planning on following up with me to see if I needed my medication because of that incident. I don't understand how a health care personnel can behave in that manner. I'm a health care professional and would never mess with someone and their medication or make a remark over the phone like that. Especially since I recorded the convo. Do you know how many patients I take care of that come off wrong or say something I don't agree with? thousands. I don't sit there and argue with them or not follow up. But that is just me.

Anyways on to SURGERY DAY:: I was a nervous wreck but the Xanax calmed my nerves down. It was cool seeing all the people you have been watching on snap for two years in person now. You walk in and feel like you know everyone. The entire process the day of was amazing! Tati was so sweet and had us hysterically laughing when we were taking the pre op pics. She kept us informed with anything we needed. Barry the anesthesiologist I cannot say enough kind words about that man. He is the best! Il leave it at that. Chelsea was kind, and Dr. Miami: Michael Salzhauer is simply amazing. I have a new found respect for surgeons man they work a lot!. The Dr. came in marked me up asked me for my booty wish pics and went over my procedure. I really wanted breast implants but he talked me out of it because he said 1) I did not need them my breast tissue were very dense and good for just a lift. and 2) since I was reducing the size of my nipple so much he would of been tight for space and it would possibly injure my nipple. He said I'm going to make this easy for you, get a lift first and if you decide you want implants down the line or a fat transfer to the breast I will do it for free. It just showed me the character of this man. He did what was best for my body and gave me the refund of the implants that I ended up not getting. LADIES THAT IS IMPORTANT! You don't need a surgeon who's going to tell you get the implants and have your nipple rot off because he wants the cash or doesn't know enough about what could happen. This is why he is 5 star because of his patient care. Do not go cheap on your body or your life its not worth it, not to mention he is fairly priced. Finally it was my time to lay on the table. The anesthesiologist set me up and Jerome was in the room that was it the moment of truth, No turning back at this point. I just said a prayer and that's the last thing I remember lights out!

THE WAKE UP:: to me this was the most painful you feel like you got run over by a truck as I anticipated. I was shivering so hard and fast wanting that pain to go away so badly. They put a heated blanket on you which felt nice under all that crazy pain and shivering. I don't remember getting there I just remember waking up in recovery thinking to myself I made it through the first part of my journey. Getting out of that recovery chair into wheel chair and than the car sucked so bad! But hey I just got my body done this is completely normal.

RECOVERY IMMEDIATELY POST OP:: Our nurse was at our apartment immediately after surgery. My sister actually couldn't breathe when she was getting out of the car into apartment. Her chest got tight and kept saying I cant breathe. Karen our nurse had ammonia on her opened it up and put it under her nose. My sister said that immediately cleared her chest. SCARY. Thank god she had that on hand. My sister does have asthma but I don't know if there is any correlation. Also the nurse had the ammonia on her so this is something that must happen I'm thinking. She put us in bed, showed us how to lay on our boppie pillows on our sides and monitored us. My sister and I had the same exact procedures and the recovery was completely diff. My sister was so dizzy, couldn't walk around, or even barely stand she was hunched over when she tried. She threw up all of her medication as the doctor does OD you on antibiotics for infection purposes. But with the anesthesia plus pain pills, plus antibiotics expect to have your tummy in a knot. its so hard to sleep because of the pain and than the meds are spaced pretty close together. Some needed with food some without. We had drains put in from liposuction. I guess since we were out of state to help us heal quicker? Our nurse drained us bedside and fed us bedside.

DAY 2 RECOVERY:: I was already up walking and making toast, my sister still bed bound still dizzy and still vomiting. A nurse was sent to us from Dr. Miami's office to give us new garments, and change our bandages her name was Jalene. She was so nice and went above and beyond. She gave me my first shower which makes you feel like heaven on earth by the way. she took pictures gave and put on my new garments. My sister got new garments when Jalene went to change her my sister threw up all over the place. I think it was Jalenes first day back to work also. Sucks lol. But she was good about it they cleaned up the mess and left my sister as is and put her back to bed. No shower or pics for her.

DAY 3 RECOVERY:: Our last day with our nurse. I'm very mobile at this point. I fed myself and my sister, walked around back and forth in apartment and showered myself. I put my drains on a hanger kind of like a makeshift IV pole and hung it on the shower door bar. Slowly nursing myself back to health and trying to give my sister some more strength as the nurse was leaving that night. When the nurse I drained myself and my sister, went to bathroom on my own. Sitting in reverse on the toilet was much easier. Don't forget baby wipes pooping and wiping is so hard! Baby wipes made that experience so much better.

DAY 4 RECOVERY:: We took a walk outside of the complex looking like zombies lol. Walking feels so go and the more you walk the better you feel. Only thing is its very exhausting. The pain you feel, feels like you just ran 30 minutes on a treadmill. Very sore. We would take breaks and stretch. But better than bed ughhh. Being in bed is so painful it feels like you're laying on the hardest slab of wood known to mankind. Anesthesia wearing off so you feel the discomfort when you're trying to sleep more and more. The Surgical spanx has zippers on the side that hurt so bad, we later figured out to put an open pad or diaper on sides for comfort. The Percocet help soooooooo much please take it at night. We brought a little blue tooth speaker with us and had spa music playing which helped us soothe and sleep. If my discomfort got to bad I would make myself a cocktail of one Percocet and a half of a Xanax I was off to never never land lol.

DAY 5 of RECOVERY:: The hot flashes were real! Holy hot flashes we had the AC blasting had to take our pjs off and we were already wearing light Pajamas the shirt ones. The heat makes you feel awful like you're going to pass out, especially the steam in the shower not a good feeling. AC blasting for 7 days straight. This day we both showered and I left my spanx off for ten minutes just to get air. I actually got dressed in shorts and a tank top and did my hair this day. It made me feel so alive but only for a few minutes because without the spanx you feel like you're going to explode. Weird feeling, your skin has a strange sensation, and you get so itchy when healing. Scratching hurts and feels so good at the same time. We put Arnica gel which felt liken heaven on our skin, and this 7 cream. OMG what a relief! but the itching continues which is uncomfortable because of our breast lift and limited reach and also that raw feeling on your abdomen and back.

DAY 6 RECOVERY:: we woke up so good cleaned the apartment, ate rested took a shower washed hair, rested, we took a walk from our apartment to marshals, we stopped at a Cuban restaurant had food outside standing but it was not fancy place so it was ok. We walked along the beach, got some Starbucks and went back home as I mentioned it feels like you just ran a marathon and need to stop moving for a few hours. We went back home rested did laundry, packed our clothes and got ready for our one week follow up visit with the DR.

DAY 7 ONE WEEK POST OP: 12:30 pm appt back at office for follow up. One of his staff her name was Marlene she was so sweet and informative she took our stitches and drains out, gave us some extra gauze and lipo foam, answered any of our questions, gave us instructions how to care for ourselves when we get home. She told us we were healing very well and took some more photos. She tried setting us up with the DR before we left since we were from out of state but he was a little behind. You know he is a busy man! My sister and I didn't mind leaving without seeing him as she answered everything and also it was below 0 degrees in that room not fun when naked lol. We got there a little early that day to visit another one of his staff her name is Ari. Ari I cant thank you enough for everything you have done for us. She has been helping us since day one of booking the appt. She always responds to emails and phone calls and she's funny as shit! We just had to see her before leaving. A beautiful person in and out. She gave us a doctor Miami shirt and it was cute. Small things like that are very thoughtful. We took some selfies, hugged it out and left. If you have any questions you can ask her as she is also a Doctor.

Lymphatic Massage: After the doctors appt we went to another appt we had set up after finding this ladies info on real self. We figured we needed it before our flight to NY. The doctor doesn't suggest you get lymphatic massages because he says the body heals on its own which is true. But after the pain and discomfort you went through all week a little spa therapy is exactly what you need.
The lady who provided us with Lymphatic Massage services was ELENA her number is 1(954) 851-2855. She is about 20 minutes away from the Drs office and 15 min away from FLL airport which we were departing at 9pm. ladies I cant stress how amazing this service was. She took my sister and I in at same time and Multi tasked. The beds were heated, she had my sister wrapped in something while she was giving me my lymphatic massage. The feeling is amazing she gets all the lymph nodes to go away and the fluid still trapped in your abdomen and back to move around and even drain out. Its funny cause when she finished one side of my body you can see the difference of how swollen the side that she didn't touch yet was. It was the best thing ever. I fell asleep so good first time I got some real good true relaxing rest in 7 days. The body wrap and spa setting was so soothing and the lymphatic massage just amazing. She knows a lot of anatomy also, very intelligent women. She knew all the lymphatic spots and her hands were golden. She even waxed my sister while we were there as my sister was bugging out with her 7 day stash lol. She gave us tips on what to do for home care and she even has better spanx that she can sell you. You need them after surgery just have to let her know ahead of time. That massage gave us life! and also made me pee every ten minutes which is good. Getting the fluid out helps drain. If you have a scheduled surgery with DR Miami I recommend you see her. If you want to feel alive again go to her that all I have to say.

Flight home:: Airport sucks with luggage and being so weak you can do it though. We did the pre boarding and got a handicap ticket which allowed us to board first. This helped so much we went in and took the first row which had a lot of room for us to stand in our row not bothering anyone and very close to bathroom. We put on our compression socks took a half a Percocet and half a Xanax and relaxed. We happened to have a good flight got home early. Just really a good experience from beginning to start.

FYI: We had pounding headaches through that week. Felt like you had a heart beat in your head and ear. This headache will stop you from doing anything so don't forget your Tylenol. Also the doctor was sending us day by day emails on what to expect and the girls would call all the time to check in.

Hope this helps if you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Before and after on surgery table

On Dr Miami's table

The Morning after surgery

Mind you I got home at midnight since I had second appt of the day. This is bruising and swelling immediately after.

4th day after cosmetic surgery Dr. Miami

Booty 12 days post op Dr. Miami

16 days post op

15 days post op. Abdomen and back still swollen and lymph nodes are still prominent in the inguinal, axillary, the back and diaphragm areas. So you will see some lumpiness. My booty still in tact my main concern lol. Keep in mind I did not ask for a ginormous ass. I asked for one that went with my body. So I'm sure you can ask for bigger. So far everything heeling nicely.

Contour body Matt

I bought this and brought it to my surgery but was not able to use because I was so sore I couldn't get off and on it without hurting myself. So it was a waste to bring it on trip but it's good now three weeks post op. Now that I can move freely. This is good to lay down flat without putting pressure on your behind. It also comes apart so you can move it and make different laying positions. I only paid 60 bucks for it on the Walgreens website its online only. This one says it cost more and looks exactly the same. Not sure if it is the same and I just got a sale price. But either way you can get something similar is good for those of you who find it very uncomfortable to lay on your sides.

My before pic

Here's for the girls asking for my before pic. This is the best one I have. These were my breast before lift and nipple reduction. All that belly fat, love handles, breast bulge, and that back fat gone with lipo. Liposuction is amazing! Lol. Now you can compare my before ass with the after ass. Hope this helps.

Just took the tape off of my boobs.

The scars are heeling lovely I'm very happy with it.

Before and after booty pic

My ass before surgery, two weeks post op and the last pic to the right is now 5 weeks post op. All the swelling is down this is the fat that survived.

Before and after boobs

The darker brown rims and lines you see is some type of glue. I'm letting it come off on its own although I can probably peel it off.

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